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Re: News from Denmark.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:41 pm
by Ariel
Muslims fight for caliphate, blame Denmark for generosity

Re: News from Denmark.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:38 pm
by Ariel
Denmark: Palestinian girl to uncle who beat and strangled her: "Please let me go to school again."

Together with his wife and the 17-year-old woman's parents he is charged with deprivation of liberty and serious violence against the 17-year-old girl. According to police, the girl was abused because the she was dating Danish boy.
At first the girl was picked up by her parents in Nørrebro (Copenhagen), where they told the unsuspecting girl a lie that they would pick up her little brother.
Instead, they drove to her uncle's house, where the parents according to the indictment gave the message to the uncle the he could just kill the 17-year-old, since her parents did not want to see her anymore.
Then the brutal punishment begang that only ended when the girl managed to escape through a window.
According to the indictment, it was the uncle who was responsible for most of the brutal punishment. Thus, it was the uncle who ordered the girl to undress, before he whipped her with a leather belt while her own mother and aunt looked on. It was also the uncle, who strapped a belt around the girl's neck, until she lost consciousness. ...
The prosecution presented a text conversation between the girl and her uncle:
'... Please let me go to school again. I need only three months and can not bear to be home ... '
The uncle's response was, 'Sorry. The most important thing now is that you get Allah's forgiveness. We will help you find a job ...' ... e-who.html

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:21 am
by Ariel
Denmark Bans Meatballs to Accommodate Muslims

"The next thing could be that Danish nurses are forced to go under cover as Muslim women in order to please Muslim patients." — Martin Henriksen, Spokesman, Danish People's Party [DF]

One of the largest hospitals in Denmark has admitted to serving only halal beef — meat that is slaughtered in accordance with strict Islamic guidelines — to all of its patients regardless of whether or not they are Muslim.

The revelation that Danes are being forced to eat Islamically slaughtered meat at public institutions has triggered a spirited nationwide debate about how far Denmark should go to accommodate the estimated 250,000 Muslim immigrants now living in the country. The halal food row erupted in July when the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet reported that Hvidovre Hospital near Copenhagen has been secretly serving only halal-slaughtered meat for the sake of its Muslim patients, for the past ten years.

The hospital serves more than 40,000 patients annually, many (if not most) of whom presumably are non-Muslim. Halal — which in Arabic means lawful or legal — is a term designating any object or action that is permissible according to Islamic Sharia law. In the context of food, halal meat is derived from animals slaughtered by hand according to methods stipulated in Islamic religious texts. One such halal method, called dhabihah, consists of making a swift, deep incision with a sharp knife on the neck that cuts the jugular vein, leaving the animal to bleed to death.

Much of the controversy involving halal stems from the fact that Sharia law bans the practice of stunning the animals before they are slaughtered. Pre-slaughter stunning renders the animals unconscious and is said to lessen their pain. Amid a surge of public outrage over the decision to serve only halal beef, Hvidovre Hospital’s vice president, Torben Mogensen, has been unapologetic. “We have many patients from different ethnic backgrounds, which we must take into account, and it is impossible to have both the one and the other kind of beef,” he says. “First,” Mogensen adds, “I do not think that a slaughter method as such has anything to do with faith. Second is, of course, that all chickens in Denmark are halal slaughtered, and it has to my knowledge not caused anyone to stop eating chicken.”

Mogensen also says the hospital is not trying to “push the Islamic faith down the throats of non-Muslim patients” In a press release, Hvidovre Hospital states, “We introduced halal meat both for practical and economic reasons. It would be both more difficult and more expensive to have to make both a halal version and a non-halal version of the dishes. Then we have two production lines.

It requires more people, more equipment and more money.” The hospital advises non-Muslims to take it or leave it: “We always have alternatives to halal meat such as pork, fish or vegetarian dishes. It is a question of attitude.” According to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, there is no comprehensive inventory of the number of hospitals in Denmark have halal meat on the menu. But officials at the University Hospital in Aarhus, the second-largest urban area in Denmark after Copenhagen, say the decision by Hvidovre Hospital to serve only halal is an example of political correctness run amok.

