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beware of Islam

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 12:38 pm
by ronyvo
Muslims know ONLY one language and that is FORCE. Muslims would sign any agreement, but to honor the agreement with the infidels is against their faith. To help any Islamic country will go without any appreciation.
Take and take from the infidels and do not give back. That is their FAITH. Negotiation with Muslims is a waste of time and energy. Any money given to them is lost money, actually it will be used to destroy us the infidels.

I lived with them for over 25 years. As a Christian I have suffered all kinds of genocide for no reason what so ever except my faith. I was forced to study their diabolical Koran. Egypt is MY birth country. Egypt was 96+% Christians when the barbaric Muslims invaded it in the 7th century. Egypt was on the top of the known world then. Look at it now.
That what the cancerous Islam does.