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A Challenge to ramio1983

PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2009 7:06 am
by Ansar al-Zindiqi
I have posted some comments at this person's youtube channel and more specifically in response to the assertions he makes on his video which is highlighted here:

My comments:

(part1)Well, you deleted my first posting and this tells me that you are in denial. While you can see what the Lebanese youth of Sydney “can be like” the world is finding out what Lebs are really like. There is no way you are going to be able to stop them from exposing themselves as the idiotic products of Islam that they are. Look at how they behave on a global scale in places like Canada and Europe.

(part2)As for the rest of us? Yes, we know what Lebanon is like. They imported Islamic behavior and thats how they boast of their heritage. What has Lebanon got to offer? Happy people, great food, and great music? That can be found in any culture and Lebanon is not really that great. Especially when there is so much phoniness and fakery prevalent in their conversations. This appeal to "diversity" is great for prolonging denial about the real situation there.

(part3)Whether you like it or not those “little thugs” do present Lebanon in a realistic light and what they have done is dovetailed Islam with American gangster culture. It is simply a modernizationion of the ummah and is in line with the perverted personality of the so-called Prophet. They will not assimilate so while your intentions are noble you are still deluded into thinking that Islam is a religion of peace.

(part4)You are not “worlds apart” but instead have followed the universalist ethos of “being nice to others so that they will be nice to you in return”. Your description of your conduct shows that you follow the Golden Rule and that is absolutely anathema to the ethos of Islam. The victim card is typically Islamic and whether you like it or not this is encouraged and cultivated within Muslim families, in mosques and madrassahs. You have to face up to that. Not us.

(part5)You have confused Lebanese culture with Islamic culture. If Lebanese culture is pretending that there is no Islamic influence and ignoring the sickening behaviors of others then its no wonder that it fell into civil war for so long. How do you expect them to follow the same Golden Rule that you follow? Their behaviors and mentalities are more in line with Islamic doctrine than your approach to life. I challenge you to debate me on these topics at faithfreedomdotorg. Can you handle it?

Re: A Challenge to ramio1983

PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2009 8:07 am
by Ansar al-Zindiqi
More "back and forth" comments between ramio1983 and I:

ramio1983 (51 minutes ago)
Your views on Islam are exactly like anyone else with a one sided view. I looked at your favourites and the "theme" of your page and i get a clear enough idea of your intentions and your views, your mission to stray a believer like me will go to waste, i am intelligent and intellectual, i dont believe in something with zero merit, or something my heart doesnt connect to.Again my video is about culture, not religion.Islam is peaceful for the peaceful minded like me, so do not waste your time plz.

AnsaralZindiqi (5 minutes ago)
(part1)How can you even convince me that you are a "true believer" when you cannot recognize the 'true believers" right under you nose? I have all kinds of "favorites" and much of it for monitoring the extreme rightwingers who spread a lot of their own inaccuracies. The "favorites" thing is actually a misnomer in my case.

AnsaralZindiqi (1 minute ago)
(part2)As far as "connecting you heart to"? That's hardly indicative of a disciplined intellect but rather tells me that you are emotionally dependent for support and this will invariably lead to ad-hominems on your part as you get more defensive. Ibn Warraq was right when he said that "there is not going to be a soft landing for Muslims".

You are in a state of denial and have confused human decency with Islam. But take heart, plenty of people have left Islam and found that they are better off

ramio1983 (54 minutes ago)
Ansaral this is not a religious debate nor a religious topic. My faith has done amazing things for me, i believe as i do and you can come up with all the superstitions you want about Islam. To somehow link Islam with gangster culture is beyond hilarious to me.I have studied my religion to the core and i know what i believe, trust me if these "Lebs" in Sydney acted this way in Lebanon they would be treated with harshly. Your views on Islam have no place on my video, as much as i welcome debate.

AnsaralZindiqi (12 minutes ago)

Well, denial has a way of getting people to believe in the most delusional things so what you are saying is not new. Somehow or another I really doubt that you have investigated Islam and it shows. The behavior of Muslims in Sydney is the way it is because their victims are mostly infidels. And what about "treating harshly" those who took part in the slaughter of Christians in Damour in 1975?
"To Allah, there are no animals viler than those who do not believe and remain unbelievers" (Sura 8:55)

Re: A Challenge to ramio1983

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:14 pm
by stan777lee
Dear readers,
Let us forget about the behaviour of the Muslims, Christians, Hindus in every religion there are those who do not practice what they test for truth go straight to the founder, the religios text, and the lifestyle of the leader.

Every Muslim believes that Muhammad is the greatest and that belief is a result of conditioning from an early age rather than by fair comparison:

Jesus is born of a virgin...........Muhammad is not, but his birth is normal like everyone else: who is greater?
Jesus performed miracles Muhammad did not, who is greater?
Jesus' teaching based on love, forgiveness Muhammad's teaching is not who is greater?
Jesus lifestyle of giving up materialistic possessions Muhammad lifestyle of booty and accumulation greater?
Jesus displayed explemplary moral behaviour as regards sex - complete control over lust etc........Muhammad did not......greater?
Jesus was sinless Muhammad was not.... WHO IS GREATER

Jesus conquered death by his resurrection- the tomb is empty Muhammad's bones are still entombed .......who is greater?
Even if Muslims falsely believe Christ did not die, it is still a miracle of how he survived all those sufferings and still had the ability to convince his doubtful disciples of being able to rise from the dead.

I could add more to list like the hundreds of prophecies in the Jewish Old testament concerning Christ but I believe the above should suffice.

My dear Muslim friends Are you so Fearful of a false god named Allah that your reason has abandoned you?
With the same logic one may employ in maths or accounting, please use it in making a decision from the list above.
Respecting Jesus as a great prophet is an insult to someone who is more than that. If Muslims knew the true meaning of Messiah and why in all of history there has only been one Messiah then you will have no problem answering the question of who is greater.....
Jesus said ' Greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends...' and yet Jesus went a step further and laid down his life for his enemies.....
Every one that has sinned is an enemy of a Holy and righteous God.
Thank you Jesus, for dying for a sinner like me.......