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Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:12 pm
by ygalg

Re: 60 Minutes EDL Tommy Robinson On Islamic Extremism

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:21 pm
by Ariel

More Tommy Robinson....It seems there is a talk show in England called Free Speech. It is being presented by a nitwit called Rick Edwards . Rick says he is the front man of Free Speech. And indeed you can say anything in his show when you are an educated left winger, but if you are Tommy Robinson, then things are different. Look at this video if your stomach can handle it.

Robinson sat in the studio filled with middle class youth who are hating Tommy in the deepest of their hearts. And they did not mince their words.

The broadcast started with a Muslim who said that he wanted to drop Robinson on an island and then bomb that island with antrax.
Rick the man sad...Ahh that is perhaps a bit strong, but I do understand you.... After those words there was a big applause form all the "nice" intellectual young idiots....

Anyway...Enjoy....My blood is still boiling.

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:31 pm
by Ariel
Enza Ferreri considers Muslim contributions to science and philosophy, as reflected in the recent “two-minute hate” directed at Tommy Robinson on BBC television.

Islamic “Science” and Other Nonsense
by Enza Ferreri

Above is the video of a BBC lynch mob against Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League, during the programme called — a misnomer — FreeSpeech on BBC3. It is not free speech if you verbally abuse and even incite to murder someone for exercising his right to free speech, as it happens in this “debate”.

Interestingly, the comments to the video on YouTube reveal how the audience was cherry-picked by the BBC to fit its political bent and in no way represents the British general public. That’s reassuring, because a country whose population the studio crowd faithfully represented would be a cross between the Soviet Union and Pakistan.

Horrendous ganging up against one person by clueless people — or worse — is a more apt description of the situation. A bloke in the video, apparently a “musician” I’d never heard of called Akala, who talks about Islamic culture pioneering mathematics and science, must have been listening to Barack Obama instead of going to school. Has he ever heard of Euclid, the father of geometry, and Pythagoras? Muslims did not pioneer anything. All they did was translate intellectual treasures from the original Greek into Arabic and preserve them in the library of Alexandria. The numbers we use and call “Arabic” were actually developed in India and translated from Sanskrit into Arabic, hence their name.

The Islamophile Barack Hussein Obama has been big on the subject of “Islam Has Contributed To The Character Of Our Country” in his celebration of Ramadan, recently but not for the first time. He also mentions “Muslims who helped unlock the secrets of our universe”, whose names he must have been hard pressed to find because he didn’t say them.

In reality, science and Islam are fundamentally incompatible, which is why, despite the propaganda, there are no Muslim scientists in the history of the Islamic world. The only rational thinkers of some influence that world has produced, Averroes and Avicenna, were not real Muslims, but apostates. Avicenna (980-1037) was an Aristotelian who tried to reconcile formal logic with Islam and failed. Averroes (1126-1198), also influenced by Aristotle, had his works burnt and his disciples persecuted.

The very notion of God in Islam, a being whose power is so absolute that cannot be limited by reason, logic or the laws of nature, and who can at any moment change the order of the universe at his will — if Allah arbitrarily so commands, tomorrow the sun will not rise — makes it impossible to have a Muslim science. Science, a systematic method of looking at things combining empiricism and logic, developed only in Christianity.

Even putting aside this little faux pas, that mercifully for Akala — who is a writer, artist and entrepreneur, no less — nobody disputed (another indication, if necessary, of the lacklustre intellectual standard of this audience), it was evident that Robinson’s opponents, namely the whole studio, couldn’t stand up to him.

Siara Khan never defined “racism” and how opposition to Islam could be racist. Muslims can be of all races.

The tone of the debate and the level of the participants are demonstrated to be low by the fact that, while all the “debate” — which mainly consists in hurling abuse of “racist” at Tommy Robinson — revolves around racism, you have right from the start something contradicting that premise: a white Muslim. Racism is unjust discrimination on the basis of race. If you “discriminate” against all races, whites included, you discriminate against no race, ergo you are not racist. ... more-29990

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:17 pm
by Ariel
Malmö says "Nej tack” to the EDL

Gates of Vienna 30 August 2013
By Baron Bodissey

Dispatch International has invited English Defence League leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll to visit Copenhagen and Malmö next month, providing Danes and Swedes with the opportunity to learn first-hand what the EDL stands for, rather than read the distorted version fed to them by the MSM.

