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Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:13 pm
by Fernando
They need to borrow London's Mayor Sadiq Khan - he'd soon put a stop to it. Not.

Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:32 pm
by Ariel
Migrant Rapes Foster Family's Daughter, Says He Thought It Was Legal in Sweden - Report

While the suspect's legal guardian pointed out the teenager's progress at school and described the event as “one-off,” the court decided to place the alleged culprit into special care and later prosecute him for child rape.

An unaccompanied 17-year-old migrant boy is suspected of having raped a much younger girl in the foster family where he was placed.

In his defence, he explained during the interrogation that this was perfectly legal in his home country, and no one told him otherwise in Sweden, the newspaper Lokaltidningen reported.

According to the victim, she was forced to have sex with the 17-year-old in April this year. He, in turn, admitted to having sex with her, but argued that he was unaware that this is against the law. Instead, he described it as “something happening between two children.”

“[NN] has admitted the event to some extent but stated that he does not know the laws that apply in the country with regard to sex and cohabitation. Rectors at schools are obliged to inform every single person about the rules that apply to sex and cohabitation in Sweden,” the administrative court said, as quoted by Lokaltidningen.

However, it also transpired that the accused was clearly explained the rules that apply in Sweden to sexual relations at his previous accommodations.

The suspect's legal guardian pointed out that the 17-year-old does well at school. He also described the event as a “one-off” and stressed that taking the boy into special care would destroy his progress.

However, the administrative court didn't share this attitude and decided that the 17-year-old should be placed in special care for six months with immediate effect. In due course, he will be prosecuted for rape against children.

The investigation also revealed suspicions that the alleged culprit may in fact be over 20 years old. In this case, the penalty will be longer.

According to Swedish law, the penalty for child rape varies between two and eight years' prison.

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Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 7:33 pm
by Fernando
Ariel wrote:
He, in turn, admitted to having sex with her, but argued that he was unaware that this is against the law. Instead, he described it as “something happening between two children” "lawful according to Allah".

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Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:19 pm
by Ariel
Malmö residents feel more affected by crime than anywhere else in Sweden

People living in Malmö are more affected by crime than those of any other area in Sweden, according to a new survey from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

People living in the city were slightly more likely than those living elsewhere in Sweden to report being victims of a crime.

They were also more likely to describe themselves as feeling "unsafe", or "very unsafe", in answer to nine out of 13 questions asked by the latest issue of the Swedish Crime Survey, from years 2017-18.

"We can see that there is a part of Malmö where a lot of people are exposed to crime and also feel concerned when they go out at night," said Sofie Lifvin, who carried out the survey, told The Local.

In the district of Fosie, a full 65 percent of respondents said they would feel "unsafe" or "very unsafe" to be out alone late at night in their area, the highest proportion of any district in Sweden. For Rosengård, another district with a reputation for being troubled, the share was 60 percent.

Across Sweden as a whole, an average of 28 percent said they would feel "unsafe" or "very unsafe". Regional differences were stark, from 33 percent in the southern police region to 18 percent in the more sparsely populated northern police region. Sweden is home to seven police regions: northern, central, Bergslagen, Stockholm, eastern, western, and southern.

However, despite the high fear of crime in the Fosie and Rosengård areas, people living there were no more likely than people living elsewhere in Malmö to report having been victims of a "crime against an individual". This category includes assault, threat, sexual harassment, mugging, pickpocketing, fraud, harassment and online bullying.

Some 28.5 percent of people living in Fosie and 28.8 percent of people living in Rosengård said they had been victims of such crimes in the year leading up to the survey, less than in the prosperous suburbs of Oxie and Bunkeflostrand, but in line with the average for Malmö, which was 29 percent.

The highest reported incidence of such crimes was in Södra Innerstaden, which includes the popular restaurant and bar district of Möllevången, where a full 33.8 percent of people said they had been victims of crimes against the individual, the highest proportion of any district in Sweden, and well above the national average of 23.8 percent.

The worst district in Sweden for burglary was also in Malmö, with 30.4 percent of people in the district of Kirseberg saying they had been victims of "crimes against a household", which includes burglary and car or cycle theft.

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Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 2:50 pm
by Ariel
Well people in Sweden. You know what to do next time when you can vote for a new government. Don't you?

