Grooming of girls by Asian gangs fuelled by unhappy arranged

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Re: Grooming of girls by Asian gangs fuelled by unhappy arranged

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if anyone can complete 'the challenge'...TUN TUN TERRRNNN!!! i will raise the 100,000 dnt you worry.
Sure you will! :roll:

You get more comical with every post, tell us how you plan on raising 100,000 dollars to give to a stranger on the internet to memorize a book and yet you can't even raise enough money to feed yourself for a month? :lol:
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Re: Grooming of girls by Asian gangs fuelled by unhappy arranged

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Hey alemcondom.... oops! sorry.... you don't use condoms in the UK because we can support you all here whilst you try to out breed us and take over Britain. You know my friend, You never protest when Muslims do bad.... you only ever say that a particular Muslim or Muslim groups are not true Muslims.... the argument wears a bit thin when after all this time supposedly moderate Muslims like yourself never make your voices heard in dissent of the so called "extremists." We don't see you on the news or in the press or even in passing whisper and I put that down to the fact that you and your kind.... on the sly support what is going on.

You make sly reference to British girls being slags all the time and its the same ideology that got those Muslim men involved in the first place.... easy meat, as long as its not Muslim. I understand your leering at British women as you are not allowed any urges at all in your confined cult. At least in our culture we can show constraint. You sicken me in your attitude.... you are a typical Muslim in that you are right because the Koran says so... a book that was written in the 7th Century on behalf of an illiterate warlord paedophile who married a child who would just be ready for school now and wanted to slay the world if they were different.

Let me tell you something about the west and Muslims.... no-one on this earth kills more Muslims than Muslims. We are trying to protect ourselves from your brothers.... even the home grown type like you. You are programmed from birth like robots and apostasy is death.... its not a lot of choice is it?

As for rape.... there are obviously no official figures in Pakistan or the rest of the Muslim world because it simply doesn't exist.... well it wouldn't when the woman who has been raped needs four witnesses to support her case or die for mentioning it.... I mean, What four people would stand by while a woman was being raped unless they were in the queue?

You look both ways and try to make us feel good about you. You say that anyone who does something that is unforgivable is not a Muslim.... so based on the fact that you love statistics so much.... what percentage of Muslims are not Muslim at all. I'd love to know but you and I both know that the brotherhood always looks after itself and never splits on one another for fear of being cast out of your segregated community and into the heartlands of the cruel white people who support you in benefits anyway.... the difference is, we wouldn't hurt you.... we would help you.... can you say likewise?
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Re: Grooming of girls by Asian gangs fuelled by unhappy arranged

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Mr Gizzin

Reading the sheibe youve written its obvious youve been brainwashed by reading too many tabloids.

What makes an extremist? youve invaded foreign lands, the poeple who are fighting back are terrorists?!?

I dont support 'terrorism' in the sense of planting bombs and killing innocent poeple, but the people on the battle field you cant expect them to bend over and spread their bum cheeks....and i respect them for fighting for their lands, i also respect the british and american soldiers who have been sent for their lives to be destroyed by dumb ass polititians who wouldnt send their own kids to fight, or fight themselves, but they can dress in suites and send hundreds and thousands of ordinary men and women to detroy their livlihoods.

one of my friends is a british soldier came from iraq and he werent the same after that. marriage ruinded, kids life ruined, no support from the government - in fact they did everything in their power to pay him as little as possible - thats he due for risking his life.

Muslims do bad, but it has nothing to do with religion, if you made a point of every criminals religion and blamed their religion for it, then i couldnt call you racist, or discriminiating, but fact is this war on 'terror' has become a war on islam, and poeple like you guys chattin fart on bogus websites like this do nothing to bring peace out this war, instead you stand to promote it, and your only gonna drag yourselves down - its already happening but your too blinded by hate to see it.

People in UK are too easily controlled by the media, because our media is closed off, even in america, where 9/11 took place, more than 50% KNOW there was alot more to the story than whats being told, because they have freedom of speech, we live in a 'free' society while the americans live in a free society without the inverted commas.

Finding thugs off the streeet and glorifying them them as muslims, and blaming their crimes on islam is just pure gibberish, childish, and just plain stupid.

