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News from Denmark.

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:21 am
by Ariel
Muslims demanding the Jizya. It is almost normal. It is their area they say...So pay.
In Denmark in Aarhus an other church also has to pays protection money to Muslims to prevent attacks on church-goers.
Denmark: "'Youths' in Muslim-dominated area demand money from church for being in 'their area'"

Having worked in Copenhagen's youth prison, I know that the only gangs that rule in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, are Muslim -- Blågårdsbanden and Brothas are two of them. JihadWatch has earlier reported on Muslim extortion against non-Muslim businesses on Nørrebro: Denmark: 67-year-old female bar owner becomes national hero for standing up against Muslim mafia's jizya demand.

Read more about the Muslim area Nørrebro in Copenhagen on JihadWatch here.

Translated by Nicolai Sennels, Ekstrabladet December 13, 2012, "Extortion against church on Nørrebro":
A new case of extortion in Nørrebro in Copenhagen has been reported to the police. This time the claim is not directed at a tavern, but a local church.

In August this year extortion against Café Viking in the same area caused outraged across the country, as the courageous owner, Jane Pedersen, came up against bullies and went public after threats and vandalism.

Now the criminals have turned against the Holy Cross Church on Kapelvej in the heart of Nørrebro, a few hundred meters from Blågårds Plads.

Three young boys met up twice this week at the rear entrance to the church. Here they notified the verger that the church was in their territory and therefore has to pay money.

Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen, president of Blågårdsplads parish, confirms to that the church has reported the matter to the police.

"Three youths visited our employees Tuesday and Wednesday and asked for money, because the church is in 'their' area. They got a clear no, and since the we have not seen more of the boys,' says Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen." ... -area.html" onclick=";return false;
This is the church who has to pay Jizya. otherwise......


Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:25 am
by Ariel
I am not joking about the Islamic mafia. . This is an old article from 2008. It is also about paying protection money.
Denmark: Church Pays Protection Money To Muslims

by sheikyermami on July 1, 2008

Denmark: Church pays protection money to Muslims to prevent attacks on church-goers

With 300,000 inhabitants, Aarhus is the second largest city of in Denmark. In Gellerup, a multicultural suburb of Arhus, the multicultural problems can be seen openly. There are many Muslims and many Kalaallit (the natives of Greenland, which belongs to Denmark).

The Muslim citizens of Gellerup tyrannize the indigenous population of Greenland in the sourrounding areas of Arhus (as well as in Greenland) since the summer of 2007 so much that they no longer dare venture out of their homes. Muslims see the Kalaallit as second-class people who do not have rights. The Kalaallit in Gellerup – who must live in fear of their fellow citizens from a terrorist Islamic cultural background – don’t dare venture out without major security measures, they may not celebrate holidays and they can no longer play football together.

Muslims show themselves less multi-cultural, but rather blatantly racist – and attack the natives. Since last summer, the local government is trying to educate Muslims in Greenland and Gellerup on an official website in Arabic, by teaching them that they live next to the Aboriginal people of Greenland (link to the official site on which the citizens ask their Arabic fellow-citizens politely for more respect for Kalaallit .

Now the Muslim fellow citizens in the vicinity of Arhus attack not only the Kalaallit, but increasingly also Christians. For a long time the church didn’t know what to do, but now the church employs two Muslim fellow citizens as “bodyguards” to protect the church from vandalism and church-goers vehicles.

The church is delighted: Since the Muslims are paid for protecting Christians from fellow Muslims, by far not as many churchgoers cars were damaged, nor was the church vandalized or Christians attacked in the vicinity of the church (Source: Kristeligt Dagblad June 30, 2008 and Udfordringen).
* The Dhimmies feed a crocodile:

These fellow citizens, who came from Palestine and are now officially employed as “bodyguards” of the Church of Arhus, are said to have to have “good contacts” with the Muslim youths in the region and ensure that these no longer attack the Christians.

Therefore they are paid. ... o-muslims/" onclick=";return false;

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:09 pm
by Ariel
This islamization is getting way out of hands. Slowly Muslims are taking over Europe.
The Islamization of Copenhagen

Bit by bit, it’s getting worse.