Don't vote Vänsterpartiet or the Swedish Social Democratic Left Party , but vote Sverigedemokraterna, SD
Over 90 Percent of Swedes think Islam is incompatible with human rights

The University of Gävle in Sweden every year releases a “Diverity barometer” where people in Sweden are asked about their attitudes towards diversity. In the latest barometer they conclude that Swedes’ attitudes towards giving immigrants their cultural rights have become more negative, at the same time more people have positive experiences of having an immigrant colleague at work.

In the question about which religions have negative values that clash with for instance human rights, 95% think Islam, 35% think Judaism, 31% think Hinduism, 26% think Buddhism and 26% think Christianity. Islam once again stands out in the yearly survey.

Moreover, 66 percent of the people in the survey also agree on the statement that Muslim women in Sweden are more opressed than other women in Sweden, 26 percent don’t know and 8 percent says no.

87 percent thinks that people with foreign background have a duty to adapt to Swedish culture, 7 percent don’t know and 6 percent says no.

Among the people who participated in the survey, 88 percent are born in Sweden, 8 percent in a nation in Europe, and 5 percent in a nation outside Europe.

The remarkably negative attitude towards Islam shows that most Swedes know that Islam is not a religion like any other.

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Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:38 am
by Ariel
MAP: Where Malmö's gun murders have taken place and how close police are to solving them


Ten fatal shootings have taken place in Malmö over the past two years, but only one of the suspected shooters has been sentenced. This interactive map summarizes what you need to know about each case and updates you on the police progress in each instance.

After an alarming wave of deadly shootings in Malmö in 2017, police have struggled to get the bottom of the nine gun murders which took place between the start of 2017 and February 2018. In six cases, two thirds of the total, they are no longer actively investigating.

But according to Mattias Sigfridsson, Deputy Commissioner of Malmö Police, since then the force has seen a marked improvement in its success rate.

"These murders within criminal groups are hard investigations," Sigfridsson told The Local. "We always say if we can solve half of them, we should be very pleased and right now it looks like we are doing that."

Sigfridsson argued that the sheer number of deadly shootings over recent years has forced local police investigators to hone their skills.

According to statistics released last week, 2017 saw 65 shootings in the Malmö area in which seven people died and 35 were injured. In 2018, there were 47 shootings, 12 deaths and 14 injuries, and in the first six months of 2019 there were 13 shootings, two deaths and four injuries.

"We have improved our investigation skills in these murders, because we’ve had some training. We have improved our working on the forensic and digital evidence, and I think also in the early hours of the investigations we have improved," Sigfridsson said.

IN DEPTH: What's behind the rise in gang violence across Sweden?

"I think it’s a combination of good knowledge of the groups in Malmö, and improved investigative skills."

The map below shows the locations of the fatal shootings that took place in Malmö between 2017 and 2019.

On the map, yellow shows those which took place in 2017, orange shows the 2018 shootings and the black symbol is used for those that took place in the first six months of 2019.

Click on the locations for information about the date and circumstances of the shooting, as well as an update on the police investigation.


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Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 4:34 pm
by Ariel
Migrant child gang puts fear into neighbours – Swedish children scared to go outside

Rape threats, beating with clubs, throwing rocks. The last year’s ordeal for the neighbours in a small vicinity of Grums, Sweden, is more and more turning into a nightmare. A child gang consisting of 8-12 year old migrants puts the neighbourhood in such a fear that Swedish children no longer go outside and play.

Tenants in an area in the small municipality of Grums in Värmland, Sweden are too afraid to let their children go outside since a gang of 8-12 year old migrants started to harass the vicinity last summer.

Mothers Kajsa and Malin live in the neighbourhood. “They have thrown rocks, beated kids up with steel pipes and sticks until they’ve started to bleed. The worst one was a strangling grip which resulted in marks on the child’s neck. But it’s also about sexual threats: “I’m gonna sex you” or “I’m gonna rape you”, Malin says to the Swedish Union of Tenants newspaper, Hem och Hyra.

Tenant union fears increasing racism

Malin and Kajsa contacted the local Swedish Union of Tenants in Grums for help. The tenant union wrote a letter to the local Police department, the social services and the housing company Grumsbostäder, in which the union demands action against the escalating situation. The union focuses on fear of escalating racism and segregation in its letter.

