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Somalia; Where is the outrage?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:17 pm
by Jimi
Somalia is known as a bastion of Islam. It is a fine Islamic state where men follow the example set forth by the prophet mammond in the a hadiths. Mohhamod used rape to further Islam. Somali Muslims seem to find this as expectable behavior. Gang-rape, forced marriage and violence is a way of life for Muslims there. Following in the example put forth by the prophet Mohhamod, Somalia is an example for all of Islam and the world for the advancement of Islam in the 21st century.

Allah be praised, we thank Allah for his blessed prophet, showing the world what Islam and somalia means for women everywhere.

Re: Somalia; Where is the outrage?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 12:02 pm
by LCD
Most people believe the UN to be an actual effective organization, so if it doesn't get past the security council, which it won't since Syria is on the head of the human rights abuse committee, it must obviousy be okay.