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Re: News from France.

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:39 am
by Ariel
Yesterday. France . For the third time. Media don't write about it anymore. Not important enough.

Xplosive device found in bag at Paris’ Gare du Nord. Station completely evacuated.


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Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 2:58 pm
by antineoETC

Re: News from France.

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 8:20 pm
by Ariel
France: Muslim migrants arrested for making Islamic State salutes at Strasbourg Christmas market

A year after the terror attack at the Christmas market in Strasbourg, police have arrested two Chechens at the market for making signs of allegiance to the Islamic State.

The men allegedly took selfies at the market with their index fingers pointed to the sky, a gesture often used by Islamic State members to represent Allah as the one true god. The acts were witnessed by police who then arrested the suspects, broadcaster RTL reports.

Police confirmed they charged the pair with apologising for terrorism, saying that one of the men lived in Strasbourg while the other lived outside of the Alsace region.

“We are doing checks but they are not clearly known in the Alsatian place for links with the Islamist movement,” police said.

The Christmas market has seen a boost in police presence this year following the deadly attack in 2018 by the radical Islamic terrorist Chérif Chekatt, who went on a rampage armed with a pistol and a knife killing five people and wounding 11 others.

Malek Chekatt, the brother of Chérif, was also later arrested after he threatened to commit his own terror attack, posting a picture of several firearms on social media and stating his target would be the broadcaster BFM.

Christmas markets across Europe have been seen as targets for radical Islamic terrorists for several years following the Berlin Christmas market attack by Tunisian fake asylum seeker Anis Amri in 2016, which saw a dozen people killed.

In 2018, the British government went as far as issuing travel warnings to Britons thinking of visiting Christmas markets in Germany, France, and other European countries, stating: “There is a general threat from terrorism.”

“There may be increased security in place over the Christmas and New Year period, including at Christmas markets and other major events that might attract large crowds. You should remain vigilant and follow the advice of local authorities,” the statement added.

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Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 11:19 am
by Ariel
People who arrive in France and file an asylum application are entitled to ADA payments. The amounts vary. A single person gets 6.80 euros per day (about 190 euros per month). For a couple with two children, it's 17 euros per day (about 476 euros per month). A family of six people gets 23.80 euros per day (about 660 euros per month). The ADA is the only financial allowance that asylum seekers can receive.
France: Entitled asylum seekers complain state-issued debit cards don’t allow cash withdrawals

Welfare-dependent migrants living in France have complained that the new bank cards given to them by the French government do not permit them to take out cash.

The ADA card, as it’s called, was put into service on the 5th of November and gives migrant beneficiaries 190 euros a month per single person and up to 660 euros for a family of six, Infomigrants reports.

Because the card doesn’t permit those using it to pull out cash, many of the migrants have complained that they’ve faced increased the difficulties in their lives because most shops have minimum debit purchases.

Dalaise, a 25-year-old Malian migrant living in Naintré has complained that it was cheaper and easier to buy food at local markets with cash. “With this card, we have to go to supermarkets where money goes fast,” Dalaise said.

“I cannot buy a baguette for one euro because the minimum card payment is often five euros,” Bilal, a 25-year-old Afghan asylum seeker living in Rennes, complained.

After facing criticism, the French government announced that a “cashback” device would soon be made available at supermarkets.

The Hungarian government has repeatedly spoken out against providing free cash to migrants via these bank cards, arguing that the cards empower human traffickers and makes Europeans less secure.

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Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2019 8:19 pm
by Ariel
Blame the djinn.
Police kill man threatening to stab officers in Paris business district

A man threatening to attack police officers with a knife was killed by police on Friday morning in Paris's bustling La Défense business district.

Around 10.15am Friday a security guard informed the police of a man armed with a knife on the main square in front of La Défense, police sources said.

A patrol approached the suspect. He began running in their direction and shouted "I'll kill you!". The officers opened fire, firing at least five shots.

Two shots hit the suspect in the chest and a leg. He collapsed to the ground and could not be revived.

The man has been identified as a 42-year old Moroccan national. He was homeless and had escaped from a psychiatric hospital on 18 June.

Before threatening the police witnesses told Le Parisien newspaper "he was talking to himself and banging his head against a window".

French authorities have warned people to avoid the area.

France has witnessed several assaults on its security forces in recent years, when it has been on high alert over a wave of jihadist attacks that have killed 255 people since 2015.