“The ones who cause the problems and violence are children of new-coming migrants. That is why neighbours start to make connections between the problems and xenophobic views. In the long term, this will result in a very segregated vicinity where neighbours speak in terms of “us and them”, which will escalate if this is not stopped very soon”, the Union writes in its letter.

No police report

No one has filed a police report yet, despite the violence and seriousness such as bruises on children’s necks. At a recent meeting between the tenants, the union and the Police, some tenants thought that it would be impossible to report children as young as eight and that the Police would laugh at them.
Grums local Police officer Lennart Hynynen is very troubled by the incidents.

“I don’t have all the facts yet but from what I’ve heard, it is very disturbing. In all my years as a Police man, I have never experienced that so young people go together and threaten people like this and act this violently.

Fear of retaliation

Tenant Malin says that the situation is beyond control and that her daughter is becoming more and more frightened to leave the apartment.

“One of my girls cry at night and want us to go to our trailer because she’s so scared. And we cannot tell them to stop either, out of fear for revenge. They will put trash in our letterboxes or attack my children even more when I’m not around. Or, if you tell them to stop, they show a lot of attitude. As an adult, to get spitted upon in the face and being told “I’m not listening to you because you’re a woman” and to be called words I never use, that is extremely offensive. It might sound strange for someone who has not experienced it, but you kind of lose everything when a child does such things to you and you don’t know what to do”, Malin says.

Parents can’t speak Swedish

The problem started a year ago, and has escalated beyond control in the latest months. No-one can either speak to the child gang’s parents who cannot speak Swedish. Interpretor is required in every contact, which makes communication more difficult.

Police Officer Lennart Hynynen confirms that it is absolutely possible to report children to the Police, and that the Social Services must take over the cases with young perpetrators.

“From my point of view, problems like these come from the parents and in this case I know that these parents don’t speak Swedish at all, so we really can’t say if these parents really know what their children are doing”, says Lennart Hynynen.
As an adult, to get spitted upon in the face and being told “I’m not listening to you because you’re a woman” and to be called words I never use, that is extremely offensive.

:) Oh, dear...Let me fill in the words that the lady wont use. We hear them all the time in Holland .
I am sure that woman was called a whore. Or perhaps ( also very common in Holland..) "cancer whore."

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Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:13 am
by Ariel
For who has 40 minutes to spare.

A very interesting docu from Sweden about the problems they have with immigrants.

Englisch subs.

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Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:27 pm
by Ariel
Swedish free reporter repeatedly threatened to life, his daughter is to be burnt alive – the Police does not act

Swedish journalist Joakim Lamotte is becoming more and more used to threats against his person and family. But now, the threats are becoming increasingly worse.

The last one states that Lamotte is to be shot at sight, his daughter raped and to be burnt alive. Lamotte himself does not expect any assistance from the Police this time either, why he asks the Swedish public for help.

Swedish journalist Joakim Lamotte is somewhat of a parachute reporter character, with a way of working similar to Tim Pool’s. Lamotte has built his own brand by visiting cities and vicinities in Sweden to talk to the inhabitants about concerning criminal developments in their communities. He lets the people he interviews speak openly without censorship.

Criminal rates, insecurity, gang violence and religious extremism are the issues that concern people in his reporting the most.

“I will burn your daughter alive”
Joakim Lamotte is used to being threatened by people who are not fond of his reporting. However, the latest threat coming in seems to be too much to handle for the normally scare free reporter.

In his Messenger, Lamotte received the following words, in poorly written Swedish without grammar excellence: “you little bastard I will shoot you in the head I know where you live Gothenburg I will burn your house with your daughters I your daughter is the worst whore I am gonna rape her just see you racist whore next time you post about immigrants I will burn your daughter alive”

Lamotte has filed many police reports about the threats against him – but everyone has been dropped, despite the existence of evidence, contact information and names of his attackers.

Asking the Swedish Public for help
Now, Lamotte is asking the Public to share the latest threat against him. “Now, I need your help”, he writes. “The person who wrote this is 22 years old and lives in Stockholm. I have supplied to the Police his social security number and address but I have no hope that this will lead to any conviction.