In an interview with the newspaper Jyllands-Posten, Ole Hoffmann, the head chef of Aarhus University Hospital says: “We have never had a patient ask for halal meat, and therefore it is an issue that we have never discussed. I think it is a strange decision. If there was a desire to serve halal meat, then we would of course consider it, but we would never completely eliminate non-halal meat.” ... t.facebook

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:35 pm
by Ariel
A first-hand account of life in a typical Danish Muslim ghetto:

Community leader about immigrants in Muslim ghetto: "I am amazed about their craving for destruction and for making others afraid of them"

"On Sunday night, a group of about 20 boys and young men with immigrant background attacked the police and a police car and with stones in Elsinore's largest residential areas, Vapnagård. Clashes with the police, arson attacks, mass brawls, smearing of people on the street, illegal use of firecrackers, stones thrown through the windows of houses and several other incidents throughout the past weekend is the culmination of growing unrest, vandalism and insecurity, which for some time has influenced the lives of approx. 4,000 residents in Vapnagård. "...

Community leader Per Olsen appeals strongly to North Zealand Police to strengthen their efforts in the residential area.

The experience of several residents, according to both Per Olsen and several residents, is specifically that the police repeatedly have not had the resources to act against the numerous episodes of violent riots in the area. The newspaper has spoken with several residents but common to them all is that they want to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals. ...

'- I can not say anything other than that the police presence here has been lacking. When residents call the police the message is very often that the police do not have the resources come.' .. says Per Olsen. ...

Per Olsen hos no explanation of why the otherwise relatively quiet Vapnagård with its tradition of resident democracy, many associations and entertaining offers for residents, suddenly got a small army of rioters. ...

'- Why do they react this way? I have trouble understanding it. We do not bother them. And we have no direct conflicts. I am amazed about their craving for destruction and for making others afraid of them. What is it that makes them behave like this? ...

- This shows how quickly things can take a turn for the worse. And it is to my great horror. The young people laugh at the police when they arrive and the youth manage to escape from the police again and again. They set fire to mopeds or containers and stand with their mobiles and when the police arrive the youths are have disappeared.

- I am looking for an explanation for this behavior. I wonder if all what is happening now in Egypt and some neighboring countries, are also affecting the people here, more than we might think." ... ts-in.html

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 2:58 pm
by Ariel
:lol: How funny....And how sweet...Propaganda trying to convince us that Jihad is something other than it is. Islam is loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:52 pm
by Ariel
Danish-Iranian artist convicted of racism

This is Firoozeh Bazrafkan. She was found guilty of racism after writing in her blog that Muslim men use Islam to justify violence against women

A Danish-Iranian artist was found guilty of racism by the Western High Court on Monday for statements she made about Muslim men.

Firoozeh Bazrafkan was charged with racism after writing in a blog entry, published in Jyllands-Posten newspaper in December 2011, that she was "very convinced that Muslim men around the world rape, abuse and kill their daughters".

She added: "This is, according to my understanding as a Danish-Iranian, the result of a defective and inhumane culture – if you can even call it a culture at all. But you can say, I think, that it is a defective and inhumane religion whose textbook, the Koran, is more immoral, deplorable and crazy than manuals of the two other global religions combined."

Appeal to the Supreme Court
Aarhus City Court decided not to convict Bazrafkan under anti-racism legislation, section 266b of the penal code, last December.

The prosecution appealed the decision to the Western High Court, which on Monday found her guilty, handing her a 5,000 kroner fine, or five days in prison.

"The court argued that what I wrote about Muslim men was condescending and a generalisation," Bazrafkan told The Copenhagen Post. "But that’s unfair, because there are many Islamic codes that are being used by Islamic men to justify their actions against women and children."

A chain of racist statements
Bazrafkan’s racism sentence is the fourth in a chain of statements that have resulted in charges under the anti-racism law.

The first was Lars Hedegaard, the leader of the free press society Trykkefrihedsselskabet, who was convicted of racism in 2011 for statements he made in private about Muslim men.

He was cleared in 2012 when the Supreme Court decided that the statements were not made with the intention that they would be publicised.

Jesper Langballe, a former MP for Dansk Folkeparti, was subsequently charged and convicted of racism because of statements he made when defending Hedegaard in an opinion piece in Berlingske newspaper.

Lars Kragh Andersen, a notorious free speech activist, was the third to be charged with racism after writing in an article on that he was, “convinced that Muslim men around the world both abuse and killed their daughters”.

It was this passage that Bazrafkan repeated and which resulted in her being charged with racism.

