Is the Quran a collection of random verses and surahs?

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Is the Quran a collection of random verses and surahs?

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For more please click HERE then click on discover islam and see my explanation of the quran there.

A verse by verse short conceptual and contextual interpretation of the Quranic Surahs with explanations.



Things will be explained as this work progresses in due course. For reference I am using surah number and verse number where need be. There are 114 surahs in the Quran. The longest surah in the Quran is AL-BAQARAH surah 2 and the shortest AL-KAWSAR surah 108. The text of the Quran is approximately divided by people into parts for various reasons eg people who wish to read the whole Quran in a month can do so by reading one part daily which is called a juz because there are thirty of them. If people wish to finish reading the whole Quran in a week they can read one whole part called manzil because there are seven of them. The Quran is not an ordinary book written by human beings so to understand it one has to first familiarise oneself with Arabic alphabet set and its meanings because that will greatly help one with vocabulary of the Quran. The other vitally importance concept to understand is TASREEFUL AYAAT ie information about a particular thing is discussed under different headings or surahs so one has to know where else a particular subject has been discussed in the Quran and after getting all information together one has to interpret the Quran in such a way that there does not arise any conflict with in the text of the Quran or between the text of the Quran and concrete realities in the real world. This will help people see the full picture the Quran wants to show people about something. Word AAYAH itself means a fact or mark or sign or evidence etc etc so just as we human beings interpret real world realities after observing and understanding them so we need to do in case of the Quranic text as well. Just as the universe is an interactive thing for human beings to learn about so is the Quran. Just as we cannot interpret the universal realities without carefully observing and understanding them so we cannot interpret the text of the Quran either without carefully observing it and understanding it. This is why the Quran tells people who have learned sense to make sense of things to ponder and reflect over its words, verses and explanations deeply and widely. Nothing makes sense on its own when it is cut off from its purpose in a vacuum or in isolation, nor do words used in the Quran unless we have deep understanding of their background or context. This context is origin and development of human language which defines words and their possible meanings. The other context within that context is God speaking to mankind using human language. Unless people realise God has his own agenda which people need to understand they cannot understand the message of God just through words. Agenda of God is to explain to people his purpose for their creation and what they need to do and how they need to do it in order to fulfil that agenda. No sensible person does anything without a purpose or an agenda so why should God when he claims to be wise? This also explains the purpose for which God created things and the purpose has to be a sensible one because it has to reflect wisdom of God. So one can see how deep and wide one has to be able to think before one could attempt making sense of God’s word. It is not a case of a person picking up a book from a shelf at random and reading it. This is the reason despite most of the people reading the books which they take for God’s word they have no sense of what those books actually say and whether it is right or wrong. It is because most of the human beings still have not educated themselves to the level which is required for proper understanding of the word of God. This is why this work on the Quran will be found very different from many others, mainly because it challenges concepts most people have in their minds about God. However, one will only get better picture of what I am trying to explain here after reading this work right through. With help of this work people to come should be able to produce much better works on the Quran as time marches on. This work should be able to provide people with necessary tools and basic framework for proper understanding of the Quran.

Meanings of letters in Arabic alphabet set.

To begin with one should be fully aware of the fact that letters used in Arabic alphabet set are not Arabic in their origin as we know Arabic today rather they have been adopted from other ancestral and sisterly languages of Arabic as we define and give different names to languages due to some differences and word ARAB itself has a root AIN, RAA and BAA meaning a language that distinctively identifies or defines things. In the Quranic context it means a language that distinctively identifies or defines a way of life called deen of Islam or SABEELALLAH as opposed to any way of life that is called kufar. Deen of Islam means a way of life that if understood properly and followed faithfully can lead mankind to a blissful, dignified and secure existence in this world and in hereafter. The same way of life is called way of life advised by Allah ie sabeelallah. The way of life called kufar is any way of life that can lead mankind to the opposite end ie harms and destructions by hands of each other in this life and in hereafter. The reason is one way of life is based upon concept of human brotherhood therefore upon the ideology of living for each other by ensuring well being of each other through full help and support of each other and the other based upon rivalry and animosity due to living for oneself at the expense of all the rest ie living on the basis of personal gains at the expense of each other.

This is why one way of life can lead humanity to unity, peace, progress and prosperity as a proper human community in this universe which is called the kingdom of God and the other to its own destruction by hands of each other as enemies. As for human language, it is one and the same language in reality but as people developed the language went through changes from being very simple to becoming very complex and it was identified as separate languages due to groups of people separating and moving away from each other and modifying it in their own ways in different areas of the world for different natural and personal reasons. This is why it is just as right to call it one and the same language that has been modified by people in many ways or to call it different languages on geographical basis, so the modification of the language that came about through Hebrew people became Hebrew languages and modification by people in Arabia became known as Arabic despite the root language being the very same just like human being who are the very same people as a specie. Just as there is no broken link between generations of people otherwise we will not be here so there is no broken link between language and generations of people unless a branch went totally dead. This is why any people of any area can claim their language is original human language because if they try and trace back their language to its roots they will find this is a fact. Just as human languages are branches of the very same human language tree so different life forms are branches of the very same tree of life.

The original human language was based upon gestures by people and then they coded or modulated gestures with sounds for speech and then they came up with idea of pictures for gestures and sounds for purpose of writing down their thoughts for purpose of memory and communication. They drew pictures of things for meaningful concepts or explanations so when later people turned pictures into letters they still represented original meanings due to original concepts being attached to them. These letters which we call alphabet simply mean ALIF and BAIT ie the first and second letters of the human language alphabet set in Greek format. Therefore alphabet letters already had meanings given to them long before they became Arabic letters or Hebrew letters. As explained already letters were originally pictures of things eg picture of a bull was used for alif, of a tent for baa, of a basket for taa and so on and so forth. So it is not difficult to see how human language came about. Meanings for letters were further derived from given names to letters. For example since taa=basket it meant it was some sort of container and so all sorts of containers could be taken as meanings of letter taa. This is why womb or box or room or chamber or coffin or tomb etc all are perfect concrete root meanings of letter taa. It is because any concrete meaning taken for a letter also apply to anything that is like the meaning taken in some sense therefore this idea or mechanism expands numbers of meanings of a letter. Moreover what is true in case of concrete realities is also true for concepts eg word constitution can also be taken as meaning of letter taa because it contains all information about an organisation eg its set-up or structuring or procedures or practices etc etc. Moreover letters are words which themselves have sets of roots which expand their meanings even more.

