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Re: News from Sweden.

PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2013 6:26 pm
by StrongLove
So frustrating to hear about crap like this. In the west we have been struggling for equality long before the Magna Carta. Slowly but surely crawling toward equality. And then these apoplectic ignoramuses start to immigrate & begin to undermine all the progress we have made (with the help of the deluded PC crowed).

The concept of equality seems to be beyond muslims understanding. Apparently they believe that there are only hammers & nails in this world & they are going to be the hammers.

One of my fears is that the PC tricksters will continue to lie until westerners are too angry to control. It's better to pass laws & give the enemies of democracy a year or two to leave the country than to have blood in the streets.

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PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2013 9:28 pm
by ringmaster
StrongLove wrote:.................. It's better to pass laws & give the enemies of democracy a year or two to leave the country than to have blood in the streets.

They are enemies of all decent humanity.

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PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 4:31 pm
by Jimi
manfred wrote:Needless to say, in countries with Shariah law there are pretty much no reported rapes at all, and we all know the reason...

What is the reason? Because pious Muslims would never rape a women? Or because the women are properly dressed, insuring men are not temped by immoral women and Polygamy insures men's sexual needs are met. Either way it is BECAUSE of the positive influence of Islam and the wisdom of Allah and his prophet that Muslim countries have less rapes. Right?

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PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 6:46 pm
by ringmaster
Jimi wrote:.............................

What is the reason? Because pious Muslims would never rape a women?.................


The reason is simple. Verse 4-24 says that rape is OK. Why would muslims keep statistics on something that is, according to them, lawful?

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PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2013 1:59 pm
by Ariel
This brave Somali journalist is destroyed by the political correct stupid Swedish elite.

A young Somali journalist in Sweden named Amun Abdullahi got herself in trouble with the politically correct elite by reporting the truth about the radicalization of young Somalis in Rinkeby (a culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm), where they were recruited for jihad by the Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabab.

The treatment meted out to Ms. Abdullahi made her decide to move back to Somalia. She acknowledges that Mogadishu is a dangerous place, but she considers Sweden more dangerous, because “here you cannot tell the truth

Amun came as a refugee in 1991, first arriving in Umeå,
which she describes as one of the most beautiful cities on earth.
Later on she moved to Rinkeby near Stockholm.
She had made the whole transition from refugee to reporter on Swedish Radio.
And her knowledge and contacts as a Somali led her onto a story which changed her life.
One morning she recognised a young Somali,
who had changed character after studying religious scripture.
That was the beginning of an investigative report,
in which she revealed how a leader of am after-school activity center lured youths into Al-Shabab
“It’s half past five, you are listening to Ekot.
Many of the young men from Sweden recruited by the Islamist rebel group Al-Shabab
have come from an after-school activity center in Rinkeby.”

After the report was aired, Amun received numerous threats.
And one night her car was torched on the street.
But she had prepared herself for the threats and social ostracism.
But she was not prepared for what followed later on.
A few months later criticisms emerged from an entirely different front.
From her own colleagues on one of Sweden’s most influential political radio shows, “Konflikt”
Here Ekot’s and thereby Amun’s research was dismissed as mere “hearsay” and “rumors”.
Behind it stood Randi Mossige-Norheim, who has been awarded
the Swedish “Grand Journalism Award” among many others
It’s simply normal to ask “did it really happen?”
I don’t think we made a claim of truth. And I could say that about many things.
We did not say that anything was correct or incorrect.
-You didn’t claim anything was correct or incorrect?
No, we didn’t say anything was correct or incorrect.
But isn’t it your job to say, that which is correct?
But what I mean is, we don’t judge anybody. We don’t judge anybody.
Amun tells us, that after the program on “Konflikt” was aired, she became even more ostracized.

Read more. ... mogadishu/

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PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2013 2:03 pm
by Ariel
The following news report from Germany discusses the ongoing persecution of Jews in the southern Swedish city of Malmö, mostly at the hands of the city’s “New Swedes”.

