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Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:35 am
by Ariel
pr126 wrote:
Why work when you can get everything for free?

What happens when the money runs out?
It is not strange that migrants don't want to go back.


Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 11:09 am
by Ariel
Swedish police appeal for information after Stockholm explosion


Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after what was described as "one of the most powerful explosions" damaged cars and a building in an upmarket central Stockholm district.
Nobody was injured in the blast, which happened at 1am at the street Gyllenstiernsgatan in the Östermalm area of the Swedish capital, but it could be heard several kilometres away.

It damaged the building and cars parked along the street, with broken glass and debris covering the area.

In response, police launched a so-called "special incident" (or särskild händelse in Swedish), a move that usually means a temporary task force is set up to focus solely on the specified problem, and which can be launched to deal with a range of unexpected or sudden issues for which more resources are needed.

Late on Monday it remained unclear exactly what caused the explosion, which is being investigated as a criminal act, or specifically "devastation endangering the public" (allmänfarlig ödeläggelse).

No arrests had been made, but police said they had received a lot of tips and information.

There were no known threats that had been made against any resident in the building, which is located in one of the most expensive areas in central Stockholm, but police said they were still investigating.

"We have extra resources on the site to be available to residents and others who have questions or are feeling anxious about the incident," Erik Widstrand, head of the Stockholm City policing area, said on Monday.

"It is one of the most powerful explosions we have had in the region and we are keen to collect as many observations and tips as possible."

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Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:55 pm
by Ariel
Ban on headscarves in Skurup schools provokes protests

STUPID SWEDISH TEACHERS don Islamic headbags in protest against bans on oppressive headwear for girls

While the teachers themselves interpreted their action as a token of solidarity with Muslim students, online commenters minced no words, calling them “idiots” and suggesting they promoted the oppression of women.


Sputnik News (h/t Sara S) Following a proposal by the right-wing Sweden Democrats, the municipality of Skurup in southern Sweden has introduced a ban on religious headgear in its primary schools and preschools. In protest, non-Muslim teachers chose to put on the oppressive headgear.

The ban, backed by the liberal-conservative Moderates and the local Skurup party, applies to both children and staff. According to the newspaper Aftonbladet, it “stirred up emotions”, as protests by Malmö’s Young Muslims and counter-protests were heldoutside Skurup’s town hall.

Tasnim Raoof, the chair of Malmö’s Young Muslims, suggested the ban was “racist” as it “denied Muslim women’s right to their bodies and their democratic freedom of choice.” (What “race” is Islam?)

A dozen counter-protesters chanted slogans like “Freedom for Swedes” and “Close Islam”. According to the police, the demonstration gathered some 250 participants and went quietly except for one incident in which one of the counter-protesters had their placard destroyed.

Later, six non-Muslim teachers at Prästamosseskolan School donned veils to show their support to Muslim students. “The students get excited when they see that we also have veils. They feel that we support them,” teacher Marit, who teaches Swedish as a second language, told Aftonbladet. (Sure, misery loves company)

Prästamosseskolan headmaster Mattias Liedholm said that he refuses to comply with the municipality’s decision. (She should be fired)

(Right wing) Sweden Democrats group leader Lars Nyström explained that the idea of the ban is to protect Muslim women from oppression.

“The basic attitude is that we believe that boys and girls are just as worthy and wearing clothes to hide women’s faces and hair that does not belong in Skurup municipality,” Lars Nyström said.

According to him, the ban will be implemented within six months. While he also expected the school staff to comply with the decision, local teacher Naouel Aissaoui pledged to stop working in Skurup if the ban is enforced. (Good, you can be replaced)

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Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 1:23 pm
by Ariel
"Not all [building firms] have the secure storage that is required. I guess there was never before a need to secure storage.But things are changing in Sweden. There are many people now who hate the Swedes and who want to change Sweden in the shithole they came from.
Swedish builders failing to keep track of explosives: experts

Sweden is failing to properly keep track of plastic explosives on buildings sites around the country, making it easy for the criminals behind the recent wave of bomb attacks, experts in the country have told the TT newswire.

"If you have a building site and you plan to use 10KG of explosives, who can check if you are only using nine and selling the tenth kilo?" Malmö police chief Stefan Sinteus told TT.