Not only that letters also have positive as well as negative meanings depending upon their contexts of use. For example, letter haa meaning fence can mean things either on one side of the fence or on the other eg a wall or partition either keeps something inside it or outside of it for one reason or another. So it all depends upon the context of use as to what is the proper sense of a letter or a word in its context of use. The main thing to remember is that letters and words have many meanings but the contexts of their use limit them and that is how things are made sensible. For example, take letter ALIF it has many different meanings eg bull or something like bull in some sense, bull head, ox, cattle, stick, one, unity, oneness, God, power, leader, authority, chief, manager, controller, staff, strength, one thousand, love, affection, energy, yoke, teacher, master, to learn, to teach, to lead, to guide etc etc. Since Letter alif is a word in Arabic which is from root ALIF, LAAM and FAA this also gives it meanings related to letters LAAM and FAA as well. This is how root for ALIF ends up having so many different meanings. These meanings are expanded further by way of what letter alif means or anything like it means in some sense eg if we take it to mean staff then staff is sign of power or authority as well as strength and togetherness of things or people as a team etc. Staff is also used for controlling animals or people or as help and support in some sense. This is how meanings of word ALIF keep on expanding and this is why it is used as part of many roots of many words but people only use whatever they need to use for their purposes and that is what we find in dictionaries to some extend while rest of meanings are ignored because they are not understood for their use yet. This is why dictionaries are based on common usage of words among a people for their meanings so they are not complete source of reference for words and their meanings and this is the main reason for it. Moreover each letter is part of many different roots for many different words which also shows the extent of their meanings. So if one never uses stick for fighting it does not mean word ALIF has nothing to do with word fighting. It is just a matter of need for use of something that brings out a particular meaning of a word which we call contextualised meanings. This is why even if a situation does not arise for use of something it does not mean having it is useless because it may become useful in the future.

So even if a situation never arises for use of a particular meaning of a word yet word does have all the meanings of it within it regardless we are aware of those meaning or not or have discovered them or not or used them or not. In case of real world realities they were there already but we did not manage to discover them for ourselves till we were able to do so therefore that does not mean they did not exist just because we did not know about them. This is why the Quran cannot be understood properly till people become aware of these like facts and then try to see what the Quranic text may be telling us in it. This is why even if nobody gave a particular meaning to the text of the Quran before us we can because we could be the first people who have discovered those meanings. The main criterion for truth of meanings is whether we end up with a proper sensible message of the Quran or make a mess of it that makes no sense. Yet another point we must understand is that all words which use any particular letters in them reflect meanings of all of them though one can only use just one at a time due to limitation put on the words by their contexts. For example, letter alif is used in many words in the Quran and so are used all other letters of the alphabet set so their meanings are reflected in all of them from alif to yaa but only and only context decides which of the meanings apply in each case and the rest are therefore ignored. A context is like a frame or framework or chassis of something in which things belonging to it are supposed to be fitted to complete it into a whole thing.

This is how 28 letters in alphabet set give us so many words and so many meanings which we call our human language. The fact is some words we use in Arabic language have multiple roots as already explained due to being borrowed from different languages. Another thing we need to know is the fact that Arabic letters have alphanumerical values for purpose of counting ie 1, 2 and 3 etc etc. Alif=1, baa=2, jeem=3, daal=4, haa=5, wow=6, zaa=7, haa=8, twaa=9. Yaa=10, kaaf=20, laam=30, meem=40, noon=50, seen=60, ain=70, faa=80, swaad=90. Qaaf=100, raa-200, sheen=300, taa=400, saa=500, khaa=600, zaal-700, zwaa=800, dwaad=900 and ghain=1000 etc etc. In time long ago there were no separate symbols for writing numbers and doing calculations. So letters besides having linguistic meanings also had numerical values and meanings. Most of these alphanumerical meanings of Arabic letters are also borrowed from earlier languages eg letter ALIF=1 or letter BAA=2 in Hebrew etc as well. Yet another point to remember is that all letters have meanings which are not exactly the same but they overlap very much as we expand their meanings by going into their detail which will become obvious as we progress in our study of the Quranic text. Although I am explaining what I came to know there is much more which I have no idea about and is yet to be discovered and shared about origin and development of human language as well as the message of the Quran.

It will take some time before many more people start studying these things and help us make yet better sense of the message of God. This work is just the beginning in this direction so it should not be taken as a conclusive last word. It is because thoughts and works of God cannot be encompassed by limited minds of human beings. All we human beings can do is, try our best to make the best possible sense of things with help and support of each other by thinking and doing as much as we can to the best of our abilities. Despite our best efforts we human beings may still fall well short of what we are supposed to achieve or accomplish but that should not lead us to disappointment or desperation. We are only created to do our best and leave the rest to God so long as we are doing that we are fine. The plan of God for humanity is like building a house wherein there is room for all of us to do different things for it and once they are brought together we will have a very nice house for ourselves to live in. This is why for the time being we are all thinking and doing different things regardless we know them properly or not but they are helping humanity move in the right direction bit by bit. We are all busy making doors and windows and bricks etc etc for the same house regardless we have the idea of the house plan or not. However if we knew it then it will have made our struggle much more meaningful and easier as well as we could have ended up getting the end result quicker rather than fooling about in the dark knowing not what we are doing and why. This is why learning the Quran and following it can make a huge difference for us in sense of our struggle by cutting down our painful suffering drastically.

Letter BAA means tent or something like tent in some sense for some reason or purpose, house, shelter, sanctuary, chamber, cave, breathing space, room for manoeuvre, roof over head, shield, defence, preservation, refuge, hiding place, tomb, grave, coffin, room, box, chest, link, connection, relationship, attachment, protection, refuge, base, foundation, origin, building, structure, tradition, custom, rule of law, constitution, limitation, restriction, patronage, guardianship, looking after, taking care, family, clan, tribe, party, canopy, umbrella, container, enclosure, community, group, following, support, household, back up, reinforcement, cover, influence, over shadowing, with or within, to wrap up, to cover up, to envelope, to veil, to provide someone or something with care or looking after etc etc. This letter in Arabic is a word ie BAYEET meaning house which has root BAA, YAA and TAA. So beside what letter baa itself means it also gets meanings of letters YAA and TAA. These meanings further expand on basis of what bayeet is and what purpose it can serve or what else is like it in some way or serves a similar purpose in some sense.

