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News from France.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:49 pm
by Ariel
Jewish boss fined for 'no Arabs' job advert

The Jewish owner of a small French publisher was fined €5,000 on Thursday for advertising a job vacancy with a warning that candidates of north African origin need not apply.

The advert posted at a job centre in the eastern suburbs of Paris stipulated that Jean-Luc Benady would not employ north Africans and led to a prosecution for discrimination on the grounds of race and religion.

After being found guilty and fined at a court in the small town of Bobigny, an unrepentant Benady described the way he had framed the advert as a "precautionary measure."

As a Jew, he argued, he was justified in regarding every member of France's large north African population as a potential threat because each of them "could have a father or a brother who doesn't like Jews."

"If I go out into the streets in this area, I might not come back alive," said the father of four, adding that he adopted the precautionary principle when it came to north Africans in the way that some consumers avoid genetically modified food. ... job-advert

I like this Jew. He is honest, and he has all the right in the world not to employ a Muslim who for sure hates his guts.
I am sure a Muslim is also not going to employ a Jew, so it is ridiculous the court fined him.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:57 pm
by Ariel
French marines held over anti-terror probe

Two French marines were arrested by intelligence agents this week as part of a probe into an anti-Semitic bomb attack near Paris last autumn. One of the soldiers is the brother of a suspected jihadist in Syria.

The two marines, stationed at a French naval base in the southern city of Toulon, were arrested on Monday by the DCRI, France’s central intelligence directorate, army secret service, and the anti-terrorist division of France’s judicial police.

The men are accused stealing military-owned bullet-proof jackets and heavy-duty helmets.

They were arrested in connection with a probe into a terror cell implicated in an anti-Semitic bomb attack near Paris last September, it was revealed on Thursday.

A brother of one of the suspects is believed to be an Islamist extremist fighting with anti-Assad rebels in Syria.

According to sources cited by French radio Europe 1, investigators probing the terror cell had been keeping the jihadist militant under surveillance in Syria.

Upon learning that his brother was serving in the French military in Toulon, intelligence agents then placed the 23-year-old marine under watch over the last few months.

In the course of that surveillance, he was found to have purchased the stolen equipment from another marine.

Both men were arrested on Monday. The marine accused of purchasing the material has been kept in custody until Thursday.

The 23-year-old was due to leave the French military in July and begin a career in private security, Europe 1 reported.

The ongoing investigation centres around whether the stolen bullet-proof vest and helmets were intended to be used in a new job in private security, or for terrorist activity.

The September grenade attack on a kosher supermarket in Sarcelles sparked a major anti-terrorist investigation which led to the discovery of bomb-making equipment and the arrest of 12 suspected members of a jihadist cell near Paris in October.

The suspected leader of those detained, 33-year-old Jeremie Louis-Sidney, was shot dead in October last year after he opened fire on officers seeking to arrest him in a dawn raid at his home in the eastern city of Strasbourg.

A list of Jewish organisations in the Paris area was found at one of the addresses where the bomb-making components were discovered.

The Sarcelles grenade attack was one of the most high profile incidents of anti-Semitism, which soared by 82 percent in 2012 according to a worrying report.

Last year also saw the murder of four Jewish people in Toulouse, including three children by self proclaimed Al-Qaeda inspired gunman Mohamed Merah. ... tack-probe

Very dangerous to enlist Muslims in an European military force. Can we ever trust them?

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:39 am
by Ariel
France: Attacked By Two Muslims Because He Was Eating A Ham Sandwich

It sounds incredible but it is being treated with great seriousness by the police in Reims police station (Marne). A 23-year-old man filed a complaint on the 8th of June after having been attacked the previous evening at 9.30 pm in a city tramway by two strangers. They struck him several times on the face because he was eating a ham sandwich. The two attackers, who claimed to be Muslims, said they were offended by this consumption of pork in front of their eyes before attacking the young man. A witness, a friend of the young man who was present when the incident occurred, has been interviewed by the investigators and has confirmed the reality of the attack. The two attackers, who fled, have not yet been found. The CCTV tapes in the tramway are currently being examined. ... cause.html

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:14 pm
by Ariel
How stupid. How could they. :clueless: French leader Marine le Pen, is going to be prosecuted in France for remarks she made likening Islamic prayers to the Nazi occupation, after the European Parliament on Tuesday stripped her of her immunity as a lawmaker.


The European Parliament stripped National Front leader Marine Le Pen of her immunity as a lawmaker on Tuesday, leaving her open to face prosecution in France for inciting racial hatred over a speech she made denouncing the holding of Muslim prayers in the street.

Tuesday's decision was expected after a European Parliament judicial committee voted in favour of lifting Le Pen's immunity in a closed-door hearing last week. The committee agreed to a report proposing the lifting by 11 votes in favour, one against and four abstentions

Le Pen, who was first elected to the European Parliament in 2004, said ahead of the vote that it was an attempt to "intimidate" her because she was "a dissident" and she invoked her right to freedom of expression.

Le Pen now faces the very real prospect of being prosecuted for inciting racial hatred in France for remarks she made in a speech to National Front (FN) supporters in December 2010.