"We are seeing a tendency to use more commercial explosives than before. We have, for example, no hand grenades left, and we see that the number of bangers has reduced. But we see plastic explosive."

Jan Johansson, chief executive of Bergsprängningsentreprenörerna, the trade body representing explosives engineers in Sweden, admitted that companies were failing to keep a proper record of explosives on site.

"Every company should keep a register over all the explosives they have up until the time that they are used," he said.

"Theoretically, it should be very simple to check if anything has disappeared. But that's not how it works in the real world. This register doesn't always function at 100 percent."

After this week's explosions in Stockholm and Norrköping, Mikael Damberg, Sweden's interior minister, called a meeting bringing together government agencies with experts from the building sector.

"Not all [building firms] have the secure storage that is required. And they also probably don't always report it if something is stolen, as they they themselves might be suspected of committing a crime," said Bo Janzon, a weapons expert at the Swedish Defence Research Agency.

He said it was also quite likely that people on building sites sold a portion of the explosives.

"You are supposed to keep a proper record, but because this substance probably has a value on the black market, you might expect individuals to make a little extra by selling it on the side."

Part of the problem, argued Janzon's colleague Henric Östman, was that the rules over who on a building site could use explosives were so loose.

"There is one person in every company, the one who has overall responsibility, who you do a background search and check up on, but it's not necessarily that person who will then deal with the explosive material. That's an obvious gap."

"It's strange that there isn't any requirement to make a registry of employees. Big companies which have a huge number of staff, are hiring people willy nilly."

Lorens van Dam, an expert at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, said that the rules requiring local municipalities to give permissions for the use of explosives were also not fully effective.

"It is sort of self evident that a municipal official would neither have the knowledge or ability to give out such permissions in a proper way. That's something that needs tightening up."

Swedish police have called for explosives to be marked in some way so that you can trace the origin of the explosives used even after its been detonated.

"This has been discussed in the past but not carried out," Östman said. "But if it can help police in their investigations, it is something that would be possible to do from a technical and scientific standpoint."

Such measures would probably need to be taken at the EU level, he added, as most manufacturers of plastic explosive are outside of Sweden.

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Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 12:51 am
by Ariel
New Swedish Islamist Party Wants to Grant Muslims ‘Special Minority’ Status

A newly formed Swedish political party has proposed making all Muslims in Sweden a “special minority”, claiming that Muslims suffer daily from violence and verbal attacks.

The Nyans Party say they want Muslims in Sweden to be recognised in the same way the country recognises Sami peoples and Jews as special minorities, saying that they want so-called Islamophic crimes to receive a special classification under the law, SVT reports.

The party chairman Mikail Yüksel, who was kicked out of the Centre Party for his association with the ultra-nationalist Turkish Grey Wolves, told the broadcaster: “Sweden’s Muslims daily experience both physical and verbal attacks of a racist nature.”

“It is not the veil that must be fought, it is the oppression. At the same time, parents have the right to raise their children based on their culture and religion,” he added.

When his prior association with the Grey Wolves was raised, Yüksel said that he abstained from Turkish politics saying: “I meet people with different political opinions, but that doesn’t mean I share their opinions.”

Around 60 people are said to have attended a meeting for the party in the Stockholm suburb of Kista, the same area that was rocked by a bombing earlier this week.

The party, which was formed in November of last year, will not be the first attempt to create a Muslim-oriented political party in Sweden.

In 2017, the Swedish electoral authority refused to register the Jasin party after it was revealed that radical Islamists had largely taken over the party. Despite its spokesman claiming the party was for all Swedes, he admitted that many members were supportive of enacting sharia in Sweden.

Several other countries across Europe have also seen the rise of similar parties, the most successful among them being the Denk Party in the Netherlands which won three seats in the Dutch parliament in 2017.

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Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 2:21 pm
by Ariel
“Sweden took in refugee children who aren’t actually children, it was insanely expensive, and now feminist social workers are having sex with them. Welcome to a class on the Swedish phenomenon Batikhäxa!

What we’re seeing here isn’t a migrant crisis. It is the biggest import of gigolos in human history, and the taxpayers are picking up the tab. All while actual children are starving in the conflict area. This is a scandal unlike anything.