This due to all the police reports I have filed about illegal threats against me and my family, which all have been dropped. But if we all can help sharing this post, someone must open up their eyes and react. It is not OK that people can write things like this without being properly punished”, he writes and adds: “In this case, it is about scaring a journalist into silence. If our justice system does not take this seriously it is a threat against freedom of speech and the free word.”

Parachute reporter
Joakim Lamotte’s only equipment used during his on-sight-reports in Swedish towns is himself, his telephone camera and his Facebook page, from which he sends hour-long live updates. His coverages has made him the enemy of many opinion-makers on the left in addition to immigrants, in particular hard core Muslims who do not want him to shred light onto reality.

People on the right or in the centre-right seem friendlier towards Joakim Lamotte and do not mind sharing his videos which can easily be seen on Youtube or at his Facebook page.

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Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:31 pm
by Ariel
Young Swedish woman denied bus ride for being “not properly dressed”

Swedish woman Amanda, 19, boarded the local public bus in Skåne and registered her bus card when the driver suddenly called her back, saying he wanted to have a word with her. “You cannot walk dressed like that on our buses. It is a policy of ours, you show too much skin”, the driver said and rejected her from the bus.


“It not a provocative outfit. Besides, it was extremely hot outside, 27 degrees”, Amanda writes and posts a picture of herself showing the clothes she wore that day.

“He starts to talk about a policy at the bus company that does not in exist and I keep on questioning him and he responds that I cannot come along unless I get dressed. I’m FURIOUS. I walk off the bus because even if I wanted to stay in pure protest, I was so angry I just wanted to scream and cry. I question what “f** sexist baloney” this is and got off”, Amanda writes, adding that she never has felt that humiliated before and that it would happen in a public environment aboard a bus made her furious.

Amanda turned to the bus company, Skånetrafiken, with her complaints. Now, the driver’s treatment of her has become a national top story and many social media users are making fun of islamist dress codes in Sweden.

The public company rejects having any such dress code policy as the bus driver claimed and regrets the treatment of Amanda.

Now, the driver has been taken off duty.

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Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 7:42 pm
by Ariel
Ahh yes..The circle of hell.... taharrush gamai
Sweden: 20-year-old woman attacked and raped by ten men on a street corner

This past weekend ten men surrounded, held down and raped a woman on a street corner in Piteå, in northern Sweden.

The incident occurred at the music festival Piteå Dansar och Ler (Piteå Dances and Smiles), PDOL.

Late on Friday night, a woman in her 20s was standing on the corner of Uddmansgatan and Prästgårdsgatan in the festival area when a group of men approached her.

“It’s one of the men who has been active, the others have been watching”, says Chief Inspector Aron Backman.

The woman was surrounded by the gang, but eventually managed to escape and reported the incident to the police.
“She kicked and punched them and ran away”, says Aron Backman.

The police have a clear picture of what happened, but they don’t have the identities of the suspects and therefore ask for public support to arrest them.

According to Backman, the nine men who surrounded the woman may be suspected of accessory to rape after “promoting the crime”.

“We will continue to search for the perpetrators and hope to get tips and observations from the public”, he says.

“It’s a pretty unique situation where a girl stands with ten guys. Surely, someone must have noticed them.”

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Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:08 pm
by Fernando
There's none so blind as those who will not see, alas.

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Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:02 pm
by Ariel
Swedish author Björn Ranelid says it’s time to speak the truth about Sweden in new controversial column

Early July, Malmö born and raised, award-winning author, philosopher and entertainer Björn Ranelid wrote that Sweden is in a state of war in a much acclaimed column in the Swedish liberal newspaper Expressen.

Now Ranelid returns to the subject in a new column where he states that “it is high time for me and many other people in Sweden to speak and write about the state of the kingdom, as many politicians and self-proclaimed intellectuals are concealing, falsifying and lying about what is going on in the country”.

Ranelid is, among other things, critical of the short prison sentences with early releases, and writes that “life imprisonment should, in the sense of the word, mean a punishment that lasts for life for the convicted”.

He also notes that foreign bands of thieves exploit the country’s police resource shortage, which he calls “a national scandal”.

However, he welcomes the fact that the police and media have released a sketch of a man who raped a woman in Hedemora recently, since “it is commendable and urgent that the man’s appearance is described as accurately as possible, for he should be hunted and never feel safe to escape his terrible crime”.

