Who Are The Yazidis?

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Who Are The Yazidis?

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"You can insult the Christians, the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Jews. You can slander the Catholics, you can spit on the Madonna and Jesus Christ. But, woe betide the citizen who pronounces a word against the Islamic religion. " Orianna Fallaci
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Re: Who Are The Yazidis?

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To be a Yazidi one must be born into a Yazidi family.”
Just like Yohan said about Hinduism being a more or less an ethnic religion.To be a Hindu you have to be born to Hindu parents.That is what he said.
Though a Kurdish sect and religion, the Yazidi faith has borrowed from multiple traditions. The Yazidis believe in reincarnation, perform baptisms, circumcisions and animal sacrifices.
Yeah belief in reincarnation is from their Aryan roots/Indo-European roots,baptism is from Christianity,circumcisions and animal sacrifices from both Judaism and Islam.
“Unlike Christians, they’re not even given the option of paying a tax to live under [ISIS'] protection,” al-Khoei said.
That is because many muslims live right now in Christian countries.So ISIS has to put up a face of tolerance towards them. Yazidis on other hand have no powerful co-religionists in foreign countries.Hence no need to put up a facade of tolerance.
palli or halli in Dravidian languages means a village just like gaav in Aryan languages means a village.palli or halli in Aryan Mauryan Imperial era around 200 B.C designates a tribal hamlet.So many of those in South India are indeed descendants of tribals and are still keeping up that heritage.
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