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Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 4:52 pm
by pr126
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Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 5:34 am
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Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:51 pm
by Ariel
How clever. :heh: Not ones they menion immigrants or muslims in this long article.
Explosions: 'On the one hand Sweden is described as a war zone, and on the other it's heaven on earth'

Sweden's national bomb squad were called out to more than 100 blasts last year, a level not seen anywhere else in Europe. The Local speaks with the police commissioner in charge of a new task force cracking down on the spate of explosions.

Stefan Hector is the newly commissioned chief for 'Hoarfrost', a Special Incident operation tasked with tackling the rise of shootings and explosions in Sweden.

In an interview with The Local he gives a picture of the recent detonations and shootings in Sweden and what the police are doing to try and stop it.

Why are there so many explosions in Sweden?

"We've seen, over the last couple of years, that the amount of explosions in Sweden have risen to a level not seen anywhere else in Europe. The reasons, or underlying cause, are criminals clashing.

"They range from conflicts of a rational character, like market shares for the illegal narcotics trade, or more personal, such as provocations or insults, old conflicts with causes long-forgotten. Nevertheless, the explosions are an expression of clashes between criminal elements.

"These criminal elements are in large part comprised of street gangs from 'vulnerable areas' in the suburbs but also what we sometimes refer to as 'biker gangs'. There is, however, a lot of overlap between these two groups so as a whole this is about conflicts between different criminal networks."

How do your colleagues abroad view this development in Sweden?

"They are astonished. The prevailing picture of Sweden is that it is a calm and stable country and these expressions of violence, which are without equal, at least in Europe, is a surprise to our neighbouring countries.

"We have ongoing collaboration with many of the European countries, especially with the Nordic countries, and no one has the same kind of problems which is why this is a perplexing and possibly even frightening issue. But they are actively seeking more knowledge and are discussing these issues with us in order to share experiences and trying to understand this phenomenon."

Hand grenades used to be the go-to for criminals in past explosions, have the methods changed?

"These last few years one of the most common explosives were hand grenades. However we've seen a shift from hand grenades towards homemade bombs or IEDs, improvised explosive devices. The devices ranges from simple designs, filling a thermos with explosives and a fuse, to more advanced ones with remotely detonated triggers."

Why Swedish gangs use hand grenades (and what the country is doing about it)
Where does the bomb material come from? Is it external or do criminals get their hands on the components in Sweden?

"We haven't got the full picture but most of the material for homemade bombs are things you can buy over the counter, it isn't difficult to obtain. When it comes to the actual explosives our impression is that it's usually commercial grade explosives that are used in construction and road work that gets stolen or misappropriated. We have reason to believe that the majority of the explosives used in homemade bombs in Sweden come from these kinds of sources and then end up on the black market."

Isn't some kind of pre-existing knowledge or information required to make these bombs?

"It does require a certain level of knowledge to build a bomb and what we've seen is that there are a few groupings, or clusters, that make charges and sell or pass them on. With Operation Hoarfrost, this far we've neutralized two such clusters of bomb-makers and are continuing work on getting more of these criminal groupings. It does take know-how and experience though, we are currently trying to map out who these people and networks are in order to neutralize them."

Swedish police outline plan to deal with 'exceptional situation'
Has Operation Hoarfrost yielded any results?

"It is still too early to say anything certain about the overall effect on our main objective, which is to break the progression of shootings and detonations in Sweden.

"But when it comes to indicators, we can use Malmö as an example where we are showing our strength with reinforcements coming in nationwide. There are signs that the arrests, busts, screenings and seizures done towards these environments, people involved in shootings and detonations, are beginning to have an effect on similar violence in Malmö. It would be strange otherwise, seeing as we've made huge busts of guns, explosives and narcotics."

You have been given quite a lot of resources with Hoarfrost, but has the police shortage in Sweden affected your work?

"Yes, and no. Basically we would have liked to be able to do these kinds of operations without a show of strength, meaning that we take police officers from other parts of Sweden in order to amass resources in Malmö. In an ideal world we would have been able to operate here without reinforcements, but we're not there yet.

"Until we have enough police officers in Sweden we need to move resources around. So these kinds of operations do affect the police organization in Sweden, but we're not taking enough officers from each region for it to make any impact. That's the advantage of having an organization where you can collect people nationwide, the detrimental effect on a specific geographical region is minimal."