In October, administrative agent Mickael Harpon stabbed and killed four colleagues at the Paris police headquarters before he was shot dead.

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Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 8:09 pm
by Ariel
France overtakes Germany in asylum requests for the first time since 2015


France, for the very first time since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, has overtaken Germany in the number of asylum requests they’ve received.

At the peak of the migrant crisis in 2015, the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless people (Ofpra) recorded 80,075 requests for asylum, while Germany received close to 890,000 requests Le Monde reports.

In 2018, however, that gap between the two countries lessened considerably with 184,000 people applying for asylum in Germany compared to 123,000 in France. This year, France’s Ministry of the Interior reported 120,900 requests as of November 17th, compared to 119,900 in Germany, marking the first time since 2015 where France received more asylum requests than Germany.

“We note that since October 20th, France has become the first country of asylum seekers in Europe, even though admissions to Europe continue to decline. This is therefore a statistical anomaly, on which we must work,” said France’s Interior Minister, Christophe Castaner.

The radical shift can be explained by the fact the France welcomes asylum requests from migrants who’ve had their asylum requests rejected elsewhere. “This is why we are committed at European level to reform asylum and Schengen,” a source inside the Ministry of Interior said

The number of asylum seekers in France is expected to increase by roughly 10 to 15 percent according to another source inside the Ministry of Interior. To reverse the trend and to limit the demand for asylum, officials have proposed that the processing of asylum applications is sped up considerably. The introduction of a three month waiting period before asylum seekers can access basic social security has also been proposed.

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Posted: Tue Dec 24, 2019 4:50 pm
by Ariel
France: Nativity play in Toulouse attacked by far-left, anti-Christian mob


A Nativity play in the French city of Toulouse had to be cut short after a mob of fifty anti-Christian, far-left militants insulted and attacked the event’s participants and spat on a priest.

The anti-Christian attack occurred on Saturday, December 14th at the Place Saint-Georges living nativity scene. The performance had been organized to celebrate the traditional spirit of Christmas and to emphasize the non-consumeristic aspects of the holy day, Infos Toulouse reports.

The celebration was quickly interrupted by a mob of 50 so-called “anti-fascists” who hurled vicious insults at the event’s crowd, participants, and priests while they shouted anti-Christian slogans. Members of the far-left group argued “that the event was illegal” because France is a secular state.

As a result of the attack, organizers were forced to shut the event down and to evacuate the frightened children.

One demonstrator allegedly forced his way into the square before he filmed himself attacking and spitting on a priest. After the rabid attacker was forced to leave the scene, he later came back and physically attacked a journalist, throwing his camera on the ground and breaking it. Eventually, event security forcibly removed the man.

Archbishop of Toulouse Monseigneur Le Gall, condemned the anti-Christian attack in a press release, writing: “This joyful manifestation during which Christmas carols are sung, Nativity scenes played by children and adults, helped by multiple animals, has no other purpose than to give depth to this celebration. As Arch Archbishop of Toulouse, I regret that the simple reminder of the birth of Jesus and the values ​​that it conveys (welcoming from abroad, announcement of Peace and sign of tenderness that we all need) is no longer respected in our country and even provokes acts of verbal and physical violence from those who set themselves up as defenders of freedom. I invite everyone to peacefully defend freedom of expression and to respect the history and traditions of our country.”

Sadly, anti-Christian attacks in France have become commonplace. Earlier this year in March, Voice of Europe reported on a string of attacks in France which saw historic Catholic churches desecrated, vandalized, and set ablaze. Anti-Christian militants have torn down crosses, smashed statues, knocked down tabernacles, and have destroyed the Eucharist, among other horrific acts.

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Posted: Tue Dec 24, 2019 4:53 pm
by Ariel
France capitulates to illegal migrants demanding residence permits after protests


Residence permits have been granted to a group of illegal migrants who’ve camped out in front of a Chronopost sorting center in Alfortville (Val-de-Marne) for the last six months in protest.

So far, the French prefecture of the department has issued residence permits to five of the protesters while thirty more are currently said to be under review to receive theirs, Ouest-France reports.

About six months ago, the thirty or so “undocumented workers” who are employed at the site by a subcontractor of the company, began demanding residence permits. The group put up tents outside the fences which protect the Chronopost.

The illegal migrants had originally been recruited by an interim agency by presenting false identification papers.

“We will remain there until the situation of all those who worked for Chronopost is resolved,” said Christian Schweyer, the host of the group of undocumented workers that organized the protests at the site.

