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Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:45 am
by Ariel
Sweden tests rape law amid surge of attacks

Sweden is set to test its new rape law on a high-profile teen gang rape case, as police and prosecutors warn that young Swedes' attitude toward sex has taken a turn for the worse.

Swedish police have warned of a growing trend of teenage gang rapes, often filmed or photographed on smartphones, as a high-profile case under a new rape law opened in the capital on Tuesday.

In the case before the Stockholm court, three young men are accused of raping a girl, whose age has not been made public, in a forested area south of the capital. The girl was under the influence of drugs, court documents show, and a judge said she was in a "particularly vulnerable situation" due to the number of men involved, who were not known to her.

The trial is the latest in a series of cases of group sex acts involving young Swedes, which has prompted police to raise the alarm about a new trend in gang rapes.

"We're talking about very young teens," said police inspector Moni Winsnes.

"They are 14-15 years old. One girl was as young as 12. It goes on in front of their friends, who might even be filming and taking photos."

Video footage from smartphones is later used to shame and silence victims, or blackmail them into participating in more group sex acts.

"It can be five guys and one girl, and she is forced to give them oral sex in public... the girl doesn't dare to say no," she said.

This year there have been almost 1,600 cases of sexual assault involving under-18s in Stockholm alone, up from 1,301 the previous year, according to official figures. The number of cases that made it to court in the country as a whole where the victims were 15 to 17 years old almost doubled to 466 from 2011 to 2012.

Sweden has one of the highest rates of reported rape in Europe but police say that can be attributed to a greater willingness to report attacks in recent years. Winsnes and others argue, however, that the figures only reveal part of the picture. They say the attackers often manipulate and threaten younger girls into participating in sex acts and once they are filmed they have control over them.

"It is very widespread and the majority (of victims) are young girls. Their (perpetrators) attitude to sex, sexual abuse, what is right or not, is unfortunately very distorted," said Sanna Bergendahl at Storasyster, a local group working against sexual violence and abuse.

"Many have some kind of idea of how a 'real' rape should look like, that it has to be violent to count as rape."

Nonetheless, not everyone agrees that Sweden has a growing problem.

Per Ullholm, a sex educator at the sexual health association RFSU, said he had not seen "any dramatic change in attitudes towards sexual violence among teenagers," but added that it was important to discuss limits and seek consent before sex. Sweden toughened its rape legislation in July to include victims in a"particularly vulnerable situation", which includes young victims who feel intimidated among a group.

The change came too late for an alleged assault that took place earlier in the summer when six teenage boys were acquitted by a court of appeal for having sex with a teenage girl in a locked room at a party. The girl said that she froze and did not dare resist.

Women's right groups were keeping a close eye on the trial which opened on Tuesday, the most high-profile since the new law came into force, hoping that it would set a precedent and send a clear message to young men. Yet many feel the rewrite has not gone far enough. They called for Sweden to strengthen rape laws further and join other countries such as the UK, Ireland, Norway and Belgium that require explicit consent before a sexual act.

"No men are born to be rapists," said Bergendahl. "They are shaped by society ... of-attacks" onclick=";return false;
Most if not all of the gang rapists are not born in the Swedish society, but still people ( read rapist ) are shaped by society. :clueless: What society. Sure not the Swedish society, because not too long ago, Sweden had the lowest rape numbers in Europe.

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Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 6:20 am
by enceladus
"Women's right groups were keeping a close eye on the trial which opened on Tuesday, the most high-profile since the new law came into force, hoping that it would set a precedent and send a clear message to young men."

Sorry, but they're dreaming.

Sweden is an Islamic country now. It has been for years. So are Denmark, Norway and Belgium. Finland may have escaped - I haven't heard any news at all from there.

The Swedes have surrendered their country - there is no going back for them.
All that remains is for the "native" Swedes to be kicked out of parliament and for the Muslims to go in and formally institute shari'a.
There will be no fight when that happens (and it IS when, not if).

I only ever comment in the "News from X country" articles about once every six months or so. That is why - because the countries concerned have almost all surrendered to Islam now (apart from the Netherlands and maybe France, where the Front Nationale has support). In spite of the large number of Muslims in France, there is some hope for the French. Front Nationale is gaining support and there is also "Generation Identitaire".

Italy may fend off Islam and survive. Even with the hordes landing on Lampedusa, they seem to head straight for the UK and Sweden. Maybe Italy does not give them welfare? I'm not sure on that.
I do know that the government of Italy does not recognise Islam as a "religion". That is VERY far-sighted of them.

Sweden? I think the Swedish Defense League has about 10 members.
Heck, I know that Sweden has bikie gangs but even they seem to have given up (and one of them supports Muslims anyway.....)