You talked about seizures of other weapons, beside explosives. Recently a Bosnian man in the US got sentenced to prison for smuggling weapon parts to, among others, Swedish neo-nazis. How common are criminal international networks when it comes to Swedish gunrunning?

"From what I've seen, one of the most common guns in criminal clashes in Sweden is the AK 47, and they aren't manufactured here. Which means that it needs to be smuggled into the country, so in that sense international players are contributing to shootings in Sweden. These kinds of guns usually come from the Balkans, as they have a surplus of weapons from past decades of conflict."

Are those the kind of weapons you usually seize or are, for example, Swedish hunting weapons also confiscated?

"No. Swedish hunting rifles are extremely rare in these kinds of contexts, it's usually assault rifles such as the AK 47, pistols or submachine guns. It is very, very rare that we see hunting weapons as a part of our work with Operation Hoarfrost."

Where in Sweden do these kinds of crimes, shootings and detonations, happen? Are there geographical differences?

"Yes, there's a difference. But it has also changed over time. I would say that the most frequent shootings and detonations happen in areas that the police define as 'vulnerable' and 'especially vulnerable' areas, there are 62 in Sweden.

"But it has been changing. Before, shootings, gun seizures and detonations were predominant in the big cities: Stockholm, Malmö and in some capacity Gothenburg. But now we see a progression where it is spreading to smaller cities in Sweden as well: Värnamo, Västerås, Uppsala and so on."

Why is that?

"We're seeing that criminal networks get a foothold, or rather, acquire a foothold outside of the big cities. We don't know for sure but a hypothesis is that the criminal market is exhausted in the big cities which is why they seek out smaller cities where market shares are more readily available."

How about the bigger picture? What is the nature of crime in Sweden?

"What I can verify is that shootings and explosions within criminal environments are on a whole other level than the rest of Europe, however the overall crime statistics encompasses so much more than just the shootings and detonations.

What do we know about violent crime in Sweden?
"In the end these are conflicts and clashes between criminal groups in Sweden, and it is important to see it in that light. The risk of third parties getting hurt is very, very small, even though it does exist.

How did reported crime rates change in Sweden last year?
"I mean, this is not an embellished view of Sweden. I have noticed a polarization in how people view Sweden. On one hand it's described as a war zone with guns and misery, and on the other hand it is pictured as heaven on earth.

"What you have heard this far is my view, from a standpoint of the crime-fighting mission of the police, and it is dark, that is the nature of the beast. The police deal with bad stuff, that is our mission, which is why my view is just one part of the picture. However, what I can say is that I'm not worried when walking the streets of the city."

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Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 5:02 pm
by Ariel
Mohamed 2nd most popular name for newborn boys in Sweden’s 2nd largest city


The name Mohammed is now the second most popular name for newborn baby boys in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city.

Statistics Sweden, a government agency responsible for producing official statistics for the country, has reported the names Elias, Mohamed, and Hugo were the first, second, and third most common names in Gothenburg for the year 2019, Breitbart London reports.

Despite Mohamed coming in as the second-most popular name for Gothenburg citizens, nationally, the name is the 29th most popular name for newborn baby boys, slightly up from last year when it was the 33rd most popular name in Sweden. Lucas remains the most popular name for baby boys nationwide.

In the Swedish city of Malmö, a city that’s well-known for its diversity, the name Mohamed appeared third on the list of the most popular baby boy names in 2019.

Across Europe, the name Mohamed has become increasingly popular in recent years. In 2017, the name – when all of its different spellings are taken into account – became Belgium’s most popular name.

In England and Wales, the name Mohamed, when its spelling variations like Mohammed and Mohammad are included, has been the most popular name since 2017.

Last year, Mohammed was also the most popular name for newborn baby boys both in multicultural Berlin and in some of Paris’s no-go suburbs

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Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 3:30 pm
by Ariel
Sweden public voted for the worst waste of money in 2019:

The climate policy

Sweden, the mother country of the most popular climate activist Greta Thunberg, voted for the worst money waste of government‘s action for last year. The climate policy is therefore awarded the award by the Taxpayers’ Disposal Ombudsman.