She said the lifting of her immunity "dishonours the European Parliament", adding: "I am a political adversary who is more dangerous than the others because of my results in the polls."

"I will now defend myself in court and I am absolutely convinced that it will rule in my favour and defend my right to tell the French the truth about the situation," she said.

She said that her views were shared by "a majority of French people" and that the lawmakers' vote "will bring to the fore the issue of daily violations against secularism in France".

In the speech she denounced the holding of Muslim prayers in the streets of France - where a dearth of mosques has forced many to pray outside - saying: "For those who like to talk about World War II, to talk about occupation, we could talk about, for once, the occupation of our territory."

"There are no armoured vehicles, no soldiers, but it is an occupation all the same and it weighs on people."

Prosecutors in Lyon, where the speech took place, opened an investigation into the remarks for "inciting racial hatred".

As with many national parliaments, members of the European Parliament enjoy immunity from criminal and civil liability for opinions expressed as part of their duties, unless the chamber votes to lift the immunity.

FN vice president Florian Philippot told AFP earlier this month that he would wait for the full parliament's vote, adding that it would be unheard of if Le Pen lost her immunity "for having spoken the truth about the (Muslim) prayers in the streets which still take place.... The French do not like when people hide the truth from them."

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:19 pm
by Ariel
'It was a mistake to strip Le Pen of her immunity'

After the leader of France’s National Front party Marine Le Pen was stripped of her immunity on Tuesday, French political analyst and expert on the far-right, Jean-Yves Camus tells The Local why it was a mistake. However, anti-racism campaigners disagree.

Many opponents of the French far-right National Front will almost certainly have welcomed Tuesday’s decision by the European Parliament to strip Marine Le Pen of her immunity from prosecution as an MEP.

Those who believe her provocative speech in Lyon, when she compared Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation, was indeed incitement to racial hatred, will be eager to see French authorities now launch legal proceedings against her.

However Jean Yves Camus, a political analyst from the French think tank IRIS (Institut de Relations International et Stratégiques) and regular commentator on the country's far right, believes the European Parliament and French authorities have made an error.

“I don't think this is a really smart move,” Camus says. “This will only give publicity to the National Front and they will use it to their advantage. In the past there have been several incidents with Marine Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie, who was also stripped of his immunity but it was all to no avail. He remained an MEP.”

Camus believes the only thing that the European Parliament has proved with Tuesday’s decision is its own inconsistency.

“On the one side, the parliament has stripped her of her immunity and on the other side far-right politicians in the same parliament from Greece or Hungary, who have more extreme views than Marine Le Pen, have been able to say almost anything they like about Islam.

“They have been able to voice their opinion without being stripped of immunity. I don’t see any good reason why the parliament should only concentrate on Le Pen. Politicians from Greece's LAOS party for example say more harmful and more provocative than Marine Le Pen.

“I am, of course, against her views but I think there's definitely something wrong with letting other MEPs say what they want and only focusing on France’s National Front because it's the most successful of the far-right parties in Europe.”

On the eve of Tuesday’s vote, Le Pen remained defiant and even reiterated the words she used in the original speech. She insisted her only crime was to express an opinion and the French public would certainly not be swayed by any prosecution.

“I will go to court with my head held high to explain to them that France needs people to tell the truth,” Le Pen said.

This defiance, Camus believes, is why the European Parliament has played into her hands.

“She will no doubt try to turn this to her advantage and make herself out to be the victim of some kind of plot between the mainstream parties, who have had her right to free speech taken away from her,” he said.

“If they really wanted to deal with Marine Le Pen it would have been much wiser for the mainstream political parties to just concentrate on themselves and on what they say. For example, the more the centre-right UMP party talks about Islam the more they give legitimacy to the National Front.”

Tuesday’s decision to strip Le Pen of her immunity comes at a significant time for the National Front, with just nine months to go before municipal elections where the far-right party is hoping to make significant ground on the mainstream centrist parties.

With a year to go before the next European elections, the National Front is neck and neck with the French Socialist party and the centre-right UMP with 21 percent of voting intentions, according to a survey by the Ifop polling agency.

“I think in the next elections the National Front could achieve a significant breakthrough. If they make agreements and deals with the conservative right in certain seats, then that will be a significant development, not only in France but for the whole of Europe.

“It’s too early to tell how the loss of immunity will affect the National Front at the elections but if she ends up being prosecuted for her remarks in the run up to the municipal elections, then I can really see her taking advantage of it.”

Not everyone agrees with Camus' view however. Lawyer Philippe Schmidt from the International League against Racism and anti-Semitism (LICRA) in France said the European Parliament had to set an example, no matter what the fallout.

"What Marine Le Pen said was disgraceful. When we take people to court as an organization we always ask ourselves: 'Is this person going to get publicity out of it and will they benefit?', but you cannot decide on these grounds," Schmidt said.

"If the person simply has to be prosecuted for what they've said, then that's the most important factor to consider, especially if it's the state that is prosecuting. The most important thing to consider is not whether she will be able to claim she is a victim but simply whether what she said was illegal.