The SDL are very brave but absolutely everything is against them. Politicians, media, population (and those Swedes who aren't against them are "indifferent" which is just as bad).

There is little point in the "News from X" threads. The news in those threads is all negative without exception.

THIS is the kind of thing that Sweden needs - ... ent-intent" onclick=";return false;

- enceladus

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Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 8:31 am
by pr126
What these politicians and the Marxist left are unaware of because of [willful] ignorance of Islam and it's 14 century history is, that Islam will never share power with them.

Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 9:25 pm
by enceladus
pr126 wrote:What these politicians and the Marxist left are unaware of because of [willful] ignorance of Islam and it's 14 century history is, that Islam will never share power with them.
Spot-on there, pr126. Yes, they are just "useful idiots", to be discarded like an old newspaper when the Muslims achieve their goals.
- enceladus

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Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:01 pm
by Ariel
How political correctness can go too far. :yuk: Of course it are the Swedes who complained.

Haribo pulls 'racist' candy after complaints

German candy-makers Haribo have pulled black-faced liquorice off their production line after Swedish customers complained their design played on racist caricatures.

"I understand the criticism and think it's important to listen to the customers," the director of Haribo in Sweden, Ola Dagliden, told the Nyheter24 news site.

The candy in question, black liquorice faces meant to represent a captain's trip around the world, was sold in the company's Skipper Mix packets. Dagliden, who has held top position for several months, told the paper that customer complaints had started trickling in during December last year.

"After that, we made the decision to take the candy in question out of production," he said.

The Skipper Mix will still be sold in Sweden, albeit without the offending treat. ... rice-candy" onclick=";return false;

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Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:43 pm
by Ariel
O'dear.... ;) Wat a nasty cultural religious conflict. The Swedes should learn about Islam. This is not going to work if they want lots of Muslims living in Sweden.

"Command your children to pray at the age of seven and beat them for it at the age of ten (if they do not pray)."~~ [Al-Albaani: Saheeh]
Malaysians arrested for hitting kids in Sweden

A Malaysian couple with diplomatic passports have spent more than a month in Swedish jail, after being accused of hitting their children for not performing their prayers. The parents risk ten years in jail.

The husband and wife were arrested on December 18th after police received a report that they had repeatedly hit their four children, aged nine to 14-years-old. Malaysian newspaper The Star reported that the police report stems from an incident in which the Muslim couple struck their 12-year-old son on the hands for refusing to perform his prayers.

The boy told his teachers in Stockholm about the incident, which was then passed along to the school's counselors, who in turn notified police. It has been illegal in Sweden for parents physically punish their children since the late 1970s.

A day later, authorities arrested the parents and placed the children in foster care while their parents await trial, The Star reported.

"It's a terrible situation for the parents and the children," lawyer Timo Manninen, the public defender involved in the child custody side of the case, told The Local. "When the parents are being held on remand, they obviously can't take care of their children."

The couple has lived in Sweden for three years. The man, Azizul Raheem Awalludin, works for Tourism Malaysia in Stockholm and has worked for his country's tourism ministry since 2000. His wife, Shalwati Nurshal, is a secondary school teacher on unpaid leave. The Swedish foreign ministry said neither Awalludin nor Nurshal are registered as diplomats, leading prosecutors to conclude that diplomatic immunity does not apply in the case.

Formal charges have yet to be filed against the couple, who are being held on remand on suspicion of gross violation of integrity (grov fridskränkning) that took place between June 2011 and December 2013. The mother's lawyer, Kristofer Stahre, told The Local both parents are being held with restrictions that keep them largely isolated from the outside world and that the preliminary investigation will likely take two or three more weeks.

"There is a lot of material to go through, but everyone is now working harder to speed thing up as they recognize the sensitivity of the case," he said.

If found guilty, the parents risk being sentenced by up to ten years in prison.

Stahre added that he was unable to confirm details of the abuse reported in The Star due to confidentiality rules surrounding the case, but explained the situation was the result of a "clash of cultures".

"These are law-abiding Malaysian citizens who have raised their children according to customs and laws in Malaysia," he explained, adding that parents in Malaysia are allowed to be physical when disciplining their children.

"Many countries have a different view than Sweden when it comes to raising children. While Sweden has been a pioneer when it comes to outlawing corporal punishment, when foreigners come here they often continue with the same practices they used in their home countries. That's the case here, and it's not the first time that a diplomat has been involved in a case like this."

Stahre said what makes this case unique as that prosecutors were granted a remand order to have the parents detained during the preliminary investigation.

"It's very rare, but the prosecutor cited concerns they might flee the country, and that they might continue the crime. Another reason give was the possibility that they could affect the investigation if they remained free," the lawyer explained.

