A question that stumped Islamic scholars

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A question that stumped Islamic scholars

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Quran miracle (16:69) : Bees eat ALL fruits
Quran miracle (27:18) : an ant SAID, "O ants, enter your dwellings that you not be crushed by Solomon and his soldiers while they perceive not."
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Re: A question that stumped Islamic scholars

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A whole new show??? There is something very odd with this caller.... with skeletons like that in closet you don't ring a chat show, it is just weird in the extreme.

I can give him the Muslims answer, if he wants it... he should:

1) shut up about it certainly not go on on TV about it.
2) He should have a big bath, to be "clean" for prayers.
3) Screwing his sister in law is Zina (daughters in law, not so much a problem, as Mohemmed did this...) So he should not tell people lest he want to get stoned.

In other words, whatever mess you make of you life in private, keep it there. To the outside world you are two separate couples.

My own piece of advice is that all four of them need psychiatric evaluation and relationship counselling. Whether it makes sense for such a marriage to continue, well, they really need to have a close look at that...
Jesus: "Ask and you will receive." Mohammed: "Take and give me 20%"
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