The two Lutonians will appear as scheduled in Copenhagen, but the Malmö gig has been thrown into doubt by the venue, which cancelled the booking when they found out that two right-wing extremist racist xenophobic fascist neo-Nazi Islamophobes were going to be the feature attraction.

DI posted the following notice on Tuesday:

The Swedish Free Press Society and Dispatch International present Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll

Swedish and Danish media portray the grass root English Defence League, EDL, as a bunch of violent football hooligans and despicable racists. But are they? Come and hear what the EDL’s leaders have to say.

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll will visit Malmö and Copenhagen to tell why they oppose England’s Islamization and how they go about it. After their speeches, the audience will have ample opportunity to ask questions

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:27 pm
by Ariel
Dispatch International denied freedom of assembly after hate campaign

Self-styled “anti-fascists” are doing all they can to prevent English Defence League leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll from speaking in Sweden and Denmark. First Folkets Hus in Malmö canceled the organizers’ booking, now the Odd Fellow Hall in Copenhagen has backed down.

– I know what you want, the same as all the other damned journalists that have called and wasted my time. I had my whole evening ruined because of this. I was to host a dinner for 200 guests and had to spend the whole night on this, says an exhausted Göran Kryhl, CEO of Folkets Hus in Malmö, when Dispatch International calls.

DI: I see, but couldn’t you tell me what you said to the other journalists?

– That we don’t have the same ideology as they have and don’t stand for what they stand for.

DI: But we have freedom of assembly in Sweden?

– They can have whatever meetings they want, but not when they hide behind something else as they did here.

DI: What do you mean by hide? In what way did they hide?

– You know what, I’m tired of this. I don’t want to talk any more. Have a good one.

Freedom of assembly and of speech is inscribed in both the Danish and Swedish constitutions. But that is of no consequence for certain groups known as “antiracist”. They have taken it upon themselves to meet people with other opinions by throwing eggs, stones and pieces of firework, heckling and as in this case by pure sabotage.

Under the slogan “No platform for racism!” the Danish Antifa (Anti-Fascist Action) – the equivalent of AFA in Sweden – urged to its followers to call and mail the Odd Fellow Hall in Copenhagen to force it to cancel the meeting which Dispatch International and the Swedish Free Press society has announced with EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll on September 29.

“Do you also think that it is a damned filthy business that the Odd Fellow lodge has rented its hall to racists? Call them at 33 11 27 78 or send them a mail at The two racists were originally to speak in Malmö the day before but now anti-fascists have managed to get them thrown out. Let’s do the same in Copenhagen!” writes Antifa on its website

And sure enough, the next day the Danish Free Press Society – which by the way had nothing to do with the arrangement – received a mail from Jimmy Lora Perez, who is in charge of bookings at the Odd Fellow Hall:

“Over the past few days we have received mails and calls regarding your arrangement on September 29, where it is reported that there will be guest speakers from the English Defence League. This has elicited a number of negative comments which we have to relate to. For this reason it has been decided after consultation with management of the Odd Fellow Hall that we cannot host this arrangement as we believe it will give rise to much negative publicity regarding our activities. We hope can find another venue for your arrangement and your deposit will of course be refunded in full. I’m very sorry and hope you understand.”

Ingrid Carlqvist, President of the Swedish Free Press Society, is saddened by this development but has by no means given up.

– It is indeed appalling that an openly violent and menacing organization like Antifa/AFA can frighten people by claiming that the English Defence League operates by means of threats and violence, which is not at all the case. It is also a sad realization that enemies of free assembly and speech that have long operated in Sweden now appear to be active in Denmark. But we will not give up. We are in the process of finding new venues. However, we will keep them secret until the day the meeting is to take place, says Carlqvist. ... n/?lang=en

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:13 pm
by Ariel
Tommy Robinson has decided to leave the EDL.

The most difficult day of my life! I thank Edl supporters for their messages of support . For me this is a step forwards not backwards

The leader of the English Defence League (EDL) has quit the organisation in a dramatic move which saw him warn of the dangers of "far right extremism".

In a surprise development, anti-extremist organisation Quilliam said it had facilitated the move by Robinson and Kevin Carroll, joint leaders of the anti-Islamic group.

"I have been considering this move for a long time because I recognise that, though street demonstrations have brought us to this point, they are no longer productive," Robinson said.

"I acknowledge the dangers of far-right extremism and the ongoing need to counter Islamist ideology not with violence but with better, democratic ideas."

Robinson's personal assistant confirmed he had left the group along with 12 other senior members, raising the prospect of the organisation falling apart entirely.

