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A Challenge to zbadguy

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2009 11:08 pm
by Ansar al-Zindiqi
I have encountered a Muslim on youtube who thinks that countering any criticism of Islam is to assume that the criticizer is a Christian and that criticisms of Islam are by logic based on Christian/Islamic comparisons. It's an extremely stupid approach and is recycled endlessly by Muslims on the Internet. Here's a couple of examples:

lets talk western christian history from the persecution of the non trinitarian arians and ebionites to the crusades to the spanish inquizition to the colinization and genocide of the americas and australia to the mass killiings of muslims by the serbs being blessed by the church tell me where do u want to start?

Somebody else should take this on since it's hardly challenging but shows how repetitiously stupid this man's approach is when his feelings are hurt. But then again if he really wants to debate he had better get geared up to take on someone like me who is agnostic and does not take a Bible-based approach to Islam.

Matthew 10:34 - "I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword" u want more u zindeeq??

So this is supposed to vex me? Do I think about it much nowadays? Not really since I'm not a Christian but either way that quote is contradictory in respect to the message of peace that Jesus supposedly preached.

So far this is what this guy posted and his reply to me via private messaging on my youtube channel is this laugher:

if u dont belive in anything then why are u promoting christianity also wallahi im not scared of debating you but what will it bring we might as well read the debates that people already did seeing that well go over the same points and neither of us are scholars
also im not the one talking against what ever u think is true your the person attacking my belief
if u have any questions about islam ask me them here or there and ill ask a scholar and answer you
if u noticed i just gave you some translations of the Quran so maybe you can realise

My response:
I'm promoting Christianity? Yeah right. Your excuse about reading other debates is just an excuse to cop out. If you have to depend on a scholar then you are already showing that you do not have the skills to take me on. As a matter of fact I'll post a challenge to you at and we can talk about Islam. The diversionary tactic of trying to compare Christianity with Islam is a total joke and shows that you are committed to ignorance. This is a democracy and I don't give a damn about your hurt feelings over my criticisms of Islam.

Re: A Challenge to zbadguy

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2009 4:38 am
by Ansar al-Zindiqi
So this is how zbadguy opts out of a debate . . . . . :lol:

i dont like your aproach because i am talking about understanding and religion and u want to debate and fight


This coming from someone who said: "Two can play this game". Now he doesn't like my approach since it isn't the approach he would like. Whatever that is.

trust me theres nothing that i fear when it comes to my religion

Except the prospect of losing a few points in a debate? :roll:

if u want to talk about religion u can call me or we can meet up because honestly im not very good at writing im better in talking

Now this is definitely a cop-out. You're probably better at text messaging also.
also i assumed u were a christian because you were using there excuses

This is simply not true. I provided a Q'uranic verse (and an unabrogated one at that). There was no mention nor implying of a "Christian" view in anything that I have written there. Once a straw man is visualized the apparition is hard to shake off eh?

zindiq i think you should chill a bit and we can sit and talk face to face

Foolish talk to get away from the fact that you have chickened out in a big way. I have no problem going face-to-face with any Muslim but why bother if you cannot take me on via the Internet? After all, this is the Internet and there is no excuse.