Most Converts to Islam Were Raised Christian

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Re: Most Converts to Islam Were Raised Christian

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SAM wrote:The share of Americans who leave Islam is offset by those who become Muslim.
Christianity is on the verge of death. :lol:
That it! I can't stand the temptation and wonderful privileges, with little accountability to which your brand of Islam provide me as a man. What else can you ask Allah and the prophet? 4 wives to please me every night. Who would want to resist these privileged lives?

But first, I need you to answer few questions, before I plunge into that worm and fuzzy bed of “1000 Arabian nights” of Islam.

* Am I going to enjoy the freedom to engage in an open, and free dialog about Islam, much like non-Muslims do with their respective religions.
If I do, will I be accused of blasphemy, and face beheading,?

* With lowest education per capita among Arab-Islamic populations.
Will my children be attending universities to learn Architecture & Engineering, to erect buildings and machinery? Or become purveyors of Car bombs & suicide bombers.

* I have been taught that freedom, of expression and one's thoughts, are fundamentals to human endeavor.
Will I be told by my Muslim clergy, these attributes are “Anti-Islamic”.

* My beautiful daughter had just turned 8 years old.
Will I be expected to pledge her to marry her cousin when she turns 13 years old? Or, will she be forced to marry one of my 55-year-old relatives as his 4th wife?

* My teenage daughter did what every young adult of her age does naturally around the world. She fell in love with her high school sweetheart. Recently, she was seen holding hand with her boyfriend.
As result, will I be expected to put the family honour ahead of my own daughter's life? Look the other way, when my wife pins her down, while one of my sons chocks my own flesh and blood daughter to death, while she is asleep.

* The fact is, Islamic countries publish the lowest number of books per capita than anywhere else.
Will I be allowed to read literature published by the infidels, to expand my intellectual horizon, without being accused as "traitor to my religion" ?.
Or will I be told? “No need for Math or Science books. Qur'an is the perfect book, where you get ALL your knowledge from".

* Mosques are said to be places of inspiration, enlightenment, and solitude with Allah.
Will I hear from my clergy, about the inferiority of Judaism and Christianity, whom, Allah commands me to hate?

* Speaking of “inferiority of the non-believers”. Will I be expected to treat those Jewish or Christian members of my own family, also as “inferiors“?

* While in the Mosque, are my children going to learn about the beauty and sanctity of life, or the glory of death, by homicide bombing of innocent people. Because MY ALLAH, commands us so.

* On the way home, after Friday prayers.
Am I going to be forced to watch a frail woman, being stoned to death in the city center, because she was raped by her Brother-in-Law, and became pregnant? Killed, only to save the family honour, while the rapist is never charged with any crimes.

* Am I going to see, and hear on the daily evening news, and commentaries on TV that, all our social, educational & economical ills, are the fault of the Americans and Jews?. With no offer of self-accountability for one's own actions and deeds.

* Am I going to be told by my Imam, to marry more wives, and have 24 - 30 children. Not worrying about how to feed, dress and educate them. Because - Allah will do it for me.

* After all, countries throughout the Middle East, have had a rich history, own distinct cultural, and languages, other than Arabic, long Before Islam was introduced.
Will I be able to explore those pre-Islamic eras, to know more about myself? Or will I be told, Islam is your past. Islam is your present. And Islam will be your future.

* I am constantly reminded that Islam revers and accepts Jews and Christians prophets in Islam as well. However, those prophets messages received from Allah are enshrined in the Hebrew Bible and New Testaments.
So...... why these holy books are forbidden in the place where they should be accepted – Mecca & Madinah.

Once I received answers to these question, then I will convert.

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