Quilliam said it would help Robinson in his criticism of extremist Islam while assisting him in fighting off the rise of far-right activism.

It called on his followers in the EDL to follow in his footsteps and offered a similar message to Islamist extremist leaders.

"As well as being a very positive change for the United Kingdom, this is a very proud moment for Quilliam," Quilliam chairman and co-founder Maajid Nawaz said.

"This represents not a change but a continuation for us, as challenging extremism of all kinds forms the basis of our work.

"We have been able to show that Britain stands together against extremism regardless of political views and hope to continue supporting Tommy and Kevin in their journey to counter Islamism and neo-Nazi extremism."

Robinson and Carroll will hold a joint press conference at an undisclosed location in London later today to field questions.

The EDL gradually took over as the main group on the far-right of UK politics from the BNP over the last five years, after the latter group was torn apart by internal divisions.

Composed mainly of former football supporters, it has adopted an extremely aggressive approach to street protests in predominantly Muslim areas, not least by demonstrating in Woolwich following a terror attack there earlier this year.

Robinson has always been a mercurial personality at the top of the organisation.

He has gone under several names and has a string of criminal convictions.

The Quilliam move suggests the organisation believes it can neutralise the threat from the far-right by bringing its leaders into the mainstream and getting them to give up on street tactics.

That mission will itself be controversial, with some anti-racism campaigners likely to prefer a no-platform alternative, which would isolate potential far-right organisations. ... ts-the-edl

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 3:33 pm
by manfred
Well, I guess he had enough being demonised and painted as a Nazi thug. He is, however, naive if he thinks that now he will no longer be under threat from various Muslim groups.

I doubt we have heard the last of Tommy, though.

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:35 pm
by Ariel
A very difficult and awful interview with Tommy.. :yuk: ... 0092878001

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:05 am
by ygalg
Anne Marrie Waters resigned from labour party

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:52 am
by Ariel
This is getting scary. What is happening here. Is the ‘Quilliam Foundation’ a sister organisation of CAIR?

Britain First:

Today’s breaking news that Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll are leaving the English Defence League and taking up new positions with a Muslim ‘anti-hate’ organisation, funded by the government and hard-line Islamic sources in the Middle East, has left the country’s patriotic, counter-jihad movement stunned with disbelief.
In only a few hours, the English Defence League and all its followers have been betrayed, their hard work over the years thrown on the scrapheap, and this craven act means that the English Defence League is now dead beyond repair.
Robinson’s new employers, the ‘Quilliam Foundation’, is run by ‘Hizb ut Tahrir’ Muslim extremists, and was founded by Maajid Nawaz, Ed Husain and Rashad Zaman Ali.
In February and October 2009, Quilliam publicly confronted the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, arguing that, “Geert Wilders is undoubtedly an ill-informed, hate-driven bigot with many unpleasant views but he is not directly inciting violence… We therefore challenge Geert Wilders to an open debate in which we will argue that Islam is compatible with secular democracy and that, contrary to what he apparently believes, Muslims are not a threat to Europe and its values.”
Quilliam has also defended the right of women to wear the full face veil, known as the niqab or burka.
The last thing on anyone’s minds when they woke up this morning was that Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL, would be working for a Muslim group…but it has happened!
In January 2009, ‘The Times’ published an article claiming that Quiliam had received almost £1million from the government, and Quilliam openly acknowledges the funding that it receives from the public sector.
Tommy Robinson and other EDL leaders have transitioned from controversial leaders of a patriotic street resistance movement, to government-funded quango employees, and in theirwake lies the total destruction of the EDL!


The news is that around twelve of the senior EDL leadership have also followed Robinson and Carroll in their act of betrayal.

What is more serious, and worrying, is that the personal details of tens of thousands of EDL followers are now in the hands of Quilliam and whatever far-left nefarious sources that are using them to further their war against the counter-jihad movement in Britain.

We warned EDL activists about this several years ago!

As the English Defence League NEVER produced or published any accounts or financial records, there is no accounting for any of the considerable funds that passed through its coffers in the last four years – where has it all gone?

It’s pretty obvious what has happened today, considering the deafening silence of far-left groups such as ‘Hope Not Hate’:

A macabre plot to smash and cripple the “street movement” has been hatched behind the scenes, and basically amounts to using the Quilliam organisation as a conduit to lure the long-suffering Tommy Robinson and others into an act of self-sabotage by dangling the carrot of lucrative employment and thirty pieces of silver.