A controversial artist
Bazrafkan – a controversial artist known for integrating her Muslim background into her work – says that her adaptation and use of Andersen's text was a “political happening” that was designed to expose the problem with the racism law.

She argues that she was not accusing all Muslim men of using Islamic codes to justify horrific acts against women, only that violence against women and children was often excused by citing Islam.

"It’s not the same thing. For example, Muslims around the world protested at the Mohammed cartoons, and doctors around the world misdiagnose patients, but not all Muslims protested, and not all doctors misdiagnose."

She added: "It’s idiotic to suggest that I think that all Muslim men are rapists."

High Court unconvinced
The verdict was decided by a panel of three judges and three jurors. Five of the six decided that section 266b of the penal code applied, as her message in the blog was that Muslim men in general commit severe crime.

“By publishing the statement in the blog, the defendant presented statements in which a group of people are mocked and degraded because of their belief," the Western High Court stated in its verdict. "We therefore find the defendant guilty."

Bazrafkan said she would rather spend the time in prison than pay the fine, and that she was prepared to take the case to the Supreme Court. ... ted-racism


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:14 am
by Ariel
Anti-Semitism in Copenhagen


Another day, another newspaper story about anti-Semitism in Europe. The good news, I suppose, is that there are at least some newspapers in Europe that are willing to acknowledge the phenomenon. The bad news is that there’s more than enough material to keep the stories coming.

The latest report, in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten, is about seventeen-year-old Moran Jacob, a Jewish boy who until recently lived in Nørrebro, a heavily Muslim neighborhood of Copenhagen. Back in January, Jacob agreed to testify at a hearing about anti-Semitism at Copenhagen’s City Hall, where he told about the harassment he’s been subjected to since childhood. At the time, several newspapers provided accounts of his testimony. (Representatives of Islamic organizations were invited to attend the hearing, but chose not to.)

The son of a Muslim father and an Israeli Jewish mother, Jacob began his education at a private Muslim school, where he was bullied because of his Jewish background and had to keep his distance from the other kids during recess. When he was transferred to a regular school, the abuse grew even worse; it wasn’t even safe for him to walk home alone. In eighth grade, his teacher told him to say that he was Palestinian and that his mother was Russian. “I had to lie about who I was,” he recalls. But it didn’t work. They knew. Eventually, a group of his classmates ganged up on him and stabbed him in the leg. “You can’t go here anymore,” his teacher said. “I have scars,” he told the hearing. “Not on my body, but on my soul.”

Jacob, of course, isn’t alone. He was the youngest of seven Jews who told their stories at the January hearing. There was obviously a reluctance to go public. Many gave only their first names. When TV cameras swung around to show the members of the audience, a number of them covered their faces.

“Jews have learned to keep a low profile,” Max Mayer, president of the Danish Zionist Federation, told the hearing. “To not exist in the city.” When they come out of the synagogue, they remove their yarmulkes. And they teach their sons to do the same: wear the skullcap at school, but take it off when you leave. This, Mayer said, has become standard practice for Danish Jews: “Don’t see us, don’t notice us.”

It certainly wasn’t easy for Jacob, a shy kid, to testify. But he decided to do so after reading a comment made by Lise Egholm, a school principal in Nørrebro. Apparently, Egholm had privately warned Jewish parents not to send their kids to school in Nørrebro. When the news of her advice made headlines, she was irritated, insisting that the problem really wasn’t all that big a deal. The particular expression she used to make this point was one I’ve never heard before: she said that the issue of anti-Semitism in Danish schools was “en fis i en hornlygte.”

It’s a rather goofy-sounding term: literally, it translates (roughly) into “a candle in a lamp made of an animal’s horn,” fis being a now outdated term for candle. In contemporary usage, however, fis is one of many words in Danish (and Norwegian) for fart, so it sounds as if it means “a fart in a lamp.” In any event, it’s an expression used to describe (according to Wikipedia) “something that isn’t really anything” or (according to a website about the Danish language) “something that looks like much, but isn’t really anything special.” It was when he read Egholm’s blithe use of this term to dismiss the challenges faced by him and other Jewish schoolkids in Denmark, Jacob told Politiken, that he decided to take the risky step of going public about his experiences.

