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Seek and ye shall find...a Pew Report

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 7:53 pm
by Lyzandra Daria
Did a search for Religious Affiliation Shifts and got this" onclick=";return false;).aspx

It's fun and even has interactive tools to let you get more specific...

What is the percent of Muslims living in US compared to general population? 0.6% There are more atheists (16.1%); there are more Jehovah's Witnesses (0.7%); there are more 'don't know/refused to answer' (0.8%)

Take a's nice to know where the 'fundy' crowd is congregated.

Enjoy! :*)

PS: i hope the link is 'fixed'. It isn't and I can't figure out why (?) Sorry 'bout that." onclick=";return false;