Sweden was the first country to introduce a formal ban on corporal punishment in 1979. A slew of countries have since followed suit, but the arrest and detention of the Malaysian couple has sparked outrage in their home country. Malaysian MP N. Surendran toled The Star that the actions taken by authorities in Sweden were "disproportionate and extreme".

Another MP, Datuk Abdul Rahman, acknowledged that Sweden's laws against smacking were "commendable", but also questioned how the matter had been handled.

"[The Swedes] must understand the difference between abuse and teaching a lesson," he told the paper.

On January 19th, Malaysian journalist Joe Lee launched a twitter campaign using the hashtag #SwedenLetThemGo to draw attention to the case and advocate for the couple's release. A Facebook page started to generate support for their case has garnered more than 14,000 likes.

On Wednesday, the Malaysian foreign ministry released a statement confirming it was working on the case, noting their first priority was to get the couple's children transferred to a Muslim Malaysian family in Sweden.

"The Swedish Department of Social Service has given full cooperation thus far and has treated it as a special case. It has started interviewing several Malaysian families currently living in Sweden as requested by the ministry for suitability to be given the custody," the statement said.

In addition, two Malaysian officials from the Women, Family and Community Ministry are ready to head for Sweden, if they are needed, to assist the family.

Family lawyer Manninen also cited confidentiality concerns in refusing to elaborating on the details of the case, but said he sympathized with those in Malaysia who had taken issue with how the case had been handled in Sweden.

"I completely understand their critique," he told The Local. "Things could have been in a different way so that the parents could have been involved and given their consent to where the children were placed."

He emphasized that the current situation was temporary, and put in place in the early phases of the criminal investigation.

"It's unclear what might happen next," he said.

Calls by The Local to the Malaysian Embassy in Stockholm were not immediately returned. ... use-claims" onclick=";return false;

Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:35 pm
by Ariel
Rapes in Sweden, Redux
by Fjordman

In early 2014, journalist Simen Sætre in the weekly Morgenbladet in Norway published an essay about rapes in Sweden. Curiously, he seemed to be more concerned about the fact that “xenophobic” and “Islam-hating” people like me write about this subject than he was about the actual problem. Sætre has previously claimed, with absolutely zero facts to back up his case, that my essays were never meant seriously. Ironically, the same man who makes claims without any basis in facts has suggested that my texts and views are not fact-based.

Let us look into this matter more closely.

In 2013, 5900 rapes were officially reported to the police in Sweden, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet — Brå). This figure was slightly lower than in 2012, but the reported number has been close to or above 6000 for several years. We’ll stick to a medium number of 6000 reported annual rapes for the last couple of years.

We know with certainty that there are numerous victims who don’t report rape to the police. Many criminologists assume that the official numbers only reveal a minority of such cases. This assumption is backed up by a number of studies.

The crucial question is: How much higher is the real number of rapes? Twice as large as the official numbers? Four times as big? Ten times?

read more.

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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:58 am
by Ariel
I could not believe it , until I watched the video.
Sharia Sweden: Swedish Newspaper Hacks Disqus, Goes to Commenters’ Homes with Cameramen
Sweden was once wealthy, beautiful, and modern. But all that has changed. It has become as totalitarian as Saudi Arabia or Iran. Their immigration policies have overwhelmed the culture and the treasury of the Swedes. One U.N. report says that Sweden will soon be a third-world nation. The worse it gets, the more restrictions there are on freedom and speech. Strict enforcement of the blasphemy laws under the sharia — “do not criticize or insult Islam.” This video is chilling. One of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, Expressen, used criminal hackers to break into Disqus and get the email addresses and identities of commenters online, and to reveal the persons behind the nicknames or anonymous user IDs. The newspaper sent a reporter and a cameraman to one person’s home and asked them about things they had written on different websites. Expressen published the names and photos of some people, which led to at least one person losing his job. The newspaper should have been shuttered and its editor(s) brought up on charges. But this is sharia, so it was the victims who were punished. -
Photo: HUNDREDS of cars were set on fire, a school in flames and Muslim youths hurling stones at the police. Last year a week of of arson and violence in Stockholm’s immigrant suburbs.
read more

Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 2:04 pm
by Ariel
Jimmie Åkesson is the current leader of the right wing Sweden Democrats, and a member of the Swedish parliament following the 2010 general election. He went on a tour in Sweden, but was often not welcomed with open arms.
Sweden Dems 'delighted' at country tour protests

A string of protests trailing Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson's country tour may do nothing but play into the hands of a party that thrives on its martyr image, a political expert told The Local on Monday.