The five migrants who’ve been granted residence permits will now be able to claim French benefits and can send money abroad. This year, migrants sent 494 billion euros in foreign remittances.

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Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:30 pm
by Ariel
De killer Nathan C was a convert to Islam . It seems that Islam attracts people with a psychiatric condition .
One person killed, two injured in stabbing attack in Paris suburb

One person was killed and two were injured in a stabbing attack in a Paris suburb Friday, a French government official confirmed.

Police killed the attacker, who stabbed people in a park in the suburb of Villejuif, south of Paris, French news channel BFM TV quoted Laurent Nunez, the secretary of state to the interior minister, as saying.

Nunez said the police had interrupted "a killing spree."

Laure Beccuau, prosecutor of the Creteil commune southeast of Paris, told French news agency AFP that the man had tried to stab others, but they "managed to evade him."

The attacker fled the park to a supermarket in neighboring suburb of Hay-les-Roses, where he "apparently intended to continue his attacks," Hay-les-Roses Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun told BFM TV.

"Fortunately, the police were quickly alerted and made their way quickly to the scene where they neutralized him by killing him," Jeanbrun said.
It apparently took over a day for the French authorities to attribute a terrorist motive to the stabbing, as the case was referred to the country’s anti-terrorism prosecutor late on Saturday. The rampage was initially investigated by local prosecutors, who said that they uncovered “elements linked to religion” among the suspect’s personal belongings, which “suggested he had converted to Islam” recently.

The suspect’s possessions included a copy of the Koran, which was recovered close to his body. French media described the attacker as a European (presumably white) bearded man, who was barefoot at the time of the incident and wore a black djellaba. Local prosecutors, however, said that the man actually had a history of mental health problems, and that “no evidence” of radicalization had been uncovered as of Friday night.

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Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:06 am
by Ariel
Busy times for the French police. They have to take care of all those islamic psychiatric patient. The second in two days.
French police shoot man wielding knife & yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’

A man armed with a knife and yelling “Allahu Akbar” rushed at police officers in the northeastern city of Metz only two days after a stabbing attack near Paris which left one person dead and several injured.

The suspect was shot in the thigh multiple times and was on a list of individuals being monitored for links to militant and extremist groups, according to the prosecutor’s office. An investigation is currently underway to discover the man’s specific motivations. His name has not been released.

It is now. His name is Jamal E. ( 28)


Metz public prosecutor Christian Mercuri added that the suspect is known to have a “personality disorder.” The prosecutor’s office is currently in contact with the French anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office about the attack.

“I praise the quick thinking of the @PoliceNat57 (Moselle police force), which intervened to apprehend the individual. A probe is underway to determine the precise motivation and circumstances behind the act,” French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner wrote on Twitter.

This incident occurred only two days after a man went on a rampage with a knife just outside of Paris in the suburb of Villejuif. That attack left one person dead and two injured, the assailant was shot and killed by responding officers. Anti-terrorism prosecutor's office took over the investigation later. The man was reported to have converted to Islam and to suffer from "psychiatric problems."

Four police officers were also left dead in a knife attack at police headquarters in Paris in October. Two other officers were injured. That perpetrator was shot dead. Reports suggest that assailant was also radicalized and planned his attack.

Re: News from France.

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:53 am
by pr126
French Dictionary:

Mental illness = Islam
Radicalized = Devout Muslim.

Everybody knows it, but not allowed to say it.
The converted are more dangerous.
They have to prove their are authenticity.

But, the mental illness label might be appropiate.
Who in their right mind would convert to a death cult and go on a killing spree?

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Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 5:09 pm
by Ariel
In France, murder of Jews kept from public
Although the French say they care about the Jewish community, the recent verdict, claiming a Muslim immigrant who threw his elderly Jewish neighbor out of the window is not guilty due to overconsumption of marijuana, is a horrifying example to the contrary

On the 4th of April 2017, a 27-year-old Muslim immigrant from Mali broke into an apartment of his 65-year-old Jewish neighbor, Sarah Halimi, in the neighborhood of Belleville in Paris. Kobili Traore viciously assaulted the woman and threw her out of the building's 3rd floor window.
The murderer Kobili Traore
According to reports from Halimi's neighbors, Traore spent thirty minutes beating up the woman while screaming "Allahu Akbar", and "I killed the Shaitan (Satan)."