"The European Parliament have sent the message that they will not tolerate this kind of speech. We have to be vigilant and make sure people who preach hate cannot just say what they want."

Ben McPartland

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:23 pm
by Ariel
Without being told I know for sure what kind of boys this troublemakers ( as the newspaper called them ) are. They are African immigrants. Perhaps it is not nice of me to say, but I am fed up with the political correct behavior of news papers. Tell us what really happened or otherwise, shut up.

In Holland we have the same problem. As soon as the nice weather start and beaches are packed with people who enjoy themselves, Moroccan boys spoils the fun by attaching young Dutch girls . Some have even tried to rape girls in swimming pools.

Youth mob tries to drown cop on French beach

Prosecutors in the French city of Marseille have opened an investigation into attempted murder after a group of around 20 young troublemakers reportedly tried to drown a police officer in the Mediterranean Sea earlier this week.

A police officer in Marseille had to be rescued by his partner this week after a mob of youths attacked him on the packed ‘Plage des Catalans’ beach. According to reports, the policeman was beaten before having his head forced under water in an apparent attempt to drown him.

The officer, who had been supervising the popular beach close to Marseille city centre, had confronted the troublemakers after they threatened to attack a young family.

The family's father had confronted them and asked them to stop throwing sand at his girlfriend and her six-week-old baby daughter.

“It’s sad to say, but if it weren’t for that policeman, if he hadn’t taken that beating, it probably would have been us who ended up being drowned,” the 20-year-old mother told regional daily La Provence on Tuesday.

But the 20-strong group then turned their wrath towards the officer, punching him and carrying him into the sea, before repeatedly holding his head under water, in front of a beach filled with families enjoying the first sunny weekday of the school holidays.

Luckily, a second police officer managed to spot the terrifying attack as it was taking place and used tear gas to disperse the gang of youths, causing sunbathers to flee in panic, as captured in the video below.

Most of the group of youths escaped the clutches of the police, but two minors – a boy and girl – were arrested in the aftermath of the incident, police sources told La Provence.

The officer was later taken to hospital.

Local prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation into attempted murder.

This isn’t the first time that the popular Plage des Catalans in Marseille has been the site of a violent assault.

In August 2010 a 17-year-old girl was raped while swimming there by two 14 and 16-year-old boys, according to La Provence.

This video, captured by La Provence, shows panic on the Plage des Catalans – interspersed with eyewitness accounts in French – after a police officer uses tear gas to rescue his partner from an attempted drowning. ... ench-beach

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 12:12 pm
by Ariel
Marseilles Doctor: "In this district, you're no longer in the Republic"

"I never imagined that in 2013 I would be kidnapped in an apartment surrounded by a dozen people demanding that I draw up a certificate of virginity for one of their daughters."

...It's ten years now since this indefatigable woman in her forties started her consultations in this district which has been called the poorest in Europe. A few months ago she took over the practice of a colleague. "It was a conjunction of circumstances," she explains. And adds, a smile on her lips: "At the same time, there wasn't exactly a queue. Fewer and fewer doctors want to set up here. While here..."

In this district where silence is golden, this mother of three children has chosen to break the silence. No names, no photos or details that could identify her: that is the price of her peace of mind.

...Several times, she explains that she notified the social services about the worst cases. But sometimes, faced with the reticence of some families, she admits she backpedalled. "I want to stay alive," she says, admitting that she feels fear every day during her consultations. "You know, in this district, you're no longer in the Republic."

...Since her arrival in Belle de Mai, Marie has learned to deal with violence, often verbal, sometimes physical. "At the start, they insistently demand prescriptions from you and then you're faced with a Kalashnikov," she continues. One unusually violent episode occurred after she refused to oblige by supplying prescriptions. "I've stopped home visits for safety reasons. The episode with the certificate of virginity convinced me," she says. She recalls having gone to the home of a family who contacted her under the pretext that a young girl was sick. "Once there, I realised that the people present expected me to supply a certificate of virginity for the future bride. No doubt a way for them to provide assurance of their honour," she specifies.

When she is not the victim, Marie is the witness of this violence. "I am confronted with situations of sordid intra-familial violence, concerning abused children and kidnapped women," she acknowledges. Thus she reveals the case of wives who have come directly from North Africa, not speaking any French, transformed into "slaves" by their husbands, who justify this treatment by their religion. "Most of them don't confide directly. Sometimes, they come to see me without their husbands knowing. I learn that their passports have been confiscated and that some came to France against their will," she specifies. Emphasising once again the precariousness of the district, she declares: "Poverty like this is the ideal terrain for an increase in radicalisation and extremism. I come across more and more veiled women, sometimes completely veiled."

...Faced with such an environment, Marie nonetheless doesn't see herself giving up. "I love my job deeply, and I feel much more useful here than in a middle-class area," she explains. But she admits she feels relief when her days end and sometimes fear when they start.


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PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:10 pm
by Ariel
Allahu Akhbar!: Burka Check Leads to Muslim Mob Attack on French Police Station.