Most critical is Ranelid of the “writers and debaters on cultural and editorial pages” who “imitate each other and try to explain away and deny the events with silly litanies about the alienation of certain people in relation to society in general”.

According to Ranelid, “these murderers in the gangs” are outside society “solely through their own actions and choices in life”, and he points out that they “are in many respects extremely privileged individuals in relation to billions of people in India, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, African countries and China. In essence, they have nothing to complain about in Sweden”.

He concludes by once again stating that “if ten, eleven or twelve cities in Sweden are centers for various gangster gangs and criminal networks that time and again resolve conflicts with automatic weapons where the public reside, then there is a small-scale or more widespread war in Sweden”.

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Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:58 pm
by Ariel
Very important those daily prayers and bugger that Swedish whore woman.

“O you who believe! Respond to (the call of) Allah and His Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life.”
Muslim public driver halts bus services and denies women entry for prayer in Sweden

A Muslim driver of a public bus in Stockholm denied a woman entry onto his bus because he and two other men were praying in the vehicle.

This unacceptable and blatant act of public discrimination occurred last Friday evening. The victim stated that she hesitated to tell anyone because she was afraid that no one would believe her story.

The following week the story was confirmed by a local Moderate Party politician Kristoffer Tamsons who took to Facebook to state that the Muslim driver’s behavior was “unacceptable.”

Tamson mentioned that he had initiated an investigation into the incident in order to clarify the general standards of the transport boards and to investigate how employees are permitted to practice their religion at work and onboard public vehicles.

The woman involved in the incident said that when she looked inside the bus she discovered the driver along with two boys kneeling on the seats engaged in prayer. After she tried to board the bus and knocked on its door, the driver ignored her presence and rudely left her to stand outside in the rain, Swedish news site Nyheter Idag reports.

Although the public employee eventually let the woman onto the bus after he had finished his prayer, the woman said that he quickly became aggressive toward her because she had disturbed him while he as praying.

Due to the driver’s aggressive behavior, the woman quickly became uncomfortable riding this bus, so she called a friend who came and collected her with his car.

Hanif Bali, a Moderate politician who is well known for his staunch opposition to mass immigration, posted an image of the bus driving praying on the bus with the text: “A woman was not allowed on a bus in Värmdö late at night, the bus driver had prayer time with his children. After the prayer time, he acted threateningly against the woman. I guess it’s Mormons.”

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Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 8:55 pm
by Fernando
She should have stood in the road where he could see her - that would have invalidated his prayers. :worthy:

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Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 3:19 pm
by Ariel
Why not ask the Muslim migrant rapists who are besetting Sweden to change the way they behave? Why, that would be “Islamophobic.” And so Sweden is now on the way to adopting the Islamic assumption that it is the woman’s responsibility to prevent a man from being tempted, and therefore her fault if she is sexually assaulted or raped.
Sweden: After four rapes in four days, Uppsala police warn women to “think how to behave”

Police in the Swedish city of Uppsala have warned women to walk in groups and to “think how to behave,” after four women were raped in as many days.

A sleepy college town of 170,000 people, Uppsala is more usually known for its universities and cathedral than for violent crime. However, police are investigating a series of sex crimes in recent days.

Two “completed rapes” took place last weekend, with another attempted rape on Saturday night, and another sexual attack in the early hours of Wednesday morning. All four attacks took place at night, and all four victims were walking alone. Police are treating the incidents as unconnected and no descriptions of the suspects have been released.

Police did, however, release a warning. Not to any would-be rapists, but to their potential victims. “Women in town should not be worried, but must think how to behave,” the city’s police force said in a statement to newspaper Expressen.

“Feel free to walk on illuminated streets and not alone in alleys or parks,” they continued, adding that because officers “cannot be in all places, both men and women have to think ahead.”

Similar advice to women in Uppsala has been criticized before. When four out of five schoolgirls said they felt unsafe outdoors in the city earlier this year, women’s rights groups called for a greater police presence on the streets, instead of security advice to potential victims.