Despite Sweden sent more than doubled figures for decreasing the emissions the country produces the results are greatly disappointing. While in 2014 the government budget was 5.2 billion SEK, there is a plan to spent 12.6 billion SEK in 2020. But despite this, emissions no longer decrease. Last year, emissions even increased marginally. In 2018, the situation was even worse when emissions increased by half a million tonnes.

With over 18,000 votes 30 percent of the votes landed on climate policy. Swedish have been deeply unsatisfied in recent years when the climate policy was accented and for example, in 2017 the National Institute of Economic Research writes that the program “risks becoming a costly blow in the air”.

In the Taxpayers’ Association released reads: „At the same time, almost every third environmental car sold in Sweden goes with an environmental car bonus on exports to Norway in just a few years. Investing so much money on grants for electric bicycles, support for solar cells or why not climate anxiety therapy when there are other measures that have made greater use of the climate cannot be classified as anything other than waste.“

While the climate policy is the winner in this so-called award, on the second place came the artists’ commission’s million grants for art for earthworms and third place Gothenburg’s plans on a cable car across the Göta River.

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Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 5:12 pm
by Ariel
Sweden: Explosive material discovered in children’s sandbox


Muslim migrants have made bomb attacks a normal part of life in Sweden, while Islamic State jihadists are recruiting in “basement mosques.” And now:

Several children at a school in the multicultural Swedish city of Malmö discovered explosive material in a sandbox — the latest discovery of explosives in the city in recent years.

No one is immune to jihad terror, including children, and ignoring the escalating threats do not make them diminish. Our free societies are increasingly at stake as Islamization advances. The example of countries in Africa and the Middle East are precisely what the West should not follow, yet globalists are taking Western societies down that road.

Malmö has a particularly high Muslim population, as well as high rate of gang violence. Conditions are so grave that a Jewish congregation of Malmö has warned that rising antisemitism is turning the city into a no-go zone for Jews. Yet not only Jews are facing threats. UPS was forced to suspend deliveries there, citing attacks on drivers.

Muslim migrants meantime have learned the ropes. They know that Western Leftists will defend them no matter what. They learned long ago to scream “racism” in response to the electoral gains of the anti-open door Sweden Democrats. Sweden has seen a meager seven convictions after a year of over 250 explosions and bombings.

  • Several children at a school in the multicultural Swedish city of Malmö discovered explosive material in a sandbox — the latest discovery of explosives in the city in recent years.

    The explosives were discovered by the children at the Sorgenfriskolan elementary school, located in near the centre of the city, Sveriges Radio reports.

    The principal of the school, Mickael Westerlund, sent out a message to local parents saying that janitorial staff had searched the premises of the school to see if any other material had been hidden but they did not find anything else.

    Some of the parents of the children, however, have been less than enthusiastic about the incident, such as Per, the father of two boys who attend the school. “It is extremely unfortunate and bad for the whole of Malmö,” he said.

    Another parent named Cecilia told Sveriges Radio: ” I think it’s dumb not to go out with more information.”

    The discovery comes just under three years since a hand grenade was discovered in the Pildamma park in the Kronoborg area of the city by police, along with a cache of other weapons.

    A year later in 2018, another hand grenade discovery in Stockholm’s Varby Gard subway station led to the death of a 60-yar-old man, who picked up the object not realising what it was, after which it exploded.

    The grenade blast also wounded a 45-year-old woman who was taken to a local hospital….

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Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:14 pm
by Ariel
I know...It must seem to you, I am like a long-playing record, but alas, I can't help it. Every day those nasty crimes are happening in Sweden, and the offenders are Muslim migrant.
Sweden: 4 EXPLOSIONS in 24 hours – Government agency attacked in “crime against democracy”

The never ending cycle of explosions continues in Sweden. In just 24 hours there has been a whopping 4 explosions – As well as 24 people being evacuated after explosives were found by police in Helsingborg.

Around an hour after midnight on Friday a bomb was detonated at the entrance to the Social Administration offices in Helsingborg, where it caused serious material damage.

“They are trying to scare the government agency to try and get them to react. That is a crime against the rule of law, the government agency and democracy” said police chief Sven Holgersson.

“To blow up the entrance of the Social Administration is as serious as blowing up the police station” said the security chief in Helsingborg, Elina Bratt, to SVT.

Earlier in the evening, 24 people were evacuated after explosives were found in an apartment building only a few hundred metres away from where the explosion took place.

