This miracle can't be a coincidence!

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This miracle can't be a coincidence!

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Can anyone here help debunk this odd even miracle please? Um confused here. ... d-numbers/" onclick=";return false;

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Re: This miracle can't be a coincidence!

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Have a look here: (by a mathematician) ... -debunked/" onclick=";return false;
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Re: This miracle can't be a coincidence!

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Circular reasoning, too:
We will do this according to the “Hafs” version, which is accepted generally throughout the world. You can check the results with a calculator by using any Quran in your home. (As a result, the presentations here prove the correctness of the “Hafs” version
which translates as: "we have chosen the Hafs version and used it to prove that Hafs is the correct version". This is just a variant of "the Koran is from Allah because it says it is from Allah", reduced to mere human machinations.
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