A small group of demonstrators showed up outside a run-of-the-mill fire station in Stockholm's Botkyrka last week. Why? To protest the work-place visit by Jimmie Åkesson. Then 250 staff at Lund University Hospital in Malmö told Åkesson in a public letter that they did not want him to visit. Death threats ensued. The incidents were just the latest in a string of controversies trailing Åkesson's ambitious tour.

"The Sweden Democrats are a running provocation to many people on the left of the spectrum, which in Sweden includes a lot of people, that these work place visits have been like a red rag to a bull," Södertörn University political scientist Nick Aylott told The Local.

Åkesson, who plans to visit more than 50 work places across the country, began his tour in February. The party has said that it is focusing on municipalities run by Social Democrats, and the list revealed a focus on public sector work places.

It began quite mildly. In Örebro, Aftonbladet columnist Oisin Cantwell noted, reporters were mostly interested in asking questions about immigrants' role in staffing the welfare services of the future. Åkesson's tour kick-off was also overshadowed by allegations that he had lied about his youth in a recent television programme.

Since then, however, tough questions have morphed into tough receptions not only by reporters but by the very people with whom Åkesson has hoped to speak.

"I would think the Sweden Democrats are absolutely delighted every time they face a protest," Aylott said. "It's grist to the mill of the Sweden Democrat self-image as martyrs."

Some of the protests have been rather messy.

In Umeå last month, a doctor stood in Åkesson's way when he tried to visit a geriatric care ward. Another staff member yelled "racist" at him. Two days later, fifteen healthcare staff told the county administrators in an op-ed that they were "ashamed" of them for letting Åkesson visit. They further claimed that both Åkesson's security police agents and the county security chief had threatened them when they held up anti-Sweden Democrat placards in reception.

While images seeping through the TT picture agency's news feed has mostly showed a glum- or at least straight-faced Åkesson on tour, the protests may be playing to his advantage, Aylott noted.

"They present themselves as the only group that stands up against the elite consensus, against the progressives who run the country who conspire to suppress debate on the Sweden Democrats' favourite topics," he explained.

The Umeå chief medical officer, Professor Yngve Gustafsson, has defended the staff's protest against Åkesson's visit. He told Sveriges Television that the Sweden Democrat position against subsidized healthcare to immigrants, who live in Sweden without the legal right to do so, contradicted the Hippocratic Oath.

"The Sweden Democrats think we should report (the immigrants) to the police," Gustafson told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper. "That's making a difference between one patient to the next and breaches not only the healthcare law, but also doctor's ethical rules, and the county's equality principle."

The Sweden Democrats, however, have continuously defended their stance.

"Somewhere along the road, it becomes absurd to reward people who are in Sweden illegally by giving them lower healthcare costs than that offered to taxpayers, low income pensioners, and everyone who respects the law," the party's healthcare spokesperson Per Ramhorn wrote in an op-ed in the local Gefle Dagblad newspaper last year. ... untry-tour" onclick=";return false;

Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:35 pm
by Ariel
Sweden is going to sink to an absolute rock bottom before it finds it’s nerve again, let’s hope it’s not too late by then.
Swedish state goes pro-FGM to avoid being racist

In March 2014, the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, RFSU, launched a campaign to promote vaginal health. The federation decided to leave out any criticism of Female Genital Mutilation in order not to play into the hands of “xenophobic” forces, especially because 2014 is election year. If you have the nerve — I don’t — to watch a video of FGM, click here (warning: extremely graphic video!). Via, translated from Fria Tider:

Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 12:55 am
by Ariel
In the afternoon a youth gang visited the library in Staffanstorp. For some unknown reason they chose these to tip over book shelves books and generally behaved badly. Then they fled the scene.

Swedish media never give any description of criminals, to avoid people forming a negative view of Muslims and the government’s immigration policy. There has even been examples of newspapers pixelating the photos of immigrant criminals with pink pixels to further distort reality. Staffanstorp is a small town just outside Muslim-dominated Malmö, and ungdomsgäng (youth gang) is synonymous with Muslim gang in the Swedish media.


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Posted: Tue May 06, 2014 12:53 pm
by Ariel
Many Swedes don't take it anymore. They are fed up with all the immigrants they have to welcome and to accept with open arms.
Most immigrant kids don't yet speak Swedish, and they need a lot of attention. The Swedes want their own kids to have a good education , But what if in a class 6 or 7 of them don't speak Swedish or haven't done formal education before, how much teacher time will the be remaining for the Swedish kids .
'Parents' threaten school head over immigrant kids

Irate parents have emailed an anonymous murder threat to an "Arab-loving" Swedish school principal, after he split the seventh grade into smaller groups of students to welcome immigrant pupils.

"You damn nigger- and Arab-lover, you're giving everything to the foreigners and don't give a sh** about our children," said an email signed only by "Parents". The threatening correspondence landed in a small-town school principal's inbox last week.