Letter TAA means container or something like container in some sense for some reason or purpose, basket or wicker basket or womb or coffin or chest or box or room or chamber or a hiding place or refuge or shelter or protection or cover or wrapper or surround, wall, partition, separation, isolation, circle, house, snake, mud, clay, snake or serpent or adder or something like snake in some sense for some reason or purpose, etc etc. Letter taa means coffin or in Arabic taaboot which has roots TAA, BAA and TAA or TAA, BAA and HAA or TAA, WOW and BAA. This is why beside meanings of letter TAA it also has many other meanings due to its multiple roots.

Letter SAA means skeleton or something like skeleton in some sense for some reason or purpose, infrastructure or supporting framework or something like supporting framework in some sense for some reason or purpose, hanger or something upon which something relies or is hanged or built, a structure that gives something its shape or form or support or foundation as to what it is as a concrete reality or as an abstract concept, draft plan, mould, outline, body, bony or solid structure, model, sketch, main supporting frame of a structure, chassis, frame, clothes or garments, clothe hanger, scarecrow, staff, support, structure, building, ladder, to make clothes, to wash clothes, to hang clothes on a cloth hanger for drying clothes after the wash, to hang something upon something for some purpose, to fabricate or to make clothes, it also means to grab, to protect, to hate, to repent and reform, Saa is also a meaningful word in Arabic ie SOWB meaning a piece of cloth or garment from root SAA, WOW and BAA. This too has many meanings on the very same basis as explained already. SAA means basic or foundational structure upon which are built the rest of things like dressing up or decorating a dummy for display.

Letter JEEM means camel or something like camel in some sense for some reason or purpose. This is why it also means foot or to walk on foot or to exalt or to gather. It means beauty or durability or reliability or nobility or greatness, beast of burden or something that has capability of carrying heavy load or responsibility, something that can be relied upon as a solid foundation, to walk to a watering hole, to carry weight or load etc etc. Camel also means JUMAL in Arabic beside other meanings which is from root JEEM, MEEM and LAAM so beside meanings related to letter jeem it also has meanings of letters meem and laam and many other meanings on basis already explained. This is why camel also means constitution and law or tradition and custom etc because that is what people rely upon for living their organised or regulated lives.

Letter HAA means fence or something like fence in some sense. Also wall, tent or house wall, partition, divide, separation, half, outside, protection, shielding, covering, inside, isolation, boycott, break up, string, division, dissension, rift, break up, fall apart, decompose, block, stop, limit, restriction, prohibition, split, obstruction, barrier etc etc. This letter in Arabic mean hijaab or barrier or border etc and it is from root HAA, JAAM and BAA. So besides meanings of letter haa it also has meanings of letters jeem and baa and is used in many other words as a part of them so it has so many different meanings just like any other letter as a part in any other root. Any letter can be first or middle or last part of a root or word. Additional letters to roots in words modify their meaning yet further.

Letter KHAA means unbalanced or wrongly founded structure or something like unbalanced or wrongly founded structure in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also a structure built on unstable or fragile or delicate or weak foundation or something like it in some sense, an unstable structure or something like an unstable structure in some sense. something that gives false impression about something or is like something that gives false impression about something in some sense for some reason or purpose, something misplaced upon something in some sense for some reason or purpose, something placed upon something unsoundly or infirmly, something impure or hollow or empty or void or unstable or infirm in some sense, something that causes loss or death or destruction or injury or damage or failure or disorder or anarchy or chaos or confusion in some sense, something disgraceful or troublesome in some sense, to be low profile or debased, to be on the way to falling down, tent, shelter, hiding place, to keep safe or secret, to take something as valuable or to treasure it, to hide something for safe keeping, to intoxicate someone with something in some sense, to hit or strike or attack, to cheat or betray or breach an agreement or cause corruption, to be treacherous, to abate or die down, to calm down or settle down or become stable, to vacate, to take something by force, to use a cutting tool or weapon, to abuse or use something abusively or inappropriately, to fear or cause to fear, to show concern, to become awestruck, a woollen tent or house for living in, to create or be creative, to have vision or imagination or ambition, to stitch or sew, to prick, to choose or elect or select, to be good or best or excellent, to end or stop or block or seal or conclude or complete something in some sense, to lag or stay behind in some sense for some purpose, to let fall down or let down, to deny help or support or assistance. This letter is part of many roots which clarify its meanings.

Letter DAAL means door or something like door in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also tent door, controlled entry or exit, blockage, obstruction, prevention, obstacle, restriction, limitation, resistance, impedance, partition, something that is fixed in a place or position etc yet flexible as well like a door, to hang or hang on or hang down, to move or move on or move back and forth or to and fro, to dangle, to swing, to enter, to hang one’s head down, to be weak, to be ashamed, to be humble, the pathway or road, a way to doing something, to remove barrier or obstruction or obstacle or difficulty or hardship or problem. Letter daal is for word DAKHAL from root DAAL, KHAA and LAAM. So beside letter daal this root also has meanings according to letters khaa and laam. This letter too is part of many roots which expand its meanings.

Letter ZAAL means barrier or something like barrier in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also some obstacle or difficulty one has to overcome or get through, wall or barrier one has to scale or go over or beyond in some sense, to drive something away or chase away, to keep out or away, to prevent something from getting to something, to remove, to defend against something, to show resistance towards something or someone, to jump over the wall to go to the other side, to become lawless or rebellious or disobedient, to observe no limits, to transgress, to injure or damage or harm or offend, to ill-treat or insult or provoke, to experience a painful condition, to thirst or crave for or long for, to have need or desire for, to destroy unity over something, to become free, to sacrifice, to cut throat, to offer, to dedicate, to fly over something, to use ladder, to escape confinement using ladder or jumping over a prison wall, to use ways and means to overcome an obstacle or obstruction, to cause instability, to make something dangle or become unstable, to store, to hoard, to gather or put together, to cause to increase in number, to spread or scatter or broadcast, to produce offspring or cause to produce offspring, to create or fashion, a small particle of something, to go over the top of something, to glide, to fly high above something, to be influential, to be dominant, to over shadow, to blow away, to submit, to annoy, to reflect or remember or mention or ponder, to honour or respect, to have power or strength, to have following or support, to be courageous or daring, to be witty or intelligent, to become humble or make humble, to tame or humiliate, guilt or crime or blame, to go away, to assume or guess or conjecture, to take away, to be bewildered or confused, tongue or horn, to taste or experience, to have a conviction, to declare etc etc. This letter too is part of many roots which explain its original meanings.