In recent years, life in the city of Copenhagen has hardly been free of, shall we say, problems related to Islam. But for the most part, the worst of it has been confined to Muslim neighborhoods such as Nørrebro. And residents of Copenhagen have at least been able to console themselves that conditions in their city were nowhere near as bad as those right across the Øresund Bridge in the now notorious Swedish burg of Malmö.

Well, as an editorial in Jyllands-Posten acknowledged last week, “conditions such as those in Malmö…are beginning to appear in Copenhagen.”

In a news story that appeared on the same day as the editorial, Jyllands-Posten reported the latest example of these “conditions”: both the Israeli ambassador to Denmark, Arthur Avnon, and the head of Copenhagen’s Jewish community are now advising Jews in that city to stop wearing yarmulkes and Stars of David and speaking Hebrew loudly in public – even in neighborhoods that they think of as “safe.” Asked about this advice, Police Commissioner Lars-Christian Borg told Jyllands-Posten that Jews – and gays, too – should stay away from parts of the city where there is a recognized “risk of clashes and harassment.” (Nice euphemism for “Muslim neighborhoods,” that.)

The Jyllands-Posten editorial bleakly toted up other examples of what they described as the city’s increasing readiness to adapt to the ever-worsening situation in the Danish capital: Copenhagen’s Jewish school “looks like a small fortress,” supplied with an elaborate security system and police protection, a constant reminder to the children that there are people who wish to do them harm; the head of the Danish-Palestinian Friendship Society, who is also a leading figure in Denmark’s ruling Socialist People’s Party, recently opined that Hitler should have killed even more Jews than he did, and went unpunished and all but entirely uncriticized for it; Copenhagen’s mayor called on Jews not to display too many Israeli flags at a recent multicultural festival, an admonition that was generally regarded as sensible: “why pick unnecessary fights?” Why “provoke”? Once again proving itself to be morally head and shoulders above virtually every other major newspaper in Europe, Jyllands-Posten called on Danes to recognize just how dangerous it is to respond in a passive and accommodating way to Muslim hatred, and urged them to stand up to it before it’s too late.

One person in Denmark who has stood up, in at least a small way, is a gay guy in his thirties named Jim Lyngvild. He works as a clothes designer and fashion commentator and in recent years has been a frequent guest on Danish TV talk shows and a participant in a number of Danish reality shows, including that country’s version of Survivor. These activities have made him a familiar face in his native land. But one of the undesirable side effects of his recognizability, as the newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende reported last week, is that every time he walks along a pedestrian street in Copenhagen – or for that matter in Odense, a small city on the Danish island of Funen, near the rural village in which he lives – he finds himself being called “faggot” or “gay pig.” And as Fyens Stiftstidende put it, “it’s always the same people who scream at him.”

Simply put, Lyngvild never gets heckled by ethnic Danes. Or by immigrant-group members who are walking along by themselves. But he says that when a bunch of “second-generation immigrants” pass by him on the street – and this happens, he says, pretty much on a daily basis – “I can be sure that they’ll yell at me.” (Nowhere in Lyngvild’s article, incidentally, does the word Muslim or Islam appear; instead he follows what is now pretty much standard practice in the European media, which prefer terms like “second-generation immigrant” and “people with another ethnic background.”)

Until the other day, Lyngvild didn’t react to the daily harassment. In a way, he’d gotten used to it. He was brought up, he says, “to turn the other cheek.” Which is not to say he ever stopped despising and resenting this treatment by strangers. The idea of yelling such ugly things at somebody on the street is just beyond his comprehension.

But last Thursday he realized he’d had enough. “I came home from London and was walking through the train station in Odense. A group of second-generation immigrants yelled ‘faggots’ at me.” When he got to his house, he was still angry – so angry that he went on Facebook and, in an indiscreet moment, typed out a Danish word that translates roughly as “Paki pigs.” Shortly afterwards he thought better of it and removed the posting. By then, however, it had already attracted considerable attention – from, among others, the Danish police, who promptly threatened to charge him with racism.

He says he doesn’t care. “Of course I’m not racist. I’m just so tired of not being allowed to defend myself.” He’s also sick of the fact that while people from other cultures are allowed to declare their cultural pride, ethnic Danes are expected to “shut up” – for to say anything suggestive of pride in one’s Danish identity or in Danish culture can easily be interpreted these days as racism. He’s not having it: “I am enormously proud of my heritage. And I want to show it.”

