If you think the Muslims are mad....

The rights of, or lack thereof, and problems faced by women in Islam
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If you think the Muslims are mad....

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Take a look at this

We are of course allowed to retrospectively disparage and mock this utterly deranged and contemptible misogynistic absurdity because it's practioners were:

a) white
b) Christian

Any self-proclaimed feminist would surely agree that the attitudes towards women's bodies and sexuality so atrociously exemplified by these weird contraptions are truly apalling, along with western women's willingness to collude in it. Yet the same feminists now give serious consideration to female members of a certain cult rationalising their own religious oppression and willingly covering themselves head to toe in impractical shapeless garb - even on a beach - and explaining how it protects them from being "objectified" and all the other jargon they've filched from the feminist script.
"Prophet Muhammad...bought, sold, captured, and owned slaves" SOURCE: BBC website
"Muhammad is considered to be a perfect model" SOURCE: BBC website
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