Funny but true clip about CAIR

This section is to show the danger of Islam. It is not for propaganda about Islam.
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Funny but true clip about CAIR

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one great video on the true face of CAIR
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Re: Funny but true clip about CAIR

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It seems that in the US increasingly the game is up for CAIR as people more and more widely understand what they are all about. Is it generally known that at least some of the founding members of CAIR are also members of HAMAS, for example?

But it seems that the silly approach of branding anything at all critical in relation to Islam as an invented mental illness, islamophobia, that at least seems to be slowly dying a death. When when most people start actually laughing about that then it will be the end of it. I tend to ask when someone call me that "Oh, are there any pills for that?" which usually results in a change of subject.

We have threads about various countries and Islam... why don't we have one about the US? I would like to read more from people who are there...
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