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Grievous Map Error! Shock! Horror!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:51 am
by Fernando
Louvre Paris rejects Qatar claims of apology over map

Spokeswoman squashed reports in Qatar that the Parisian institution was investigating the incident

The Louvre Museum has denied Qatari claims it intervened to remove a map in the Louvre Abu Dhabi Children’s Museum and dismissed suggestions it made an official apology to Doha over the incident.

The map in the Children's Museum was replaced last month after it emerged that it failed to show Qatar.

A spokeswoman for the French museum sought to quash reports in Qatar that the Parisian institution was investigating the incident. She said a meeting with the Qatari ambassador had been misrepresented.

“At the request of the Qatari Embassy in France, on Monday, 5th of February 2018, the Musée du Louvre received His Excellency Khalid Bin Rashid Al-Mansouri, Ambassador of Qatar, accompanied by Mr. Ali bin Samikh Al-Marri. The question of a map in the Louvre Abu Dhabi children's museum, on which Qatar did not appear was discussed,” she told The National.

The statement added that the incident was a simple technical incident.

“During this meeting, representatives of the Louvre reiterated the fact this was a simple technical incident, attributable to a subcontractor who worked in urgency, only a few days before the opening. It was an involuntary negligence and in no way intentional. The Louvre also reminded its Qatari interlocutors that this was the only map, among numerous others on display at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, on which Qatar did not appear,” she said.
Why the fuss? Whena all is said and done,
The map on display was a simplified schematic that was meant to represent the journey of an ancient vase, the museum said.