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PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2013 2:15 pm
by Ariel
Muslim youths burn 100 cars in north Stockholm riots. Let them riot. The people in Sweden need a wake-up call.

Riots in Stockholm suburb over police shooting

STOCKHOLM — Gangs of youth angered by the police shooting death of an elderly man hurled rocks at police and set cars and buildings on fire in a Stockholm suburb early Monday, forcing the evacuation of an apartment block.

Around 50 youths were involved in the riots in the suburb of Husby, west of Stockholm, police spokesman Lars Bystrom said.

The youths set light to a parking garage, compelling police to evacuate residents from an adjacent apartment block, Bystrom said. Residents were allowed to return home after a couple of hours.

Husby is one of several neighborhoods of apartment blocks in western Stockholm occupied primarily by immigrants.

Bystrom said police responded to calls of burning cars and were met by masked youths hurling rocks at them. Three officers were injured and several cars and buildings were damaged.

However, residents said they had gathered to protest against the shooting death and that police responded with sending in SWAT teams that cordoned off the area.

"I understand that people react like this," said Rami Al-Khamisi from the organization Megafonen, which represents citizens in Stockholm's suburbs.

The organization said police had used excessive violence against the youth and also attacked passers-by with batons and dogs.

Police have launched an internal probe to investigate the shooting death on May 13 of a 69-year-old man in Husby . They say they shot the man in self-defense because he had attacked police with a knife when they broke down the door to an apartment, where he had locked himself up with a woman.

However, Megafonen has criticized police for initially releasing a faulty report saying the man was taken to hospital. They said residents had seen his dead body being transported from the scene hours after the shooting in a hearse, which police later admitted was correct. ... rylink=cpy

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PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2013 4:10 pm
by ringmaster
Ariel wrote:Muslim youths burn 100 cars in north Stockholm riots. Let them riot. The people in Sweden need a wake-up call.


Centuries of "professional neutrality" appears to be a difficult habit to break.

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PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2013 9:57 am
by pr126
Burn, Husby, Burn!

“The Police Are Running”

Don't see any of this on the BBC News. Why?

Ariel wrote:
The people in Sweden need a wake-up call.

I think they are all heavily sedated or in a coma.

Europeans are tired of living. They are committing an assisted cultural euthanasia.
Islam just puts them out of their misery.

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PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 6:43 am
by ringmaster
pr126 wrote:.................
I think they are all heavily sedated or in a coma.

Europeans are tired of living. They are committing an assisted cultural euthanasia.
Islam just puts them out of their misery.


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PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 2:46 pm
by Ariel
Three days of rioting in Sweden. It is getting worse and worse.... Keep in mind that those rioters are being housed, fed and pampered in Sweden, and that most of them still live from full benefits payed by the Swedish taxpayers.

Re: News from Sweden.

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 2:55 pm
by ringmaster much of Europe...a people totally devoid of balls.

pr126 hit the nail on the head. A sedated people tired of living.

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PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2013 12:42 am
by Ariel
What's Wrong With Sweden?

Posted GMT 5-21-2013

Europe is slowly committing suicide, but Sweden is plainly determined to do itself in faster than the rest. Earlier this month, on a visit to Lagos, Nigeria, Sweden's Minister of Finance, a fellow named Anders Borg, made one of those staggering comments, drenched with contempt for one's own nation and culture, of the sort in which Swedish officials excel. Paying tribute to the beauty of Nigerian women's colorful attire, Borg couldn't just leave it at that; he felt compelled to use the occasion to complain that his own countrywomen too often wear dull, black outfits. Speaking with a reporter for Expressen, he expressed the hope and expectation that in ten years' time his own country, and Europe generally, will look far more like Africa. It'll be more multicultural, he explained, and thus better.

But is Nigeria more multicultural than Sweden? Yes, if you're referring to the fact that it has over 250 native ethnic and linguistic groups with a wide range of cultures, from Fula to Hausa to Yoruba. But if you're talking about multiculturalism as an ideology that compels public servants to view the establishment of greater and greater ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity as an undivided virtue, regardless of all objective evidence to the contrary, Nigeria has nothing on Sweden. While only a tiny minority of Nigeria's population is of foreign origin, over 25% of Sweden's inhabitants have a foreign background. And people like Borg are determined to drive that number steadily higher, by hook or by crook -- on the insane grounds that a nation like Sweden should look to a nation like Nigeria as a model for its own future development.