Bengt-Ove Eriksson didn't think much of it at first, he told Sveriges Television (SVT), but later started to feel uneasy, as the angry email mentioned his family and his home.

The issue at stake was the Lessebo junior high school's decision to split seventh-grade students into four groups, rather than three, in an effort to accommodate a higher-than expected influx of immigrant children.

"To make three classes with 30 students into four classes with 20 students is fundamentally something positive," Eriksson pointed out in his interview with SVT.

He said he did not think the anonymous letter, which contained a murder threat, represented the feelings of most of his students and their parents. ... grant-kids" onclick=";return false;

Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Tue May 06, 2014 9:52 pm
by Ibn Rushd
I think it does represent most parents. Seeing their country go down the drain throughout their generation, they have to have seen the problems emerging.

Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 7:21 pm
by Ariel
FGM in Sweden: 28 Immigrant Girls in One Class Severely Cut

The girls were most likely second-generation immigrants cut during summer trips to their home countries during school vacation.
A Swedish school has found that immigrant girls have been subjected to severe forms of female genital mutilation (FGM). Since March, school health services in a small Swedish town have seen 60 girls who have been cut, including 30 girls from one class alone.
Of those 30 girls, 28 had been subjected to one of the most severe forms of FGM, where the clitoris and labia are completely removed with the area sown together with the exception of a small opening.

Somalians and Eritreans comprise large numbers of immigrants to Europe. Women in those countries are subjected to FGM at a rate of 98 and 90 percent, respectively.

Although specific information was not available about the Swedish girls, it is assumed that the girls are second generation immigrants, many having been cut during the summer vacation when girls are taken to their countries of origin for the procedure under the pretense of a family visit.

With vacation approaching, authorities are concerned that more girls will be taken to be mutilated. "We're working to inform parents that they could face prison if they come back and their children have undergone female genital mutilation," said Petra Blom Andersson, a student health coordinator in Norrköping who spoke to the newspaper, The Local.

FGM has been illegal in Sweden since 1982, punishable by a prison term of four years. The term can be increased to 10 years if the violation is found to be an aggravated offense.

In 1999, FGM also became illegal if the procedure was performed in a different country. Due to the influx of the large number of Somalians in Sweden during the 1990’s, the European Union’s Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) considers FGM “to be a serious problem” in the country -- so much so, that a law was passed that allows a girl to be physically examined for FGM without her parents’ consent.

Yet, according to the European Commission, “while all EU member states have legal provisions in place to prosecute the perpetrators of FGM, either under general or specific criminal laws, prosecutions are very rare. This is due to difficulties detecting cases, gathering sufficient evidence, a reluctance to report a crime and, above all, a lack of knowledge about female genital mutilation.” ... verely-cut" onclick=";return false;

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Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 7:24 pm
by Ariel
Swedish firefighters have to wear bulletproof vests in Muslim areas, celebrate National Day in mosque
Malmö’s firefighters are wearing stone-proof face masks and military grade bulletproof vests when entering Muslim areas. A prime example of the typical Swedish, suicidal mentality. ... dag-i-mosk" onclick=";return false;

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Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:47 pm
by Ariel
Meanwhile,( writes the Swede Dave Gregorie ) last week 2400 refugees arrived in Sweden. For the past 2 weeks a total of 5000 refugees arrived in Sweden. And there is no news about it.
'Immigration is a taboo subject in Sweden'

he Local chats to the host of a new radio programme in Denmark that tackles the cultural divide between Swedes and their Danish neighbours, and pokes particular fun at the Swedes for their unusual taboos.

For two countries that have so much in common, Sweden and Denmark have vastly different approaches to the public debate.

At least, that's what you'll hear on a new programme on Danish radio station Radio24syv, which will be targeted at a Swedish audience despite being recorded in Copenhagen.

The Local Denmark chats to the host, historian and author Mikael Jalving, about his effort to help Swedes deal with taboo subjects.

He says that while Danes and Swedes are extremely alike, there are a heap of differences.

"One of these is that the presence of dissent and ideological tensions is much more taboo in Sweden than here. The political nobility of Sweden seems to be obsessed with mainstreaming the right to tolerance, equality and multiculturalism. So it’s not just a difference of opinion on certain topics, but rather how we tackle issues and taboos," he says.

He adds that in Sweden it's preferable to have taboos than to criticize them.

"You see this in areas like immigration and the integration of people from Muslim countries, feminism, prostitution, authority, nationality, crime and punishment, and even the approach to schooling. Swedes view the Danish discourse as something evil, racist, fascist – you name it," he explains, adding that a discussion about this with the Swedes themselves will be the focus of the programme.

In the full interview, published here on The Local Denmark, Jalving slices a burning sword through the Swedish mentality, suggesting that their "avant-garde self stature" is prime for satire.