The situation was tense on saterday evening in Trappes (Yvelines) where between 200 and 400 "hostile" persons had gathered in front of the police station with large stones littered all around. A dozen CRS [tn: riot police] vans were protecting the building while a helicopter was overflying the town where numerous other police officers were deployed.

The "violent" assembly, according to a police source who did not explain its origin, formed around 8.30 pm. Under cover of anonymity, the official of a Muslim association explained that the demonstration was the result of an arrest on Thursday of a man who was opposed to a police check on his wife who was wearing a burka.

This version has been confirmed by a police source. The husband, according to this source, struck a police officer several times. Because of this he was arrested and placed under a committal order.

And also problems in Toulouse, when Police approached a 'Secret Mosque'

After the skirmishes on Wednesday evening in the Arnaud-Bernard district, the locals denounce recurrent disturbances. The "mosque" which has been called "secret" defends itself.

The situation was very tense on Wednesday evening in the Arnaud-Bernard district of Toulouse. In the skirmishes, starting at 8.30 pm, police officers confronted a group of hostile persons.

According to the neighbours, the presence of the police officers close to the "secret mosque" at 5 rue de l’Hirondelle, set the powder alight. "A police officer approached the mosque and someone at the end of the street shouted 'You're not touching the mosque'. It all kicked off then, said a local. People arrived from everywhere. The first picked up a big stone. Another said to the police, 'Go on, beat me.'" Insults rang out.

On 11 January, the cultural association of the Muslims of Arnaud-Bernard set up in these premises, a former shop. Since then, locals have continually complained about disturbances. Police, noise complaint office ... there are constant reports of problems. It was in this context that the police were patrolling on foot on Wednesday evening in this street but also throughout the district. "No street was targeted in particular", the national police explained yesterday. "We were patrolling because noise complaints or wild parking had been reported to us."

For the neighbours, the situation is unbearable. "At 4 am then at noon, 2 pm, 6 pm and when the fast ends, we hear 35 to 40 people praying in unison. In addition to the noise, we're worried about the safety of this building."

On Wednesday, the situation degenerated and the police had to "make use of the force that was strictly necessary" including tear gas, an official explains, in order to drive back vindictive individuals. According to the police HQ, "two officers who were patrolling in the sector were attacked in the street by certain individuals. The precise connection with a place of worship in the vicinity remains to be established. Once the individuals had demonstrated their aggressiveness, arrests took place, which occasioned disruptions to public order". A judicial inquest is underway. ... -when.html

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:21 pm
by Ariel
Just like in the UK, Sweden, Norway and more European countries...And it's only a matter of time before people don't take it any longer, and what a blessing internet is...

France: Slouching Toward Totalitarianism

by Guy Millière

A "blacklist" of writers and analysts who are never to be invited on a television or radio talk show is circulated. The "fachosphère" cover of Le Nouvel Observateur looked like a poster of photos of wanted criminals. Those on the cover were not only all those who still dare to criticize Islam, of course, but also this who dare to support Israel, those who turn a critical eye on the Obama presidency and those who cast doubt on the viability of the euro.

As expected, the Paris Court of Appeals declared Philippe Karsenty guilty of defamation against journalist Charles Enderlin and public television station France 2. The evidence accumulated by experts and specialists, showing that the al Dura video report was a hoax and that the young Mohamed al Dura had not been killed by Israeli soldiers and, in fact, had not be killed at all, were totally ignored.

The Israeli government report explaining the same thing -- and adding that the al Dura video report was an anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic blood libel -- was also completely ignored.

If justice in France were independent from the government, another result could have been possible; but justice in France is strictly dependent on the government, and when an "official truth" has been set, judges do what they are asked to do.

If the press were free in France, such a decision would have been considered a huge scandal; but the press in France is not free, and not a single journalist would break from the "official truth". In 2008 a petition in support of Charles Enderlin and France 2 gathered hundreds of signatures; the few journalists who did not sign were criticized for "lack of professional solidarity". Some were threatened.

The al Dura case and the conviction of Philippe Karsenty are further evidence that France is not a free country and is dangerously slouching toward totalitarian behaviors.

Year after year, French justice becomes increasingly a means of imposing a monolithic vision of the world. More and more laws revise historical events, and historians who challenge the revisions take risks in doing so. Laws originally implemented to "fight against racism" are now used instead to prohibit the statement of obvious facts. Today, for example, in France, although slavery is considered a crime against humanity, the enormous slave trade in Africa and the Arab world is excluded from the definition; even speaking about it may lead to harsh accusations. This is what happened to Professor Olivier Pétré-Grenouillau in 2004 in response to his book, From Slave Trade to Empire. Columnist Eric Zemmour was accused of inciting racial hatred and, in 2011, sentenced to a heavy fine for having reported a fact: that the number of Muslim offenders was particularly high in French prisons.

Another columnist, Ivan Rioufol, is now being prosecuted for having criticized a poster released by a French Islamic movement, "Collective Against Islamophobia". The poster states, "We are the nation," and shows only veiled women and bearded men, which Rioufol denounced publicly by saying that the French nation is also composed of non-Muslims. He will stand trial soon for this "offense".