Indeed, it's a measure of the utter irrationality of the modern religion known as multiculturalism that a Western politician like Borg is able to lavish such praise on an overpopulated, underdeveloped African country whose very name is synonymous with cheesy Internet scams; a country that has a life expectancy of 47 years, a 32% illiteracy rate, a political culture rife with corruption, and a deplorable human-rights record; a country where twelve of the 36 states are governed according to sharia law, where over a hundred people perished in Muslim riots over the 2002 Miss World pageant, and where jihadist violence has taken hundreds of lives in recent years.

What the hell is up with Sweden? It's a question people have been asking for decades, and in a new book, The Swedish Story, Swedish blogger Jon Sjunnesson sets out to answer it. And he does an effective job of it: even for those of us who have paid no small amount of attention to Sweden over the years, Sjunnesson's book offers a helpful overview of the Swedish national character and the history of the Swedish welfare state, perceptively singling out the distinctive traits that have made Sweden the "extreme experiment" that it is and succinctly summing up some of the more notorious episodes in modern Swedish history. But this isn't all: he also illuminates socialism and the socialist mind in a way that I think will be useful for Americans -- for what he's drawn here is a vivid map of the territory into which our president and many of his cronies and supporters wish to lead us.

Take education. Of course, real education means, above all, helping students learn how to think critically. In a country like Sweden, however, schools and universities are primarily sites of indoctrination whose purpose is to create good socialists. If the Swedish system celebrates kids who are great at sports while all but punishing kids who stand out academically ("Excellence of bodies yes, brains no"), part of the reason is a fanatical devotion to equality of result, and part is an awareness that kids with first-rate minds are potential critics of the system. Hence socialism's preference for mediocrity over excellence.

And, one might add, for social science over hard science. Yes, Sweden awards Nobel Prizes in chemistry, physics, and medicine, but its educational system discourages an interest in math and science -- because, you see, experts in these fields end up serving industry, which exploits workers and produces environmentally hazardous waste. For decades, consequently, Sweden has suffered a deficit of scientists, engineers, doctors, and technicians. Students who choose to enter these fields, furthermore, tend to be so ill-prepared that they "need remedial classes." There's also a lack of plumbers, construction workers, and other laborers -- for just as Sweden's social engineers distrust science, they look down on vocations involving manual labor.

In Sweden, the brainwashing starts early -- not in school, but in day care. No fewer than 85% of Swedish children under age three are in municipal (or municipally administered) day care. This figure is probably the highest percentage in the world. It is, Sjunnesson notes, the kind of experiment in mass, government-controlled child-rearing that Plato envisioned in his Republic and that "was central in Orwell's and Huxley's dystopias." If you're a Swedish parent who doesn't want your kid brought up to be a good little socialist soldier -- well, good luck: you have few if any real alternatives. Parents who don't put their kids in day care "are often suspect in the eyes of social authority." As for home schooling, it's forbidden under a 2010 law (the only such legislation in the EU aside from a German ban enacted in 1938 because "the Nazi party did not want anyone else to school the young"). In any event, the cause of home schooling hasn't gained much traction among Swedes, who have been efficiently trained to view any expression of unease over state-run education as "deranged" and to accept the socialist proposition that children belong not to their parents but to the state.