Another topic he plans to tackle is immigration.

“The first taboo in Sweden is that immigration is a good thing. It is presented as something profitable - financially, politically, and culturally – and as a refreshing and rebooting of the populace," he explains.

"The next is that the quantity of immigrants doesn’t matter, that you can take in as many as you want. In any other European country, whether one likes immigration or not, quantity is a natural topic of discussion. How many can we take in? That is a practical and pragmatic question, but Sweden does not have that conversation. Pragmatism is seen as something unholy or evil.” ... mmigration" onclick=";return false;

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Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:37 pm
by Ariel
Flying an Israeli flag in Malmö is just as dangerous as flying an Israeli flag in any middle eastern country. How sad . Sweden wake up!!!
Man beaten with iron pipe for flying Israeli flag
A 38-year-old man in southern Sweden was assaulted on Sunday night after hanging an Israeli flag from his window, with police suspecting it is a hate crime.

The incident occurred in Seved, Malmö, shortly before midnight on Sunday when the man displayed an Israeli flag from his window, sources to newspaper Sydsvenskan said. The man reportedly exchanged words with men on the street after hanging the flag, and left his apartment.

Before the assault the man's window had been smashed where the flag of Israel had been hung.

"After that the man went out onto the street to see what was going on. Then he was attacked and it was on the basis of the flag. That is the information we have at present," Linda Pleym of the Malmö police told the TT news agency.

Police said he was then assaulted by around ten people with iron pipes and chased from the building. The man managed to escape his attackers and was found by police on a nearby street. He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.
Police have not yet made any arrests, but have interviewed witnesses in the area.

"Our initial evaluation is that this is a hate crime," Malmö policewoman Marie Keismar told TT news agency. The act has been classified as aggravated assault.

The police intend to interview the victim later today. ... ult-israel" onclick=";return false;

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Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:58 pm
by Ariel
Syrian And Iraqi Refugees Are Half The Population Of This Swedish City

SODERTALJE, Sweden -- What's most remarkable about this small Swedish city is how profoundly it's been shaped by distant civil wars. Because of Sweden’s embrace of political refugees, Sodertalje’s proximity to Stockholm and the tendency of immigrants to congregate, fully half of the people now living in this town are refugees or immigrants from Syria and Iraq.

As a refugee named Issa, who declined to give his surname due to fears of repercussions for his family back in Syria, put it, “The city is mostly Iraqi and Syrian immigrants, but some Swedes live here too.”

Among a population of 65,000, at least 50 percent are originally from outside of Sweden, with the vast majority from Syria or Iraq, according to Sweden’s migration board, known as Migrationservkat.

Issa shares a modest house in Sodertalje, which is about 40 km south of Stockholm, with two other Syrian refugees. They are among an estimated 2.5 million Syrians who have fled their country since fighting began in 2011. Most of those have gone to neighboring countries, including Lebanon, which has been burdened with an influx of 1.1 million refugees. Western countries have taken comparatively few. According to the U.N., Germany has taken 10,000 and has agreed to double that number. France has taken about 500, the U.S. about 100 and the U.K. only 24, according to a Guardian report from June 19.

Globally, Syrians are among an estimated 50 million people who have been displaced by conflicts -- the highest number since World War II, noted a recent report by the United Nations. The current crisis in Iraq is adding to those numbers.

The arrival of so many refugees is taxing the resources of Sweden, which takes in the largest number of Syrians of any developed country -- about 300 per week. Yet Sodertalje's unusual ethnic mix is not immediately obvious. Around the city’s central square, native Swedes, many with blond hair, walk in and out of stores bordering the square and through a neighboring park, replicating a scene typical of cities across the country. But on the outskirts of Sodertalje, a 20-minute bus ride away, a very different version of the country exists -- one in which the fighting in Aleppo and Tikrit is far more important than the recent news about the Swedish royal family.

Not surprisingly, even in a country generally perceived as progressive and tolerant, the influx has caused some problems.

“In the beginning, immigration to Sodertalje was good, because we needed the workers,” said Marcus Eberhardsson, a 24-year-old native Swede who grew up in Sodertalje before moving north to the city of Umea to study. “But since the industrial base of the city has eroded, jobs have gone and immigration at the level we see here is no longer working for us or the immigrants.”

Sweden has managed to avoid becoming embroiled in major conflicts around the world (though the country sells arms), and its traditional openness has attracted refugees for decades. During World War II, Sweden welcomed immigrants from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania who had fled Russian encroachment and Nazi persecution. Since then, the country has accepted Chileans escaping Pinochet’s violent regime during the 1970s and ’80s, Bosnians and Yugoslavs escaping ethnic cleansing during the Bosnian war in the early ’90s and tens of thousands of refugees from Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan and many former Soviet states. It also welcomed thousands of Americans who were escaping service in the Vietnam war.

