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Re: Did Jesus tell the truth?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:40 pm
by manfred
All Saints School is a Christian school in Hyderabad.Now when an acquaitance of ours whom I do not remember right now and who was rich sought admission into that school,he was asked to tell his name (possibly in English).He did not answer.Then a chocolate was offered.He then told them his name.He was refused admission on that ground that he had to be bribed to get admission(His greed could be due to his genetic affinity / due to his parents' not inculcating anti greed feelings in him right from his childhood)

This really is one daft story....

Obviously you were never around kids to understand anything about them at all. Some kids clam up in front of strangers, in fact many do, specially if there is some "officialdom" of some kind in the air.

So offering chocolate was not a "bribe" it was a way to get him to relax a bit, to get him to smile and chat with the people there. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Nor was the kid "greedy" for accepting the offer. Accepting it merely meant a sort of limited level of trust was beginning to emerge. As a result a bit of a conversation was possible.

As to why he might be refused admission has nothing to do with the chocolate. It must have emerged from the conversation with the child that either the PARENTS tried to bribe some officials in the school, or that he simply did not meet the entrance requirements.

As a Catholic school, these are quite similar around the world: The pupil and parents must be willing to play a part in the faith aspect of the school and the pupil must agree to attend Christian acts of worship as well as religious education classes. Sometimes the second part can be dispensed with, but at the very least an understanding and tolerance of Christian values would be expected, or some connection to a Christian community.

The school has pupils from several faiths, as well as teaching staff.

It is a selective school (not all Catholic schools are) so the prospect pupil would not only have to show he would be able to fit in with the Catholic ethos of the school, but also provide evidence of good academic ability.

If parents try to short-cut either or both of these general guidelines by offering a bribe, then the chances are this is not seen favourable at all.

Re: Did Jesus tell the truth?

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 10:56 am
by frankie
Islam is proved to be a fraudulent faith by one of its most respected prophets, Jesus the Messiah.

The truth is plain to see Muslims, you are following the wrong prophet, your own book tells you.

Jesus is the Messiah,meaning He is the chosen one, anointed one, of the God that gave Moses the Ten Commandments,i.e. the Law which the Quran confirms.

Jesus understood how true religion works, He advocates and condones spiritual combat against the forces of evil, to save the soul from damnation.

Mohammed was a false prophet who did not understand how true religion works, he used war, i.e. physical combat, as his opus operadi,to bring people to his own invention he called Islam.

You cannot defeat spiritual evil with man made weapons,you can only defeat spiritual evil with spiritual weapons, which is what Jesus taught.

Re: Did Jesus tell the truth?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:57 am
by Nosuperstition
piscohot wrote:'morals' in Islam = women must cover themselves up so as not to tempt the muslim men into an uncontrollable sex frenzy.
Nothing else on morals other than the above.

That is what I too have in my mind.You are just sexually moral doesn't mean that you are moral in every facet of multi-dimensioned morality.

Re: Did Jesus tell the truth?

PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:47 pm
by glitch
SAM wrote:Muslims are not followers of Jesus, who died on the cross, resurrected became Zombies :crazy: then disappeared like invisible man..

Muslims are followers of Isa under the auspices of Islam, circumcision, no eat pork, no drink alcohol, morals, dignity etc...

Christians are followers of Paul who is not circumcised. Christianity legalize free sex, drunkards, adulterers, eat pork, drink alcohol, incest, fraud, liar and so on.

Christians confess that Jesus repented over their sins and commit suicide on the cross, and Jesus admitted that he as son of god had failed to complete the teachings of Abraham, and the Father.


Muslims are followers of arab jesus who lived, was raised by jews, but still was arab muslim, who stepped in temple that wasn't there, had nothing tosay, was killed grabbed cuz jews be evil, and world was believes he now dead, who lived a long time, andthen died and left no commentary on what happened because Allah is just too confusing for words.

what could Jesus teach the jews about all that since they already knew it? answer that?