Germany bans the Quran?

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Re: Germany bans the Quran?

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SAM wrote:
pr126 wrote:
Only Arabic versions are really Korans.
Which means that Islam is an Arab religion, not a universal one.
Jesus was only sent to the Israelite's and not the Gentiles. Which means that Christianity is False religion, not a universal one. :lol:
SAM i am sure in your heart you know islam is false
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Re: Germany bans the Quran?

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Nosuperstition wrote:O.K it is said that both pro and anti slavery sides of the U.S civil war quoted the Bible and both pro and anti Apartheid sides of South Africa quoted Biblical verses.Now how can the same holy spirit speak on both sides of the conflicting views?
NS, you really should try to stick to the topic or open a new one. OK a brief reply is that the bible has many authors and and hence many points of view. As to slavery, it is not a topic expressly discussed as an issue in any biblical texts, simply because at the time the texts were written it was a fact of life. What you do find, mostly in Deuteronomy, is an unquestioned acceptance of slavery and rules as to how to treat them. As discussed many times, the "law" of the "OLd Testament" is not something Christians follow, as it has been superseded.
Jesus: "Ask and you will receive." Mohammed: "Take and give me 20%"
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