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Egyptian Muslim woman sspreading hate

PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:58 pm
by ronyvo
.This N.Y. Egyptian-American ACTIVIST Asyat Oraby on MEMRI TV
Muslim woman is the typical hatred ignorant Muslim.
She said;
The Copts trying to establish a Coptic mini-state within Egypt?!!

First, the Egyptian authorities could not prove, even close, that
there was anything like that in progress.
Second, Egypt is OUR country that means ALL of Egypt.
Third, IF there was such movement the vast majorities of Copts in Egypt and all over the world Would not accept it and fight against it.
She said:
.The churches store weapons!!

What a stupid accusation! Our churches do not allow anyone to enter the church carrying any kind of weapon. Here also, the authorities proved that this is a false vicious lie which was spread by the Muslim BH and fanatic Ignorant and hateful imams.
She said:
The church ‘gang’!

Shame on you Muslima. You forgot that you are addressing the most honorable body in Egypt. You are confusing it with your Mohammad and his true gang. Killing, raping and mass destruction of innocent peaceful people.
She said:
4.5 Million Copts in Egypt?! You are either misinformed or playing the Islamic takkya.

The Copts of Egypt are over 30 (thirty) million proven by churches records of the new born, baptism certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates. It is the largest Christian community in the Middle East.

I don’t blame your ignorance and hate for us. Your evil Koran is to be blamed for that.
She said:
The crescent over the holy Cross!!

This is a new one. You should sit down, relax and think with whatever is left of your brain and ask yourself why you hate us that much.
Read the Holy Bible. The extreme love to the point of “love your enemies” vs your Koranic surahs kill the infidels (all non-Muslims) where ever you find them. Look around you and ask yourself who is doing the killing around the world? You should NOT miss this one, if put aside the Islamic mentality and apply some honesty. I know this is a very challenging task, but try for your own sake. Muslims are trying extremely hard to annihilate the Copts from the day they invaded Egypt.
The Muslims are getting frustrated because the ugly truth about Islam is widely exposed. Their agenda of Islamizing the world is diminishing fast.

Re: Egyptian Muslim woman sspreading hate

PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 3:58 pm
by Fernando
Trying to create a mini-state? Pot, kettle, black!