“Reducing girls’ freedom of movement is a serious development,” activist Mariet Ghadimi told SVT Nyheter in March. “It is a structural problem that restricts girls’ freedom and rights, and in the long run affects women generally.”…

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Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 3:28 pm
by Ariel
Bianca hopes her manual will reach Donald Trump: “This is how the rotten Swedish legal system works”

  • An “IKEA” manual for Mr Trump was recently manufactured by two swedish advertising guys, Hampus Elfström and Oscar Gierup, who wanted to sort out the Swedish legal system as simply as possible to the President of the United States, since they had fears he did not understand it properly. The manual was of course noticed in the daily, left liberal newspaper Aftonbladet, and an article about the initiative was published there, with an intention to mock Trump and others in the aftermath of the ASAP Rocky-affair. The swedish writer Bianca Muratagic was not as impressed as the mainstream media by the IKEA-manual, and wrote a manual of her own, more realistic and corresponding with whats going on in Sweden. “It would be a pleasure if you could take your time to look briefly at my in-your-face manual which summarizes a corrupt legal system that increasingly mocks victims and stands on the perpetrator’s side,” she writes in a Facebook post that has already received several thousand likes. She now hopes her manual will reach Mr Trump – so he for him self can judge how Swedens legal system “works”.
    Hi Hampus and Oscar, mainstream media heroes! I saw your so-called IKEA manual that you have created for US President Donald Trump and where you step by step give instructions and explain how the Swedish legal system works. I imagine that the lying establishment, like many other haters and bullies, will rejoice in your leisure project that not only mocks Mr Trump, but also victims of crime. It would be a pleasure if you could take your time to look briefly at my so-called in-your-face manual which summarizes the corrupt swedish legal system that increasingly mocks victims and stands on the perpetrator’s side. You can go through it point by point while sipping your soy lattes and chewing on your eco-friendly paper straws at Södermalm.
Here are some examples of how it “works”:

You are suspected of:

Violently attacking police officers
Hit and run
Drunk driving
You are released.

That’s how “THE SWEDISH JUSTICE SYSTEM” that you two geniuses talk about works.

You are under the influence of drugs and are running around with a sharpened Kalashnikov rifle in the middle of Malmö. According to Malmö district court, you have not committed a serious weapon crime and you are released.

That’s how “THE SWEDISH JUSTICE SYSTEM” that you two geniuses talk about works.

You are a rapist who has lived in Sweden since 2010 and has a permanent residence permit. You have been fined four times for minor drug offenses, various traffic offenses and drunk driving. You do not have to be deported because the Supreme Court considers that rape is not an “extreme exception.”

That’s how “THE SWEDISH JUSTICE SYSTEM” that you two geniuses talk about works.

You and your friends are committing brutal brutal violence. The High Court lowers the penalty for your friends and you do not have to be deported because you are “vulnerable” in your home country due to mental illness.

That’s how “THE SWEDISH JUSTICE SYSTEM” that you two geniuses talk about works.

You, along with four other friends, are raping and abusing a woman for four hours in a stairwell in a Stockholm suburb Fittja. All of you are prosecuted, three for gross rape and two for assisting. All of you are released from the district court, even though three men acknowledged that they had had sex with the woman, but said it was “voluntary.” The Chancellor of Justice grants you damages of between SEK 195,000 and SEK 220,000 each. This is tax-financed rapes. Have you heard of these?

That’s how “THE SWEDISH JUSTICE SYSTEM” that you two geniuses talk about works.

You or your wife (maybe both) have abused your five-month-old daughter to death. Yes, you have KILLED your child. But you blame your wife and she blames you, you blame each other – and guess what! None of you are prosecuted.

That’s how “THE SWEDISH JUSTICE SYSTEM” that you two geniuses talk about works.

Now, both you and your wife, receive SEK 164,000 in damages for time spent in custody. You are rewarded with tax money for you or any of you have murdered your own baby girl. These are tax-financed child murders.

That’s how “THE SWEDISH JUSTICE SYSTEM” that you two geniuses talk about works.

You are a young and worried woman who feels insecure. You want to be able to defend yourself if you get assaulted and with the thought of moving out in the evenings you get pepper spray. You will be arraigned and charged with a criminal offense.

That’s how “THE SWEDISH JUSTICE SYSTEM” that you two geniuses talk about works.

You are an older woman and a senior who expresses clumsiness on social media. You are a man who shares satire and pictures of books about a particular religion. You are called to police interrogation and you risk prosecution for incitement against people. You risk fines or imprisonment.

