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Derailing for Dummies: list of tactics

PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2014 7:42 pm
by Ibn Rushd
This is Thin Privilege ask

Have you ever considered the possibility that the reason people disrespect you is not due to your weight, but rather to your abrasive and abusive attitude?
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Oh, terribly sorry, am I Being Hostile?

As an aside for my civil rights activists buddies, [url]Derailing for Dummies[/url] is awesome. A list of topics on the site:

If You Won’t Educate Me How Can I Learn
If You Cared About These Matters You’d Be Willing To Educate Me
You’re Being Hostile
But That Happens To Me Too!
You’re Being Overemotional
You’re Just Oversensitive
You Just Enjoy Being Offended
Being Offended Is Great For You
Don’t You Have More Important Issues To Think About
You’re Taking Things Too Personally
It’s Only The Internet!
You’re Not Being Intellectual Enough/You’re Being Overly Intellectual
You’re Interrogating From The Wrong Perspective
You’re Arguing With Opinions Not Fact
Your Experience Is Not Representative Of Everyone
Unless You Can Prove Your Experience Is Widespread I Won’t Believe It
I Don’t Think You’re As Marginalised As You Claim
Aren’t You Treating Each Other Worse Anyway
But If It’s Okay For Marginalised People To Use Those Words, Why Can’t I?
But You’re Different To The Others
But It’s True!
Well I Know Another Person From Your Group Who Disagrees!
I’m Just Saying What Other People Believe. I Never Said I Agree
I Said SOME Marginalised People Do That, Not ALL
"It’s A Conspiracy!"
You Have An Agenda
A In B Situation Is Not Equivalent To X In Y Situation
Anything You Can Do
But I’m Not Like That - Stop Stereotyping!
You’re Just Suffering Privilege Envy
Who Wins Gold in the Oppression Olympics?
You Have A False Consciousness
You’re Not Being A Team Player
You’ve Lost Your Temper So I Don’t Have To Listen To You Anymore
You Are Damaging Your Cause By Being Angry
You’re As Bad As They Are
Surprise! I Was Playing “Devil’s Advocate” All Along!

The site Derailing for Dummies has a different list, but I thought it best to post these lists of derailing tactics in one place before the post at This is Thin Privilege goes into the ether.

A Guide to Derailing Conversations
Derail Using Education
Derail Using Anger
Derail Using Emotion
Derail Using Distraction
Derail Using Retaliation
Derail Using Intellectualism
Derail Using Humor
Derail Using Entitlement
Derail Using Personal Attacks

This website is a simple, step by step guide to derailing an awkward conversation by dismissing or trivializing your opponent's perspective and experience. Just some of the many issues you can apply it to include:
After reading this guide you will be able to marginalize anyone!