Islamic Polygamy vs Western Legality

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Islamic Polygamy vs Western Legality

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The case of Lies Hebbadj in France is rising the question of Islamic polygamy versus its Western illegality...,,5509184,00.html" onclick=";return false;
A French muslim man accused by the government of practicing polygamy insisted on Monday that he had only one wife and several mistresses, and was not breaking French law.

At a press conference on Monday, Lies Hebbadj, an Algerian-born 35 year-old butcher, responded to suggestions by French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux that he should lose his French passport because he was believed to have four wives who had given him 12 children who were all receiving welfare benefits. "As far as I know, it is not forbidden to have mistresses in France, nor is it forbidden under Islam," said Hebbadj. "If you lose your French nationality for having mistresses, then a lot of French men would have been stripped of their citizenship." Hebbadj became a French citizen in 1999, after marrying a woman with French nationality.

Hebbadj's case received political and media attention after his wife was stopped and fined by police in Nantes for driving while wearing a full-face veil, known as a "niqab". She was fined 22 euros ($29) on April 2 because police said the veil restricted her view and compromised her ability to drive safely. She has so far refused to pay the fine.
How many Muslims are flip-flopping like this about their polygamy to receive welfare?
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Re: Islamic Polygamy vs Western Legality

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Islam: an idea to kill and die for.

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Re: Islamic Polygamy vs Western Legality

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The law should be changed to make religious marriages count in bigamy/polygamy cases. The "wives" from such religious marriages are clearly not mistresses - as this liar Muslim claims. These sorts of behaviour highlight why Islam is incompatible with Western civilization. Muslim immigration should be stopped or severely curtailed because such behaviour are anathema to us. It's far better to deny them entry visa than to pay for their polygamist ways.

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