Another journalist, Robert Menard, former General Secretary of Reporters Without Borders was recently dismissed by all his employers for having said that, "in some cases, one could understand that people are in favor of the death penalty."

Even more recently, a television reporter, Clement Weil Raynal, was heavily penalized for having released a picture taken on the premises of the main trade union of French judges: the very leftist Syndicat de la Magistrature. The picture shows a huge bulletin board, labeled the "Wall of Scumbags," complete with hostile graffiti against the main political leaders of the French right. The list of all available examples would quickly become very long.

French mainstream media are now a means of imposing a vision of the world which is exactly the same as that imposed by French justice; and all those who work for dailies, magazines, radio and TV stations know what they risk if they open their mouths and seem to think differently. A "blacklist" of writers and analysts who are never to be invited on a television or radio talk show is circulated. Articles giving names are published. A few months ago, a weekly, Le Nouvel Observateur, released a map showing what the editors called the "fachosphère" (the fascist sphere). The map appeared on the cover, and looked like a poster showing photos of wanted criminals. Those on the map were all those who still dare to criticize Islam, of course, but also those who still support Israel, those who turn a critical eye on the Obama presidency, and those who cast doubt on the viability of the euro.

All this is clearly and loudly endorsed and encouraged by the present political leaders of the country, who happen to be socialists.

The judiciary in France is dependent upon the government, but the same could be said about the media. Three of the six main French television channels are public channels. Other channels belong essentially to companies that rely on government contracts (public works or defense industry corporations). Newspapers and magazines depend on advertising, and more than thirty percent of their advertising revenue comes from the government or from companies that rely on government contracts.

Aside from the al Dura case and the outrageous conviction of Philippe Karsenty, there is another loathsome case that is particularly significant of what is happening in France. The French Department of Culture owns and operates many of the country's museums and subsidizes many exhibitions. More than ever, the exhibitions it subsidizes belong to the domain of propaganda: "art" is now , more than ever, an excuse to spread a falsified view of history or to incite hatred. An exhibition currently held at the Musée du Jeu de Paume is a step in this direction: it is a photographic display of the worship of "martyrs" in Palestinian families (the word "martyr" is used in the explanatory notes placed under the photos). The "martyrs" in question are all terrorists who perpetrated suicide bombings and killed Israeli civilians. The exhibition's catalog describe them as bold "resistance fighters" who fought the "colonialist occupation" and who "sacrificed their lives" for "freedom." The "artist" is a "Palestinian" woman, Ahlam Shibli.

The exhibition could move to a gallery in Gaza, and Hamas would find nothing wrong with it. It is a clear glorification of terrorism and murder. In a grotesque example of Orwellian moral inversion, the exhibition depicts murderers as victims, and victims as criminals who deserved to die. The potentially negative effect on impressionable French Muslim visitors is easy to deduce.

The main French Jewish organizations have alerted the French Department of Culture; they have said that at least a warning should be placed at the entrance of the exhibition, explaining that the "martyrs" killed innocents.

The Department of Culture answered that Ahlam Shibli was a "recognized artist," and that her work could not be "censored". Jewish organizations then called for a peaceful protest on Sunday, July 7, in front of the museum; the protest was banned by the police. French Islamic and "pro-Palestinian" movements had said they might "act" if the protest occurred. They did not have to "act." Not only did the French media unanimously praise the "artistic" work of Ahlam Shibli, but complaints were filed against the Jewish organizations who called for a protest. Why ? The Jewish organizations were accused of "inciting hatred".

In today's France, the government subsidizes photo exhibitions that glorify terrorism and incite hatred, but if you voice the truth, not only might you charged, convicted, and fined for "inciting hatred" in a court of law, but if you are threatened by Islamic and "pro-Palestinian" movements, your right to assemble in a peaceful protest will be denied. ... itarianism

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:01 pm
by Ariel
Muslims feels abandoned says community leader, Othman Nasrou, but France stands by veil ban after riots.

“Police did their job perfectly,” French Interior Minister Manuel Valls told RTL radio. “The law banning the full-face veil is a law for women. It is not for a second a law against Islam. It must be enforced everywhere.” Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said the violence in Trappes was “unacceptable”.

France counts Europe’s largest Muslim population, estimated at around 5 million. Yet according to interior ministry figures only between 400 and 2,000 women wear the veil and only a handful have been ordered to pay a fine for wearing it. The riots marked the first time the ban had led to an outbreak of violence.

'Abandoned' French Muslims say they don't see themselves as French

A hot summer is the policeman's foe, say law officers patrolling troubled housing estates full of angry young men of immigrant origin.

And as temperatures in France reached record, sustained highs of more than 30°C even in the north and west, the constant tensions between authority and the country's large Muslim population boiled over into three nights of rioting.

In Trappes, a town in Paris's western suburbs where the violence erupted, the immediate issue was the manner in which police carried out an identity check on a young mother of French West Indian background wearing a niqab in defiance of a 2010 law that bans face-covering headgear in public. Scores of young people took to the streets as Ramadan fasting was broken by iftar; cars were set alight, police were bombarded with makeshift projectiles and several arrests were made.

