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Islam Speaks

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New website: Islam Speaks
My friend Hassan Malik, a courageous ex-Muslim, has started an important new website: Islam Speaks. He explains in the inaugural post:

This site is about Islam and NOT Muslims. If there is anyone thinking of converting to Islam or you know someone thinking about it, please show them this site so that they may be aware of some of the superstitious and frankly stupid teachings that are both in the Quran and the Hadith. Most people that convert are unaware of these texts. So are those born into it for that matter. On the other hand, many of their “du’aat” (callers to Islam) love to taught the “perfection” of Islam in making their case to those they are trying to convert.

Muslims come in all shapes and sizes and there are many different sects of Islam. This is not an attack on them. This is about the religion itself and what it says in the traditional source books.

Hassan already has quite a bit of this material up, and much more is to come. Spread the word about this site to anyone you know who may be thinking of converting to Islam -- or to anyone who simply wants to educate himself or herself about Islam, as Hamas-linked CAIR exhorts us all to do!

Islam Speaks: Bookmark it now and visit it often! And if you have your own site, link it!
Islam Speaks
Islam: an idea to kill and die for.

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