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Walid Shoebat: Mark of the Beast Connection

PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:29 am
by Steed
Well produced half hour video, based on a discovery by Walid Shoebat, showing the connection between Allah and Satan, and the "mark of the beast" as referenced in the book of Revelations:

Re: Walid Shoebat: Mark of the Beast Connection

PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:30 am
by manfred
A few problems...

At the time the book of revelation was written, there is no evidence at all that any Arabic writing existed. Even the earliest texts of the Qur'an use a different script.

The speaker repeatedly mentions "x e s" when referring to the Greek letters χ-ξ-ϛ . This is confusing as it assumes that Greek letters are simply the same a our Latin ones, and sound like the Latin letters they look like.

The letter χ is a "chi" and is pronounced like the ch in "loch". The Greek letter ξ is a "xi" matching a small letter "x" in our alphabet. Then, the vertical line over the top of the letters means to read the three letters as a numerical value. But note that this line is Byzantine convention added much later and not part of the original text. There are other interpretation around too, that do not even read this as a number. However, the generally accepted view is that it is a way using numerology to refer to the emperor Nero:

Nero Caesar in Aramaic is spelled NRON KSR. Aramaic letters have numeral values like Roman numerals.
N= 50
O= 6
N= 50
S= 60

add it up and you get 666. This makes a lot more sense historically. John writes at a time when Christians are being persecuted by Rome, and when, just a few years back his own world was utterly destroyed, the unthinkable had happened: Jerusalem and the temple was no more.

And why can you not buy and sell without the "mark of the beast"? You need ROMAN COINS to buy and sell. And on each of them is... the emperor. John is painting us a picture of life in an oppressive regime: Rome is all around, inescapable, you see its symbols wherever you turn. Hating it, you have to live with it. You are stuck with it. It is corrupt, arrogant, violent overbearing and hostile to the Israelites and to the Christians. It is so bad, that you need to watch what you say, and use code for certain things. Everywhere are spies, collaborators, soldiers and officials. The emperor owns them, and you can tell, because their thoughts and actions are plain to see: The emperor's "sign" governs their thoughts and actions, it is on their forehead and their right arm. It is difficult to find people to trust. If we cannot perhaps all relate to this here in the West, but maybe in a few years when we have Shariah everywhere in Europe, we will begin to understand where he is coming from. In among all that John is telling us that one day it will end. Evil will NOT triumph in the end. Even Rome will not last for ever. In fact, in just 200 short years, things were very different.

That is John's message in revelation, in a nut shell. All else is later interpretations. The "beast" has been identified as being many people over the years; in a sense both all are right and all are wrong: Whenever we encounter a situation of repression and brutal government, John's message is relevant. But he originally wrote about something very specific he know well in his lifetime. There have been many such "beasts", some kings, popes, politicians, even some fathers in the same realm of a family. John's message is that in the end ALL of such repression will end, finally and absolutely; one the last of days, the Day the Lord has chosen. He sees the events he is experiencing like a trailer to the big movie still to come.

There is another odd thing in the video: the "666" is the Arabic text are not numbers at all, but a three damma signs. That is a sign sometimes (optionally) added to Arabic text to indicate the vowel sound that follows the letter it is placed on, a sort of "u" or "o" sound. The digit 6 looks different in Arabic to our 6: ٦. So there is no "666" in the Arabic text at all.

Then it is true that the Ancient Hebrew word אלה can mean "curse" (more like "oath"), among other things, and sounds a bit like "Allah", but with a long "a" and it does not have a double "l", and the end is more like an "e" ("ale"). In fact the word has a much more common meaning: אלה החיים means simply something like "that's life". It is a sort of demonstrative word, a bit like "that" or "this". Ancient Hebrew was not a spoken language by the time Islam started, so to derive Allah from a word in a effectively dead language hardly anyone knew properly in Arabia back then is somewhat far fetched.

It is not the generally accepted version of the origin of the word Allah. Words that sound the same in different languages can mean very different things: "verge" in English often means the edge of the road. In French it is one of many words for "penis". (That is why French people laugh at UK road signs warning of a "soft verge"... In Germany, a motorway exit is called "Ausfahrt", which Brits sometimes think has something to do with flatulence.)

The interpretation of the book of revelations used here is somewhat fanciful, as most are. The central message is that Islam and Christianity are two very different and diametrically opposed ideas. But it makes a number of statements that are questionable...I do not believe that Islam has demonic roots. It has very human roots... the ambitions and desires of a man called Mohammed.

I would need need a lot more convincing before I would consider that revelations is talking about Islam. The generally accepted interpretation is that the text is a response to Christian persecution and general bully tactics by the Romans.

So, on the whole, good presentation, but poor content. It is full of instances where the author superimposes his modern mind onto ancient texts, and that way finds things in them that are not there, things the original writers of the text could not possibly have known anything about,

So, not impressed, sorry.

Re: Walid Shoebat: Mark of the Beast Connection

PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:52 pm
by Steed
No apology to me necessary, Manfred. On the contrary, I very much appreciate your insightful analysis! You might need to have sensitive word with Walid Shoebat sometime, if you are or become in touch with him.