CNN: Selling little girls to pay back debt

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CNN: Selling little girls to pay back debt

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Re: CNN: Selling little girls to pay back debt

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This sad and moving story. However, the other side of that same story is missing and also needs to be told.

People dying of heroin in the west is no less sad and problematic, and all that can be done to stop the opium and heroin trade should be done.

I always found it very telling that Muslims who have major problems even to taste a cake flavoured with a drop of rum have no moral scruples about sending thousands of people to a premature death by getting involved in selling drugs. They claim that opium is the only option they have. In fact it is the only really easy option.

To most of us, the idea of feeding ourselves by making junkies and killing people is not something we would ever even consider for a moment. However, as to Muslims non-Muslims are little more than animals, and they are destined for hell anyway, they see no moral issue here at all.

Maybe we have no other choice, and we actually have to offer inducements to Afghan farmers to grow different crops. It seems they collectively lack the moral backbone to say no to the drug trade. To me this is an offence to natural justice; after all, I don't get money from the government for not mugging old ladies, do I? So why should other people get money for not selling drugs? As odious as this option is, it may be that is the only way forward.

No doubt there will be some bleeding hearts who say we must stop harassing the poor opium farmers, so that their little girls don't get raped by drug barons.

My first reaction would be, if you sleep with the devil, don't complain about kinky sex. If you get involved with the drug trade, then accept the consequences.

If the only way to stop this trade is by assisting the farmers, well maybe that is the lesser evil to making more and more addicts, and we could accept it as such. Let's hope that at least our politicians have enough common sense not to contemplate any direct financial support. If we give the opium farmers money to stop growing opium, the chances are they smile, say thank you, and go and buy more seeds.

Whatever we do, if that wretched trade can be stopped or at least seriously disrupted, we should not hesitate. It would save countless lives.

What do you think?
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