The intolerance of diversity

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The intolerance of diversity

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“a true believer as a person so fanatically committed to a cause that no amount of reality can make him abandon it” Eric Hoffer

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Re: The intolerance of diversity

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PAUL JOSEPH WATSON explains exactly how “Diversity is our strength”

Only in Western societies is diversity championed as a strength and evidence of it is everywhere: Diversity concrete bollards. Diversity knife violence. Diversity gang rapes. Diversity terrorist attacks. Diversity truck jihadis. Diversity suicide bombers, etc., etc.
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Re: The intolerance of diversity

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The previous time when Europeans decided to unify people at all costs,holocaust was the outcome.Don't know the outcome in the future.Advocates of diversity exist in many other multi-ethnic countries of many continents.Only thing is you do not get to hear them as they are poor insignificant ones.
palli or halli in Dravidian languages means a village just like gaav in Aryan languages means a village.palli or halli in Aryan Mauryan Imperial era around 200 B.C designates a tribal hamlet.So many of those in South India are indeed descendants of tribals and are still keeping up that heritage.

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