Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?

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Re: Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?

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Janus wrote:We have not submitted to Islam and we never will! Next year have we a general election and Labour will be out. I lived in England for five years after Blair was elected. I came to Sweden but I have seen the differences in the UK. People are rumbling like hungry bears. Labour will not get in again and the other parties have seen, and hopefully learned by, the mistakes these stupid Labour have made. The country right now needs a strong right wing government to begin sending them home. Just one slight mistake and they are gone. Be rid of the criminals then begin on the generations of muslims that are spoiling that beautiful country. The people of England will fight in the street soon if the government not change. This I know.
UK has become an islamic bitch otherwise
a) wilders, a european by birth would not have been deported
b) Guantanomo prisoner bin mohammad would not have been made the hero he is being made. He was given asylum and what does he do. he goes to pakistan. I fail to understand what business he had there when he just got asylum in UK. Now british government is going out of the way to accomodate him so much so that a special team went to check his health and a special plane will fly him from guantanamo to UK . if it is not capitulation, i don't know what it is then
c) Muslims could not claim benefits for multiple wives and yet you are telling me that UK will not submit to islam
d) Christian festivities would not have been cancelled/postponed so that muslim festival could be celebrated and you are telling me UK has not submitted to Islam
e) Sharia would not be legally enforceable and you still believe that UK will not submit to islam
f) churches are being replaced with mosques and you still do not think that UK has submitted to islam..

wake up Mr. from your dream and face the reality.
“The truth, of course, is that a billion falsehoods told a billion times by a billion people are still false.”

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Re: Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?

Post by Equestrian »

The misconception people have about multiculturalism is disturbing, especially here on this forum which in its most basic principle is established to combat cultural relativism.

Multiculturalism is a uni cultural phenomenon. It is a distinctly western concept and debated on the fulcrum of liberalism. Illiberal societies do not even acknowledge multiculturalism.

Culture is an ambiguous term so its necessary to properly define it before one can place it into context.

Culture embodies two concepts:

1) Artifact/preference: art, architecture, music, dance, foods, cloth, etc.
2) Norms: values, institutions, and law.

Originally there were two social philosophies within the "progressive" movement that challenged the traditional paradigm. The first was the Particularlist school of thought, which emphasized on ethnicity and race and focused primarily on the preservation of culture. The second was the pluralist school of thought which focused on an all-inclusive western history and emphasized on shared experiences. Both of these schools of thought were integral to the concept of multiculturalism.

It is obvious that both the Particularist and the Pluralist views were in direct conflict, yet both were intrinsic parts of multiculturalism. This contradiction was insignificant to the movement, because the importance lie in its underpinning or common agenda.
In essence the Pluarlist view was that Western culture belonged to all its citizens regardless of ethnicity, guided by western norms. Opposed to this, the Particularist view asserted that Western culture belongs to white peoples, all other races should embrace their own culture, guided by their own norms. Celebrate your race and ethnoculture, so says the Particularlist.

These two ideas eventually merged and formed into one prevailing idea: Western culture does not belong to white people and everyone should celebrate their race and ethnoculture, except where whites are concerned. This idea emphasized racial differences which in turn segregated ethnogroups into an "us vs. them" mentality. This is Multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism has become the orthodoxy of the West. It permeates western universities and infects young minds. It is the underlying reason why most people in the west reject the arguments made here at FFI.
"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" ~Carl Sagan

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Re: Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?

Post by misswhisp »

the God of abraham is the same God all 3 of us pray to, our 3 religions come from abraham.

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Re: Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?

Post by Sunchaser »

misswhisp wrote:the God of abraham is the same God all 3 of us pray to, our 3 religions come from abraham.
Which means almost nothing because Islam is very different in practice and beliefs from the Judeo-Christian norms of the West. They do not fit together well.

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Re: Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?

Post by Pragmatist »

misswhisp wrote:the God of abraham is the same God all 3 of us pray to, our 3 religions come from abraham.
NO THEY DON"T . Christianity and Judaism certainly do but Islam is just an INVENTION by the evil, perverted, misogynistic, anti semitic, 20% profit Mohammad created in his own image. Mohammads allah is an evil, illogical sadist and bears absolutely no relationship to the Jewish and Christian's merciful and forgiving God. He merely copied chunks of Chriatian and Jewish scripture (but got a lot of them wrong so of course this NPD suffering idiot claimed the originals were corrupt :prop: ) into his Krap Kran to try and legitimise it.

Just as an example the Mohammedan allah is supposed to create and PREDESTINE everyone however Old Mo also KNEW that some people would not fall for his lies so he had his sock puppet allah say HE seals the minds of those who don't believe in him so they can NEVER believe in him to protect himself. After all how could someone who heard the TRUTH of Islam not be convinced hey :*) :*) .Then this ILLOGICAL, EVIL , SADISTIC, SATANIC allah says he will punish unbelievers in eternal hellfire BECAUSE they don't believe in him.

So there you have it allah Creates, Predestines , Seals and Punishes HIS own creation. And as HE has PREDESTINED everything and SEALED their minds too the poor unbelievers have no chance and No FREEWILL at all. They are just created by this ILLOGICAL, SADISTIC, EVIL allah to fill up hell. In this evilness allah the sock puppet mirrors his creator Mohammad and is NOTHING like the Jewish and Christian God at all.
Does a God create you simply to punish you in Hellfire well PREDESTINATING evil, illogical, sadistic allah DOES.

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Re: Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?

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misswhisp wrote:the God of abraham is the same God all 3 of us pray to, our 3 religions come from abraham.
Then why is it that you have stopped at Christianity?..... If Islam's God is the same take the next "leap of faith" and submit to allah. For according to the koran, Islam is the perfection of the former two religions. Do you agree with this too?

"Muslims are the first victims of Islam, to liberate them from this religion is the best service that one can render them..."
Ernest Renan (1823-1892)

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