According to one community leader, Othman Nasrou, president of the Trappes Citizens' Association, any number of other grievances might as easily have provided the spark.

"Here, people feel abandoned," he told the daily newspaper Le Figaro. "Promised urban renewal has been purely cosmetic and done nothing to remedy fundamental problems. Unemployment among the young exceeds 40 per cent in some areas and we see forces of law only when things go wrong."

Official accounts of the incident stand entirely at odds with those of the woman, her family and the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF). Police say they were violently attacked by her partner, who was arrested. The woman, cited by CCIF, insists she was ready to lift her veil to identify herself but was insulted by an officer who also pushed her mother sharply.

Whatever the truth, the events - and the choices people made when deciding which version to believe - once again highlight bitter divisions in French society.

In the same way that many people here feel threatened by what they regard as alien cultures, the offspring of Maghrebin and sub-Saharan African immigrants too often feel no attachment to France, even when it is their country of birth.

"I grew up in a Parisian suburb," says a young black athlete, now living in the south of France. "The biggest and most depressing problem is that these young people don't feel French and see no reason why they should."

The niqab issue offers a case in point. Fewer than 2,000 women are thought to wear face-covering clothes, yet police are under pressure to apply the law, leaving Muslims feeling they have been disproportionately targeted. In its first year of operation, the law led to 661 penalties being issued against 423 women, some for repeated offences.

France has also been shocked by reports that young people from an estate populated in part by Muslim immigrant families near the station at Brétigny-sur-Orge, 26 kilometres south of the centre of Paris, where a train derailed on July 12 killing six people, pelted rescue workers with objects and even stole from victims.

It hardly matters that socialist politicians and community spokesmen have urged caution in public comments on actions they say were committed by a handful of troublemakers at most. Some voters will remember more clearly the words of Christophe Crépin, a police union spokesman cited by Le Figaro: "There were some people losing arms or legs, and others who came to steal their watches or mobile phones."

Nor do many outside the left-wing parties and lobby groups pay great attention to the grievances of Muslims who feel discriminated against and excluded from a society into which they are implored to integrate.

Centre-right politicians are more concerned with the perceived failure of government to combat challenges to authority - and what they see as authority's tendency to downplay inconvenient truths about antisocial behaviour. ... -as-french

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:45 pm
by Ariel
"Mohammed the Prophet Was a Pig": Graffiti Found in Avignon


Several graffiti messages of a racist character were detected yesterday in the city of Avignon, particularly on the palace of the popes and a vandal, suspected of being responsible, was arrested in the night. "Mohammed the prophet was a pig" was written in red letters close to the entrance to the palace and at least seven other graffiti messages of the same nature were observed in various parts of the city, according to a press release issued by the city council of Avignon.

...According to the vice-prosecutor of the republic of Avignon, Thierry Villardo, the man arrested, who was born in 1982 and is of Italian nationality, is only passing through France. He was held in custody after his arrest.

"He explained that before the incident he was in a discussion with some Moroccans, that he had an argument with them and bought some spray cans. He's not someone who is necessarily racist and xenophobic in a chronic way," he specifies, adding that the man "was angry". ... found.html

How stupid. Is Mohammed a race nowadays? I understand this guy could and should be punished because he sprayed graffiti on walls, but that he is arrested because he insulted Mohammed is insane.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:16 am
by Ariel
An American lady experienced the multicultural blessing of Europe , and she was horrified. :clueless: Is normal here in Holland too. Moroccan boys who hiss...He...girl...want to **** ? And if that girl ignores the guy, he yells '...Whore... Dirty filthy whore.. I f.cked your mother...

My sister just came from Europe all sad and upset. She couldn't go anywhere without Muslim men harassing them and grabbing her daughter's behind and running away. They were wearing jeans and long t-shirts and still they would not leave them alone.It wasn't like they were showing themselves. It was awful. The police did nothing and just told them to file reports. It is so sad to see so many European men do nothing to protect their women. They talked to so many who do not dare to go out alone any more. And that was in Spain where the men are still manly enough to come to the defense of a woman!! A few kicked them out and made them go away but in some places there are so many of those immigrants that it seems like the European governments are literally unable to control it. There are beautiful neighborhoods that now look like the ones in the movie "Taken 2." All dirty and crowded with like 3 families living in a single home and throwing their bathroom refuse right on the street. if you want to visit Europe, go right now because in less than 15 years Notre Dame will probably be a mosque and muslims would certainly destroy the beautiful work of art they Europeans have accumulated for centuries. Go now as it getting too late for some areas in Europa.