Letter RAA means head or something like head in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also top part or section of something, beginning or starting point, origin, chief or chiefdom, first, foremost, ultimate, ruling elite, management, administration, command and control centre, central nervous system, president, prime minister, leadership, think tank, something that is responsible for thinking, planning and decision making, to scheme or plot, to deceive, to ponder over, to conspire, to pan ahead or in advance, Letter raa is used in word RAAS from root RAA, ALIF and SEEN. Besides this root this letter is part of many other roots which explain its meanings.

Letter ZAA means weapon or tool or instrument or something like weapon or tool or instrument in some sense for some reason or purpose, to make or have or use weapons or tools or instruments or equipments or machines, to be instrumental in something happening or in making something happen, to have hand in something in some sense, any tool or instrument or weapon, plough, implement etc. Zaa is used in word ZUMAR from root ZAA, MEEM and RAA meaning flute, drum, trumpet, sword, spear, ox-goad etc etc. This letter is also part of many roots which give it ample meanings.

Letter SEEN means tooth or something like tooth in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also teething, age, year, blade, pierce, thorn, bush, shield, two, press, eat, sharp, handsome face, legislation, splendour, way or method of doing things, formula, prosperity, abundance, to consume, to destroy, to devour, to bite, to cut, to hold fast or onto something strongly or firmly, tradition, custom, rule of law, constitution, precedent, modes of manners, practice, season, passing of time, to alter things in quality, to be sharp or intelligent or clever or tricky or cunning, a period of time, an era. Letter seen is a meaningful word SINN which has various roots eg seen, noon and haa; seen, noon and noon and seen noon and wow etc etc. So it has many meanings depending upon all these letters. Letter seen in Arabic is actually letter sheen of Hebrew. Like other letters it too is part of many words which express its many meanings.

Letter SHEEN means fighting or something like fighting in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also battlefield or arena or something like battlefield or arena in some sense, battle or something like battle in some sense, to clash or confront or oppose, to attack or strike each other, to join or mix or intermingle with each other, to participate or take part or partake or socialise, to be on the wrong side of something in some sense, to be on the wrong side of the law, to cause lawlessness or disorder or instability or chaos or confusion or anarchy, to divide or separate or branch out/off or scatter or spread or disperse or breakup or split, to be like or similar or resemble, to suspect or doubt, to be cold, to dispute or disagree or fragment or fight or argue or contend, to have a family or support or following, to plot or plan or scheme, to be jealous or envy, to be niggardly or miser or stingy, to grow or develop or prosper or have plenty or be affluent or fat, to bear rancour or hold grudge, to have a distinct body or reality, to organise or regulate, to be prominent or visible or high profile, to be hard or solid or tough or firm or strong, to be a troublemaker or mischievous or active or lively, to learn or take in or drink or inhale, liquid or water or juice or information, source of information or knowledge or learning or teaching, to irrigate or imbibe or absorb, to open up or expand or explain or make obvious or visible or manifest or distinct, to bolt or break loose or go astray, to shatter into pieces, spark of fire, to be rebellious or harmful or destructive or criminal or evil or wicked, to set conditions or terms for an agreement, path or rule of law or tradition or custom or direct or instruction or way of life or constitution, to rise or give light, the sun or sunrise, to distribute or share or part or party or partnership or association, to acquire or sell or buy or exchange or barter or deal, to slice or peel, to over burden, to have branches, side or riverbank, to transgress or go beyond acceptable limits, to unite or gather together, tribe or clan or family or group or party, to feel or know or perceive or be aware of, poetry, to set on fire or inflame or ignite or lit or burn, to pierce or puncture or infatuate or smite or penetrate, to engage or employ or occupy or toil or distract, to pair or double or join with, to intercede or intervene or standby or support or backup, to be compassionate or affectionate, to have desire for or seek after, to approach, to be near, to restore or cure, hardship or poverty or difficulty or adversity, sadness or grief or unhappiness or sorrow, to use proper things properly so that a needed purpose could be served or fulfilled, to be humble or grateful or appreciative, to be stubborn or arrogant or haughty, to have or give shape or form or fashion or design, to tie or bind, to be happy over someone’s loss, to be lofty or towering or influential or dominant, to shrink or reduce or contract or decrease, to abhor or disdain, the sun or sunlight or daylight or brightness, to be on the left hand side of something or to be on the wrong side of something in some sense, to contain or comprise or envelope, encroachment of one thing into another, shooting star, flying spark, presence or witness or evidence or statement or testimony, to declare or proclaim, to adulterate or make impure or mix up things, to extract, to expose, a fire without smoke, thorn or spike or point, to prick, to roast, grey hair or aged person. Letter sheen is used in many words as part of their roots and has very many meanings just like any other letter.

Letter SWAAD means tree or plant or something like tree or plant in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also hunting, fishing, chasing, side or aspect or point of view, journey, fishing hook, chase, hunt, trail, clue or cue, crack, fissure, cleavage, standing out, split, to separate, to dispute, to divide, to branch out, roots, branches, trunk, to converge or diverge, origin, family tree, diagram, to comply with, to attain, to distinguish between, to separate, to fragment, to spread or expand or grow or increase, to reveal, hangover, man lying on his side, to squeeze, to extract, juice, essence, life, seed, braches, roots etc etc. Letter swaad is part of word SAD from root SWAAD, DAAL and AIN meaning to cleave or split, to cause a headache, to disperse or scatter, to traverse, to cross from one side to another, to journey etc etc. This letter is also used in many words along with other root letters therefore it too is full of meanings.