The result, as we have witnessed today, is a catastrophic blow to the morale, unity and viability of the English Defence League – for the EDL, this is Armageddon.

The open and willing betrayal of the EDL legions by the ENTIRE leadership will not be a blow from which it can or will recover.


Today was the funeral of the English Defence League as an organisation and movement.

Tonight, tens of thousands of EDL followers will be sat with glum looks on their faces, having extreme difficulty coming to terms with the betrayal of their Judas leader.

One thing that Tommy Robinson said today is, however, entirely true: The tactics of the EDL, organising big demonstrations over and over again, has become completely ineffectual.

This is why Britain First is leading the fight-back against the Muslim extremist leadership in this country, as we are applying real and potent pressure to them PERSONALLY.

Turning up in a town centre, having a few speeches, then going home, doesn’t even register on the radar of the Muslim leadership.

Britain First’s recent fight-back operations ARE putting them under pressure: whether it’s exposing their home addresses, pressuring councils to have them evicted, turning up at their places of work, leafleting their neighbours, sending personalised letters to everyone in their neighbourhoods, and so on, while everyone else bangs their heads against a proverbial brick wall, the disciplined, highly-organised, active service teams of Britain First are literally taking the battle to the doorsteps of Islam in Britain, and we will not stop until the job is done!

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:00 am
by Ariel
ygalg wrote:Anne Marrie Waters resigned from labour party

I did not know who she was, but I looked her up. Why did she resign from Labour.... Read it here.

Anne Marie Waters resigns from the Labour Party

The main news being debated across the blogging community tonight is the apparent decision of Tommy Robinson and one of his pals to quit the EDL. Since that will be more than adequately discussed elsewhere I decided to have a look at an equally important but far less profile resignation, that of Anne Marie Waters from the Labour Party.

Ms Waters departure came as a bit of a surprise given her recent attempt to be selected as PPC for Brighton Labour Party. Her candidature attracted attention from those on the darker side of politics in the form of Andy Newman from the misnamed Socialist Unity website where he conducted a witch
hunt which was opposed both here and over at Harry's Place.

Anne Marie Waters is one of the countries leading secularists and is a spokesperson for the National Secular Society and the One Law for All campaign and does some excellent work campaigning for free speech and women's rights. Her decision to leave Labour is therefore a blow to fighting back against the parasitical pro-Islamist elements like Socialist Unity and Socialist Action.

In an Open Letter published on the Dispatch International website she explains her decision:

I joined the Labour Party because I believed that all people should have equal rights, and should never be disadvantaged as a result of characteristics that they cannot change. I believed that people should have the same rights and protections irrespective of their gender or skin colour. I believed in fairness and in justice. I believed in civil liberties and a government run by the people for the people.
I still believe in those things, which is why I cannot, in any good conscience, remain a member of the Labour Party.
The problem as she sees it lies in the commitment to multiculturalism:

....multiculturalism. As a direct result of this policy, thousands of young girls have their genitals butchered every year – their clitoris removed and vagina sewn up. The purpose of this is to destroy a girl’s sexuality, ensuring her virginity so that she can be offered up to a (usually) much older man to live a life as his domestic and sexual slave. Despite this abhorrent crime carrying a theoretical 14-year prison sentence in Britain, not a single prosecution has ever been brought.....

Another of the fruits of multiculturalism is the proliferation of sharia. In Britain, we have at least 85 sharia tribunals operating a parallel system of family law. For your information, sharia law allows men to beat their wives, allows no unilateral divorce rights for women, and gives custody of children to fathers from a preset age, regardless of the circumstances. The most prominent of these sharia tribunals is the Islamic Sharia Council in east London. This is led by a man named Suhaib Hasan. He was secretly filmed by the BBC this year telling an undercover reporter that she should “correct” herself in order to avoid being beaten by her husband. Despite its claim to be a party that champions women’s rights, Labour said nothing about this. How can you truly be a force for gender equality if you remain silent on this deeply disturbing mistreatment of women?

Whilst I have more than considerable sympathy with her views, I do not think that resigning from the Labour Party is the way forward.