Last Thursday, The Court of Appeal of Paris ruled that Traore will not stand trial since apparently the 27-year-old was experiencing "a psychotic episode" when he committed the attack, due to the overconsumption of marijuana.

Traore, who two years before the attack harassed Halimi's daughter by calling her a "filthy Jew", didn't suffer from any mental issues prior to the murder, nor did he suffer any after the incident.

It was also noted that Traore liked to spend his days praying at France's Omar Mosque, a place deeply associated with the radical Salafi movement.

All of these arguments didn't seem to matter to the judges presiding over Traore's appeal. The court decided to send the heinous murderer to a psychiatric institution, despite three conflicting psychiatric diagnoses, from which he will probably be released in the near future as the French law prohibits the hospitalization of mentally healthy people in such places.

Halimi's murder and the ensuing verdict, marks the first time that not only media but senior officials and public figures decided to unite in order to publicly express their dissatisfaction with France's judicial system. A country that boasts quite a few laws meant to battle racism and anti-Semitism.

There's a consensus that the French authorities do all in their power to combat anti-Semitism, but there seems to be a disparity between the consensus and what is actually happening in the streets of France.

From day one, Halimi's horrible murder was pretty much silenced. It happened with just a month before the country was due to vote in a general election. A time when no one really wants to open the newspaper and read about another act of violence committed by a radical Muslim terrorist.

France's Jewish community was well aware of the murder. When I asked some of them who they intend to vote for, Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen (who many thought will use the murder for her own political gain), most told me they'll abstain from voting altogether. "Sarah Halimi's murder has been kept from the public," they said angrily.

The elections have come and gone and the horrible deed was investigated as nothing more than a regular crime.
It was thanks to the efforts of Francis Kalifat, the president of the umbrella organization for Jewish groups in France, the horrific murder was brought up to the attention of the public. President Macron even mentioned it as an example of an anti-Semitic hate crime.

All of the above failed to impress the judges at the Court of Appeals, who insisted their verdict is final (unless the lawyers representing Halimi's family will find a legal loophole to bring the case back before court).
According to the French law, almost any crime committed under the influence of drugs is judged with utmost severity, except when you throw an elderly Jewish woman out of the window in a "psychotic rage," then, apparently it's ok.

This verdict enables any murderer and terrorist to shield himself with a safety blanket labeled "momentary insanity" and go on a killing spree.

Tamar Shabak
Several thousand people, many of them Jews, rallied in several cities in France to protest a court’s ruling not to try a Muslim man who confessed to killing his Jewish neighbor while shouting about Allah.

Reaffirming an earlier ruling, the Paris Appeals Court last month asserted that Traore killed Halimi because she was Jewish but cited psychiatric evaluations saying his consumption of marijuana before the incident gave him a “delirious episode” that made him not legally responsible for his actions.

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Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:01 pm
by Ariel
French Department Reveals 80 Percent of Minor Migrants Are Really Adults

The French department of Côte-d’Or has revealed that of the over 500 migrants claiming to be minors who arrived at the department in 2019, just 20 per cent of them were actually underage.

The department, which contains the city of Dijon, stated that it received 523 foreigners who claimed to be minors in 2019 and that examinations revealed that only around a hundred were the age they claimed to be, Le Bien Public reports.

President of the departmental council of Côte-d’Or François Sauvadet, along with secretary-general of the prefecture of Côte-d’Or Christophe Marot and Dijon public prosecutor Eric Mathais, signed a new agreement that will see all future migrants who claim to be underage subjected to tests that will have their fingerprints and photographs collected.

“The objective is to identify young people who are involved in child protection under good conditions, and to prevent a person from trying their luck in several departments,” President Sauvadet said.

France had had problems with migrants attempting to falsely claim to be underage to receive preferential treatment for years with police even busting a network of migrants, primarily from the Ivory Coast, who helped create fake documents to fool French authorities in 2018 and cost taxpayers a million euros.

Last year, a migrant attempted to claim to police in the commune of Angoulême in south-west France that he was 16 years old until officers conducted a background check that showed the man, who claimed to be from Mali, was actually 47 after his fingerprints were connected to a passport he had used to enter Spain.

Figures released by the Assembly of French Departments (ADF) in September revealed the cost of unaccompanied minor migrants to the French taxpayer, stating that the French pay two billion euros a year for the estimated 41,000 minors currently living in France, with each migrant costing the state 50,000 euros.

