a testimony of a gazan muslim mother

This section is to show the danger of Islam. It is not for propaganda about Islam.
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a testimony of a gazan muslim mother

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“a true believer as a person so fanatically committed to a cause that no amount of reality can make him abandon it” Eric Hoffer
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Re: a testimony of a gazan muslim mother

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Oh dear...

I wonder where she got the idea from that Islam teaches Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians? She is happy to go to Israel for medical treatment, but I wonder if she would even give a glass of water to Jewish man dying of thirst...

As long as the kind of mentality this woman has is the dominant one or even just a view of a significant minority, peace is is pipe dream.

There will be skirmish after skirmish, a never ending sequence of lull and activity in the fighting, and Israel can do nothing at all to change that. As Netanyahu put it, Israel simply has to "mow the front lawn" from time to time. He has no illusions that the current military activity will bring anything lasting, just a period of relative quiet for a while afterwards.

I read that Egypt want nothing to do with the Hamas governed Gaza either. Protests against Israel have been very muted, more muted perhaps than in some European countries. It almost sounds as if they are supporting Israel, well ALMOST... They have also stated categorically they will not open the border while Hamas is in power.

So, The "Palestinians" rely on the tunnels for many goods and for weapons. The IDF is trying to destroy as many of them they can find, but how can it deal with the ones leading from Gaza to Egypt? Sure the Egyptians want to see them closed too, but as far as I know all they did is pump sewage into them to make it unpleasant to walk through.

Still if Hamas tasted the result of a decisive defeat, perhaps, just perhaps, there is a chance of change, nothing dramatic such as peace, but at least a lasting stand-off.
Jesus: "Ask and you will receive." Mohammed: "Take and give me 20%"
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Re: a testimony of a gazan muslim mother

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Oh, dear... :clueless: I ask myself, why ask for medical treatment if you don't mind if your child is going to die. I have respect for the Jewish medical staff who hear what this women says, but still fight for the life of this kid.

God bless Israel.
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