Ms Waters rightly identifies some of the more sinister elements within Labour:

Livingstone, while Labour Mayor of London, invited to the city (at tax-payers’ expense) a man by the name of Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. Qaradawi is a supporter of FGM, believes Hitler didn’t quite do enough to punish the Jews, and thinks homosexuals should be punished as any other “sexual pervert”.
When renowned human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell criticised Livingstone for this, he was labelled Islamophobic by the Mayor.
As well as promising to turn London in to a “beacon of Islam” and campaigning against his own party in Tower Hamlets with Lutfur Rahman (a man linked to the Islamic Forum of Europe, which aims to create an “Islamic social, economic and political order” in Britain), Ken has also worked for Press TV, the media arm of the Iranian regime, which stones women to death for adultery. Can you tell me how you think the selection of Livingstone by party members, for the Mayoral candidacy in 2010, squares with Labour’s claims to be a party of gay rights and equality
These people need to be fought and the Labour Party reclaimed for the rights, not just of ordinary free thinking people but also to prop up the struggle against the false progressives of the left.

The Livingstone's, Newman's and John Ross's of this world need to be challenged and fought within the mainstream Labour and trade union movement. They represent the worst kind of politics the left has to offer.

I urge Anne Marie Waters to rethink her position. Her resignation will only strengthen the very reactionary elements that free thinkers rail against. ... l?spref=tw

BETRAYAL - EDL leaders quit and join "Quilliam Foundation"

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:18 am
by enceladus

From here - ... l-golding/

"Today’s breaking news that Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll are leaving the English Defence League and taking up new positions with a Muslim ‘anti-hate’ organisation, funded by the government and hard-line Islamic sources in the Middle East, has left the country’s patriotic, counter-jihad movement stunned with disbelief.

In only a few hours, the English Defence League and all its followers have been betrayed, their hard work over the years thrown on the scrapheap, and this craven act means that the English Defence League is now dead beyond repair.

Robinson’s new employers, the ‘Quilliam Foundation’, is run by ‘Hizb ut Tahrir’ Muslim extremists, and was founded by Maajid Nawaz, Ed Husain and Rashad Zaman Ali."

It is very clear what has happened. The UK government has "turned" them.

Britain is now well and truly an Islamic state.
- enceladus

Re: BETRAYAL - EDL leaders quit and join "Quilliam Foundatio

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:53 am
by manfred
We will see what happens to the EDL. A well planned organisation is not dependent of any one person.

About this Qulliam thing:

Quilliam defines Islamism in the following terms:

It is the belief that Islam is a political ideology, as well as a faith. It is a modernist claim that political sovereignty belongs to God, that the Shari'ah should be used as state law, that Muslims form a political rather than a religious bloc around the world and that it is a religious duty for all Muslims to create a political entity that is governed as such. Islamism is a spectrum, with Islamists disagreeing over how they should bring their ‘Islamic’ state into existence. Some Islamists seek to engage with existing political systems, others reject the existing systems as illegitimate but do so non-violently, and others seek to create an 'Islamic state' through violence. Most Islamists are socially modern but others advocate a more retrograde lifestyle. Islamists often have contempt for Muslim scholars and sages and their traditional institutions; as well as a disdain for non-Islamist Muslims and the West.[4]

Quilliam argues that Islam is just a religion, not a political religion nor an ideology and that “Islam is not Islamism.”

Quilliam argues that “[Islamists] are extreme because of their rigidity in understanding politics”.

So it does not LOOK like some sort of extreme Muslim organisation. It seems that they are spreading the myth that there is such a thing as "Islamism", and that it is possible to take the violence and the politics out of Islam. Either they are some fools who really believe such things, a collection of Mughals if you like, or it is a pressure group producing sleeping pills for the masses. It is quite telling that they speak of "Islamists" having a "rigid understanding" of politics (my highlight in the quote), and not a rigid understanding of Islam. To me that sounds like a white-wash, a denial of facts of epic proportions.

That idea that Islam can be separated from politics really does not stand up for long enough to be knocked down, and I would be surprised if Tommy Robinson has been taken in by that. I am sure he would know better.

Whatever next, he will say the shahadda and start to attend the East London mosque, as that seems to be the only way he will be allowed to walk down that street?

Tommy Robinson may not have the best of education, but he is no fool. I don't think he has been "got at", at least not yet.

Let's wait and see what happens next.

It is interesting to note that the EDL website carries no anti-Robinson article, but the one you found is from a political party with strong nationalist leanings.

An I have not yet given up hope for the UK. People really are beginning to understand.

Re: BETRAYAL - EDL leaders quit and join "Quilliam Foundatio

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 11:33 am
by ygalg
retaking my words following news update.