In a Facebook posting about the Fyens Stiftstidende article, Lyngvild writes: “And I stand by every single word!!!” Some Danes who commented on the article on Facebook made it clear that, in their view, the police are right: with his indiscreet Facebook posting and his admission to feeling pride in his Danish heritage, Lyngvild has proven himself to be a racist. Others disagreed. One woman mentioned that her fifteen-year-old daughter is scared to go to school because certain classmates call her a whore. School authorities are indifferent, and any parent who dares to react is then labeled, yes, a racist. “But who is it that’s racist, when they think that all Danish girls are whores?”

Last week brought another story from Denmark of some folks who have stood up to all this in what may, again, be regarded as a small way. Of late, young Muslims have apparently stepped up efforts to extort money from business owners in Nørrebro. The idea, of course, is to collect tribute, or Jizya, from non-believers who are viewed as dhimmis living on Muslim turf. In August, a woman whose bar in Nørrebro has been vandalized by young Muslims, courageously reported one such extortion attempt to the police, who ended up making an arrest. Last Tuesday and Wednesday, a group of young Muslims tried the same thing with Holy Cross Church, also in Nørrebro, telling the verger that the house of worship was in their territory and was obliged to fork over some dough. To their credit, church officials, like the bar owner, went to the cops. Not so much to their credit, the same church officials appear to be trying to cloak the entire episode in silence: members of the parish council have been advised not to speak to the media, and the dean of the church and local bishop also refused to comment.

The lesson, of course, as the editors of Jyllands-Posten obviously recognize, is a simple and familiar one: as Edmund Burke famously put it, all that’s necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. In Denmark, as elsewhere in the West today, alas, the good men – and women – who are daring to stand up to the evil of Islamization in even small ways are so rare that people write articles about them. ... openhagen/" onclick=";return false;

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:06 pm
by Ariel
Danish public schools facing collapse

With a tax burden of almost 49 percent (all taxes and fees divided by GDP, according to the government's own calculations as of August 2012), Denmark is the world's most heavily taxed country. In recent years, Denmark has competed with Sweden for the top position but has now emerged as the clear winner.


For decades, the swelling Danish welfare state has been the pride of the political class and almost all political parties have done their best to expand it.

Now there are indications that this welfare state is in danger of imminent collapse because there is not enough money to pay for it, and because the problems facing it are of a kind that cannot be ameliorated by more money or more public employees.


However, the political crisis cannot be solved by changing the leadership. In reality it is so deep that even an entirely new government would be unable to solve it unless it were prepared to slaughter a number of Danish politics' most sacred cows and follow a course that has been anathema for decades.

This is best seen if one takes a look at conditions in the public schools, which can be characterized as the Danish society's most essential institution. It was in the public schools that almost all Danish children – regardless of social class or political, religious and cultural background – were introduced to the country's basic values and the skills necessary for leading happy and productive lives.

The public schools might be described as the glue that kept the entire social fabric together. Now the public school system is falling apart. There are huge problems with discipline; children – and in particular children from immigrant families – are not learning enough (it is estimated that 40 percent of children of Arabic descent leave school as functionally illiterate). As a result more and more parents are taking their children out of the public schools and sending them to private schools, where discipline is better – particularly because there are fewer so-called "double-linguistic" pupils. "Double-linguistic" is the official term for children of third-world descent, i.e. primarily from Muslim countries. The term does not imply that they can speak two languages but most often that they speak, e.g., Arabic and Danish equally badly, so perhaps "double half-linguistic" would be a better description.

It came as a shock in the middle of October to learn that half of the families living in the inner Copenhagen neighborhood of Nørrebro are sending their children to private schools. This is especially noteworthy in light of the fact that Nørrebro is one of the reddest areas in the country, where voters routinely cast massive votes for left and far-left parties, i.e. the very parties that are particularly keen on more immigration and on upholding the public school system.

A few days later, Danes received a lesson in the kind of problems that motivate the reds to send their children to schools that they are ideologically disposed to reject.