That’s how “THE SWEDISH JUSTICE SYSTEM” that you two geniuses talk about works.

You come as a “refugee” to Sweden, you lie about your age, status and background. You are deceiving the state, the country and its people for money. Despite this, you and 9000 of your fellow countrymen who lack asylum and protection needs stay in Sweden as our “feminist” government and politicians conjure up a new law for you overnight. A red carpet walk for grown men who were labeled “children” by the media and our rulers despite over 80% being adults. You are a street child with 10 different identities who constantly commit crimes. Nevertheless, the police must release you. You cost taxpayers large sums of money. At the time of writing when I googled the information that Uppsala’s police released, it says that “the page can no longer be found.” I try with another, fail again even though there is nothing wrong with my internet or reception. You’ve heard that Youtube and Google are removing and censoring alternative media that are reviewing and questioning power? Such as you and your friend call “Fake News.”

That’s how “THE SWEDISH JUSTICE SYSTEM” that you two geniuses talk about works.

Mr President Donald Trump should send this reality and in-your-face manual to you, two white, privileged and reality-averse soyboys trying to break through by picking up cheap points and mocking a president who sets up for his own people and an African-American rap star who being grotesquely treated and imprisoned for a month in Swedish prison for being attacked, acting in self-defense and having enough of seeing passing girls sexually harassed by two “refugees” from Afghanistan who are freed from all charges and suspicions so that one can go on vacation in Iran and despite the fact that both also have a heavy criminal background.

That’s how “THE SWEDISH JUSTICE SYSTEM” that you two geniuses talk about works.

Kind regards,


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Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:11 pm
by Ariel
This is Sweden in 2019.

- Private security firms are hiring 5300 new employees to meet demand

- The state agency that deals with crisis readiness is warning municipalities to prepare for terror attacks

- Over 120 explosions / bombings in Sweden so far this year

And the daily.....
- Car fires.
- Gang rapes.
- Bombings.
- Shootings.
- Police attacked with sword.
- Women oppressed for wearing too "little clothes".
Linköping bomb up to 40 times as big as recent Malmö blasts


As much as 15-20 kilos of industrial explosives – placed in a cargo bike – was used to carry out the bomb attack in Linköping in June, making it up to almost 40 times as big as charges used in recent attacks in Malmö.

An investigation by Sweden's national bomb squad concluded that the person or people who planted the bomb must have been expecting to cause injuries and even deaths.

"One must consider that the risk that someone should be injured or killed is close to 100 percent," the investigator concluded in a report, which has been seen by Sweden's state broadcaster SVT.

The attack on June 7th destroyed the facade of an apartment building in central Linköping, smashing windows and balconies. It also shattered windows in several nearby buildings.

In the days after the blast, police said it was "absolutely incredible" that no one had been seriously injured. Around 20 people received minor injuries.

Police in Malmö estimate that around 500 grammes, or at the most 1 kilo, of industrial explosives was used in recent bomb attacks on driving schools, and apartment buildings.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Linköping police detailed how they had recently found explosives hidden inside a stolen moped. As they sought to render the moped bomb safe, the explosives detonated, destroying a police building.

According to the Aftonbladet newspaper, the explosives had been mixed with nails, indicating that it had been intended for some sort of attack.

"When you find explosives in Linköping, where there has previously been an explosion, of course we are required to check if there's a connection," Daniel Axelsson, head of the local police's serious crimes division, told SVT.

Police said they did not expect the moped's owner of involvement.

Re: News from Sweden.

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:39 pm
by Ariel
The man should not only resign, but he should also stand trial .
And with him many, many other politicians who turned Europe in a sh!t hole.
Swedish Crime Noir writer to PM Stefan Löfven: “You have ruined Sweden and should resign!”


In an open letter, published on the popular independent media website Katerina Magasin, Crime Noir writer and columnist Eva-Lisa Dezmin gives Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven a well-deserved bashing.
While you’re safe in parliament your citizens are suffering and the humanitarian superpower is collapsing, she writes.

Is he well-rested after the summer break and ready to take on the rampant criminality and all other problems that have struck the country, she wonders.