(By the way, Egholm isn’t the only educator in Copenhagen who, while clearly recognizing the dire reality of anti-Semitic harassment in the city’s schools, is possessed of a curious disinclination to draw attention to it: Linda Herzberg, who works at a school in another part of town, acknowledged in an interview with Politiken that she, too, had witnessed assaults on Jewish kids, but shared Egholm’s concern that the problem not be “blown up too much.”)

Anyhow, Jacob’s testimony was featured in the media – and, as Jyllands-Posten now reports, the hubbub just made his life even tougher. Some time after the hearing, two Middle Eastern men passed him in the street. “That’s him,” one of them said. “Jew pig!” shouted the other. On Facebook, strangers called him a “Jew pig” and “Nazi pig” and “Jew dog.” (Plainly, the imagination of these people is severely limited.)

In the wake of his moment in the media spotlight, Jacob’s mother was advised by several school officials to transfer him to a school outside of Nørrebro. She was stunned by the suggestion: Jacob had lived in the neighborhood almost his entire life; neither of them wanted to flee. But in August, he finally gave up, packed up, and moved out. He now resides in what he considers a safer part of town. Not that it’s made his life a bed of roses: a couple of weeks ago, he was on Strøget, the main pedestrian street in Copenhagen – Tourist Central, basically – when a couple of “Arabic kids” grabbed hold of him and made a serious effort to drag him away with them. Who knows what they had in mind. Fortunately, two companions of Jacob’s managed to come to his aid. (As someone familiar with Strøget, which is almost always quite a busy, bustling thoroughfare, I can’t help but notice that no passersby appear to have tried to help.)

Now, Jacob says, he’s considering leaving Denmark altogether. He’s quick to add that he’s determined not to allow the continual harassment to scare him into silence, and insists that Denmark has to remain a country where people have the right to express themselves and to be who they are. Still, he admits that he’s not sure the Copenhagen of the future will be such a city. “If I have children, I hope they can walk around Nørrebro without hiding the fact that they have a Jewish father and without being spat upon and assaulted. But I am beginning to doubt it.”

Beginning? ... openhagen/

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 4:01 pm
by Ariel
The Danes are waking up. Slowly.

Danes: We are too tolerant of Muslims

After numerous heated debates over whether Muslims are imposing their culture upon Denmark, poll shows most think too many concessions are made for the minority.

The public debates over banned Christmas trees, halal meat at schools and cashiers wearing headscarves appear to have made the Danish population more wary about giving their Muslim neighbours cultural concessions.

According to a new survey by market researcher TNS Gallup, carried out for Berlingske newspaper, every third non-Muslim Dane is under the impression that Denmark is too tolerant of its Muslim minority population.

Jens Peter Frølund Thomsen, a political science professor at Aarhus University, said that the most surprising thing about the survey was how little the Danish mentality has shifted, even though the Muslim immigrants arrived years ago.

“The demands of assimilation weigh heavily on the Danish public," Thomsen told Berlingske. "We have a very ethnocentric culture and when people speak of integration in Denmark, they’re really talking about assimilation.”

Danes right to protect values
Mehmet Necef, a lecturer at the Institute of Middle East Studies at the University of Southern Denmark and the co-author of the book ‘Er Danskerne racister?’ (‘Are Danes Racist?’), argued that Danes are right to guard their values.

“A decision to only serve halal-butchered meat is a failure because initiatives that cater specifically to a certain group will generate considerable irritation in the other group,” Necef told Berlingske.

Necef pointed to the survey findings that showed that even 20 percent of people who vote for left-wing party Enhedslisten believe that the Danes are too tolerant of Muslims.

“There is even irritation amongst people who have a positive view on Muslims and immigrants," Necef said.

Hotly-debated issues
Muslims' place in Danish society has taken centre stage this past year following a number of high-profile incidents that left ethnic Danes feeling irked by what they interpreted as Muslim minorities imposing their culture upon them.

Last Christmas, the decision by a resident’s association of a housing complex in the northern Zealand town of Kokkedal to not fund an annual Christmas tree led to so much controversy that the cultural minister at the time, Uffe Elbæk (formerly Radikale), received death threats.

Then, this past summer, heated debates over whether halal meat should be served in public institutions or pork in the nation’s daycare institutions prompted the prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Socialdemokraterne), to step in.

“We need to remember in our zeal to welcome new citizens not to lose sight of our own culture,” Thorning-Schmidt told DR Nyheder back in August.