My poinjt about the rapes is 14,000 women are raped in the uk every year, and those 50 counts, over a span of 5 years have recived more media attention than the other 13,950 put together. Nothing to with comparison to pakistan - but if you really think of pakistan as a pinnacle for abuse aganst women, maybe you sould do some research and learn some hard facts about other places in the world too - then you might learn where women are really being abused. India, Thailand,prague, amsterdam etc

You know it already but those places have become places of pleasure for you people, not abuse. Even in europe, eastern european sex slaves are rampant in even in UK, brought over by romanian pimps, i even know bout 7-8 girls from romania, who are bought over as sex workers - they just get on with it.

We recently had the worse case of child abuse in the UK (by non muslims), where nurses, even women were participating in this abuse.

Then a few weeks later the biggest paedophile ring in europe, FROM UK was uncovered and we had another 'worse' case of child abuse - but do any of those criminals get attached to a religion - they belong to chrsitinaity on the census but religion/beliefs arent an issue for them.

And it aitn no secret, paedophilia is rampant in the church and the pope himself has ordered cover ups. If you guys really gave a crap about rapes and child abuse theres alot more you could be talking about - but thats not your goal.

They were either athiest or christian - but i pretty certain more athiest than anything else, but some of them might be christian on the census - does it make them chrisitian when commiting these crimes? Why is their system of belief for creation of life not credited with refernce to their crimes?

Im not saying all muslims are saints - but this hate propaganda has gotten too far where it affects the everyday lives of UK citizens. its the good muslims who keep their prayers and stay away from crime that suffer because you guys attach street thugs to islam.

With regards to the 4 witnesses for rape, thats just more sh!t dribbling from your mouth, youve done no research and just blindly accept another 'uneducated bum with nothing better to do's explanation

Ive quoted hadith where the womans statement was enough for a man to get convicted for rape, and theres just as much control over evidence in the uk, a single statement from anyone isnt enough for a conviction, there must be minimum 2 pieces of SOLID evidence for conviction of any crime. A womans statement is worthless on its own.

1 in 4 UK women will suffer from domestic violence at some point, 35% of Uk men blame a womans dress for her rape, if marie and co didnt constantly remove my posts then those evidences are there for you too see - chk th soap or junk boxes if you dnt beleive me - LINKS are all there.

Mo marrying a 6 year old, if you believe that than pigs can fly too. Pathetic, would 1billion poeple follow a man who married a 6 year old, that BS is based on a single source, and its not authentic

Read this article...

No mention of his religious beliefs, no front page on the sun or the mirror? Why because its not relevant. Would it have been relevant if he was muslim?

you cant tell me about islam and the west because everything you 'know' about islam and muslims is what youve read from other poeple, you cant distinguish facts from opinion when reading articles - you got no practical experiance with muslims, you dnt know any muslims, and never have known any muslims - therefore your opinions on muslims is worthless.

When a muslim comes and rapes your 6yr old daughter then come and tell me about mulims did this and that, til can shut the fuk up.
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Re: Grooming of girls by Asian gangs fuelled by unhappy arranged

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You're right, it's a cultural problem, only Pakistanis do it, Sikhs, Hindus (and I think Bangladeshis) don't, Pakistani culture is rotten.

Your move.
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Re: Grooming of girls by Asian gangs fuelled by unhappy arranged

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Sten wrote:Of COURSE, Alemcodon. Why didn't we think of it before? It's obviously the fault of the girls, their parents, British society, you name it - but it's definitely not the fault of the Pakistanis committing the crimes. They are only innocent victims of circumstance, eh?

Don't forget to repeat the Islamic mantra - It's everyone else's fault, it's everyone else's fault, it's everyone else's fault. Maybe if you say it enough times, it will come true and your religion and everyone attached to it will magically become civilized, modern, and non-mysogynistic! :*)
Pakistanis pick young white girls because they are easy prey. This also has to do with the racist attitude many Muslim Pakistanis have towards whites. Let us not forget that racism comes in all colours. Do these Pakistani men lure the young Pakistani girls?

I agree Sten, it never the fault of Muslims. Let me tell you an interesting story. One Muslim said to me, "Muslims killed kaffirs because they refused to let Muslims spread the message of Islam." I have also read, "Muslims killed kaffirs because they refused to listen to the message of Islam." So if we are not interested in Isalm, are we dead meat?

I should have asked him, "Should Christians invade Muslim countries and kill Muslims because Muslims don't allow Christians to preach Christianity to Muslims."

Hypocrisy of Muslims is astounding.
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