Letter DWAAD means to turn one household into two in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also to draw a battle line, to cause rift or division, resistance or opposition in some sense, adversity, rivalry, animosity, to meet one’s match, to fill up, devious, to draw together, to hug or embrace, group of people of different lineage, to branch out, to converge or diverge, to combine, to gather, to join, to roast, to be coward or spineless or weak, to have plenty of sheep or goat or livestock, cinder or ashes, to scorch, call of birds or animals, panting of horses, to lie on one’s side, to recline, to fail to fulfil one’s duties or responsibilities or to meet one’s obligations, object of scorn or laugh or joke, to bring forth plants and flowers, to cause to laugh, breaking of day or daylight, to expose oneself to the sun, to appear, peer, to strike or smite or sting or travel or beat or to go fast, to afflict or impair or harm or damage or harass or punish, to force, to drive into, stream of milk, to humble or humiliate, to be like or similar, to plead or supplicate, to fold or doubt or multiply, to be weak, confusion or chaos, to crease, to deviate or err or stray or lose the way, preparation for a race or battle, to be straitened or confined, to lag or remain behind, wretchedness or destitution, to treasure or consider valuable, to be kind or treat gently, to light up or shine or illuminate or enlighten, to twist or be crooked or unjust, to go or let go to waste, to neglect or ignore or avoid, sides of valley or mountain, guest, to be narrow or cramped or anguished, to be simple or basic, to be at the beginning or starting point etc etc.

Letter TWAA means landmark or something like landmark in some sense for some reason or purpose, sign, symbol, musical note, reference point, guide, signpost or lamppost, guide, leader, cross, monument, signature or symbol, lighthouse or beacon, something visible from a distance, something tall or high but is firmly in its place or position and can be seen from a distance, something that can be used or can be relied upon as a foundation for something, constitution, tradition, something that expresses direction eg a signboard. To brand, to mark or label, to give something its separate identity by some kind of distinguishing mark. Letter TWAA is part of word TABA meaning to slap the back of the neck with the whole palm, to impress shapes in the mud, to fashion articles out of mud or iron etc, to seal, to seal up, to block, to stop, to end, to put a sealing stamp on something eg an agreement etc etc. Other words that use letter TWAA are words TAW, TAAFA, TAARIQ and TOOR from roots TWAA, WOW and AIN; TWAA, WOW/YAA and FAA; TWA, RAA and QAAF; and TWAA, WOW and RAA. Besides these there are many other words which use letter twaa as their part therefore it has many meanings which can be discovered by pondering over them.

Letter ZWAA means lamb or something like lamb in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also something that is innocent or gentle, someone who can be easily manipulated or cheated or deceived or fooled, something or someone that is thought of as expendable, to be gullible or soft or easy, to migrate or move around or leave or depart, to shelter, to influence, to shadow, to be visible or apparent, to shade, to cause darkness or darkness of ignorance, to cause damage or destruction, to be cruel or cause harm or destruction, to seek protection, to take into care, to look-after, to guard, finger or toe nails, to capture or triumph, to misplace something in some sense, to think or do what is wrong or improper, to transgress or go beyond or above the law, to be in need of or be thirsty or hungry, to guess or conjecture or assume or think or consider, to back up or show up or manifest or expose or appear etc etc.

Letter AIN means eye or something like eye in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also watchtower, watchman, guard, help, support, following, family, to guard, to imprison, to be aware of, to be alert, to have reach, to have jurisdiction, to have under control, to be active or lively, to spy, to lookafter, to protect, to shade or shadow, to know, to keep an eye on, to assist, water source, fountain, spring, sea, river, to cry, to be sad, to be unhappy, to be hurt, to deceive, to cheat etc etc. Letter ain is used in word AIN from root AIN, YAA and NOON. It is a widely used letter so it has many meanings or uses as is clear from number of words of which it is a part.

Letter GHAIN means tall and narrow column or something like tall and narrow column in some sense for some reason or purpose, Also a tall and narrow structure or building or something like a tall and narrow structure or building in some sense for some reason or purpose, to be thin and lofty, cloud of dust or something like cloud of dust in some sense, smoke or mist or steam, poverty or famine or devastation, something twisted or bent or deceptive, wrapper or covering or shelter or protection, to deviate or stray or transgress, to be criminal or wicked, to inflict harm or destruction or damage, to rebel or go against or beyond limits, chaos or confusion or lawlessness or disorder or anarchy, to be lacking in judgement, to deceive or cheat or make fool of, to forget or ignore or avoid or neglect, scum or debris, puddle of rainwater, heavy rain, time between breaking of dawn and rising of the sun, the setting of the sun or evening, the future, west, to be foolish or inexperienced, illusion, to scoop water up, to drown or submerge, to be in debt, fondness, to glue or stick, to tempt or incite or rouse, to spin, gazelle or sheep or goat or something alike or similar in some sense, spindle or yarn, to strive or seek or invade, evening dusk or haziness, extreme cold, darkness of the night, puss or fluid, to wash or clear dirt, to conceal or hide, to fall unconscious or lose awareness or attention or faint, to be overcome or overwhelm, to take by force or extort, to be angry, to frown, to be affluent, to be young, to be tender, to veil, to be dark or cause to be dark, to become full, large crowd of people, to forgive, to be full of branches, to be thick and long, to defeat or triumph over, to be gross or strong or thick, to be firm, to seal, to close or shut, extreme thirst, lack things of need, to shackle, treachery or animosity, to confiscate or defraud, beautiful women or boys, to be excessive, to grudge, to squeeze, to examine, to probe for defects, to be obscure, to acquire, to be able to do something without others, to call for help or to go for help, lowlands, valley, to disappear, to dive under water, to dig, to kill by stealth, to deprive or intoxicate, to go where no one has gone before, to travel through unchartered land, to examine carefully, to be incomprehensible, to be a strange character, distress or anguish or sadness or grief or anxiety, spoils of war or war booty or loot or plunder, robbery, to take away by force, to impose upon, to control, to be on one’s own, to not to need anyone for one’s existence, to be independent, to be self reliant or self sufficient, to call for assistance or go to the aid of, depth or bottom or valley or lowlands or abyss, gulf or gap or cave, to sink in or sink in the ground, to disappear or vanish, to under water, to dive into the sea of knowledge, to kill by deception or stealth, to intoxicate with something in some sense, to be mad with power, darkness or darkness of ignorance, lack of knowledge, stubbornness or arrogance, to over flow or cause flooding, to dig a ditch or hole in some sense for some purpose, to lure or mislead or seduce or err or stray, absent or invisible or inconsistent or disconnected or unforeseen or concealed, to vanish or disappear, something unknowable or beyond understanding or comprehension, something unknowable before time, to rain, to relieve or ease, herbage or pasture, to modify or change or interchange or replace or alter, to envy or be jealous or zealous, to be without, to exclude, to do without, thicket or bush, to abate or dwindle or recede or diminish or shrink, to fail or fall short of, to fail to grow or prosper, to rage or enrage or infuriate or incense or vex or be angry or furious. goat with twisted horns or something like goat with twisted horn in some sense, twisted rope or something like twisted rope in some sense. to search or reach for something, to visit frequently, to suffer an overwhelming calamity or disaster or catastrophe, to wrap up, to hide, to keep secret, to deceive, to cheat, to bend round something, to mould or shape, to trick, to entangle or trap etc etc.