Danes, immigrants lead separate lives
Lise-Lotte Duch, the head of FAKTI, an association that helps female refugees and immigrants, contends that one of the biggest problems is that Danes and immigrants lead separate lives that rarely intersect. Because of that, prejudices are never broken down.

“If I had a Pakistani neighbour, I might think that their kids were noisy, that it smelled of curry and that their shoes on the step-landing were bloody annoying," Duch told Berlingske. "But if I get to know them and the wife offers to buy me a cola while I’m sick with the flu, I would suddenly become more tolerant of the other things.”

According to the survey, just 27 percent of Danes have Muslims in their social network, including work colleagues and family members. ... nt-muslims

READ MORE: The storm in the kebab shop: The great halal debate returns/

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:13 pm
by Ariel
No more Muslims, say DF leaders

Senior members of Dansk Folkeparti espoused the opinion that there are enough Muslims in Denmark and border controls should be established to stop more from entering the country.

DF’s defence spokesperson Marie Krarup said that the time has come to completely halt Muslim immigration.

“We should limit the size of the Muslim minority in Denmark,” Krarup wrote in a blog for Berlingske newspaper.

Anders Vistisen, number two on DF’s list of candidates for the European Parliament, agreed that the number of Muslims in Denmark should be limited.

DF’s citizenship spokesperson, Christian Langballe, couldn’t see how a total ban against Muslims could be put into place.

“It is impractical to call a complete halt, but I think that Muslim immigration must be limited,” he told Berlingske.

The call for a complete ban to Muslim immigration does not exactly jibe with official DF policy.

Deputy party head Søren Espersen called calls by Holger Gorm Petersen, a local DF politician in Vejle to turn Muslims around at the border “silly and stupid”.

Espersen did say that he felt many Danes, especially those who live in the country away from the major cities, are uneasy with the amount of Muslims coming into Denmark.

“They look at Sweden, France, England and Germany and do not like what they see,” he said.

Espersen said that he had no problems with Islam as a religion, but was vehemently opposed to it as a political system.

DF party head Kristian Thulesen Dahl has declined to comment on his fellow party member’s statements.

Karina Lorentzen, the integration spokesperson for government coalition party Socialistisk Folkeparti, showed no such restraint and compared the opinions expressed by the DF members to Nazism.

“It is a sick mindset to identify all Muslims as a problem simply because they are Muslims,” Lorentzen said in a statement. “It is reminiscent of Hitler, who identified Jews as a problem simply because of their religion.”

Lorentzen said she “was not surprised” by the statements.

“What is more surprising is that DF has been able to put a lid on these discriminatory attitudes that are now becoming visible,” she said. ... .8451.html

Well how hard this may be, but this is only way to preserve the Danish way of life, and freedom in general in Denmark.
The Dansk Folkeparti is frequently described as right-wing populist but they have nothing to do with Nazi's . The party holds that Denmark is not naturally a country of immigration. The party also does not accept a multi-ethnic transformation of Denmark, and rejects multiculturalism.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2014 2:05 am
by Ibn Rushd
This certainly goes against what we know of the Nazi party being pro-Islamic. This DF seems like the anti-Nazi party.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 02, 2014 5:43 pm
by Ariel

Here we have an honest Muslim from dark Africa. He lives in a Danish town called Tingbjerg , where kind people took him in, fed and housed him, but that is not enough for the Muslims. He wants to do something back for the Danes, He wants to import Sharia because that is Allah's will. I hope for him the Danes like his idea, but I fear.... :no1:


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PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:27 am
by pert

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:04 pm
by Ariel
Denmark to ban halal and kosher slaughter methods

Denmark's Agriculture and Food Ministry has announced that as of Monday the Jewish and Muslim traditional method of animal slaughter will be banned in the country, following similar measures already in place in Poland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

A new law requires that all animals are stunned before being slaughtered, which is contrary to Islamic and Jewish teachings. This means that observant Muslims and Jews living in Denmark will no longer be able to purchase their meat from local butchers, and will have to buy imported halal and kosher meat instead.

The ministry argues that halal and kosher slaughter methods are unethical and that religious rights do not come before animal rights. However, Muslims and Jews insist that their slaughter methods cause minimal suffering to the animals.

European Commissioner for Health, Tonio Borg, condemned the ban, saying that it “contradicts European law.”