The bomb went off at the Ejerslykke School in the city of Odense. The school's principal, Birgitte Sonsby, had become so annoyed with the way some of the pupils behaved that she exclaimed: "I'm so damned tired of you Muslims who ruin the lessons." The father of one of pupils reported the principal to the police for racism and, as is customary in such cases, Ms. Sonsby had to withdraw her remarks and offer an apology. She was subsequently chewed out by Odense's Director of Public Schools.

This would normally have re-established an idyllic political correctness, but something quite surprising happened: The Chairman of the Ejerslykke School Board, Peter Julius Jørgensen, wrote an op-ed for the newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende, in which he called attention to the kind of problems with "double-linguistic" pupils that the school had to contend with. They didn't shy away from calling their teachers "most excellent whores" and showed so little respect that it made teaching impossible.

To his surprise, Peter Julius Jørgensen received many positive reactions from fellow citizens, who were happy that he had dared to speak up.

The reaction in some of the media was also unexpected. Instead of the usual diatribes about terrible Danish racism and admonitions that the schools' problems had nothing to do with religion or culture, a number of newspapers began writing articles with a new angle. Yes, perhaps the problems were indeed linked to religion – more precisely, to Islam.

On October 27, the mass-circulation daily Jyllands-Posten printed a remarkable editorial: Ms Sonsby's tirade against the ill-behaved Muslims was "rather mild compared to what the principal, her teachers and the school's other pupils have been exposed to. A group of Muslim pupils have exposed them to far worse language and gestures of a latrinal and sexual nature. They have been accused of racism and discrimination when they have dared admonish the pupils to behave. But when they have offended the tender feelings of Muslims, and it certainly doesn't take a lot, then attention is directed not at the naughty and ill-behaved brats but at the principal, who is suddenly made to appear the sinner."

“The problem,” Jyllands-Posten continued, “is not the principal but the ill-mannered children, who are not properly brought up by their parents but rather supported in their destructive behavior."

And why, asked the paper's editorial writer, may we not "call Muslims Muslims when they themselves put so much emphasis on this identity"?

The day before, the editorial writer for the daily Kristeligt Dagblad called for unqualified support for Principal Sonsby. To be sure, the paper thought it too "simplistic" to blame the pupils' bad behavior on their religion. Even so, the editorial writer admitted that there was a "real problem", which had not been openly discussed: "The fact that some double-linguistic pupils ruin the education for others and that their lack of respect has something to do with their religious and cultural background."

Despite some reservations, these statements amount to a revolution in a country where the only accepted explanation for the bad manners of the "double-linguistic" has so far been poor social conditions. In other words: If extra billions were pumped into the public schools and parents of naughty boys were given more money, the problems would disappear.

If, on the other hand, the public school system's collapse is entirely or in part caused by religion and culture and the fact that Muslim parents cannot or will bring up their children to become integrated into Danish society, what could possibly be accomplished with more money?

Can Muslims be bribed to integrate into a Western society? So far it hasn't happened anywhere.

This sheds a new political light on the entire problem: By what right do Danish politicians allow further immigration of Muslims, knowing that the public school system – the institution that more than any other has made Denmark a caring and cohesive society – cannot integrate them?

So far nobody has asked that question. ... g-collapse" onclick=";return false;

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:03 pm
by Ariel
Something for the Danes to be pleased about it. :no1:


Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:14 pm
by StrongLove
It's like watching a junky shoot heroin isn't it? You keep saying "You are destroying your self! You better stop." But they don't listen. They live in denial. Doing the same thing over & over again hoping for different results.

You cannot stop an individual, or a nation, from destroying it's self. All you can do is damage control. The nations around them taking steps to protect themselves.

I think the horrible things we don't want to happen are the very things that must happen for our intentionally ignorant western brothers & sisters to realize their mistake.

But like natural selection on a global scale, the stupid political ideas must parish.

Denmark. You are dumb. You gave your self a disease. If you survive, you will never be the same.

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:38 pm
by Ariel
Sweden is even more stupid. They plan plans to open an office in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa in an effort to prepare emigrating Somalis for life in Sweden. There are already many Somalis in Sweden, and they are causing lots of problems....Read and weep. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=14599" onclick=";return false;

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:57 pm
by StrongLove
Wow.......Just wow! How deeply stupid can you get?

Stupidity causes pain.