12 August 2013 16:18
Cheradenine Zakalwe said...
Where did this happen?

12 August 2013 16:24
Anonymous said...
In Spain and then In Paris, France. There were groups of men who hung around the touristic areas watching the women pass by. My relatives were harassed first in Madrid, then in the train going to Barcelona, next in Paris near the Eiffel tower while in the line waiting to go up, again around some small Museum in downtown Paris. Later again in a street in Paris right in the middle of a crowd by the Champ Elysees. The French men just looked at them while the Muslim kids grabbed my niece by the hair and stuck their hands between her legs and some French men even laughed at the incident. It was so disgusting. Two Muslim men also followed them from their Hotel to a local restaurant and tried to steal their camera. When they couldn't because it was attached to my niece's belt, one of them tried to slap her but she moved away quickly and they let go. The man then threw his body against her pinning my niece against a wall and groped her all over before taking off running after my sister and my niece began to scream. Those gangs are everywhere like the plague. The French police came and just made stupid apologies and nothing happened. A kind French lady told them not to go to Belgium where is even worse. By the time the vacation was over, they were so glad they were back here in America. The attacks were in public and crowded places, in daylight, at lunch time, and touristic areas full of people. Nobody would do anything. The French men just looked away or pretended to be busy and only the women yelled at the men to stop. I guess their lives must be a daily nightmare so they were the few who showed some concern. Most of those groups are young guys with some looking like they are not older than fifteen, they go in groups of four or more and coward any French guy who tries to help. They gang on them. Only one guy was brave enough to use his phone to call police. Most of the French were rather passive after witnessing those gangs of Mulslims guys assaulting the tourist women and some their women too. Other female tourists in the group also got assaulted. The Muslim guys would come straight at them pretending to be passing by in the opposite direction, but then the group of six or more guys would crash into the group of women grope anyone and then run away with some of them also stealing purses or whatever they can get their hands on. The tourist guide kept telling us to stay with the group to avoid more assaults but those groups of Muslim guys just surround the groups constantly. There was no escape. Some of the guys in the tourist group stayed in the outside to protect the women but as I said, there were just too many of those groups of young Muslim men everywhere. The French police just simply would not chase them or do anything. They wrote something in papers and in two of those occasions stayed for a while with them but eventually left and the groups came back to continue groping the women. It was so appalling also to see the French people's complete lack of concern about the incidents. I think they are already getting so used to the constant abuse that they do not care anymore. It must be common to them now.

12 August 2013 16:52
Anonymous said...
Oops! I forgot the most important part! Many of those men verbally insulted my relatives also by telling them that they were touching them because they were "non-muslim Pu..n" and therefore not worth of respect. That term, "Put..." is a harsh term to call a woman in France and Spain. ... oping.html

Re: Islam in France.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:35 pm
by Ariel
"One Less Arab": Police remarked after accident provokes two nights of rioting in France. Two nights of rioting and burning followed.

A sensitive district of Avion (Pas-de-Calais), close to Lens, experienced tensions between "jeunes" and police, after a "jeune" was gravely injured in a scooter accident.

The tensions began on Tuesday at the end of the afternoon when police attended the scene of an accident in which a "jeune", who lived in the district, was gravely injured after having struck a parked vehicle while he was driving at high speed, indicated Georges Bos, deputy director of the police commissioner's office in Pas-de-Calais.

The police were attacked by "jeunes" present on the scene, in the République district, and the situation "started to degenerate", the same source added. ... after.html

Re: Islam in France.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:27 pm
by Ariel
Shopkeeper, Harassed by 'Jeunes', Decides to Close Her Shop "Before It's too Late"

Grocery in Foucarmont, Marie-Paule has decided to close her shop after 50 years. She blames the behaviour of certain "jeunes".

Her grocer was one of the oldest shops in the small village of Foucarmont, in Seine-Maritime. But after 50 years of good and loyal service, Marie-Paule has just decided to close her shop, tired of the attempted burglaries, the nocturnal intrusions and, above all, the attack last week on a local person who wanted to help her.

Today, the shopkeeper says that certain "jeunes" are responsible for her decision to finally close the curtain. "There are some who are fine, some "jeunes". But there are some who come at midnight, 2 in the morning. Once or twice, when you don't respond, they break the window in the kitchen," says Marie-Paule, speaking on RTL. One attack too many.

A planned retirement "before it's too late"

"That's enough. It bothers me a bit for my regular customers, because all the same I have some good customers during the day, but well, everything has an end. Now, I'm going to retire."

Regarding this anticipated and forced closure, Marie-Paule admits off the microphone that she prefers to stop "before it's too late". ... eunes.html

Re: Islam in France.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:35 pm
by Ariel
This time last month a mob of Muslim protesters attacked a French police station in Trappes and injured several officers. The ostensible issue was the detaining of a Muslim woman for violating the ban on face veils.

Now, a month later, Muslim women are recasting what happened as yet another example of prejudice, discrimination, and “hate” directed at poor Muslim victims by French infidels.

Re: Islam in France.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:42 pm
by Ariel
Good idea, but it is too late to anything about it.

Islam destroys democracy in France'

France's Interior Minister Manuel Valls said that there was a need to review the country's migration policy in relation to Africans and questioned the compatibility of Islam and democracy. France has long been assimilating immigrants, but in recent years the situation has changed, and the locals are now the ones that are asked to adjust.

