Documentary: A Glitch in the Matrix

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Documentary: A Glitch in the Matrix

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Documentary: A Glitch in the Matrix (David Fuller production)
A Glitch in the Matrix: Dr JB Peterson, the Intellectual Dark Web & the Mainstream Media: Documentary by Journalist David Fuller.
David Fuller, who worked at the UK's Channel 4 news for a decade as a producer/director, also recently released Truth in the Time of Chaos (" onclick=";return false;), a documentary about my work. In A Glitch in the Matrix, he analyzes and assesses my recent viral interview with Cathy Newman, unpacking the deeper political, psychological and archetypal levels of the clash. Background information can be found in this Medium article:" onclick=";return false;

A Glitch in the Matrix is a Rebel Wisdom production. Extended versions of many of the interviews in the film can be found on the Rebel Wisdom YouTube channel (" onclick=";return false;). Also see:

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