Sjunnesson makes a crucial point about the high tax rates in Sweden and other Nordic countries. The high taxes are necessary, of course, to fund the welfare state. But they serve another purpose. Socialists recognize members of the middle class, who are all too frequently driven by an ambition to better their circumstances, as a potential threat to the authority of socialists, whose machinations make such ambitions harder to fulfill. How to nip this nuisance in the bud? Easy: impose sky-high taxes on them. For, as Sjunnesson points out, people who have been able to accumulate some savings in the bank are better positioned to "stand up against authority" and "rise with self-confidence"; they're not "as servile as if they had nothing." Sweden's tax system, then, is designed to make it extremely hard for Swedes to save money -- and it works: compared to other Western countries, "Swedes have unusually small amounts of savings." And consequently, people who might otherwise be vocal critics of the socialist welfare state are very aware of being dependent on it, knowing that if they get sick or lose their jobs they won't have their own resources to fall back on. Confiscatory tax, then, serves not only as a means of enriching and expanding the socialist state, but as a form, itself, of socialist control.

"Meek as sheep": that's how Sjunnesson describes his fellow Swedes. They're afflicted with a "silent conformism," the result of a "spiral of silence" driven by a "fear of exclusion" and a perceived need to maintain a social order founded on perceived consensus views. Whether the perceived consensus views actually are the consensus views doesn't matter: "When no opposing views are heard, people do not believe there are any even if they themselves dissent." Those who do dare to dissent are branded as extreme -- even though those "extreme" views may be thoroughly mainstream in other Western countries -- and are often targeted for violence by self-styled "anti-fascists" who behave exactly like fascists. Sweden is, note well, a country in which members of the anti-establishment Sweden Democrats Party are demonized for dissenting civilly and peacefully, while certain entertainers are celebrated for singing about their desire to commit acts of violence against Sweden Democrats. Then there's the story of how a frank Fox News report on the Islamization of the city of Malmö led an irate member of Parliament to demand that the Swedish counterpart to the FCC close down Fox News's operation in Sweden. As Sjunnesson sums it up: "freedom of speech means little in Sweden."

There's much more of interest in this book. About, for example, the inculcation of virulently anti-male attitudes at all levels of the Swedish educational system. ("Boys cry when they hear how bad they and their father are and men have always been.") About how the system rewards irresponsibility on the part of young unmarried mothers and the men who impregnate them. ("With a baby, a single parent sidesteps all waiting lines and the child may be the only means to an apartment for decades.") About a national self-hatred so fierce that "schools have asked pupils not to wear [Swedish flag] t-shirts or wave the yellow and blue flag as it could be interpreted as racist." About a country where adults admire and envy youth beyond all reason, and accordingly exhibit greater levels of hedonism and infantilism than their counterparts anywhere else on the planet. And about levels of anti-Semitism that made international headlines yet again just the other day, when Israel's Eurovision delegation was harassed and threatened on the streets of Malmö.

For an American reader, Sjunnesson's book about a supposedly free country where the media march in lockstep and where dissent can be dangerous carries a special resonance in the wake of revelations that the IRS has targeted conservative groups and the Justice Department has snooped on AP and Fox News journalists. To some observers, the depth of the Obama administration's hostility toward any hint of criticism in the media has been especially puzzling, given that most news media have in fact been absurdly supportive and protective of Obama throughout his presidency. But to a true socialist government, any dissent is intolerable. In Norway, where the domination of the news market by state-run TV channels and radio stations and by state-subsidized newspapers already give the government a very strong hand in shaping the media message about itself, officials have now gone a step further, proposing that the state award grants to fund journalistic projects of its own choosing -- an outrageous suggestion in a democratic country, but a no-brainer for those with a socialist mindset.

In socialist countries, after all, the state doesn't exist to serve the people; the people exist to be shaped into unquestioning servants of the state -- servants who accept that the state is them and that they are the state. In such countries, it's taken for granted that there's no need to place any limit on state power or to provide mechanisms to protect citizens from that power, because, by definition, as Sjunnesson puts it, "the state always is good." We may mock the European Union for banning jugs or bowls of olive oil on restaurant tables, but this is what socialism does: the powers that be need to have their fingers in every pie, need to minimize the number of situations under which freedom may actually be experienced, need to accustom citizens to a society in which their lives are increasingly regulated. They need, in short, to create a country in which the land and the system are, in the minds of the general public, one -- a country, that is, in which the people simply cannot imagine the nation itself without the socialist state.

