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Muslim wife defends child-rapist husband

PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:01 pm
by Fernando
Jihadwatch reminded me of this in the Mail on Sunday, which I'd meant to post.
'White girls are filthy': Wives of Asian men jailed for raping vulnerable British girls reveal why they blame the victims

Top Muslim writer persuaded the families of jailed rapists to share their stories
But behind their veils, the wives say they blamed the girls and their parents too
One woman described victims as 'filthy' and said they dressed without respect

But later, at a separate meeting, I encountered Suju, the wife of another jailed groomer. She was afraid of him but she, too, thinks white girls are: ‘Filthy. How they dress. They have no shame, no fear of Allah.’

Was it OK to hurt them the way the men did?, I asked. ‘No. You can’t hurt people. Allah does not want that,’ she replied. ‘But it is the girls who should be careful. They did something to him, maybe bad magic.
The article is by Yasmi Alibhai Brown. I used to dislike her whe she was writing in the Guardian but of late she's earning respect.