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:03 am
by pr126
I don't think it is stupidity.
It is a plan by the left, started decades ago to destroy the social fabric.
They are using Muslims for this purpose.
Luckily, I won't see the result, whatever results they are planning..

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:41 am
by StrongLove
Partisan politics?

I believe lefties can be destructive but only because they naively believe kindness will always be reciprocated. That most people won't take advantage of compassion like it's a weakness. But to suggest that they would destroy their own homes seems a little radical. Don't they care about their children's future?

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:22 am
by pr126
StrongLove wrote:Partisan politics?

I believe lefties can be destructive but only because they naively believe kindness will always be reciprocated. That most people won't take advantage of compassion like it's a weakness. But to suggest that they would destroy their own homes seems a little radical. Don't they care about their children's future?
I think you are on a wrong track there. No kindness or compassion involved to be reciprocated. For now, they are using each other for supremacy.

Have a look at this: United in Hate. The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror

I am curious though.
When it will come to the final showdown between Islam and the Left, - because neither will want to share power - which one will be victorious?
Don't matter. Either way we lose.

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:38 pm
by Ariel
Don't cry Copenhagen Mayor Ninna Thomsen, of the Socialist People’s Party. It was your party who brought all the Muslims to Denmark, because they love multiculturalism. So live with the results of your most cherished policies.”

The Socialist Mayor in Nørrebro: My Life in a No-Go Zone

This is one of those rare instances when an architect of Multiculturalism has to live with the results of her most cherished policies. The story concerns a socialist politician named Ninna Thomsen, whose gang-infested Copenhagen neighborhood is now off-limits to TV crews.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for translating this article from Den Kort Avis:

Socialist mayor shocked: Hit by multicultural reality

By Poul Erik Andersen

On Friday evening, April 5th, the Danish television station TV2 planned to record an interview with the Copenhagen Mayor for health and care, Ninna Thomsen of Socialistisk Folkeparti (Socialist People’s Party).

The interview was to be filmed outside her front door in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, where she lives, the topic being the effort made by the Municipality of Copenhagen to improve the language and computer skills of the staff caring for the elderly .

TV2: The gangs have banned us from filming in Nørrebro

When TV2 learned her address, new orders were issued. TV2 proposed that she cross the municipal border, traveling half a kilometer away from Nørrebro to the municipality of Frederiksberg, where TV2 still has permission to work.

TV2 explained that they can only enter Nørrebro, specifically from the Copenhagen lakes to the Nørrebro train station, if they hire private guards to protect them from assaults by gang members.

But, the gangs rule my quarter!

The fact that immigrant gangs have the power to decide who walks the streets in the multicultural Nørrebro appears to have shocked the socialist Mayor, who lives in the quarter herself.

In the Danish daily Politiken, on April 12th, she says that until now TV2 has always been able to conduct interviews at her front door.

But after the immigrant gangs prevented the socialist Mayor from showing her correct multicultural mindset by being filmed in front of her Nørrebro home, with a backdrop of veiled women and men in long skirts, she has picked up the pen for real.

In Politiken one can read the conclusion she has come to:

“Different rules apply in Nørrebro than in the rest of Copenhagen and Denmark, and somehow law and order have become the order of the gangs.”

The obviously rattled socialist Mayor continues:

“That the gangs have been permitted to ban journalists and photographers from working in the area is another powerful alarm signal. To me, this is about the gangs creating a blackout of our area and keeping the public from knowing about the conditions in Nørrebro and the shady gang activities.”

Beating the Danish People’s Party to the punch

Experiencing the not-so-decorative multicultural reality at street level has made the socialist mayor of Copenhagen beat the Danish People’s Party at criticizing her own government:

“Thus, it is the entirely wrong time to send 200 police officers from Copenhagen to Jutland, as the government is planning to do. The police need to counter force with force; easing the pressure is an entirely wrong signal to send at this time,” she writes, and continues:

“It is time to change the game. For there is a battle of hearts and minds going on in Nørrebro at the moment. The gangs as well as [hard Salafists] Hizb ut-Tahrir are recruiting among the youth. And in spite of major police efforts and a stack of social initiatives, the gangs have never been more powerful, more visible or had greater appeal for the youth.”