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Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:26 pm
by Ariel
France, The "Budding Islamic Republic"

* In a country that used to stand for freedom of expression, self-censorship is soaring.

* "For the past five years, I've been going to the police station every month or so to file a complaint about death threats, not insults, death threats". — Marika Bret, a journalist at Charlie Hebdo today, January 8, 2020.

* "Nobody dares to publish caricatures of Mohammed anymore. Self-censorship prevails.... Hate is directed against those who resist obscuring information rather than against those who obscure it. Not to mention the psychiatrization of terrorism in order better to exonerate Islam. If we had been told in the early 2000s that in 2020, around 20 French cartoonists and intellectuals would be under police protection, no one would have believed it." — Pascal Bruckner, author.

* A Jewish woman, Sarah Halimi, was tortured and murdered in her Paris apartment by her neighbor, Kobili Traoré, who was yelling "Allahu Akbar." A court of appeals recently ruled that Traoré, because he had smoked cannabis, was "not criminally responsible" for his actions. As France's Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia said, it is a "license to kill Jews".
  • "Five years after the killings at Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher, France has learned to live with the Islamist threat," wrote Yves Thréard, deputy editor at the daily newspaper Le Figaro.

    "Not a month goes by... without a murderous attack with the cry of 'Allahu Akbar' taking place on our soil.... But what is the point of fighting the effects of Islamism if we do not tackle the origins of this ideology of death? On that front, however, denial continues to compete with naiveté. Nothing has changed in the last five years. On the contrary.

    "In the name of diversity, non-discrimination and human rights, France has accepted a number of blows to its culture and history... Islamists are a hot-button issue. They continue the fight which, even without weapons, has all the allure of a war of civilizations. Is the famous 'Charlie spirit', which some people thought was blowing after the January 2015 attacks, just an illusion?"

    France has been marking the fifth anniversary of the deadly jihadist attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which took place on January 7, 2015. Last month, French Senator Nathalie Goulet warned that more attacks were likely. "In France we have a serious problem and we need to do more to prevent extremists from acting. As it stands, there will be more attacks," said Goulet said.

    There are believed to be 12,000 radical Islamists on France's terror watch-list, "however only a dozen are thought to be under 24-hour surveillance."

    This week was marked by yet a new string of Islamist terror attacks: police injured a knife-wielding man on a street in the northeastern city of Metz, two days after a suspected Islamist radical in the Paris suburb of Villejuif stabbed a man to death, an act that prosecutors are treating as a terror attack. In both incidents, the assailants shouted "Allahu Akbar." This type of attack was dubbed "ordinary jihad" in a Le Figaro editorial this week.

    On January 7, 2015, the cartoonists and journalists Cabu, Charb, Honoré, Tignous and Wolinski, the psychoanalyst Elsa Cayat, the economist Bernard Maris and the policeman Franck Brinsolaro fell under the bullets of the jihadist brothers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi. Charlie Hebdo's 2020 anniversary issue commemorated the massacre and slammed the "new gurus of monolithic thinking" who are trying to impose politically correct censorship.

    The outburst of indignation of the French people, gathered in Paris for a massive demonstration on January 11, 2015, was not enough to awaken the spirit of resistance of the French leaders and elites against Islamism and its collaborators. "The seriousness of the Islamist political fact in France is strongly underestimated", says the lawyer Thibault de Montbrial, president France's Center for Internal Security Studies.

    In a country that used to stand for freedom of expression, self-censorship is soaring. "For the humorists in France, it's always easy to make fun of the Pope and the Catholics, it's always easy to make fun of Jews, it's always easy to make fun of Protestants," confesses a long-time Charlie Hebdo columnist, Patrick Pelloux. For Islam, it is not easy. "We feel that this religion is scary. The word Islam is scary, and on that, the terrorists have won." Submission is winning.

    While French prisons have become a breeding ground for jihadists, the Islamization of the cities' suburbs, the banlieues, is proceeding full tilt. The weekly Le Point recently devoted a cover story to the "territories conquered by the Islamists." In many of these areas, violence rages; 1,500 cars were torched there on New Year's Eve. In recently published book, "Les territoires conquis de l'islamisme" ("The Territories Conquered by Islamism"), by Bernard Rougier, a professor at the University Sorbonne-Nouvelle and director of the Center for Arab and Oriental Studies, he explains that Islamism is an "hegemonic project", splintering working-class neighborhoods. These "ecosystems", he states, work on a "logic of rupture" of the French society, its values and institutions, and are built on mosques, bookstores, sport clubs and halal restaurants.

