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Halal savagery in England

PostPosted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 8:44 pm
by Fernando
One of Britain's largest halal slaughterhouses is under investigation over allegations of animal cruelty

One of Britain's largest slaughterhouses is being investigated for animal cruelty
Malik Food Group claims to be 'Premium' producer of various meats
Undercover footage shows a slaughterman roughly sawing at the necks of sheep
The horrific footage took place at Dunnockshaw Farm, near Burnley

Undercover filming claims to show a slaughterman repeatedly sawing at the necks of sheep with a knife as they pass down a conveyor belt.

The animals appear not to have been killed instantly – as should be the case – and some were seen fitting and jumping as they went down the line.
More than 100million animals are killed in the UK every year using the halal method.
Most are chickens, but the total is thought to include more than six million sheep.
The UK halal trade is worth £2.6billion and there is a growing export market, particularly in the Middle East.
Under a strict interpretation of Islamic law, the pre-stunning of the animals is not allowed.
Instead, a prayer is said over the animals as they pass through the abattoir
The slaughterman must be Muslim and, in theory, a religious verse should be recited. In many abattoirs a recording is played over a loudspeaker.
Major supermarkets contacted by the Daily Mail said they did not sell meat from the Lancashire abattoir.

Surprisingly, the FSA said it ‘did not know’ where the meat produced by the plant is sold as it only keeps track of such information if there is a suspected public health risk.