Pakistan: This is how Muslims value women!

The rights of, or lack thereof, and problems faced by women in Islam
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Re: Pakistan: This is how Muslims value women!

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iffo wrote:........ remember it was same bigotry and prejudice attitude for which they kicked you out from British Ex-muslim forum. They got an idea very quick that guy was a bigot.
Muhammad bin Lyin wrote:

They kicked me out because of my avatar. And actually, they never even kicked me out, they warned me. Would you like me to post there and send you the link?? Silly little cotton candy eating boy. .
what happened? the discussion is moving out of "Pakistan: This is how Muslims value women!" to British Ex-muslim forum..

Any ways going back to Pakistan and Women folks., ., The news says
Brother kills sister, niece

MULTAN: A man killed his sister, a widow, and his young niece on suspicions of adultery here Monday. Ghulam Shabir, resident of chak no 7/8 in the precincts of Thana Talamab suspected that his 40-year old sister, widow of Noor Mohammad and 19-year neice, Saima allegedly had illicit relations with some men.

Police said Ghulam Shabbir took the two women to fields around dawn and shot them dead. Following the incident, the area was gripped by fear while police reached the spot and shifted the bodies to Tehsil hospital for autopsy

Irrespective of religious background and irrespective of what women did, including having sex with stranger, there is NO HONOR in killing your loved ones it is brutal murder .. read about that lady in the link . You can disown people, move away from the relationships., live your own life and get a new life partner but this brutal killing is murder and it should be treated as such by the state. Incidentally the lady you see above is from India
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