    Hugo Micheron, a researcher at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, suggested that jihadists are comfortable in "territorial and community isolation". "Today," said the president of the Ministry of Education's Conseil supérieur des programmes, Souâd Ayada, "the visibility of Islam in France is saturated by the veil and the jihad".

    While Islamist preachers and recruiters are out on the streets, seeking out the weak minds that will form the first line of their holy war, political Islam also forms electoral lists in France's suburbs. French President Emmanuel Macron opposed banning these political groups. "France is a budding Islamic republic," noted the Algerian novelist Boualem Sansal. In those "territories", he said, live many of the terrorists who attack France, from the Kouachi brothers of Charlie Hebdo to the jihadists who murdered scores of people at the Bataclan Theater.

    Two populations who live "side by side" would soon find themselves "face to face", said Gérard Collomb, a former Minister of the Interior. He was right. Islamists are also housed inside public institutions.

    Islamists have, in addition, recruited dozens of French soldiers and ex-servicemen who have converted to Islam. Many have come from commando units with expertise in handling weapons and explosives. France is turning into a "society of vigilance" in its fight against the "Hydra" of Islamist militancy, as Macron said.

    In the five years since the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, which targeted freedom of expression, Islamists have been able to commit atrocities against targets such as a priest in a Catholic Church in Rouen; a national secular holiday (the Bastille Day attack in Nice); Jewish communities (from Paris to Toulouse), and ordinary people. Last October, an Islamist struck in one of France's most secure buildings: the monumental Paris Police headquarters near Notre Dame cathedral, where he murdered four of his colleagues. "This is a major turning point in Islamist terrorism", said Gilles Kepel, an expert on Middle East and jihadism.

    "It is hard to believe that the police on which we rely to protect us and which is supposed to be our last rampart against terrorism, can itself be the victim of terrorism, with throats slit in the holy of holies of the Police Prefecture".

    In the wake of the attack, seven police officers, "suspected of radicalization," had their guns confiscated.

    "I have the impression that our immune defenses have collapsed and that Islamism is winning", says the French writer Pascal Bruckner.

    "Its main demands have been met: nobody dares to publish caricatures of Mohammed anymore. Self-censorship prevails.... Hate is directed against those who resist obscuring information rather than against those who obscure it. Not to mention the psychiatrization of terrorism, in order better to exonerate Islam. If we had been told in the early 2000s that in 2020, around 20 French cartoonists and intellectuals would be under police protection, no one would have believed it. The threshold of servitude has increased."

    Five years after the terrorist murders at Charlie Hebdo, free speech is less free in France. "No one today would publish the cartoons of Muhammad", said Philippe Val, the former editor of Charlie Hebdo, recently.

    "For the past five years, I've been going to the police station every month or so to file a complaint about death threats, not insults, death threats", says Marika Bret, a journalist at Charlie Hebdo today.

    In Paris, five years after the murders at Charlie Hebdo, there was a big march to protest not terrorism, but "Islamophobia". "Voltaire fades before Muhammad, and the Enlightenment before the Submission", wrote the author Éric Zemmour. And Qatar still freely finances the construction of French mosques.

    In 2017, two years after Jews were murdered in a terrorist attack at a kosher supermarket in Paris, a Jewish woman, Sarah Halimi, was tortured and murdered in her Paris apartment by her neighbor, Kobili Traoré, who was yelling "Allahu Akbar." A court of appeals recently ruled that Traoré, because he had smoked cannabis, was "not criminally responsible" for his actions. As France's Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia said, it is a "license to kill Jews".

    "Anti-Semitism today is so blatant that it would be difficult to hide it without falling into ridicule," said the historian Georges Bensoussan. "What is taboo is the anti-Semites" -- meaning that today, in France, it is taboo to say that Islamism is the most important source of anti-Semitism.

    One week after the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo, in which nine of its staff members were killed and another four wounded, the magazine published a cover depicting the Prophet of Islam with a tear on his cheek, and saying: "Tout est Pardonné" ("All is forgiven") . Five years later, all actually does seem to have been forgiven. Then, many proudly said, "I am Charlie". Most proved they were not.