No so-called democracy on earth has gone as far in this direction as Sweden. For the Swedish people, Sjunneson says, "the country is the welfare state…Swedes have have no home but the welfare state and no identity outside its yarn" -- outside, in other words, its narrative about itself. Winston Smith, Orwell's narrator in 1984, suggests that the only hope of overthrowing the totalitarian government of his native Oceania lies with "the proles"; Sjunneson, for his part, believes that his fellow Swedes are so brainwashed by welfare-state propaganda that the only way Sweden can save itself at this point is by admitting "one million new immigrants from India, China, Africa and Latin America" who have service skills or technical knowhow, who have no truck with jihadism or multiculturalism, who want to move to Sweden not for a handout but to study hard and work hard, and who will, in time, found more rigorous schools and start more vigorous businesses.

A pipe dream, I fear. Yet Sjunneson's portrait of his country is a cautionary tale whose lessons the rest of us ignore at our peril.

By Bruce Bawer

Frontpage Magazine

Re: News from Sweden.

PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2013 6:08 pm
by ringmaster
Ariel wrote:I guess we are too tolerant, and Europe still suffers the "never again"syndrome.

Albert Einstein would describe Europeans as insane.

Re: News from Sweden.

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2013 9:53 am
by Ariel
This was the fifth night of Stockholm riots. Who are behind them ? They know now.... behind them is a group called the Megafonen.

This group who received City funding as a ‘youth activist group.’ Turns out the “youths” consisted of revolutionary Muslim activists whose goal was to destroy the area they live in .

Over 80 % of the residents are non-european immigrants, legal and illegal, mainly Arab and African Muslims. First the Muslim demand that the state build them mosques, then they demand loudspeakers to broadcast the Muslim Call to Prayer five times a day. Next they demand money, free housing and welfare money for their clans, vacation pay and cars. Next they begin to demand money and offices for their groups and community organizations. ... in-sweden/

And listen for a sec to those two social workers who think they can save Sweden by making home visits.

Re: News from Sweden.

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2013 10:08 am
by pr126
The Swedes will wake up one morning and find out that their country has gone for good. With the help of their government.
Actually, it has already happened, but they haven't realized it yet.
Or could it be that they don't really care? That's hard to believe, but possible.

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PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 11:10 pm
by Ariel
pr126 wrote:The Swedes will wake up one morning and find out that their country has gone for good. With the help of their government.
Actually, it has already happened, but they haven't realized it yet.
Or could it be that they don't really care? That's hard to believe, but possible.

I think they care...Not for them self, but for the immigrant. Anyway...Their dreams of a Perfect Society is up in smoke

Stockholm Riots Leave Sweden's Dreams Of Perfect Society Up In Smoke
Colin Freeman, The Daily Telegraph

A week of disturbances in Sweden's capital has tested the Scandinavian nation's reputation for tolerance, reports Colin Freeman

LIKE the millions of other ordinary Swedes whom he now sees himself as one of, Mohammed Abbas fears his dream society is now under threat. When he first arrived in Stockholm as refugee from Iran in 1994, the vast Husby council estate where he settled was a mixture of locals and foreigners, a melting pot for what was supposed to be a harmonious, multi-racial paradise.

Two decades on, though, "white flight" has left only one in five of Husby's flats occupied by ethnic Swedes, and many of their immigrant replacements do not seem to share his view that a new life in Sweden is a dream come true. Last week, the neighbourhood erupted into rioting, sparking some of the fiercest urban unrest that Sweden has seen in decades, and a new debate about the success of racial integration.

"In the old days, the neighbourhood was more Swedish and life felt like a dream, but now there are just too many foreigners, and a new generation that has grown up here with just their own culture," he said, gesturing towards the hooded youths milling around in Husby's pedestrianised shopping precinct.

"Also, in Sweden you cannot hit your children to discipline them, and this is a problem for foreign parents. The kids can feel they can cause whatever trouble they want, and the police don't even arrest any of them most of the time."