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 4:05 pm
by Ariel
Robinson holds his head in his hands during a press conference at the Montague Hotel

Tommy Robinson Explains Decision To Quit EDL At Secret Quilliam Event In London

On the same day that Tommy Robinson announced he was leaving the English Defence League (EDL), saying he was unable to control "extremist elements" within its ranks, the former leader of the anti-Islamic group has appeared at a Quilliam Foundation event amid tight security to speak about his decision to quit the far-right movement.

Speaking on a panel that included Quilliam's Maajid Nawaz and Usama Hasan, and the EDL deputy leader Kevin Carroll, Robinson said: "I thought the EDL was part of the solution but now it is part of the problem," adding: "I don’t hate Muslims... I don’t want to lead a revolution against Muslims."

Robinson spoke of his "chaotic life" and the death threats and time in prison that had given him "time to reflect". He said: "I thought what do we really want? Each time we did a demonstration it was a cry for help from Middle England. I asked myself a lot of questions. I have three young children and I want what is best for them, I want to confront the problem but marching through the street saying 'who the **** is Allah' meant that we were offending moderates."

Robinson said he intends to work with Muslims and non-Muslims to defeat extremism. "I looked at the Manchester demo, with white pride flags, and I thought ‘that does not represent me'. I don’t want to be the public face for them. When someone lifts up their top that has a tattoo with a mosque that says boom! I take the flack for that."

Robinson said he had made up his mind to leave the EDL, but then Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered and he threw himself back into it. On the adverse reaction his seeming "defection" has caused from members of the EDL, Robinson said "a lot of people have called me a sell out and a coward but there is no more powerful statement than the four of us sitting here today, against extremism." He added: "I ask my supporters to have faith in our new direction."

Robinson said he remains opposed to Muslim extremism, adding that "Muslims in this country have to listen to what we are saying".

Before Robinson spoke, Quilliam Chairman and Co-Founder Maajid Nawaz explained the position of the foundation: "Tommy wants a chance to prove he is not happy with the neo-Nazi association. I would not be a good human being if I did not allow him to demonstrate that."

Journalists queued around the block for invitation-only talk, with at least one being ejected for not having a legitimate press card. Due to the secrecy surrounding the event, no protests were held outside, despite the venomous backlash directed at Robinson on Twitter following his announcement.

Earlier, Robinson explained his decision to leave the EDL in a statement: "I have been considering this move for a long time because I recognise that, though street demonstrations have brought us to this point, they are no longer productive. I acknowledge the dangers of far-right extremism and the ongoing need to counter Islamist ideology not with violence but with better, democratic ideas."

In a statement, Quilliam said it had been working with Robinson to achieve his "transition" from extremist to democrat, which the foundation said represents “a huge success for community relations in the United Kingdom”.

The statement added: "We have previously identified the symbiotic relationship between far-right extremism and Islamism and think that this event can dismantle the underpinnings of one phenomenon while removing the need for the other phenomenon. We hope to help Tommy invest his energy and commitment in countering extremism of all kinds, supporting the efforts to bring along his former followers and encouraging his critique of Islamism as well as his concern with far-right extremism."

Quilliam Chairman and Co-Founder Maajid Nawaz said: "As well as being a very positive change for the United Kingdom, this is a very proud moment for Quilliam. This represents not a change but a continuation for us, as challenging extremism of all kinds forms the basis of our work. We have been able to show that Britain stands together against extremism regardless of political views and hope to continue supporting Tommy and Kevin in their journey to counter Islamism and neo-Nazi extremism." ... de=2990550

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 4:09 pm
by Ariel
Tommy Robinson sets the record straight on Daybreak . I can't watch this video.

Former leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson speaks to Daybreak about his decision to leave the organisation.

The EDL will carry on without Tommy and Kevin. No Surrender.

We are grateful to Tommy and Kev for their hard work and dedication in helping to set up such a large and strong organisation as the EDL four years ago. We can easily appreciate the pressures and strain their leadership of the EDL has placed upon Tommy and Kev, not just personally, but also on their families and those dear to them. Not many people could have stood firm in the face of death threats, assaults, police intimidation and state interference. While we regret their decision to leave the EDL, we can understand their reasons and we respect them, as we hope everyone else will.

The EDL was founded for a reason. We had a cause in the beginning and we continue to stand by that cause now. We cannot at this moment say with any confidence what form the EDL will take in the future, but we can say with firm conviction that the EDL will continue to oppose militant and extreme Islam. We will further endeavour to apply our Code of Conduct and reject all Nazis, all extreme right wing organisations, and those who express racism either on our Internet forums, our Facebook pages or on the streets at our protests.

