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Honour killing? No such thing?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:39 am
by Fernando
Tory MP calls for the term ‘honour killing’ to be banned
The term “honour killing” is preventing police from investigating domestic violence out of “political correctness”, a Conservative MP has said.
Nusrat Ghani is proposing a bill in Parliament calling for the phrase “honour killing” to be banned in official publications and for support given to women who are subject to domestic violence while abroad to be strengthened.

The backbencher said she had seen “too many women” not get the help they need, with officers often being wary of intervening in so-called honour cases for fear of offending the community.

"I have spoken to police officers who practice in the north of the country who said they have seen their fellow officers not deal with these cases, as they would in other circumstances, because the term brings in so much other baggage - that it just seems too complicated to deal with. But it is just domestic violence,” she said.

So let's summarise that:
Police urged not to investigate motivation for murder, lest they find they have to ignore the crime.
Quite a contrast from the orders that the police have to ferret out the slightest reason for declaring "hate" to be a motive and increase the charges, isn't it?
How about, instead
Police ordered to do their job, without fear or favour?
Doesn't that sound better?