Islam from Converted Women.. The New Islam..

The rights of, or lack thereof, and problems faced by women in Islam
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Islam from Converted Women.. The New Islam..

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Islam from Converted Women folks.. The New Islam..

So the lady


behind that from Canada which is now closed who was converted in to Islam few years back is in the news.. ... 2news.html the news says
Ottawa, Nov 14: A Canadian journalist was abducted this week in Pakistan's northern tribal region while gathering materials for a documentary, officials said, days after another was released in Afghanistan. Beverly Giesbrecht, 52, also known as Khadija Abdul Qahaar, was seized at gunpoint on Tuesday while traveling in the Bannu district of Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province, which borders Afghanistan. The English-language Pakistan daily News International first reported her abduction on Wednesday and the news was picked up by Canadian media the following day. Lisa Monette, a spokeswoman for Canada's Foreign Affairs department told AFP, "The government of Canada is aware of the kidnapping of a Canadian citizen in Pakistan.".
well that is the news., But I am not interested in it. I am interested in Khadija Abdul Qahaar Aka 52 year old Beverly Giesbrecht and her fascinating story of the Journey in to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)'s Islam. Some time back she wrote
"I am not a “terrorist”, a fanatic or mentally off-balance.....I am a level-headed, capable woman, a humanitarian and a contributing member of society. In my former life, I was Bev Giesbrecht" ...

"What can I, one woman enjoying semi-retirement on the beautiful banks of the Pacific Ocean in the remote mountain village of Lions Bay really do about it? Why should I even care?"
Bev Glesbrecht - - - - Khadija Abdul Qahaar
It is fascinating to learn about her and the reason she went all the way in to that BORDERS OF CURSED LAND.. let us watch few videos and learn about her..

Margajebat and Khadija Abdul Qahaar (pt 1)
Margajebat and Khadija Abdul Qahaar (pt 2)
Khadijah Abdul Qahhar journey to Islam an Current affairs1\6 2 of 6 4 of 6 6 of 6 6 of 6

So that is about her 52 year old lady Bev Glesbrecht - - - - Khadija Abdul Qahaar., Now she is now in Afghanistan.. Kidnapped for Ransom. We continue on this subject of people like Bev Glesbrecht

who did it??... Who know?? Allah knows the best..
Did she really understand Mr. Muhammad's Islam?? Who know?? Allah knows the best..
Did she really Read Q'uran..Hadith..Sunnah.. Islamic History?? Who know?? Allah knows the best..

with best

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Re: Islam from Converted Women.. The New Islam..

Post by yeezevee » ... lumbiaHome

So here is the news about The Lady. watch the Video in the above link..
Kidnapped journalist warned of 'close calls'

A West Vancouver, B.C. journalist has reportedly been kidnapped in a tribal area of northern Pakistan. Beverly Giesbrecht, a Web magazine publisher in British Columbia who adopted the name Khadija Abdul Qahaar after converting to Islam after 9/11, was seized at gunpoint on Tuesday while gathering material for an upcoming documentary in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. An English language Pakistani newspaper reported the incident Wednesday, saying the journalist and her translator were seized by armed men, and police were combing the area to locate her.

Lisa Monette, spokeswoman for the Department of Foreign Affairs, would not confirm the report, but did say a Canadian is missing in Pakistan. On an Oct. 22 posting to her publication's website, Jihad Unspun, Qahaar appealed to her contributors for money to help her secure a visa to exit Pakistan, citing kidnapping fears.

"We have managed to get very good material out of the country to our production group but our physical safety is now paramount," Qahaar writes.

"As a woman, I have already had a few close calls in the tribal areas as kidnappers."

In the late 1980s, Qahaar worked in sales for Vancouver mayoral candidate Peter Ladner's Business in Vancouver, before buying the publication. She later developed a magazine called Venture Quest, before moving on to focus her efforts on the website A friend calls the website "an alternative source of news on the Islamic world."

"She had become very interested in Muslim and Islamic issues and was publishing in that whole arena," Ladner told CTV News. "This is distressing, especially if this is becoming a trend." Foreign Affairs' Monette says she is not aware of any media requests to withhold news of the abduction as had been the case when CBC reporter Mellissa Fung was kidnapped in Afghanistan last month.

After being asked to honour a news blackout, Canadian news media did not publish reports on Fung's kidnapping until she was released safely last week.
So she is single minded, adamant , hard nosed.. FAILED IN HER PUBLISHING Career . Moved in to Egypt.. became Muslim . Indeed She is Perfect lady for Islam but I wonder This Khadija found a Person like PROPHET MUHAMMAD(PBUH) similar to the Original Khadija(ra)...