Letter FAA means mouth or something like mouth in some sense for some reason or purpose, gap, gulf, distance or difference between things, dispute, disagreement, edge, scatter, spread, broadcast, to blow, to blow up or expand or stretch or enlarge or explode, to explain or detail, to speak, to eat, to devour, to taste, to experience, to lie, to pretend, to deceive, to con, to lie, to backbite or slander, to accuse falsely, to move away, to depart, to leave, to push apart, to devour, to consume, to waste, to eat, to taste, to laugh, to blow a trumpet or whistle, to give a signal, to cause divide or dissention or rift or conflict or dispute etc etc.

Letter QAAF means monkey or something like monkey in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also eye of the needle, to hang or hold or latch onto something for some reason or purpose, to jump about, to jump all over the place, horizon, sun setting, revolution, cycle, turn, condense, circle, time, behind, to be unstable or infirm or weak, to be a mischief maker, to cause trouble or difficulty, to be clever, to be agile, to be able to move fast, to cheat or deceive, to collect, to bring things together, to preserve, to collect, to imitate, to copy, to pretend to be what one is not, to be an imposter etc etc.

Letter KAAF means palm of hand or something like palm of hand in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also bend, subdue, humble, open, allow, tame, to absorb, to cushion, to be easy going, to be kind or tender hearted, to be a soft touch, to be in grip of, to be in control of, to mould, to shape, to converge or diverge, to meet, meeting place, to be soft or kind or compassionate or tender hearted, to be shock absorbent, to act as a shock absorber, to cushion the effect of, to be in between two things as a soft touch etc etc. This letter is part of many words which reflects extent of its meanings.

Letter LAAM means ox-goad or something like ox-goad in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also yoke, leadership, protection, shepherd staff or something like shepherd staff in some sense for some reason or purpose, strong authority, a stick with a sharp end or something like it in some sense for some reason or purpose, spear, to tie, to bind, to urge, to push, to pull, to direct, to motivate, to inspire, to motivate or urge or push or encourage, to make something be or do something, to make or have or use tools or weapons or instruments, to teach, to bind, to yoke etc etc.

Letter MEEM means water or something like water in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also what, where, when, how, why, chaos, confusion, disaster, storm, revelation of God, something that gives life, something that inspires or motivates or urges something to be something or to do something in some way, blood, mighty, to cause harm or destruction, to cause flooding, to spill blood, to cause trouble or war, to have right to rule, to quench thirst, to satisfy need or needs, to spread like water, flow, to drip, to stand still, to evaporate, to dry up, to impart knowledge, to obtain knowledge, to rain down, sea, river etc etc.

Letter NOON means fish or something like fish in some sense for some reason or purpose,. Also ink or something like ink in some sense for some reason or purpose, writing, scribbling, something that can swim in some form of liquid or medium in some sense, sperm, continuation through seed, snake, perpetuation, heir, son, off spring, to be slippery, to be lively or active, to be a smooth operator, to be smooth or illusive, to be deceptive, to draw etc etc.

Letter HAA means window or something like window in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also window of opportunity, a way into something or through to something, ladder, a way to reach something in some sense, arms raised either in happiness or sadness, to behold, to see beyond horizon, to see into distant future, to reveal, to look, to breath, to sigh. to have or give a chance, to see though something, to have or make sense of something, to understand or comprehend something in some sense, to raise arms in joy, to surrender, to accept defeat, to be awestruck, to give up fighting, to throw up arms in the air, to become overwhelmed or fully impressed with something in some sense, to jump up and raise arms in joy etc etc.

Letter WOW means hook or something like hook in some sense in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also conjunction, nailing, binding, joining, linking, connecting, contacting, touching, something bent or twisted or turned or wicked or cunning or tricky or deceptive, something harmful or destructive in some sense, to hook onto something for some reason, something to hang something upon, and, peg, stake, nail, plus, with, add, to secure, to establish, to accomplish, to support, to reinforce, to collect, to put together, to put in touch, to bring together, to form a network of some sort etc etc.

Letter YAA means hand or something like hand in some sense for some reason or purpose. Also reach, jurisdiction, power, authority, grip, handle, control, grasp, understanding, comprehension, encircling , encompassing, surrounding, worship, throw, work, make, control, manage, administer, to have a hand in something happening or doing, to show one’s hands, to have involvement in something either negatively or positively, to deceive, to cheat, to trick, to con, to protect, to take care of, to lookafter, strength, to extend or stretch, to have reach or authority, link or connection etc etc.

Understanding the mechanism involved for words and meanings and the part the letters and roots play should help people a great deal in trying to make proper sense of revealed message of God because they open up for us many possible meanings for words to choose from. However this is only half of what is needed to understand the message of God because the rest is to work out the proper context of the message from the message itself by going back and forth in the text of the Quran as well as in light of real world realities. It is not an easy task for the new beginners but once these ideas become a common thing then they will speed up things very much. The difficult part is to build a train but once it is built and put on the tracks it will help us travel very fast. This work only posed difficulty for me because we do not find such works wide spread or available so that we have the basis to start from. Despite explaining meanings of letters here I will still explain meanings of roots further where need be to clarify things yet more. Even then these meanings of words are limited as explained already because none can write full dictionaries of meanings of Arabic roots because they are beyond human capability. One only has to think about possible meanings of number of roots used in the Quranic text to realise why it is an impossible task to complete to write each and every meaning of a root. This is why what I have explained should give one a general idea as to how difficult or impossible task it is to explain all meanings of all roots. This is why just because certain meanings of words are not found in the dictionaries or other books people have written or are still writing does not mean those words do not have any other meanings than the ones already explained in the books.

