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SPLC backs down

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:42 am
by Fernando
Southern Poverty Law Center Quietly Deleted List of ‘Anti-Muslim’ Extremists After Legal Threat
The Southern Poverty Law Center has removed the “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists” from their website after attorneys for Maajid Nawaz, a practicing Muslim and prominent Islamic reformer, threatened legal action over his inclusion on the list.

The report, which had been active on the SPLC’s website since it was published in December 2016, was intended to serve as a resource for journalists to identify promoters of hateful propaganda; but it included a number of liberal reformers such as Nawaz, a former Islamic extremist who has since dedicated his life to combating the hateful ideology.

“A shocking number of these extremists are seen regularly on television news programs and quoted in the pages of our leading newspapers. There, they routinely espouse a wide range of utter falsehoods, all designed to make Muslims appear as bloodthirsty terrorists or people intent on undermining American constitutional freedoms. More often than not, these claims go uncontested,” the report, which still exists in PDF form, reads.

Nawaz, who founded the anti-extremist think tank Quilliam, said during a Wednesday night appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, a popular podcast hosted by comedian Joe Rogan, that the report was removed from the SPLC website under legal threat sometime in the last two days.

“We have retained Clare Locke, they are writing to the Southern Poverty Law Center as we speak. I think they’ve got wind of it — the Southern Poverty Law Center — and as of yesterday, or the day before, they’ve removed the entire list that’s been up there for two years,” Nawaz said on the podcast.

Nawaz — informed by his experience as a former member of a global terror organization and a political prisoner in Egypt — routinely criticizes the fundamentalist interpretation of Islam that gives rise to terrorism. As a result of that work, the SPLC and a coalition of partner organizations that helped create the list accused him of “savaging Islam.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born liberal feminist who fled her home country amid civil war and now works at the Hoover Institution, was also branded an “anti-Muslim extremist” by the SPLC.

Like Nawaz, Ali routinely criticizes inhumane practices that are common in majority-Muslim countries, including female genital mutilation, which she herself was subjected to before fleeing Somalia. The report branded her discussion of such topics “toxic.”
Note that the infamous list is still available as a pdf here
It's too long to summarise but consists largely of quote-mining. Many of the quotations are both innocuous and self-evident.
Quite what any of this has to do with "Southern Poverty" escapes me.

Re: SPLC backs down

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:29 am
by Fernando
The biter has been well and truly bitten!
Southern Poverty Law Center Settles Lawsuit After Falsely Labeling ‘Extremist’ Organization
he Southern Poverty Law Center apologized and agreed Monday to a settlement of $3.375 million to Maajid Nawaz’s Quilliam Foundation after admitting to falsely labeling his advocacy organization as “extremist.”

Nawaz, a former British politician who has railed against Islamic extremism and the false use of the Koran to incite violence around the globe, and Quilliam were incorrectly characterized and listed in the SPLC’s “A Journalist’s Manual: Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists.”

Nawaz, 40, announced the suit against SPLC in June of last year, and the organization admitted in its apology that it altered its position after several “human rights advocates affiliated with the United Nations” praised Nawaz’s work.

Also, a leader of the SPLC, Heidi Beirich, was quoted during a speech as saying that Nawaz wanted mosques surveilled and that in turn meant “his opinion is that all Muslims are potential terrorists.”

But the SPLC pulled back on its criticism of Nawaz after nearly a year.

“After getting a deeper understanding of their views and after hearing from others for whom we have great respect, we realize that we were simply wrong to have included Mr. Nawaz and Quilliam in the Field Guide in the first place,” SPLC President Richard Cohen said while announcing the settlement on the organization’s website.

Cohen also apologized to SPLC supporters, stating that “it pains us greatly whenever we make a mistake.

In response to the settlement, Nawaz thanked supporters who helped raise funds for the legal battle and claimed a victory against the “Regressive Left,” a term he’s coined to describe far-leftists.