But then, back to the usual socialist dream world

But after this indiscretion of more police and countering force with force, the socialist mayor Ninna Thomsen rushes back to the traditional dream world of the Socialist People’s Party, closing her comment with a call for all forces of good, such as sport clubs, volunteers and municipal employees to mobilize for the battle against the gangs.

On a similar theme, environment and culture are to be applied to drive the gangs out of Nørrebro, according to the socialist mayor, in her reaction to not being able to give an interview to TV2 at her multicultural front door in Nørrebro.

This is to take place by:

“Creating light and green yards, squares and passages, by creating life and activity, and by opening the quarter to other citizens of Copenhagen by actively attracting culture, entrepreneurs and creative businesses,” argues the Copenhagen Mayor Ninna Thomsen, of the Socialist People’s Party.

But what about Sweden?

While Kamel Qureshi, also of the Socialist People’s Party, was a member of the Danish parliament, he was the spokesman for human rights, and thus represented the party line towards the multicultural society. Back then, he highlighted Sweden as the ideal multicultural society.

On the party’s homepage, he posted an article on April 9th 2008 containing the following statement:

“My dreams of a multicultural Denmark may seem unreal, but one does not have to travel far in order to find examples of genuine multicultural reality. It suffices to cross the Øresund, paying a visit to neighboring Sweden.”

And it is precisely the multicultural reality dominating on the Swedish side of the waters that the Socialist People’s Party mayor Ninna Thomsen is now experiencing in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. ... o-go-zone/" onclick=";return false;

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 7:39 pm
by Ariel
DENMARK: Baby Buggy Jihad.
Under the radar of Western media, Denmark is experiencing an Islamic jihad against mothers with babies in carriages and strollers.

Vlad Tepes (h/t Don L) In Denmark, two assaults on Danish moms quietly strolling along with their little ones took place within a single week. And it appears that Muslim invaders have begun using this very innovative strategy in their ongoing quest to “strike terror” into the hearts of the infidels.
Whereas the latest incident was granted a short article in Jyllands-Posten, the earlier, much more cruel attack, did not make it into the MSM at all. And this in spite of pleas to help find the perpetrators from friends, relatives and some 34.000 concerned Danes, who shared the story on Facebook:

Saturday afternoon the daughter of a friend of mine was attacked near the small pedestrian paths around Jersie Station. She was walking along with her 6-week-old son in the buggy. 2 youths of a different (Muslim) ethnic background come by and tip the buggy over, throwing the little one out. He was not breathing anymore and she had to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Two weeks ago she was approached by the same two people. They grabbed her shoulder and said it “would be fun to steal a baby”. She turned around and resolutely kicked one of them before running off.

The latest story from Jyllands-Posten Assault on Woman with baby carriage.

Friday evening on the 14th of June at 18.30 a 34 year-old woman with a buggy was assaulted on Bredkilde Street by Risskov.
“Three Arab Muslim-looking girls between 14 and 17 assaulted the Danish woman of 34 entirely without motivation – first with verbal insults,” says Klaus Hvegholm Møller, officer at East-Jutland Police, to Jyllands-Posten. He continues, “Thereafter the 34 year-old woman had parts of her hair and jacket cut off, apparently with scissors.”
“At first they yelled cuss-words at her, “most excellent Danish bitch” among other things. Suddenly they grabbed her and while laughing, began to tear at her hair. She then started to run away with the child in her buggy. As they grabbed her, they cut off parts of her hair and clothing.
The police still have no clue as to the reason for the attack.

Denmark used to be so safe, Danish parents would just leave their children outside alone in their pram.

Not any more, I guess. ... ggy-jihad/" onclick=";return false;

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:35 pm
by Fernando
StrongLove wrote:Partisan politics?

I believe lefties can be destructive but only because they naively believe kindness will always be reciprocated. That most people won't take advantage of compassion like it's a weakness. But to suggest that they would destroy their own homes seems a little radical. Don't they care about their children's future?
Wrong, I'm afraid. It's been publicly admitted that the previous, Labour, government in the UK deliberately opened the gates to Muslim immigration in order to "rub the noses" of their opponents in "multiculturalism". It was later admitted by their Peter Mandelson that they'd even gone seeking immigrants, not just lying back passively while they flooded in.

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 3:32 pm
by Ozes
I would like to add to Fernando's reply by reminding of Andrew Neather, advisor to Tony Blair who also exposed the deliberate opening of the floodgates by the labour party.

