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Muslim Group Protest a Non-Muslim School

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:09 am
by pelihat

Residents of Sindang Jaya Refuse Santa Laurensia Education Foundation

After attending the village office of Wanakerta, thousands of residents of Sindang Jaya District, Tangerang District spontaneously held a demonstration at the construction site of the Santa Laurensia education foundation project on Wednesday (4/10/2017).

The tightly guarded action of hundreds of police officers runs orderly, the coordinator of action alternately conducting speeches by shouting takbir, refused to be founded the Santa Laurensia Foundation because currently in the residential area of ​​Survana Padi Sindang Jaya has no residents, not only that the licensing process has not been taken.

"We reject the establishment of the Non Muslim Foundation of Santa Laurensia unless the school is of a general nature, and we have been conducting the licensing process yet," explained the head of FPI Sindangjaya sub-district Ustad Saechudin.

According Saechudin, basically citizens Sindang Jaya not refuse with the foundation that is engaged in education, only the foundation should be openly and there is no label of non-Muslim religion. "We will continue to deny the existence of the foundation santa Laurensia, because it is too early because the population in Survana Housing Padi aja not yet," he said.

Until this news is revealed, residents are still gathered at the site of the Santa Laurensia Foundation project, and some gather in Sindang Jaya Subdistrict. (Mulyadi)

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