In the apartment 6 people were arrested in connection with the explosives.

Another explosion took place in the city of Borås around 22:40, where a detonation took place at the entrance to an apartment building.

People were seen running from the area in connection with the explosion, and police have descriptions of a white combi car that was seen leaving the area.

Bomb technicians were on the scene, and it was concluded that the explosion was caused by some sort of banger (a powerful illegal firework that police have likened to a hand grenade).

It was only about a week ago that the same building was targeted by another banger.

This was not all however, as there was another 2 bombings in Sweden during a 24 hour period between early Thursday morning and early Friday morning.

As we reported on at Times of Sweden yesterday, 2 cars were blown up in separate bombings.

A car that was parked at the Volvo factory parking lot in Torslanda was blown up, and another car was blown up just outside of Stockholm.

Both explosions damaged the cars, with the one just outside of Stockholm reportedly being very powerful. Car parts could be seen scattered across the street.

In 2019 we saw a record number of bombing in Sweden, with 257 explosions across the country – A 60% increase from the year before.

To put the bombing crisis in Sweden into perspective, it has to be taken into consideration that Sweden is a small country with only 10 million inhabitants.

If the number of explosions that happened in Sweden in 2019 would have taken place in the USA, it would have equalled over 8300 bombings in one year.

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Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 11:27 am
by Ariel
Swedish communist: The Left abandoned the working class for multiculturalism and LGBT issues


Former members of the Communist Party in Sweden plan to build a new Socialist worker’s party that’s free of multicultural dogma, climate alarmism, and LGBT issues that currently plague the modern left.

Nils Littorin, an ex-member of the Malmö branch of the Communist Party, told Lokatidningen that the Left of today has become part of the elite who has lost contact with the working class it was supposed to represent.

“The Left doesn’t understand why so many workers don’t think that multiculturalism, the LGBT movement, and Greta Thunberg are something fantastic, but instead believe we are in the 1930s’ Germany and that workers who vote for the Sweden Democrats have been infected by some Nazi sickness,” he explained to Lokatidningen.

According to Littorin, the cult surrounding 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg along with “other -isms” happen at the expense of the real issues, such as income equality.

“Pride, for instance, has been reduced to dealing with sexual orientation. We believe that human dignity is primarily about having a job and having pension insurance that means that you are not forced to live on crumbs when you are old,” Littorin explained.

Throughout the post-war period, the trade union movement advocated restrictive immigration to avoid wage dumping and ghettoization of the residential areas.

Littorin also says that the foothold in the working class has loosened and the demonstrations are being filled with other social groups.

For Littorin, the goal is to enter Malmö City Council by 2022. The name of the party remains undetermined, but Littorin stressed that the word “Communist” will no longer be present.

Littorin and his peers are not alone in their views among the far-left. A former member of the Left Party in Sweden , Markus Allard, recently lashed out against politicians who submit to Islam, saying that Islam should not take a millimeter of Sweden. However, because the Left as a whole hasn’t rid itself of multicultural dogma and climate alarmism, people like Littorin have been forced to leave leftist parties, despite the fact that they hold the opinions that traditional leftists have held for one hundred years.

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Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 11:31 am
by Ariel
New trend: Foreigners rob Swedish kids before peeing on them

Robberies against children and young people are becoming more common and more serious in Sweden, according to the police. Many victims also dare not report the crimes because they are afraid of retaliation.

Susanne Thonberg, a police inspector in Haninge, outside Stockholm, states that many youth robberies involve genuinely criminal elements, Sveriges radio reports.

“They don’t just rob, they bully their victims as well. They force them into the woods and pee on them,” Thornberg told the broadcaster.

In recent years, robberies committed against youths have increased in Sweden. In 2019, 2,500 robberies were reported against children under the age of 18. Haninge, a municipality that has been particularly plagued by such robberies, has seen a significant uptick in these types of crimes in the last 1.5 years.

After being robbed, many victims are traumatized. Following the traumatic event, they are often afraid to sleep alone and lose interest in things that they previously enjoyed.

Another issue that the police have noticed is that few youth victims dare to file a report and testify after a robbery.

“Many youths don’t want to contact, or cooperate with the police because they are afraid of reprisals. They get accused of snitching, so many don’t want to be involved,” said Thonberg.