Before Islam..


After Islam..

Stupid people .. nut cases all over the world..

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Re: Islam from Converted Women.. The New Islam..

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Captors want to swap journalist,assistants for jailed colleagues
.. says the recent news at
Thursday, January 08, 2009

PESHAWAR: Alleged kidnappers of a Canadian journalist and her two local assistants have reportedly demanded release of their detained colleagues from Bagram jail in Afghanistan in exchange for release of the three captives.

The Canadian journalist was kidnapped some two months ago from Bannu district. Independent sources told The News that the alleged kidnappers based in Janikhel, a semi-tribal area in Bannu district, have also planned to demand Rs10 million as ransom for the release of the Canadian journalist, Khadija Abdul Qahar.

The sources also contradicted a report that the kidnapped persons had been shifted to Miramshah, but were insisting that the kidnapped persons had been in the captivity of a local commander in Janikhel area for the last two months.
Known as Beverly Giesbrecht before embracing Islam, Khadija, 52, along with local translator Salman and cook-cum-driver Zar Muhammad was on her way to Miramshah in North Waziristan via Sra Darga area by a taxi when kidnapped at gunpoint on November 11 last year. The local administration and law-enforcement agencies claimed to have expedited efforts for safe and early recovery of the kidnapped persons, but till date they found no clue to the identity of kidnappers and their whereabouts.

The family members of local assistants of the Canadian national, who wanted to keep secret the kidnapping of their relatives, claimed they had not received any information from the government or the kidnappers. Khadija Abdul Qahar, an owner and publishera of, was reportedly based in Islamabad before her abduction. In an “urgent request” posted on her website on October 22 under her byline, Qahaar asked for help in getting out of Pakistan, which she described as “erupting into a full-scale war zone.”

She said that, she and her team had to leave the country, but don’t have funds to get out. “As a woman, I have already had a few close calls in the tribal areas as kidnappers and thieves are running loose even in Peshawar,” she wrote.
At the end of her story, Qahar lists payment options of Paypal, credit card and Western Union.
Prior to launching the website aimed at inspiring “others to Islam and to take a stand against this shameful war on terrorism,” Qahar was a self-described publishing entrepreneur and web developer. Qahar is divorced with one child.

When contacted by phone elder brother of Salman told this scribe that neither they got any demand from the kidnappers nor any contact from the government side for the recovery of his brother. “We are worried about the safety of our brother,” he said and added that his brother’s association with the Canadian journalist was totally by chance. “Our father had died years ago, but my aged mother is dying for her missing son,” he said and requested not to publish details about his family for certain reasons.
Mrs Shumaila, wife of Zar Muhammad, another Pakistani kidnapped with Qahar, told The News by phone that her 39-year-old husband was less-educated and belongs to a poor family who was hired by the Canadian woman as a cook. She said they received no information about the whereabouts of her husband or other kidnapped persons. “We appeal to the kidnappers, whether they are the Taliban or professional kidnappers, to release my husband as he had nothing to do with the government or others who are fighting against Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” she said in sobbing voice.
Father of a four-month-old baby girl, Zar Muhammad married Shumaila couple of years ago. “My husband is the lone bread-earner for our family,” Shumaila said and added that they had no money for the release of Zar Muhammad. “At the moment I am praying and waiting for safe and early recovery of my husband,” she said, and requested that her location should not be disclosed in the press.
Yes that is the life in MODERN ISLAM.. we need money..Send us through Paypal, credit card and Western Union. PLEASE..

There is NO LIMIT to STUPIDITY once you become Muslim..

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Re: Islam from Converted Women.. The New Islam..

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Check out this nutcase, Dr. Teresa Lecher:" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Islam from Converted Women.. The New Islam..

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I cannot understand people that come from christian countries that convert to Islam,not, that the God of abraham is any different from the 3 of us,but to deny Jesus Christ?????????Not only that, but to condemn people of her own blood and religion?Conspire,and condone the murder of christians and in some cases jews, is being a traitor in my eyes.If she feels the religion is what she wants fair enough,but don't turn traitor and be hated even more by your own.Can't understand some people, she does not want to marry someone therefore has to convert?Whats wrong with her?The west has to open up their mental asylums,lots have been closed down lately

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Re: Islam from Converted Women.. The New Islam..

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What did finally happen to this lady?
“The truth, of course, is that a billion falsehoods told a billion times by a billion people are still false.”

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Re: Islam from Converted Women.. The New Islam..

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It is very good for the society that such PSYCHOPATHs are converting into Islam. these trashes needed to have been dumped into garbage can long before.
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