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Germany closes al-Quds mosque where 9/11 attackers met

PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:21 pm
by manfred
This is interesting for two reasons:

1) An actual mosque was closed. There was no riot. It seems that Muslims in Germany, at least, do not feel strong enough to insist that a mosque cannot be closed or taken over by kafirs. Good for Germany, they still have some control in their own country.I think if a local authority in London tried this, not only would there be riots in the streets, possibly even bombs, most likely some murdered nuns and priests and huge news coverage, but also there will be interference from central government with end result that the mosque would be opened again.

2) The reason the local government gives shows an incredible naivety about Islam. They say it was closed because it was used by some Jihadists. "Fighting is prescribed for you", allah says to ALL Muslims. ALL Muslims are Jihadists in one form or another. No all will take up arms, but in any army, there are people in supporting roles, and in leadership roles. Neither of these usually run around with guns,but they are fighters none the less. Muslims support jihadis the West with infiltration, by having many children, by political lobbying demanding concession well past their numbers, by sending money to the actual fighters, by telling lies to the non-Muslims. Overall, it is working so well, that the Hamburg government has not even worked it out yet. It seems Germany has a way to go in comparison with Holland.

Re: Germany closes al-Quds mosque where 9/11 attackers met

PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:05 pm
by sum
Hello manfred

Interesting post.

I wonder if the mosque is only closed for a limited time but still remains the property of the muslims. I also wonder if the mosque has been repossessed by the non-muslim authorities and become, once again, the permanent property of non-muslims. The real test would come if the mosque was actually repossessed by non-muslim authorities and demolished. At that point, I do not see the muslims being very passive about it.