A day not to forget

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A day not to forget

Post by Fernando »

Credit where it's due: the closing moments of the BBC's Newsnight were devoted to reminding those of us whose calendars work differently that today, to Americans, is 9/11.
I hadn't by any means forgotten the event, but hadn't noticed the date. Nor, it seems, had most of the mainstream media.
So credit where it's due: thank you BBC Newsnight producer.
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Re: A day not to forget

Post by pr126 »

Did We Forget?
The construction of what became the current Narrative began shortly after 9-11 with President George W. Bush, the man who inspired us all when he stood on the rubble of the World Trade Center. Islam was proclaimed to be the Religion of Peace (and eventually the “Religion of Peace and Love”, by Condoleezza Rice). A great religion had been hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists. The words “Islamism” and “Islamist” were coined to provide good cover for our friends, the nice Muslims, the “moderate” Muslims. The word “Islamophobe” gained greater and greater currency to describe those who refused to swallow the Narrative.

And so on and so forth, until we arrive at the present day, seventeen years later, when it is no longer possible to publicly assign the problem to Islam itself. Islam unmodified, without prefixes or suffixes. The core ideology, which is not religious, but political. A totalitarian ideology which has world domination as its long-term goal — 1,400 years and counting.
Islam: an idea to kill and die for.

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Re: A day not to forget

Post by idesigner1 »

Also don't forget or forgive all those loonie beans who told us or still tell us it was all inside job, conspiracy of Jews, Israel. CIA, Obama, Clintons, Kennedys ?!.Bittburgs!! International organization of rich guys!!
Also don't forget Birthers !, Jones still advocate this theory. President Trump always used to quote him. No guarantee that Trump didn't sunbscribe to this view before he became president!!He has to talks lie detector test!!

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Re: A day not to forget

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He has to talks lie detector test!!
Oh you meant to say that he has to take a lie detector test or undergo a lie detector test.
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Re: A day not to forget

Post by pelihat »

it is hard to believe that it is US conspiracy after I see what Islamic people do to non-islam people in my country and other country

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