This weekend, after six consecutive nights of rioting, Mr Mohammed was not the only one questioning the Swedish social model's preference for the carrot over the stick. Many Swedes were left asking why a country that prides itself on a generous welfare state, liberal social attitudes and a welcoming attitude towards immigrants should ever have race riots in the first place.

The disturbances erupted in Husby last weekend, after police shot dead an elderly Iraqi man brandishing a machete inside his house. Angered at what they saw as police heavyhandedness, youths torched cars and buildings and stoned police and firefighters. Police were then forced to draft in extra manpower from outside Stockholm as the trouble spread to other immigrant-dominated suburbs of the capital and towns such as Orebro in central Sweden, where 25 masked youths set fire to a school on Friday night.

Up too in smoke has gone the notion that egalitarian Sweden, which has largely avoided the global recession, might be immune from the social problems blighting less affluent parts of Europe.

Sweden's centre-right prime minister, Frederik Reinfeldt, blamed "hooligans" but also talked sympathatically of the difficult "transition period between different cultures". Meanwhile politicians from the Swedish Left, which ruled the country for most of the post-war period, blamed the trouble on social spending cuts introduced by Mr Reinfeldt, whose Moderate Party vowed to trim - though not slash - the welfare budget when he took office in 2006.

But amid the soulsearching last week, perhaps the most telling comment was the one from Kjell Lindgren, the spokesman for Stockholm Police. "We don't know why they are doing this," he said, when asked for a cause for the riots. "There is no answer to it."

Certainly, wandering around Husby last week, it was hard at first glance to see quite what the problem was. Built in the 1970s as part of the "Million Programme" that aimed to give affordable housing for all Swedes, the estate is one of dozens on Stockholm's outskirts that now house mainly immigrant populations, including large numbers from Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Iraq.

However, comparisons to the Paris "banlieus", or indeed riot-hit Tottenham or Salford, are limited. Between the rows of clean-looking housing blocks are well-tended flowerbeds and neatly- kept public gardens, and in the shopping precinct, where an ornamental fountain still bubbles away, there are bars, shops, and a smart cafe-bakery that would not look too out of place in an IKEA catalogue. At eight per cent, Husby's joblessness rate is three times the Swedish average, but only slightly higher than that in the UK.

Likewise, although the rioting has been large scale by Swedish standards, seen up close it has less of the ferocity of the 2011 disturbances in Britain. When The Sunday Telegraph visited Husby late on Wednesday night, the highlight was a hit-and-run arson attack on two parked cars. Police were hardly to be seen, and when they did arrive, it was purely to protect the firefighters dealing with the car blaze rather than make arrests.

Instead, teams of well-intentioned volunteers from local community groups and Islamic associations mingled with the crowds of excited onlookers, politely suggesting that they expressed their grievances peacefully.

Among a large group gathered on an overhead walkway was Mohammed Abdu, 27, whose family came to Sweden from Eritrea when he was aged three, and who now works as a security guard. While he condemned the violence as "hooliganism", he claimed that many Husby residents still suffered from discrimination from the police and employers. Besides, he added, living in such a prosperous, advanced country offered no real satisfaction for those so conspicuously at the bottom of the heap.

"It's true that the welfare system here is an example to the rest of the world, so if you fall here you do not fall all the way to the bottom," he said. "But people don't like being dependent on social welfare, and there is hidden racism."

Not so, argued Yusuf Carlos, 32, a construction worker from Palestine. "It is just kids causing this trouble, that is why the police are not doing much about it," he said. "Sweden is fair towards immigrants and it isn't hard to find work, or not before these riots anyway. The problem is that the Swedish people are angry now. They don't know why people here in Husby are doing this, only that they come from this neighbourhood."

Certainly, claims of racism upset many Swedes, who have no colonial history, and whose decision to admit large numbers of Third World migrants from the 1980s onwards was born of no particular political obligation, more just a very Swedish sense of humanitarian duty to the wider world. From the very start, the government also sought to avoid creating a German-style "guest worker" class by promoting immigrants' rights and introducing a plethora of programmes to promote racial integratkion.

