Problem of muslim kids like monotheism living in West

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Re: Problem of muslim kids like monotheism living in West

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kaimana1 wrote:
I have started enough such threads where you could give your that point of view...and I don't run away and you know it. I just don't want to take this thread away from its main topic.

About the last line : I don't think so ... I'm an educated, rational person. But again, some people believe that top universities of this country are places of "liberal indoctrination" be it

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Re: Problem of muslim kids like monotheism living in West

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iffo wrote:
Ariel wrote:What can be done about it Iffo?
Only thing one can do is keep exposing the dark side of Islam to these guys no matter how much they dislike it. Eventually they will have to admit that yes this religion can not be from any god.
More and more anti Islam and Muhammad movies should come out educating these guys about the stories and events they do not know. They will twist and turn and cry but gradually will calm down and start to have doubts about Islam.

Most of these people have heard all their lives only positive things about islam and Muhammad.
These guys need to know they can only be proud of themselves by making progress and achieving something in their personal lives, that's their only choice. They need to be proud of going against the norm and have the courage to come out from the shackles of islam. They need to feel proud to be part of the group that is taking the human race to higher level and responsible for its progress not by joining the group which is dragging it to the middle ages. They plus all of us need to think all people as just one race, which is the human race with out any boundaries and divisions, based on color , race and language and stop being jealous of each other and be a good sport and say yes they deserves it because they played it better than us .

Nature been very unfair to us. We are all here alone left in darkness/mysteries and confusion at the mercy of different religions and their gods , together we need to find out where we came from and where we are heading.
I like what you say. I would like to make movies or some teaching to moslems. Of course using sense enough to not get killed.

I am starting out as you will see by the number of posts.

However: I am skint. How can I raise money to do something like this. Please.

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