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Ask to Reduce Mosque Volume = 18 month Jailed (2)

PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:34 am
by pelihat
BERANINEWS.COM - Tuesday, August 21 2018, Indonesia once again recorded a dark history.

For the umpteenth time, justice must again be subdued under the pressure of the masses of radical hardliners in the country who claim to be the "rule of law".

On that day, Meiliana, a mother of three Chinese children in North Sumatra, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for complaining about the volume of mosque loudspeakers that she considered too loud.

He was dragged to court on charges of blasphemy.

Meiliana cried harshly when Chief Judge Wahyu Prasetyo Wibowo, who during the trial was under pressure from the hardline Islamic group, the Islamic People's Forum, announced a sentence of punishment against him.

Not enough, Meiliana had to be humiliated again.

The 44-year-old mother of three was taken from court in a handcuffed condition like a criminal criminal.

This case originated from Meiliana's complaint about the volume of mosque loudspeakers which she considered too noisy.

"Sis, please say to the Uwak, reduce the voice of the mosque, my pain, make noise," said Meiliana to her neighbors as read in the prosecutor's demands.

After that the mosque management had visited Meiliana's house. But unexpectedly the meeting actually made things even more tapering.

Meiliana's complaint was brutally responded by the local Muslim community by burning Buddhist monasteries there.

The mob burned and damaged at least 14 Buddhist temples in the port town of Tanjung Balai in North Sumatra during the July 2016 riots, after news of provocation emerged regarding the Meiliana's complaint.

The North Sumatra MUI even directly issued a fatwa on blasphemy against Meiliana.

He was accused of carrying out blasphemy against the call to prayer which was part of the Islamic Religion of Perfect Religion.

Meiliana was finally charged with 18 months in prison and has been in the Tanjung Gusta Prison since last May.

Since the beginning of his trial, this case has been burdened by mass pressure from hardline Islamic groups against the court which demanded that Meiliana be convicted.

While the perpetrators of the burning riot and 14 monasteries only received light sentences for 1 month 15 days of detention by the Tanjung Balai District Court.

All perpetrators of the riots were even free when the verdict was struck.

None of the perpetrators of the riots were charged with blasphemy, even though they had obviously damaged dozens of Buddhist places of worship.

Meiliana's lawyer said he would appeal the judge's verdict which was considered very far from the sense of justice.

Meanwhile radical hardliners from the Islamic Community Forum actually considered the sentence against Meiliana too light.

This controversial verdict against Meiliana almost vanished swallowed by the 2018 Asian Games. Only a few mainstream media chose to report it.

Source: VOA Indonesia / Winston zippi johannes

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