For example, word QUR-AAN is from roots QAAF, RAA and ALIF; QAAF, RAA and NOON; and QAAF, RAA, ALIF and NOON. Concrete meaning of this root is information that is received, collected, wrote down and proclaimed before the crowd like a crier is sent by a king who cries out loud in a place of gathering to let gathered people there know the message of the king. Also reading, recitation, gathering, collection, crowd, cycle, period, time span, appointed time, menstruation, to become pregnant, to add, to gather together, to hold in, to match in length etc etc.

Word surah is from roots SEEN, WOW and RAA; SEEN, YAA and RAA; SEEN, RAA and WOW; and SEEN, RAA and YAA etc. Concrete meanings of this root are something that covers or shields or shelters something or encompasses it for protection or preservation etc. Also something that is sufficient or fit for its purpose or deals with the matter fully or comprehensively, something that protects something or shields something from something etc etc. In the Quranic context it means the comprehensive divine program that if followed by mankind will protect humanity from all sort of troubles and problems. The Quranic program is a path to peaceful, progressive and prosperous life for mankind hence the name of this program is Islam. The same root means the fortified wall that surround the fort to protect the city within the wall. Also circle, fence, wall, an enclosure, history, biography, journey, to scale, to go over a wall, to be high in stature or spirit, to have courage or strength, bracelets, bangles, armlets, a chapter of the Quran etc etc.

Word AQL is from root AIN, QAAF and LAAM. Concrete meanings of this root are weight or anchor or peg or stake etc. Also something that is used to tie down something to stop it from running loose or about all over the place. It is used for thinking process of the brain because the brain processes information for making sense of it in order to act on it instead of wandering off all over in confusion. The ability of brain to make sense of things by means of thought process is called intelligence. Also brain, intelligence, sense of making sense of things, tie, stoppage, halter, rational person, to ransom, blood money, refuge, use sense, be sensible, head, leader, chief, to judge as rational, fine woman, understanding, comprehension, to reason things etc etc.

From these explanations it should be clear how one should look for meanings of words used in the Quranic text.

How brain learns sense to make sense of things.

Throughout life by means of learning experiences by way of trial and error brain becomes experienced in making sense of obtained or given information.

1)aql and revelation are two different things.

2)aql is an activity of the brain ie a process for processing information or data and revelation is information or data needing processing just like universal realities need to be made sense of.

3)Aql is needed for organising and making sense of data to understand it.

4)Where does aql come from? It comes from sense of making sense of things ie through life experiences based on trials and errors.

5)The more experienced you are in making sense of things the better is your judgement about things. It is because then you know what information is available and what is not at any given point in time and how to get information and how to put it together and what it means after you have organised it in your head.

6)The Quran is nothing more than information that needs to be understood by human brain as explained for its purpose and use. Therefore sufficient aql/sense has to be there already to begin with in order to make proper sense of the Quran to use it accordingly.

7)Brain only works on basis of language that it uses for communication just like a computer. Without having a way of processing data to make sense of things brain cannot make sense of anything. Even when data is there brain has to construct or deconstruct and reconstruct it to see if it makes sense or not. Destructive criticism is not helpful when one scrutinises something for its truth because if you destroy something before you examine something as a whole then you are left with nothing whole to see it for what it is worth. It is because things only look good or bad when they are in one piece and complete. A piece of art is only good as such but if you will break it apart, it will become nothing at all other than jumble of pieces of broken material. Our universe looks great as it is but if we were to destroy it, we will be left with nothing. I mean start breaking things into their smaller and smaller pieces and once you have done away with sub atomic particles what will you be left with to see? We see a nice house but if we were to tear it down brick by brick, what will be left of it to see other than a pile of bricks lying all around? So truth lies in beauty and beauty is only there if we could see it put together beautifully so that we could be seen at work or in action. This is why the purpose of scrutiny is to see the full picture or plan or thing to see what purpose it serves and how it does that if at all. This is why the first thing to do with any piece of information is to see its construct if it is already there otherwise devise own construct using the same information and if it looks ok and works fine then it is worth keeping for the purpose it can serve and the way it can do that and benefit from it.

8)The Quran is mere a jumble of words and words have attached to them certain concepts and concepts unless put together for a purpose have no use just like a jumble of letters, numbers, signs or symbols. So to understand the Quran one must get familiar with concepts of words used in the Quran and then try and see how these concepts make better sense by combining them in various ways that bring out the proper contexts of the words used in the verses so that verses make proper sense. Not only that but each verse of a given surah must be connected in such a way with other verses of the same surah that the whole surah of the Quran makes sense in a context from the text itself. The process of making proper sense of the Quranic text does not stop there but then each surah must be combined with rest of them in such a way that shows over all context of the Quranic text.

9)Once the Quran is reasonably and properly understood on basis of AQL then it becomes the criterion for judging all the rest of information about Islam be it from any source or person etc. Not only that once the Quran is understood then it becomes authority for AQL to go by. This is how it helps one to become self regulated because once people work out everything they need to work out then it is only matter of following a list of instructions to accomplish the goals for which Allah has revealed his program.

10)It is a very, very hard work which most people are not bothered to undertake. What people do is they just have some basic make beliefs and some useless rituals which they take for granted and call them Islam. There are not many people with in depth understanding of the revelation from Allah. This is why the world is in the state that it is. Where most people are trying to copyright knowledge as intellectual property and each person is trying to fool the next person. The learning process is a difficult one and that is why peace, progress and prosperity in the world is a very, very slow process. Parties with vested interests are a big obstacle in the way of unity, peace, progress and prosperity of humanity because not only they themselves do not learn things worth learning but they also place obstacle in path of learning knowledge and try their best to throw humanity of course because if knowledge worth learning becomes available vastly then they cannot have the world the way they want it for themselves. However despite all this carry on, as we all can see, we are making some progress but we could do much better if obstacles were removed from the path of learning knowledge for the betterment of the mankind. Messengers were sent by God to help people become clever that is why they came to teach humanity things which people wanted to hide from each other so that clever people could exploit others at will who are not as clever as them. This is why chiefs did not build educational institutions for learning but only when it suited their own agendas and as many as suited their own purposes . That mindset, attitude and behaviour still continues to date. As the saying goes, one can make some of the people fool for some of the time but not all of the people all the time. The truth will prevail because people cannot be free of troubles unless they get to it and live by it. Only truth can set people free.