Agriculture and Food Minister Karen Hækkerup, acknowledged that Muslims and Jews were upset by the new measures, but vowed that the ministry would not change its policy. ... n-to-islam

Excellent. :clap: We should ban halal and kosher slaughter methods throughout all Europe. I am sure long ago, there was a time when using the halal and kosher way to slaughter an animal was humane, but we have better methods now.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:08 pm
by pr126
I believe it when I see it. No one upsets Muslims in Europe.

Anyway. How is it going to be enforced?
What about freedom of religion?
There be riots in 3. 2. 1...

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:24 pm
by Ariel
pr126 wrote:
Anyway. How is it going to be enforced?
What about freedom of religion?
There be riots in 3. 2. 1...

I bet you are right PR. And I am also afraid that Muslims are going to slaughter the animals in their bathroom. It happens all the time in Belgium.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:44 pm
by Ariel
Not just in Geert Wilders' Holland but also in Denmark: Morrocans are the most criminal


Geert Wilders is under fire for wanting fewer Morrocans in Holland, despite the fact that 60 percent of Morrocans in Holland under 23 is know by the police, and Morrocans in general are 22 times more likely to commit violent crimes. They are 7 times more likely to be on welfare.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:41 pm
by Ibn Rushd
I'm guessing Kina means China. I think the note says that there is no info about those people, but it's striking that they don't contribute alot of crime. Muslims all the way!! :sheikh: :musilmah:

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:43 am
by Ariel
It does not matter what country you select...You will hear the same story .....The stories always are about Muslims who are robbing houses and people... What is the matter with those immigrants...We took them in, we gave them houses and money, and this is how they thank us..

Copenhagen police: (Muslim) youth rob still more, their preferred victims are non-Muslims

The Islamic sharia is already in effect in the West in official and non-official ways. Officially in the way that Islamic holidays, halal, female-only swimming halls, etc. are introduced in our societies. Non-officially in the way that Muslims rob non-Muslims, attack non-Islamic authorities, etc. I worked in a youth prison and I know who these “non-Danish” robbers are: as good as all of them are Muslims (7 out of 10 inmates in Danish youth prisons are Muslims; almost all the rest are Danes).

Despite working hard to counter this kind of crime, Copenhagen police failed to put a stop to street robberies in 2013.

In 2013, an innocent citizen was victim of a street robbery 1,069 times. This is a significant increase from 2011 and 2012, when respectively 656 and 921 robberies took place.

‘The typical attacker is of non-Danish origin, aged 13-18 years. The typical victims are Danish boys who are being robbed of smart phones or cash,” explains Superintendent Jan Bjørn, Head of Station City, Copenhagen Police. ... n-muslims#

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:58 pm
by Ariel
This is the Poet Yahya Hassan. he lives in Denmark.

Anti-Islamic art ruled 'hate' speech

What to wear to a poetry recital? In Denmark, it may be a flak-jacket and Kevlar helmet, especially if you are the poet.

Poet Yahya Hassan and the artist Firoozeh Bazrafkan are just a few of the latest casualties of the anti-”hate”-speech statutes infamously adopted in Denmark, having appropriated them from more enlightened nations such as Iran.

Hassan at only 18 has managed to inflame and divide large portions of Danish society with a few bits of rough poetry. Raised in a Palestinian Muslim household, he is an angry young man with harsh words over the experience so far.

Targets of Hassan’s wrath include his parents, Islam as it is now practiced and greater Danish society in general. His Oct. 5 interview with Politiken (“I F**king Hate My Parents’ Generation”) became their most shared article for the entire year and has made him an international celebrity.

Refusing to use the phony, well-rehearsed victimhood narrative of Islamic tacticians, Hassan tells his own story.

And Muhammad’s sons in Denmark are doing their best to shut him up.

Comparing successful native Danes with his own “maladjusted” and unhappy life, Hassan openly blamed poor Muslim parenting for the failure of their youth. Refusing to wallow in self-pity, Hassan extends his personal disaster and dumps responsibility for the stinking mass of woe back on the Islamic community.

Hassan read passages on television from his “Lang Digt” or “Long Poem” before the book’s release. Smatterings of his unsophisticated but blunt-instrument verse are translated from Danish below:

“And between the Friday prayers and the Ramadans,
you want to carry a knife in your pocket,
you want to go and ask people if they have a problem,
although the only problem is you.”