Setting the stage for the current demographic shift was the arrival, beginning in the 1970s, of Assyrians, a Christian ethnic group with large populations in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon and Syria, who fled fighting in the Middle East; all told, they make up the bulk of the refugee and immigrant population in Sodertalje.

In addition to this, the ranks of political refugees have swelled with Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis. As of June, about 2,000 refugees a week were arriving in Sweden, according to statistics provided by the immigration board. In addition to accepting more Syrian refugees than any other developed country in the world, according to Migrationservkat, Sweden is the only country to offer automatic residency to those fleeing the civil war in Syria.

Sweden’s basic approach to granting asylum has been that refugees would eventually become taxpaying residents, according to Eberhardsson. But industrial decline means that job opportunities have diminished. Loss of many of the city’s car manufacturing plants in the 1990s and early 2000s has made competition for jobs intense, particularly for recent arrivals who aren't fluent in the language.

And, like many transplanted populations, “the immigrants are more likely to embed themselves with the culture and language they know, eroding the likelihood of them integrating into Swedish culture or even bothering to learn the language,” Eberhardsson said.

Such is the Syrian influence that the city has two professional soccer teams that play at the highest level in Swedish football, Assyriska FF and Syrianska, as well as an international TV station, Suroyo TV, which broadcasts in Syriac (an Aramaic language commonly spoken in Syria), Turkish, Arabic, English and Swedish. Many of the jobs taken on by the immigrant population tend to be simple, low-paid positions such as bus drivers, cleaners or garbage man, but even those are hard to come by in the city.

The lack of assimilation has driven a wedge between native Swedes and the immigrants living in Sodertalje, and the influx of nonworking immigrants has meanwhile stretched social services and increased pressures on schools, housing and health care. Sodertalje Mayor Boel Godner lamented to the BBC in an interview last year that one Sodertalje school had to take in 400 extra refugee students during one month alone, many of whom required special education to help them catch up to their age group level. Free language classes for refugees have a backlog of around six months, further hampering their progress.

Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag said most Swedes are happy to continue receiving refugees, but that municipalities have to approve government-sponsored settlement opportunities offered to them, and some have refused -- putting a heavier burden on municipalities that have remained welcoming.

The popularity of far-right parties such as the Sweden Democrats has risen sharply in the last eight years, in part due to the parties’ hard-line stance on immigration. The Sweden Democrats now hold 20 seats in the Swedish Parliament and won 5.7 percent of the overall vote in 2010 -- evidence of increasing anti-immigration sentiment in the country. The ruling party, the Moderates, has refused to change its policy on immigration.

“Sweden has a rich history with regard to immigration going back to the Fifties and Sixties,” said Integration Minister Ullenhag in a phone interview with the International Business Times. “It is true, the Sweden Democrats have gained popularity in Sweden, but they are still just a minority party and we will not change our immigration policy just to take back those lost voters. We will not send asylum seekers back to a war zone just because some people don’t want them here.”

But rather than simply offer a temporary place to live while asylum seekers wait to go home, Sweden makes it easy for newcomers to stay if they choose.

“We prefer to give refugees permanent residency immediately because it gives them a better feeling of home and can help them settle quicker,” Ullenhag said. “The way we look at it is, if you give someone temporary residency you send a signal to society that we want to you to go home after a while. That feeling of living with your luggage in the hallway, waiting to go home, is no way to live. From an integration perspective, in the long run, this is a far more effective way to treat people.”

While government policies are welcoming, pockets of Swedish society remain closed. It is comparatively rare to see native Swedes mixing with refugees or immigrants. Madelaine Seiditz, a spokesperson for Amnesty International in Stockholm, said refugees' early experiences in Sweden make it harder for them to truly assimilate.

“When they arrive in the country, many of the asylum seekers spend time in camps before they are sent to a municipality in Sweden, but many of the municipalities are refusing to accept refugees and the government can’t force them to do it, so many refugees find themselves in very isolated parts of Sweden where there are no jobs and integration is hard,” Seiditz said. “If the situation is not resolved soon, this could develop into a [employment and accommodation] crisis.”

New government rules that allow new residents to live wherever they wanted once their residency was awarded have, ironically, created integration problems. The rule change led to greater migration to places like Sodertalje, where there's less need to learn Swedish because there's already a large Syrian/Arabic-speaking community in place.

One of the visible manifestations is St. Aphrem Syriac Orthodox Church, one of five Syrian Christian churches in Sodertalje. The churches act as meeting points for the Assyrian community and welcome almost any refugee who is looking for help. The community has self-segregated, with Christians staying in Sodertalje and Muslims apparently migrating to towns further west.