Yet despite Swedish language education being offered free to all long-term immigrants, ghettos of foreigners have flourished in recent years. So too have Far Right parties challinging the political class's long-standing pro-immigration consensus, who now command up to 10 per cent of the vote and may increase their share in next year's elections.

"We have tried harder than any other European country to integrate, spending billions on a welfare system that is designed to help jobless immigrants and guarantee them a good quality of life," said Marc Abramsson, leader of the National Democrats Party. "Yet we have areas where there are ethnic groups that just don't identify with Swedish society. They see the police and even the fire brigade as part of the state, and they attack them. We have tried everything, anything, to improve things, but it hasn't worked. It's not about racism, it's just that multi-culturalism doesn't recognise how humans actually function."

Aje Carlbom, a Swedish academic and author of a critical study into Swedish immigration policy, added that despite the increasing appeal of Far Right parties, mainstream Swedish politicians were still reluctant to even ask the kind of questions that the likes of Mr Abramsson was already offering answers to.

"Anyone who wants to regulate immigration is immediately classified as a nationalist, which also implies a racist as well," he said. "It is still almost impossible to debate this question."

Still, some of Husby's younger generation argue that it is unreasonable of Swedes to expect them to be perennially "grateful" for taking them in, even from the dire circumstances in their homelands.

Among them is local youth worker Rami al Khamisi, 25, whose family escaped to Sweden from Saddam Hussein's Iraq back in 1994, smuggling themselves first through Turkey and Russia and then across the Baltic in a fishing boat commandeered by a people smuggler. "I was six years old and the boat was packed with about 60 people," he said. "An old man died, and they threw him in the water because his body was smelling a lot."

That, though, he says, is his only real memory of the hardships of his early life, and as such, he finds it hard to be as thankful as his parents still are to his adopted homeland. "They compare it to Baghdad or Somalia," he said. "But we younger immigrants only really know Sweden, and we just compare our situation to the one around us."

With Stockholm still burning this weekend, though, that may be asking for just a little too much understanding - even in compassionate, generous Sweden. ... z2ULQusVWL

Re: News from Sweden.

PostPosted: Fri May 31, 2013 1:34 pm
by Ariel
Ariel wrote:I think they care...Not for them self, but for the immigrant. Anyway...Their dreams of a Perfect Society is up in smoke

And I think I was right.... "This is not a question about immigration, it is a class question, We should blame ourselves " Sweden naive left wing parliamentarians say.

Left Party calls Åkesson unrest analysis 'pitiful'

The Sweden Democrats have proposed the state withdraw child support from parents whose children take part in riots, with leader Jimmie Åkesson immediately facing flack from his parliamentary colleagues.

As Sweden parliamentarians assembled on Friday to discuss last week's unrest in Stockholm, Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson condemned the vandalism and attacks on police and firemen. That view did not put him apart from the mainstream of Swedish politics, but the subsequent proposal - also stating that the parents be "offered" classes in parenting that would be "obligatory" - was set to raise eyebrows.

Left Party leader Jonas Sjösted retorted in parliament that the Sweden Democrats lay the blame on immigrants, which Åkesson denied.

"We are not placing the blame on the immigrants, we're placing the blame on the other political parties. It is the people in this very chamber that have full responsibility and who have created the politics that caused what happened," Åkesson said. His lament about what he termed a "gigantic political failure" received little support, however, from the other parties.

"Åkesson wants to fight immigrants, I want to fight the class divisions," Sjöstedt said, adding that Åkesson was pitiful for not talking about the far-right groups hunting down immigrants in the wake of the first nights of unrest. He further accused the Sweden Democrat leader of wanting to cement divisions in society.

Sjösted got a modicum of support from the main opposition party the Social Democrats when MP Morgan Johansson adressed the floor.

"This is not a question about immigration, it is a class question," said the shadow justice minister, whose party wanted more Swedes with immigrant backgrounds in the police force as well as a better focus on resources in ailing schools. The Social Democrats proposed that Sweden look at ways of supporting the 50 worst performing schools in the country to target the problem.

