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Some of the God-fearing whites are said to have abhorred the treatment meted out to the blacks by Ku Klux Klan members according to the history channel that I used to see a few years back.Those whites supposedly interpreted natural calamities in the U.S as God's punishment for ill-treatment of the blacks.However the same channel also said that president Kennedy said that civil liberties must be granted to all people so as to gain a moral superiority over the Communists who repeatedly whipped up the treatment meted out to the blacks in the U.S.In that channel I saw black people who agitated for civil liberties with the American flag in their hand.Shows that blacks were quite afraid of being labelled traitors etc and then persecuted.Rapid industrialisation of U.S and world war2 where racism was the bad guy also resulted in achieving equality for blacks and women.

I also saw in the history channel that Persian/Iranian women who were quite liberated with their modern Western dresses said that they felt having gained more self-respect after the Islamic revolution as the U.S soldiers were quite bossy in our own country during the Shah's reign.

A few days back I checked out my post during the date and time around which President Chavez of Venezuela called President Bush 'deblio'.Humanist asked me not to potray U.S in bad light.Actually Humanist was advocating finishing off Chavez while pilgrim said that Chavez is present right now but time will set right the things (very much similiar to Hindu concept of time seting right wrongs and healing many things).So might be Chavez said those words keeping Humanist's comments in view and not mine.To know of pilgrim's and humanists' posts look for the date on which I refuted Goku's Christian article degrading Hindus.I saw those posts on that day.
palli or halli in Dravidian languages means a village just like gaav in Aryan languages means a village.palli or halli in Aryan Mauryan Imperial era around 200 B.C designates a tribal hamlet.So many of those in South India are indeed descendants of tribals and are still keeping up that heritage.

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