At a government meeting dedicated to the major challenges faced by France in 2025, Valls said that the "demographic pressure" from Africa forces France to revise its immigration policies. The Minister proposed to revise the law on family reunification that allows legal migrants in France to legally bring their spouses and minor children after 18 months in the country. Valls also added that over the years it would be good to prove that "Islam is compatible with democracy," Le Parisien quoted the Minister. Valls' several colleagues on condition of anonymity told the newspaper that the minister introduced "a real political problem."The Minister's dissatisfaction is understandable, as France is constantly shaken by Muslim protests caused by the introduction of stringent restrictions on wearing burqas. The last large-scale event was held in July in Trapp commune, a suburb of Paris. Muslims burned dozens of cars and attacked a police station. The reason for the protest was a detention by a police officer of a Muslim woman who, contrary to the existing legislative ban, appeared in a public place wearing burqa. The woman's husband, who tried to beat up a police officer, was arrested by the police.

Minister Valls is very popular in France and is a fierce supporter of the fight against the Islamization of the country. Early this year, speaking in Brussels at an international conference on extremism, he said that measures had to be taken to prevent the spread of "global jihad." Valls, in particular, noted that he considered it necessary to deal with Muslims who identify themselves as Salafis. He said that they were trying to infiltrate various organizations, schools, communities, and brainwashing entire families. Valls warned that France would be deporting all imams and all foreign preachers who criticize the French values ??and conduct propaganda against the French.

Many politicians supported the Minister after the meeting. The ex-Prime Minister and head of the opposition party "Union for a Popular Movement" (UMP) Jean-Francois Cope said that he had been talking about this for years, and was very offended that the officials refused to see the truth. He added that the government was there not only for admitting that the problem existed but for ensuring that it gets solved. Such solidarity is not surprising, as Sarkozy's right-wing government has also proposed tough measures to limit immigration, such as DNA tests for candidates for entry into France and an exam in French on "knowing the values ??of the French Republic."

Minister of Labor Michel Sapin told France Info that immigration should be controlled, and that its limits have obviously been long exhausted. He added that in 2012, according to official statistics, 191,452 residence permits were issued in France, of which 86,572 was family immigration. Vice president of the National Front Louis Alliot said that Valls was free to talk about it because he knew that he was popular, but his determination was only in words, and there were no results from banging his fist on the table.

Read More.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:09 pm
by Ibn Rushd
Too little too late. Before the whole Islam craze got out of control, I hated France for being socialists and following their Soviet masters' leads, but now I see that it is truly worse than that. I had planned to go to Vimy Ridge in 2017 for the centennial celebrations, but would it be safe there, even in the far North?

Re: Islam in France.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:17 pm
by Ariel
Ibn Rushd wrote:Too little too late. Before the whole Islam craze got out of control, I hated France for being socialists and following their Soviet masters' leads, but now I see that it is truly worse than that.

There is a glimpse of hope Ibn Rushd.

"To Hell with You, We're Voting for Marine!": French Voters Lose Their Fear of Voting 'Far-Right'

When they don't have the door slammed in their face, this is what they hear often, more and more often, candidates of the left as well as the right, with the campaigning season back on for the next municipal elections: "To hell with you, we're voting for Marine," they're told, defiantly and in a rage.

New very specific confirmations of the continuous surge in the Marino-Frontist vote, confirmed by pollsters and experts: "In the next local elections, the far right is going to cause some grief, sometimes to the right, but also to the left..." The shameful vote, such as it is, the hidden vote for the xenophobic far right, is over. People put posters up saying "Marine Le Pen". Sometimes they shout out their preference jubilantly, occasionally accompanying their proclamation with a "bras d’honneur" [tn: obscene gesture meaning "Up Yours"] to underline even more crudely the provocation and how fed up they are. Fed up with "insecurity [crime], immigrants, taxes, corrupt and impotent politicians, unemployment." Exasperation against the Islamists "at least the FN denounces them". No need to go on. Many voters have gone completely "bleu marine…"

Thus, those have engaged in the campaign, such as the PS [Socialists] polling specialist and candidate in Melun, François Kalfon, are seeing their fears confirmed: "Moral combat with the FN is useless. I see it everywhere." "'For me, it's Marine,' they tell me, sometimes calmly, sometimes with bravado," he says, "but always with a conviction like never before." Doors that used to remain closed open up to spit out this truth "the vote for Le Pen is now uninhibited." ... arine.html

Re: Islam in France.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 3:10 pm
by Ariel
Somewhere in South Africa? No. This video was taken in Paris ( Gare du Nord ) Why the uproar? I don't know. What I do know is that the police was afraid and backed of.

Re: Islam in France.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:01 pm
by Ariel
Guy Sauvage, a journalist working for the anti-Islam website, approached a giant slaughter camp that had been set up in Belfort for Muslims during their butchery festival. After trying to engage in civilized discussion with some of the Muslims there, tempers flared and the mask came off. One of the Muslim security officials round the camp said this to him:

You invaded us, you colonized us and now it's we who are colonizing you, we are invading you, we are taking your cash and we will have everything you've got.

Via Islam versus Europe