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Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:02 am
by Ariel
:wot: The political correct Interior Minister Mikael Damberg is a fool. He should be ashamed. The Swedes should pee on him.
Swedish Interior Minister says migrant robbers pee on their victims because they feel hopelessness

Young migrants who carry out sadistic and degrading robberies against Swedes do so because they feel hopeless and like they do not belong in society, according to Sweden’s Social Democratic Minister of the Interior Mikael Damberg

In a recent high profile case, an 18-year-old was robbed by two younger assailants who, among other things, peed on him and forced him to open his mouth while doing so.

In an interview with SVT, Mikael Damberg was asked to explain why youth robberies are increasing.

“I don’t think I should have an explanation. I will wait for criminologists and others to tell me what it is due to. But it is obvious that there is a total lack of moral perception here, where these young men can commit almost any disgusting action against other young people. It is something that is lacking in the parenting role, but also that society does not intervene early enough”, said Damberg.

The interviewer then asked Damberg why crime is increasing in the “vulnerable areas”.

“It must be about both lack of parenting and norms, morals and values that are crossed in these gangs, and that is very serious. The second thing is that some of the young people feel hopeless, that they don’t do well in school and that they feel that there is no place for them in society”, the Interior Minister concluded.

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Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:54 pm
by Takeiteasynow
Mikael Damberg wrote:I will wait for criminologists and others to tell me what it is due to
Sure, this is so difficult to comprehend. It's obviously a stand alone issue and should be treated as such - perhaps with a 3 year study at the University of Lund?
Mikael Damberg wrote:The second thing is that some of the young people feel hopeless, that they don’t do well in school and that they feel that there is no place for them in society
O wait, has the study already been released? Or do we all know in advance what it's gonna say?

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Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 5:28 pm
by Ariel
Sweden Democrat MP to minister: Why won’t you admit that racism against the native Swedes exists?

Voice of Europe earlier this week reported on the shocking incident that occurred last December where a group of migrant men robbed and peed in a Swedish boy’s mouth while calling him dirty Swede.

Now, the brutal incident is being discussed by MPs in Sweden’s parliament and by the Swedish mainstream press.

During Thursday’s parliamentary debate, Adam Marttinen – the Sweden Democrats spokesman for Justice issues – asked the Minister for Housing, Per Bolund, if he would admit that racism by non-European migrants against native Swedes exist and is a problem, Expressen reports.

Per Bolund described the crimes as “horrible and unacceptable” but also said: “We should never, as a society, ever accept that people in this country, regardless of age and background, should be exposed to this type of crime.”

“We do not think to divide it, and to say that this is only about Swedishness, is a way to solve any problem,” Bolund added.

Jimme Åkesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, was at all not pleased with the answer. He later took to Twitter to write: “Why is it so difficult for left-wing liberals to recognize the prevalence of racism against Swedes? It’s a tremendous betrayal.”

“Pose that the situation would be the opposite, that a lone immigrant boy would be robbed, humiliated and called, for example, “most excellent blackie” by a bunch of Swedish guys,” Åkesson continued.

“Would Per Bolund respond in the same way? Allow me to doubt …” Åkesson concluded.

Sweden’s hugely unpopular Green-left government is so out of touch with reality that not only does the conservative opposition and ordinary citizens criticize them, but also mainstream media, and even some Social Democrats like Lena Mellin from left-wing paper Aftonbladet.

Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 10:54 am
by antineoETC
There is no problem here that jailing anybody and everybody that highlights such incidents won't solve!

Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 1:46 pm
by pr126
Sweden’s hugely unpopular Green-left government is so out of touch with reality that not only does the conservative opposition and ordinary citizens criticize them, but also mainstream media, and even some Social Democrats like Lena Mellin from left-wing paper Aftonbladet.
They are not out of touch of reality. It is planned and deliberate.
It is a war on the populace by the Marxist. Just one of the weapons in the arsenal in the fight for Utopia.

The Muslims are imported into Europe for the pupose to destabilise society and they are doing the job perfectly. Just as expected.

The other tools are feminism, political correctness, bigotry, racism, LGBTQ, forced transgederism, and the rest.
This has been going on for a century. Now in its final stages.

The long march through the institutions.

The object is to gain power. By any means necessary.

Criminalizing dissent - read 1984 by George Orwell