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Muhammad's Islam is a Problem for Inter Religious Families

PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:40 am
by yeezevee
Good.. Bad.. Ugly. What a life.. Inter religious Families and Islam

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In a fairytale love story going completely wrong, Indian national Asha Patil, who against all odds married a Pakistani last year, has not only lost her husband, but now faces "ill treatment" by her in-laws in Lahore.

Mumbai girl Asha Patil made international news when she took on two nations to be with her Pakistani husband. Wedded bliss ended when Khalid died last week. Shattered, Asha is also two-months pregnant

In 2000, Miss Asha Patil from Bhayander Mira Road and Mr. Mumtaz Khalid from Lahore, met on the Internet. They were very regular at iff too,after Innumerable phone calls/chatting sessions later, the ‘meeting’ blossomed into so called love and they got married with the blessings of a qazi in June 2006, on the Net, without ever seeing each other in person.

Then began the real battle, as neither India nor Pakistan recognised their Internet marriage and both the countries refused to grant the couple visas. The desperate woman then tried to cross the LoC at Poonch, but was arrested by security forces. Refusing to give up, she threatened to immolate herself in front of Rashtrapati Bhavan if the government did not give Khalid a visa to visit India.

Finally, in 2007, both India and Pakistan recognised their marriage. They met, just once before, on Valentine’s Day, in 2007. Asha then moved to Lahore to be with Khalid, became Ayesha, got married according to rites and rituals and began a proverbial ‘happily ever after life’.
But Mumtaz Died last week ,,,, And Asha ki Duniya Ujad gayi…
Asha, 25, told a news channel
"My in laws have made my life hell. They harass me a lot. They even made an attempt on my life," she had asked for her jewellery as she did not have any money to go back to India.
"They said they would not let me get out of Pakistan. They said 'we will tie-up your hands and legs and throw you out of the house,'’...

Well that is a life., But I am Fairly confident the life would have been much better If Khalid was in India Instead of Asha going to Pakistan...Off ocurse as Mr. PBUH's Islam prescribes She Must live as Muslims and their Children Must be brought as Muslims BENDING 5 TIMES A DAY TO THAT ARABIAN SAND and Praying that woo_do doll Allah.. ... 70867.html

And recently that Asha had a baby girl(NOT BOY) in India... Lucky Little Girl and Mother Asha names her baby Fatima...

Watch that interesting Video in that link.. well that is real story... Boy Indians Live in Bollywood dreams and that Cricket Game