The focus on education was also part of the address by Center Party MP Johan Linander, who said he would like concrete action to be taken.

"Jobs, jobs, jobs for adults. School, school, school for young. It is neither more complicated nor easier than that," Linander told his fellow parliamentarians, who added that it was "not unexpected" that Åkesson would blame immigration.

The conservative Justice Minister, meanwhile, instead put the blame at the individuals' door.

"There are no excuses. There may be explanations, but everyone has personal responsibility," Beatrice Ask told parliament. "Young angry men, it is almost always men, subjecting others to violence and danger. I want to state clearly that it is completely unacceptable."

"There are frustrated young people. While there are no simple solutions, we can never accept violence," said Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) Gulan Avci.

The Green Party, meanwhile, said politicians needed to zoom out and address the living conditions in some of the affected suburbs. Green MP Mehmet Kaplan pointed out that his party wanted to renovate the Million Programme housing schemes built after the Second World War that were in desperate need of upgrades.

Kaplan underscored that he had lived for 17 years in Husby, the neighbourhood where the unrest was sparked, and said that the struggle to understand the unrest was "personal". Kaplan said that many young people in Husby felt the adult world did not listen to them, and that they felt let down.

Åkesson's choice to lift the role of the parents in the unrest did find an echo of sorts among the socially conservative Christian Democrat party, as its MP Caroline Szyber stated that one thing was being missed in the discussion.

"The role of the parent has been overshadowed. We do not forget the fight against social injustice, quite the opposite, but in the work to make sure this does not happen again, parents and other grown ups will play a central role."

Re: News from Sweden.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:02 am
by Ariel
If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em?

What to do? Late last Sunday night, a 23-year-old woman in Oscarshamn, a town of 17,000 people that’s about halfway between Mecca and Medina – sorry, I mean Stockholm and Malmö – was on her way home when she was stopped by three young men of foreign origin. “Are you Swedish?” they asked her. When she said yes, they hit her so hard that she fell to the ground. Then, looking down at her, lying there at their feet, they said: “Welcome to Sweden. It’s our country now, not yours.”

The brief account I read of this incident closes with the information that the police have labeled this a “hate crime.” Gee, ya think? Presumably there’s no place on their checklists for “soft jihad.” (Although I’m sure there was nothing soft about the punch that knocked that young woman to the pavement.)

One thing these “soft” jihadists have going for them is that what they’re engaged in is, quite simply, so audacious that – unless you’re prepared to open your mind up to the immense and terrible reality of it – it can seem almost farcical. “It’s our country now, not yours”? It has the absurd ring of a pathetic claim made by some schoolyard punk.

Except that those three punks in Oscarshamn aren’t alone. They’re certainly far from the first of their kind in Europe to make such an arrogant pronouncement. And as the years go by, that bold assertion, echoed increasingly in the streets of a growing number of European towns and cities, comes ever closer to being the plain and simple truth. ... Js.blogger

Re: Islam news from Sweden.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:28 pm
by Ariel

Topless Femen activists target Swedish mosque

Three women from the feminist activist movement Femen entered a mosque on Södermalm in central Stockholm on Saturday morning, baring their breats and chanting "No sharia" and "Free women".

The women entered the main central Stockholm mosque at around 11am on Saturday.

Mosque employees called the police who dispatched several units to the scene. Shortly after their arrival they emerged with the still bare-breasted women and walked to a transport vehicle.

According to the duty police officer Jonas Svalan the women are now suspected of disorderly conduct due to their nudity and assault for having allegedly shoved somebody.

The women are reported to originate from Egypt, Tunisia and Sweden.

Femen is originally a Ukrainian women's group that applies "sextremism" to draw attention to equality and democracy issues.

The group's perhaps most high profile campaign came during the European Football Championship in 2012 when Femen's bare-breasted leaders capitalized on the massive media presence to stage protests against sex trafficking.

The group has recently been very active in France and only last week several activists accosted the French President François Hollande as he visited the Paris airshow.

Earlier this year they caused outrage when they bared all at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to bid their own 'adieu' to Pope Benedict.