He lists lack of incentive, envy, juvenile delinquency, constant rage and resentment as specifically Islamic traits. In Denmark now, those are fighting words, and the poor kid has had to learn his share of sturm und drang.

Defending himself from the ludicrous charge of “Islamophobia,” Hassan claimed he was only speaking of lower-class, unintelligent members of Islamic society. Of course, this failed to mollify the “shut up” apparatchiks, who never fail to smell a dissenter on their appointed rounds.

Complaints about lower-class hijinks proved to be too much for the once vigorous Danish people, though, and the hunt was on.

These terrifying verses bought Hassan an endless stream of death threats, and the publication of his book has only multiplied the problem. Several threats prompted police investigation and a few arrests. Last November Hassan was assaulted in Copenhagen’s train station by a (surprise!) fellow Palestinian-Danish Muslim.

Ironically the free-speech impaired thug was not only an exact representation of the type of criminal Hassan objects to, but had previously received a seven-year terrorism sentence. Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson and is now perfecting his craft by specializing in beating up poets.

In public Hassan is forced to wear a bulletproof vest and is followed by Denmark’s version of the FBI, especially when he speaks. A poetry reading last fall turned a school into a militarized zone with hundreds of policemen, reconnaissance, road blocks, bomb squads and a no-fly zone costing 1 million kroner. Brought to the Danes thanks to the purveyors of enforced multiculturalism.

Local police may protect Hassan bodily, but the halls of justice and legislation fight to reward his persecutors and tormentors.

Under Danish Penal Code (paragraph 266b) every Danish citizen is a criminal at some time or other. They’re just waiting for you to say the wrong thing. It prosecutes any “communication by which a group of persons are threatened, insulted or denigrated due to their race, skin color, national or ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation.”

Merely quoting statistics or holy books (if it reveals unsavory facts) about another religion is illegal in Denmark. The original intent was to protect “minority religions” against bigotry and violence, but the effect has been draconian lip-zipping and constant attacks on free speech.

This is Firoozeh Bazrafkan. She also lives in Denmark.

Yet another victim who dared defy enforced groveling and submission is artist Firoozeh Bazrafkan. In Denmark this is now a crime, particularly if you speak publicly against it. Even more heinous to the jurisprudence is that an ex-Muslim, a woman yet, should do this.

And so Firoozeh has been duly dragged to court and convicted of speaking what everyone already knows is true about Islam and their treatment of women: It sucks. Her works focus on specific human rights violation in Denmark, Iran and elsewhere in the name of Islam.

In the December 2011 Jyllands-Posten blog, Firoozeh gave her opinion of Islamic culture based on first-hand knowledge: “Muslim men to a great extent and everywhere in the world both rape, mistreat and kill their daughters. It is my opinion, being an Iranian-born Dane, that we are here facing a defective and inhuman culture – if this can be considered ‘culture’ at all. … This is a defective and inhuman culture, whose manual, the Quran, is even more immoral, objectionable and insane than the manuals of the two other world religions combined.”

Firoozeh’s personal opinion was considered so objectionable to Danish powers that she was convicted of “hate speech” – likely accused by one of the men who “rape, mistreat and kill” and was hoping to keep his religious inspiration a secret.

For both Firoozeh and Hassan the Islamic community is the source of death threats, real hate speech and physical attacks. All this abuse is backed by the ridiculous Danish speech codes and their selective enforcers.

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How did we come so far, that we denigrate our own civilization at every turn, yet feel obliged to defend and promote Islam, even though the very freedoms they enjoy and take for granted are non-existent in Islamic culture. It beats me.... :(

Re: News from Denmark.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2014 10:13 pm
by Ariel
Jihad terror-inciter Anjem Choudary starts new branch in Denmark

A controversial European Islamist is starting to organize in Denmark.

The British Islamist Anjem Choudary visited Copenhagen this week to establish a Danish branch of his Islamist network.

According to terrorism researcher Magnus Ranstorp, there is reason to be concerned that Anjem Choudary’s organization is setting up in Denmark.

“He creates an atmosphere of confrontation and hatred, and incites young Muslims to go to Syria and fight. He is anti-democratic, and is exclusively for the Sharia,” says terrorism researcher Magnus Ranstorp of the National Defense College in Stockholm. ... n-denmark#