In these times of change, we are determined to fulfill our declared mission and carry on. Our next demonstration in Bradford will therefore go ahead as planned, with a number of guest speakers as well as the regular speakers and including ex-members of our armed forces. The EDL will continue its ideological struggle against Militant Islam and we collectively will not Surrender!

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:47 pm
by manfred
He says he does not want to be associated with "Nazis" and such.

It shows that the strategy of vilification has in fact worked. So, whenever you see someone who expresses view you don't like, don't bother engaging in dialogue, call him names, over and over. Vilify him, so that nobody takes the time to really listen. Threaten his life and his family. Over and over. In the end people may well just give in.

It is ironic how was always presented as some sort of right-wing bully and thug. In fact he is the one who got bullied and in the end he gave in. He mentions his kids. He wants them to see adulthood, and maybe be a grandfather one day. He does not want to live all his life in police protection, while at the same same being hated by the establishment who never even get as far as listen to his point of view. He is tired looking over his shoulder.

Rather sad, really, but understandable.

It tells all of us the price we must be prepared to pay when we oppose Islam in public, without hiding our identity. We not only put ourselves in physical danger, but our family and friends as well. It is a risky thing to do, and few will thank you.

It is not a coincidence that the earliest opponents of Islam tended to be people who had made monastic vows. They had no family to protect or property to lose.

The "victory" of this Islamic organisation is a hollow one. True, the intimidation has at last paid off; but it also has become more visible than it was before. It has shown how the strategy works, in case people did not understand yet.

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:41 am
by ygalg
EDL Ex-Leader Tommy Robinson Refuses To End Association With Pamela Geller And Robert Spencer

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:19 pm
by Ariel
ygalg wrote:EDL Ex-Leader Tommy Robinson Refuses To End Association With Pamela Geller And Robert Spencer

But will Geller and Spencer still work with him. That is the question.

"Beheading the EDL"

I cowrote this statement from Pamela Geller -- this is AFDI's position:
This is Muslim Outreach? Tommy Robinson approaches Quilliam in earnest, puts his life on the line, becomes a pariah (and rightly so) and that's how they declare it? Decapitation sounds like jihad, not reformation.

Quilliam claimed they have “facilitated the decapitation of the EDL” and called on all remaining members to “follow in his footsteps”.

As I noted in my initial declaration of support for Tommy's leaving the EDL, there were many problematic elements within the EDL: antisemites, neo-Nazis, etc. There are also many patriotic lovers of freedom, and I hope they will be able to continue their struggle for human rights and the defense of England against Sharia and Islamization. While we supported Tommy's distancing himself from the unsavory forces that were infiltrating the EDL, his association with the Quilliam Foundation is problematic in the extreme.

The Quilliam Foundation was founded by former members of the Islamic supremacist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which calls for a worldwide caliphate. The Quilliam founders say they've rejected all that and are "moderates" now, but there are warning signs that they aren't. The Quilliam Foundation is named after a 19th-century British convert to Islam, Abdullah (formerly William) Quilliam, who was hardly a "moderate." In warning Muslims not to aid a British expedition into Sudan in 1896, he wrote: "For any True Believer to take up arms and fight against another Muslim is contrary to the Shariat, and against the law of God and his holy prophet. I warn every True-Believer that if he gives the slightest assistance in this projected expedition against the Muslims of the Soudan, even to the extent of carrying a parcel, or giving a bite of bread to eat or a drink of water to any person taking part in the expedition against these Muslims that he thereby helps the Giaour [Infidels] against the Muslim, and his name will be unworthy to be continued upon the roll of the faithful."

And he called for a worldwide Islamic caliphate, saying: "At the present time, union is more than ever necessary among Muslims. The Christian powers are preparing a new crusade in order to shatter the Muslim powers, under the pretext that they desire to civilise the world."

So Quilliam was not a good name for a supposedly moderate Muslim organization, and the organization is a classically deceptive enterprise. It showed that it was not genuinely opposed to jihad when it came out in favor of the "Palestinian" jihad against Israel and the ending of Israeli defensive operations. Also, when the Quilliam Foundation began, its founder Ed Husain attacked Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ibn Warraq and Robert Spencer -- would a real opponent of jihad and Islamic supremacism do that? I don't think so. Spencer noted then that Husain "wrote disingenuously about Islamic teaching on apostasy and other matters, and ignored the deep scriptural, theological and legal foundations of Islamic violence and supremacism. Hardly a promising performance for a genuine reformer."