It is now time to look at facts instead of mumbling nonsense and blaming just about everything on the Sweden Democrats (SD) – who are actually entirely innocent of the current situation.

As far as she knows, none of them have gang raped, blown up, robbed, shot or murdered anyone during the summer. Nor is it SD’s fault that the neighboring countries have been forced to secure their borders with Sweden as of late.

Löfven’s attempts to point out scapegoats that fit his agenda have gone from ill-judged to downright ridiculous.

If he had the slightest concern for the citizen’s well-being, he would have stopped the madness a long time ago, but the only thing he seems capable of is to make things even worse.

SD leader Jimmie Åkesson predicted all this 10 years ago, she points out.

Escalating fires, rapes, assaults, robberies, murders and animal cruelty. Sharia laws, clan-based societies, no-go zones, honor-related oppression, child marriages, forced marriages, polygami, genital mutilation, gender segregation in bathhouses and school buses, shootings, explosions, terrorist acts, attacks on emergency workers, hospital violence, declining school performance, growing healthcare waiting lists and overcrowded prisons.

Everything that Löfven and the other parliamentary parties frenetically and uncompromisingly dismissed as racist foolishness, has come true as if it were a prophecy by someone with supernatural abilities.
She does not think that Åkesson is a psychic, only that he spent a few minutes on a consequence analysis, something Löfven obviously has not learned how to do yet, or alternatively, chooses to keep far away from his comfort zone.

“Shame on you, Stefan Löfven! You have the nerve to point fingers at the only parliamentary party that completely lacks guilt in what the country has become, when you should take responsibility and do something about the chaos that you have been very much involved in creating.”

“But what do you do? You sit silent in parliament while the citizens are suffering, while the old and the sick are thrown out on the street and while the unrest intensifies”, she continues.

“You crawl out from your sheltered workshop only when the disaster is a complete fact, and peep that it is “unacceptable” or that “we have been naïve”. With the exception when people belonging to a certain religion have been attacked, then you use your chest tones in eagerness to quickly condemn.”

“I hope you do the right thing when the summer holiday is over and acknowledge your total inability to steer the country in the right direction, resign, and call for an early election. Because, you know, this country can’t take three more years of completely incompetent leadership, where common sense is notable only with its total absence.”

“While writing this letter, I have tried to think of another country in the Western world that treats its citizens with greater injustice than you do, Stefan Löfven, but for the life of me I cannot think of a single one.”

“Of course, I understand that you do not care about all this, other than when election year is getting closer because the most important thing for you is to remain in power. The power that you continue to abuse.”

“We don’t need any more power-abusing leaders with megalomania, we need someone with backbone enough to roll up his or her sleeves, reverse the destructive development and make Sweden great again.”

“And if there is anything that has been established beyond all reasonable doubt, it is that that person is not you. The humanitarian superpower, and the foundation and values on which it rested, has failed and it turned out to be lacking all the content you and your peers created the impression that it would hold.”

“Instead, it drips with misery, contradictions, insecurity and a prosperity that is soon to be a thing of the past”, she concludes.

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Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 12:06 pm
by Ariel
Woman and child taken to hospital after Malmö shooting

Three people, reportedly including a woman and a child, have been taken to hospital in Malmö after a shooting near Ribersborg, a popular beach park.

According to witnesses interviewed by the Kvällsposten newspaper, several masked attackers fired off between eight and ten shots before escaping through the gardens of a nearby apartment building. "It sounded like two different weapons," the witness said.

One witness told the newspaper that the woman had been carrying a child at the time that she was hit by a bullet. The man she was with then went into shock, screaming that the child "needed its mother".

The police reported the shooting on Sergels väg in Malmö shortly before 10am, with ambulances and police immediately dispatched to the scene of the attack.

"This is one of the most serious crimes there is so we are deploying all of our resources to investigate it, and also sending officers to speak to people near the scene of the attack who might be disturbed by what has happened," Calle Persson from the Malmö police told The Local.

"The area has been cordoned off, we are waiting for criminal technical investigators, and we will send several sniffer dogs who are trained to find discarded weapons, bullets, and empty cartridges."

Annelie Silveira, a spokesperson for emergency line SOS Alarm, told the TT news agency that three people had been taken to hospital.

According to the local Sydsvenskan newspaper, the woman was severely injured.