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Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:05 pm
by Ariel
If you wish to stay alive in France, best learn to recite an Islamic prayer in Arabic

During a recent appearance on French news station CNEWS, Jean Messiha left the panel shocked when he said, “You do not want to do anything against the Islamization of France and you encourage it?” he asked. “Very well,” he said. “I’d advise you to learn Islamic prayers in Arabic to avoid getting knifed. That’s it!”

RAIR Foundation Messiha, is a member Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National ((National Rally, formerly Front National), party and a political adviser to the formal French presidential candidate.

Messiha was referring to a recent jihad attack in Villejuif by a terrorist screaming the Islamic battle cry of “Allahu Akbar” which claimed the life of one man and injured two women. A person of Muslim faith was spared by the 22-year-old jihadi, Nathan C., when the attacker asked him to recite a prayer in Arabic.

Messiha, whom Le Pen praises for his ability to “speak of France like a lover,” is an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian who moved to France away from Islamic persecution & vows to preserve France from the same invasion.

In a 2018 Dream TV interview, Messiha discussed the effects of and his opposition to Islamic immigration: “We are at war now,” he declared. “Our country is under invasion, and we are fighting this invasion.” “In some (Muslim) areas in France, laws other than the French laws (African and Islamic laws) are implemented.”

Messiha has asserted his belief in Renaud Camus’s Great Replacement theory, whereby white, Christian populations are being “replaced” through non-European immigration, specifically from Muslim and African countries.

Agreeing with the Dream TV interviewer who suggested that some French neighborhoods had become like the Taliban, Messiha added that a “fundamentalist Islamist militia” had been checking people’s grocery bags at the supermarkets and removing non-halal products.
The National Rally is the only political party in France fighting against French President Emmanuel Macron’s open borders policy and complete denial of the dangers of islamic immigration.


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Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:49 pm
by pr126
What is the difference between an Islamist and a Muslim?
What is the difference between Islamism and Islam?

What does "moderate" mean?
Why we don't hear of moderate Christian or moderate Jew or moderate Hindu or moderate Buddhist, etc.

fundamentalist Islamist militia”. A politically correct label for a dovout Muslim?

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Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:59 pm
by Ariel
pr126 wrote:What is the difference between an Islamist and a Muslim?
What is the difference between Islamism and Islam?

Nothing. No difference. It is political correct poppycock.

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Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:57 pm
by Ariel
France: Police Arrest Man for Desecrating Church with Islamic Qur’an Verses

Police in the French city of Toulouse have arrested a man in connection to a church desecration in which verses from the Islamic Qur’an were written on the walls of the church.

The church vandalism is said to have taken place several months prior in a church just north of Toulouse bordering on the Borderouge district. The suspect, a 25-year-old male, is believed to have taken part in the vandalism, France Bleu reports.

Around a dozen officers from the elite tactical National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) are said to have raided the home of the 25-year-old on Monday, forcing themselves into the man’s apartment by knocking down the door. The suspect did not resist arrest and was placed into custody.

The arrest comes just under a year after another church in Toulouse, the Notre-Dame du Taur, was vandalised by an individual who wrote “Allah u Akbar” on the doors of the building.

Protège ton église (Protect Your Church), a group that aims to protect churches and holy sites in France, wrote: “This desecration is reminiscent of the place of Islamism in the acts of Christianophobes and the danger that this phenomenon represents for our churches and Christians around the world. France remembers Father Hamel murdered with this cry.”

Jihadists murdered Father Jaques Hamel in his own church in July 2016. The Catholic priest was later declared a martyr by Pope Francis.

Church attacks in France have become a major issue in the last several years, with a report from March of last year claiming that there are as many as three attacks on churches or graveyards per day on average, with a total of 1,063 cases in 2018.

While some attacks have been in connection with robberies, others have less clear motives, such as an attack in November that saw human faeces smeared into prayer books at a church in the commune of Tarbes.

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by antineoETC
pr126 wrote:What is the difference between an Islamist and a Muslim?
What is the difference between Islamism and Islam?

What does "moderate" mean?
Why we don't hear of moderate Christian or moderate Jew or moderate Hindu or moderate Buddhist, etc.

fundamentalist Islamist militia”. A politically correct label for a dovout Muslim?
These questions mark you out as a virulent Islamophobe. Don't you know that most Muslims reject terrorism in all its forms ESPECIALLY terrorism carried out by Zionists against Palestinians? And I hasten to add that if the latter form of terrorism wasn't going on there would be no so-called "Islamic" terrorism in the first place because Muslims would not feel that justifiable sense of grievance that drives terrorism.

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by antineoETC