A deceptive group like this will be able to deceive Tommy Robinson, who is full of courage and committed to human rights is not well-versed in Islamic teaching, into thinking that Islam is a Religion of Peace and the jihadis are just a tiny minority of "extremists" -- a word Tommy has been using a lot over the last few days.

Meanwhile, Islamic supremacist groups like MPACUK hate Quilliam and gleefully point out that it has no following among Muslims. So even if they are sincere, which is doubtful, how effective will Tommy be working with them, anyway?

Even worse, Mo Ansar said he had been meeting with Tommy Robinson for 18 months. Look at this interview with Ansar: he lies about Muhammad's child bride Aisha, claiming she was 18 or 20 (get the truth here -- she was 9 when Muhammad consummated their marriage) and tries to whitewash Islam's institutionalized mistreatment of women. This is not "Islamic reform." This is just deception.

These are the people Tommy Robinson has embraced. It was good to reject anti-Semitism, racism, fascism, etc. It is not good to capitulate to forces of jihad and Islamic supremacism. In boasting that they had "decapitated" the EDL, these "moderates" showed their true colors. ... e-edl.html

Re: Tommy Robinson

PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:46 pm
by Ariel
manfred wrote:
It is ironic how was always presented as some sort of right-wing bully and thug. In fact he is the one who got bullied and in the end he gave in. He mentions his kids. He wants them to see adulthood, and maybe be a grandfather one day. He does not want to live all his life in police protection, while at the same same being hated by the establishment who never even get as far as listen to his point of view. He is tired looking over his shoulder.

Spot on Manfred. But I bet he will one day see he took the wrong road. I guess there would not have been many people who blamed him if he had left de EDL because of those reasons, and live the rest of his life in peace. Because you must have so much courage and be so strong minded not to mind being called nazi and thug all day . Tommy Robinson has “sacrificed” four years of his life.

Baron Bodissey: Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll Leave the EDL

The two top leaders of the English Defence League have left the organization to join the Quilliam Foundation, a mainstream NGO that fights “extremism” in all its forms. Among other actions, Quilliam takes great pains to prevent the stigmatization of Muslims by “Islamophobes”.

Ever since Tommy was released early from prison last winter, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and now it has. It seemed obvious back then that attempts would be made to “turn” him while he was in solitary confinement, offering him both carrots and sticks to cease his anti-Shariah advocacy as the head of the EDL.

The first carrot was his early release. That was followed by a series of increasingly unpleasant sticks — arrest after arrest after arrest. Later this month he is facing trial for one of the Woolwich-related arrests. Presumably the judicial authorities had a quiet word with him about how long he would spend behind bars this time. He may have been facing the prospect of only being able to see his kids once a week through that glass wall, while they grew up without him. He might have seen his family forced into destitution, ostracism, and humiliation.

Then along came the Quilliam carrot. The Quilliam Foundation is one of those quasi-governmental entities that exists to serve the purposes of the governing elites. A coordinated strategy involving it would serve to decapitate the EDL, driving much of the membership of the regional divisions into the arms of the BNP. From the point of view of Cameron, Clegg, and Miliband, nothing could be better: the EDL’s effectiveness as street force would be reduced, a renewed BNP would mop up the “Islamophobic” opposition and marginalize them further, and support for UKIP would be weakened.

The BNP is not the real threat to the British Powers That Be — it is widely seen as being an appendage of MI5, and is kept within a cozy anti-Semitic corral like the NPD in Germany, unable to achieve any meaningful electoral success whilst drawing the support of discontented nationalists.

What really makes the well-coiffed heads in Whitehall turn prematurely white is the thought that growing support for the EDL might merge with the grassroots surge that is now pushing UKIP ahead of one or more major parties in local elections and public opinion polls. An EDL-UKIP juggernaut must be their big nightmare, and that has now been shrewdly avoided by moving Tommy and Kevin into a harmless position within an organization that acts as a stooge for the government.

Any demoralized EDL members who turn to the BNP for solace are making a serious strategic error, but their sentiments are understandable — why would they embrace UKIP, which from their perspective is weak dishwater as a political party?

As for Tommy and Kevin, all we can do is wish them well in their new positions. Tommy is a courageous scrapper with an uncommon amount of grit. A lesser man would have folded years ago. I have no illusions about my own courage — I would have given in the first time the cell door clanged shut behind me, or when the first fist connected with my cheekbone. Tommy has earned my enduring admiration.

Godspeed to both of them. And maybe the luck of the Irish as well.