The Orthodox community in Sodertalje is strong, and while that helps incoming refugees get settled, it also becomes another barrier to integration. Swedish is not spoken in the churches, which are the main cultural hubs of the community. One older churchgoer, Hanna Tahan, who arrived from Turkey in the 70s, says he learned Swedish when he first arrived, but since the 80s he rarely has had to use the language because the local community, centered around the church, doesn’t require it.

The Assyrian Christians generally lived apart from their Muslim counterparts back home, and have brought their cultural tensions with them. Many point out that there is no mosque in Sodertalje. “If they built a mosque there would be trouble here,” said Deniz Can, who immigrated decades ago.

Hanna Varli, a Turkish immigrant who came to Sweden on a holiday visa in 1975, who worked as a steel metal worker and attends the church, said life for refugees and immigrants in general is much harder in Sweden today.

“I have seen a lot of homeless immigrants,” Varli said through a translator. “Rent is expensive, food is expensive and jobs in smaller towns are harder to come by. This all goes against the immigrant, and towns and cities are taking more people than ever before, so where will they live? Where will they work?”

Johan Lindgren, a social worker in Sodertalje (and Eberhardsson’s father), said he has seen as many as 20 refugees sharing a room in Sodertalje. While Sweden's asylum policy is generous, it isn't 100 percent; fearing to be the ones who aren't accepted, some refugees go underground.

“There are many people living in Sodertalje without papers,” said former Iraqi refugee and now Swedish citizen Zeid Alaess, who spoke with International Business Times at another Syrian Orthodox church in Sodertalje. “They are scared of being sent home because so many have been sent home already.”

Alaess, who was undocumented for about five years before marrying a Swede, left the country and reapplied for asylum as if he had never been in Sweden before.

Issa, 26, said he was smuggled into Sweden after Syrian intelligence agents arrived at his family’s home saying he would be pressed into military service. In response, his family put him on the first flight to Istanbul, where he lived with his sisters for a year while plotting his way into Sweden. Issa chose Sweden because he knew it was home to a large Syrian population -- around 30,000, double what it was in 2009 -- that included some of his family relations.

Issa’s own journey to Sweden is a case study in both how refugees are dispersed around the globe and how they change life in the countries where they end up. His arrival in Sweden was facilitated by two cousins with Swedish passports, one of whom looks like him. Another cousin, travelling on her own Swedish passport, brought Issa’s look-alike cousin’s Swedish passport to him in Istanbul, and there they found a smuggler who forged a Turkish entrance and exit stamp in his cousin’s passport. Issa then traveled to Lebanon on his own Syrian passport, but before the plane touched down in Beirut, switched to his cousin’s Swedish passport with the forged exit stamp inside.

“We then booked a flight on Qatari airlines from Lebanon to Stockholm,” he said. “I used the Swedish passport to board the flight. Otherwise, they would have not let me on.” Before touching down in the Swedish capital, Issa gave the Swedish passport back to the cousin he was travelling with for safekeeping and used his Syrian passport at Swedish customs, where he asked for asylum. Immigration authorities asked him how he managed to board the flight in Lebanon. “I just told them that the smuggler sorted it all out and I didn’t know how he did it. They let me in.”

Issa was lucky that he had a lookalike cousin. Others have had to make far more perilous journeys into the country, including some who have been smuggled in the storage area of buses for days attached to oxygen masks.

Issa spent his first few months in a Swedish refugee camp before the authorities found him accommodation in Sodertalje, and considers himself among the lucky ones in that regard, too. “Many families were sent north to places that had space to accommodate them, but it’s hard to find work in places like that and it’s very cold. How does this help people feel at home here?”

At his job in a local Lidl supermarket, Issa said he speaks mostly in Arabic and Syriac, and needs to rely on his Swedish -- which he says is average at best -- only occasionally. But he said he’s aware of the pitfalls of not fully integrating into Swedish society. “I am committed to being here for at least 10 years and I don’t want to be stacking shelves forever,” he said through a translator. Right now his priority is to repay his family for the fees they paid the smuggler.

As for life in an unfamiliar country, he said, “I’m thankful for the Swedish people and the government here for welcoming me into their country, but I don’t feel like I’m part of life here or the culture. It’s very closed off for people like me.”

While Varli, now a Swedish national, says that he supports immigration into the country, he acknowledges that many Syrians don’t want to come to Sweden but have to because of the war.

“However,” he said, “If this continues with Muslim and Christian immigration, where will the war be in 50 years? It will be in Sweden.” ... ty-1619232" onclick=";return false;

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Soviet Sweden? Model Nation Sliding to Third World

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