Can someone check if this Makes any sense.

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Re: Can someone check if this Makes any sense.

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Fernando wrote:Improbable or not, skynightblaze, Garudaman just doesn't get it: life happened spontaneously and developed in the universe that was there; the universe wasn't prepared for life as he claims. I doubt we'll persuade him otherwise, though, if he thinks Allah did it.
He has to believe that Allah did it or else he will be falsifying the quran. He may not accept it now but may be in the future, he might start to see sense. The first thing he has to get rid from his mind is that we are enemies of islam deliberately wanting to reject islam as implied from his post elsewhere. Until he has this thing in his mind, he won't be able to objectively analyze what is presented to him because that fact alone prevents him from taking us seriously and thereby give an objective and unbiased thought.
Look around yourself and you'll find people with virtues are never required to demand respect since they automatically earn it. It is only those that are devoid of any virtues need to threaten and bully to gain respect. Needless to say that quran cannot be from God.
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Re: Can someone check if this Makes any sense.

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skynightblaze wrote:My argument does not disprove that God is not behind it. All it says is- it could have happened on its own. In short, your argument is not conclusive.
not conclusive, but its have bigger chance, or lets just call it, hypothetive, right? & back to that verse, a sign of something doesnt have to be a 100% sign of something, right?
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