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:53 pm
by Ariel
Have a look. This video is about the Somalian rapist in Gullestrup who will not be expelled from Denmark, because his mother lives in Denmark and if they send him away he could end up in a group of terrorists.
One of the girls he raped was a 10 year girl

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 5:35 pm
by Ariel

Meanwhile in Denmark. Muslims don't take no for an answer.
"A 29-year-old woman from Kolding, Denmark, got an unpleasant experience when she came walking along Kongebrogade by Skamlingvejen in Kolding Sunday night, at 5:30. Behind her was a man who called her and wanted her phone number. She tried to ignore the man and his recurring flirtatious attempts. This made the man angry and he ran to her, kicked her to the ground and kicked and beat her. Then he got up and walked away. The man is described as about 180 centimeters tall, Somali and with curly black hair." ... listermest" onclick=";return false;

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:24 pm
by Ariel
"On Saturday night and Sunday night, there have been several clashes between police, fire department and youths in Askerød district of Hundige (Muslim ghetto) south of Copenhagen.
Police and firemen were repeatedly pelted with stones from the angry and rioting youth. ... '- But then some local elders arrived and calmed the youths', says police inspector Ole Kristensen. " ... -that.html" onclick=";return false;
Isn't it silly that the Danish police accepts that elderly Muslims protect them from rioting "youths" in Danish ghetto ? Why in Gods name. Can't they protect themselves ? Don't they see what a cowards they are, and that soon no Muslim will respect them?

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:00 pm
by Ariel
Danish forensic psychiatrist: Muslims are more criminal because Islam teaches them to attack non-Muslims. "They simply cannot see that what they have done is wrong"

"Radical Islamism is a real and growing threat to Danish society and it is time that politicians wake up.

So says forensic psychiatrist and author Henrik Day Poulsen, author of a book on fanaticism. Poulsen regular meets Islamism in his work with criminals. ...

'- When we examine the criminal migrant youth, Islamism quite often plays a role. They have been inculcated a totally distorted worldview in which it is directly or indirectly ok to commit violence or rob a bank, because the whole life is a battle between Denmark and Islam, where they are on the good side. And when they are arrested and punished, they think again, it is an expression of that struggle. That it is because of racism. They simply cannot see that what they have done is wrong. It is very difficult to fight crime, that happens with the starting point, and the development is therefore very dangerous,' says Henrik Day Poulsen. ...

It is the consequence when we hardly require participation in society. When they as children grow up with such a world view, it is clear that they feel marginalized and find it difficult to have success when they meet the rest of Denmark in school and on the work market.

And that is exactly the feeling that extremists exploit. If we want to stop the development, we need to stop being naive and start making more demands concerning integration, says Henrik Day Poulsen.

At the same time Danish society must stop and roll back any form of positive discrimination in favor of Muslims and people of other ethnic backgrounds, he said.
'- If you allow positive discrimination, you are helping extremists paint a picture that they are a group with special rights.

Therefore, it seems to me completely wrong to bend traditional Danish values ​​by allowing only halal meat in hospitals and schools.

It's a discussion we need to have, although it may seem hard,' says Henrik Day Poulsen." ... slims.html" onclick=";return false;
This is a discussion we all, all countries throughout the west need to have, but what never will be allowed to have because we must stay friends with Muslims because of our precious oil.

Re: News from Denmark.

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:48 pm
by Ariel
A Muslim politician (Leftist) wants all Chinese to burn to death after watching Uighur beaten on YouTube.
"A small-town Danish politician has gained more prominence than perhaps he could have ever hoped for, as reports about him calling for the burning to death of all Chinese people have made their way to the country he wants to set on fire.“I hope that it will be 140 degrees and that all the Chinese will burn, so the world will be free of that Chinese filth,” Fuat Yalan wrote on his Facebook page two weeks ago, according to the Copenhagen Post. ... “If there was a Chinese person in front of me right now I would shoot him,” he said. “I don’t care if I’m thrown out of the party, kicked out of Denmark or shot myself.”
Yalan later said he was misunderstood and that his rage was directed at a group of Chinese in a video he saw on YouTube which shows them beating a young boy, presumably an ethnic Uygur."