SURAH 1 AL-FAATIHAH-The open declaration of Allah for mankind to enter in an agreement with him and with each other for living by the way of life advised by Allah for blissful, dignified and secure existence

This surah is named AL-FAATIHAH from root FAA,TAA and HAA. Concrete meaning of this root is something that opens up something eg a key that opens a lock so that the locked things could be accessed by outsiders or so that locked things could have access to outside. Also the water on the surface of the earth, ways and means to something, to find a way to something, formula, trick or technique, opening, help, support, victory, triumph, break-through, arbitration, to have ability or be capable to do something, decision, ruling, judgment, adjudication, thrown open, treasure, to store or keep, bringing facts to light, manage, control, open up the avenues, allow access, become obvious, aperture, space, conquer, initiate, begin, commence, to remove obstacle or blockage or obstruction or barrier of some sort in some sense, to have freedom from something in some sense, to create a gap or distance or difference in some sense between things, to distinguish, to separate, to contain, to put something in something, to confine or lock up something, to collect, to gather things together, to overcome, to overwhelm, to bring something under control in some way, to secure something in some way etc etc.

This surah is named AL-FAATIHAH because it introduces Allah and the purpose of his revelation to mankind and makes clear the context in which the message of the Quran is supposed to be understood. In other words this surah is the key to the proper understanding of the Quran. This surah explains very clearly that the Quran is a program for mankind to follow by organising themselves on basis of it as a constitution and regulating themselves by forming laws according to its provided guidelines. The Quran is for people basically to educate themselves to a level whereat they are able to self regulate themselves as a proper human community that is united, peaceful, progressive and prosperous. In other words it is a program that sets goals for mankind to accomplish according to its provided guidelines and that is how it provides terms and conditions for mankind for their unity so that they have peace between themselves so that they could then make progress towards prosperity as a proper human community. One will notice that this surah is not called AL-FAATIHAH because it uses word FAATIHAH in it because it does not use such a word in it nor does surah 112. A clear proof that surahs in the Quran are given labels or headings according to the subject matters we find in them and not that Allah has chosen a random word from a surah to name it just for sake of it. The Quran is a coherent book and not incoherent as mullahs have been telling us and by that trick they have been twisting meanings of its message according to their own mindsets, attitudes and behaviours in order to fulfil their own agendas through giving basis to imperialism, exploitative mechanisms such as money lending or business for personal profit at the expense of each other and mullaism in the very name of deen of Islam. We shall see as we progress in our study of the Quran how important are the names given to surahs and why.

This Surah is called UMMUL KITAAB=mother of the book. It is because it gives overall picture of what the Quran is all about. It is clearly telling mankind Allah is benevolent and sole sovereign of the universal kingdom therefore it is up to Him alone to set for mankind the criterion to live by so that mankind by following this program attain blissful, dignified and secure existence in this world like those before them, unlike those who suffered pain by hands of each other due to living confused lives because of their ignorance, illiteracy, lack of education and training or skills for thoughts and actions. The rest of the Quranic Surahs expand various points raised in this surah directly or indirectly. It will become clear that the Quran gives this way of life a name called Islam of Islam meaning a way of life that can lead mankind to unity, peace, progress and prosperity as a proper human community. DEEN means way of life or code of conduct or a program, constitution and law to live by. The other main point to remember is that this book is all about agreement between Allah and mankind as well as between mankind themselves, which is, people must live as explained by him and his set-up systems and laws will deliver the results that are promised in this book. Similar agreements existed between Allah and people in the past which are told about in the Quran repeatedly because of which the Quran tells mankind to fulfil their agreed obligations of the covenant. Those who have entered this agreement with Allah keep refreshing their commitment by reaffirming it on daily basis to keep reminding themselves about it, alone as well as along with others who are part of the commitment to the same program, constitution and law. This is what is meant by being God conscious or having awareness of will or plan or program of God. A person can only be true to his commitment if one is conscious of the goal one is committed to and all the rest that goes with it for accomplishing it, otherwise one is declaring his commitment to one thing and doing another. This is why results of thoughts and actions of people show what they are actually committed to. It is because motives of people become obvious when they act upon them and so their actions show what they were thinking or hiding from each other ie each other’s betterment or destruction. The Quran is a program for mankind to live by as a proper human community based upon the Quran as its constitution by regulating itself using guidelines for law in the Quran in a kingdom brought about by the ummah in the name of Allah.
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Re: Is the Quran a collection of random verses and surahs?

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Is the Quran a collection of random verses and surahs?

Yes, it is, because it is a compilation of sayings taken from the mouth of a spiritually deceived illiterate Bedouin pagan Arab who had delusions of grandeur, which had and still has catastrophic consequences for mankind.

The origins of the Quran do not lie within the same source of which it claims,i.e.the Bible, the origins lie within pre Islamic Arabian paganism, the rites and rituals of which are hard wired into present day Islamic worship. Consequently, the Quran just reflects 7th century Arabian culture and religious superstition, perpetuated still by Muslims.

You are wasting your life on the ramblings of a deluded Arabian, whose only interest was himself, anyone following these ramblings become as deluded as him.
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Re: Is the Quran a collection of random verses and surahs?

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Are there any linguists on the forum who can answer this for me, please? Why are apologists for Islam always going on about the roots of Arabic words? AFAIK, in other languages roots are regarded as explaining how words come about and develop and are not used to define explain or justify their meanings or use when no longer attached to the root.
Is it because of the defective Arabic script which leaves actual words indistinguishable from each other and their roots when written down? Or is it just another branch of apologetics, to make words mean what Muslims want them to mean?
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