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Post by manfred »

Anyone has any experience with facebook? I only use it very rarely to chat with friends in Indonesia and share anecdotes. It's a private group so it does not get a lot of trouble, because only about a dozen people ever see it.

But I read there are more and more interventions some by "pressure groups" and also advertisers. I hear that recently there has been a "crack down" on pretty much anything that may possibly upset people.

Maybe people like to share their views and and experiences regarding facebook?

On a more ridiculous note,

an OAP from England posted a clip about owls hatching... it was removed because of "nudity", TWICE! Apparently baby owls are expected to wear clothing when appearing on facebook ....
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Re: facebook

Post by Ariel »

I have facebook. And like you, I hardly use it. So, I do not have any unpleasant experience with it.

I found out though, it is better for me not to read the comments under a post if someone has changed his profile picture.

Comments like :
How beautiful you look.
You look great girl,
love you girl.
go.go. go girl. You look amazing
etcetera , etcetera.

I use messenger to keep in tough with family and friends to send them pictures and a short message.
I like messenger.
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